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Chapter 14

Vegeta sat on a mountain cave with a unconscious Bulma. It had been 12 hours since the volcanic explosion. Vegeta watched from the safety of his cliff side view as he saw the lava move slowly down into the valley. Pungent clouds of ash and rock had covered everything. Vegeta was covered with the white soot. He had found a form of shelter in the cave on the cliff face. It still let some of the ash sweep in but it was relatively safe. It was almost like snow falling, but dirty ominous snow.

Vegeta hadn't slept since he'd landed in the relative safely of the cave. He just held Bulma close. This wasn't like the last time he had been by her bedside. This time her ki was different. It had been completely drained. She just lay still, not murmuring or wriggling. She just laid limp in his arms. There was no thoughts or dreams for him to invade to ask. She was empty, but alive.

Vegeta was completely lost at what to do. He had questions going around in his head but the main one was, *why?*

Then suddenly she moved, she turned in her sleep. Vegeta released the breath he had been holding. This was the first time she had done that.

"Bulma..." Vegeta whispered. His voice was cracked and horse from the air.

He heard a small gasp and looked down. Bulma was awake and looking at him. Her mouth was trying to take in air quickly.

"The volcano had erupted." Vegeta explained. "The air is thick with ash, it isn't safe to fly."

Bulma tried to move some more. Vegeta held her tight.

"Don't be stupid woman we're safe." Vegeta said.

Bulma smiled at him. She hadn't used telepathy, but somehow Vegeta understood her. She tried to talk again but her mouth was too dry.

"I haven't got any water either." Vegeta croaked, his own voice sounding dry. "I think we'll want to move soon. The ash cloud has gone down."

Bulma felt slightly strange. That was twice Vegeta had anticipated her needs and fears. She cocked her head and looked at him.

"I don't know what to say." Vegeta said.

Bulma struggled to sit up. She was starting to get annoyed. She wanted to speak, so ask questions but she couldn't. Her whole body felt numb. When she tried telepathy there was nothing, just a horrible static. Bulma's ears and head was buzzing. She clasped her head desperately trying to keep her skull intact.

Vegeta took one of her slender hands. He wasn't good at these emotions. He honestly didn't know what to say. He had watched her most of the 12 hours trying to figure it out. The only thing he could think of was asking, "Why?"

Bulma looked at him confused. She shrugged hoping it would give an answer. There was nothing she could do as mute as she was just now.

*How can I sum up my reasons for what I did?* Bulma thought. *I can't answer his simple question with a simple answer.* She knew what 'why' he was referring to. Her actions in the volcano. She had hoped for a noble sacrifice. One that would have saved the earth from her failings as a sorceress. She had let the situation reach to what it had. All those Oni lairs didn't appear overnight. They had accumulated over the years. Right under her nose, beside her very castle. It was her responsibility, she had just forgot about them.

Also there was that strange notion she had that Vegeta could be a hero. He could redeem from his past sins. It had been one of her premonitions. It had seemed so clear at the time. She had seen the good in him and understood his destiny. Bulma looked up to Vegeta as he bent over her.

His eyes were not betraying his inner feelings. The dark pools were deep but there was still that barrier.

"Why did you do it?" Vegeta said.

Bulma stroked her throat and gasped dryly. He nodded and picked her up again.

"I want answers from you woman." Vegeta warned. "So we're going to have to sort that dumbness that you've suddenly come down with."

Bulma felt the need to put up some protest. Just because she was physically weakened just now didn't mean...

Then it hit her as they flew into the air. She had put every single inch of her power into her final strike on the Oni lairs. She reached out with her mind trying to feel the flow of ki around her. There was nothing it was completely blank. It was as if she was blind to the world around her. Her staff was gone, the focus of her powers. All her magic was gone, lost forever. She was back to the magical level of a child. She hadn't expected to survive. She would have to build up her energy all over again. Bulma sighed and watched the scenery around her.

The volcano ash still floating in the air. Vegeta moved further away from the mountains and down into the deep forest. If Bulma had been in a more poetic turn of thought she might have seen the devastating beauty in the volcano fallout. She couldn't though all she saw was the blackness. A thin lair of the grit had formed over them. Bulma wanted to cry some more but even that was beyond her. She had never felt so weakened before.

Eventually they landed in a clearing in the forest. A stream of water, still pure and unscathed from the explosion. Bulma was gently laid down beside it by Vegeta. He pushed the small plunger on the capsule Mrs. Briefs had given him. He didn't understand how a map and things could be held in it. He read the small instructions and a survival kit appeared in a puff of smoke.

*A capsule?* Bulma thought curious at how Vegeta had gotten one. She laid back feeling tired again. She wanted to sleep some more but she couldn't. Vegeta held some water in a cup for her to sip and she took it gladly. He had taken the small mug from the package Mrs. Briefs had hastily given him.

"...thank you." She whispered.

Vegeta smirked. "So you're not completely mute."

Bulma shook her head. "....just very, very tired." She took hold of the cup and drank some more of the soothing water. "I used all of my ki in the volcano."

"All of your ki?"

"I think you gave me some of yours Vegeta." Bulma said pushing her head back into his chest. "My own ki should come back in time, but it will be slow. Perhaps years till I recover my full powers. I would have died in that volcano without any life force."

Vegeta winced but tried not to show it.

"Does that worry you?" Bulma said trying to understand what he was hiding.

"If you were a male saiyan your sacrifice would be an insult to my fighting pride." Vegeta said still. Bulma turned her head away, she didn't do it as an insult. "As a woman though..."

Bulma looked back up to him.

"If a Saiyan woman were to sacrifice themselves for a male. It meant they thought them worthy enough of a mate. So worthy that they are willing to sacrifice themselves to make sure that their genes are passed on.'

"That's quite romantic for a race of warriors." Bulma said as she contemplated it.

Vegeta smirked as he saw Bulma's character coming back. "Who said anything about romance."

"I didn't mean to...." She was cut off by Vegeta stopping her lips with a finger.

"I thought you were beyond that." Vegeta said. "I assumed, you thought you were higher than everyone else."

"I thought the same for you." Bulma gasped, her head spinning. "I honestly did think you hated me."

"You are tolerable." Vegeta said his arrogant smirk had returned to his face.

"You're just an arrogant ass." Bulma hissed.

"I'm a prince, I was born arrogant."

"I wasn't born a sorceress, but it what I always wanted to be." Bulma said sadly. "Now I'm starting at square one again."

"Now you know how I feel."

Bulma looked at Vegeta unsure what he meant.

"When I was reborn on Namek." Vegeta explained. "I may have regenerated slightly stronger but I'm still short of my goal of Super Saiyan. When I saw Kakarrot had reached it I felt like a child again. I saw the level of power I had to attain and it still feels like it's out of my reach, but I know what it is now. I know what I'm aiming for."

"You didn't know what a Super Saiyan was?"

"No, I never truly understood how powerful it was till I saw Kakarrot on Namek." Vegeta chuckled coldly. "I didn't even know you were suppose to go blonde with the power. I thought it was your aura that was golden."

"So we both have our goals to reach now." Bulma said sitting up. She could still hear the distant rumble in the background from the volcano. "I'll make you a deal Prince Vegeta."

Vegeta raised his eyebrows at such a respectable address.

"I shall reach the level of Sorceress again and you shall be a super Saiyan."

"So you're not going to give up." Vegeta snorted.

"If you have faith that I shall reach Sorceress again, then I shall have faith in you." Bulma smiled as she sat up with her own effort. She picked up the survival bag and rummaged through it. "I remember the name of my father's company."

"What?" Vegeta snapped, her sudden change in conversation was unnerving. It did mean she was returning to some form of normality. It hadn't seemed right with her being the silent one.

"The capsule you had for this, look it says on the bag." Bulma said holding up her evidence. "The Capsule Corporation, I had forgotten the name."

Vegeta grunted and recrossed his arms.

"Can you believe I gave up on a multi-billion company for a dream." Bulma said smiling. "I gave up so much to be the most powerful mage there was."

"You say was, I thought you were going to reach it again."

"That I am." Bulma said more cheerfully. The brightness of the forest and Vegeta's presence was greatly lightening her mood. Ash was still creeping through the canopy but it felt more grey snow. She caught one in her hand.

"Do you know if the villagers escaped?" Bulma asked, the soot reminding her of its origin.

"Your mother and the old hag evacuated everyone."

"Good, I wouldn't want to fail them too." Bulma said sadly.

Vegeta grabbed the hand she had just caught the soot. "Do you think your actions as a failure?"

Bulma shook her head. "If I could do it over again I would do the same."

"Then what made you do it?"

"I had a premonition." Bulma said. "I could see your potential for good. You might not be a wonderful person but you could redeem yourself. I wanted to give you that chance."

"Then you did sacrifice yourself for me." Vegeta grumbled. "There's only one thing a Saiyan can do in a moment like this."

"What is..." Bulma began but her mouth was suddenly covered by Vegeta's. It was a tentative kiss but it made Bulma lean back. She couldn't fight him off, not that she wanted do. She couldn't believe this soft gentle kiss was Vegeta. She had thought it would have been more rough and animalistic.

Vegeta broke away from her. "I heard from a chattering mother that a kiss was traditional when you wanted to start a relationship."

Bulma blushed. *Get your act together Bulma!* She scolded herself. *This is the first time someone's asked you out say YES.*

"Is..is...that an offer?" Bulma stuttered.

"If you don't think yourself worthy of me...." Vegeta began but Bulma had used the last of her strength to knock Vegeta over and kiss him back.

*He is such an arrogant ass.* Bulma thought as she let her lips press against his. His arms wrapped around her slim waist. He pulled her round and looked at her.

"Do you know you look a mess." He said noticing her soot stains. He swept a stray strand of hair from her face. Bulma's eyes were getting droopy.

"If you don't mind Vegeta, I'll kick your ass when I wake up." Bulma mumbled as she snuggled down on his chest. Vegeta lay on the ground unsure what to do next. He had been up for over 24 hours. He had died, been possessed and had just kissed a woman who he would have killed a year ago.

He let himself slowly drift off to sleep as well. Letting Bulma's warmth lull him into unconsciousness. For the first time ever Vegeta had a restful sleep. One without nightmares of unreached goals. The only dreams he experienced where of holding someone close and not letting go.


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