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Chapter 17

The family dinner was as Bulma expected awkward.

They sat down in a large dinning room. Bulma and Vegeta sat together at one end and Dr. and Mrs Briefs on the other. In between Baba who didn't really care about the tension. Mrs. Briefs chattered away with mindless conversation. No-one really joined in with the exception of Dr. Briefs who added a 'That's nice dear' whenever he thought appropriate.

Bulma and Vegeta remained silent. Vegeta because he wasn't a small talk type person and Bulma because she hated the whole situation.

"So I said to the Nursery owner I'm not paying more that 30 zeni for those plugs." Mrs. Briefs said.

"Plugs? Nursery?" Bulma said as her temper finally snapped. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"My gardening dear." Mrs. Briefs said calmly. "So kind of you to take an interest."

"Ahh!" Bulma head butted the table.

"Seems your ki is still out of whack!" Baba sniggered. "I told you to get a top up from your boyfriend."

"HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" Bulma roared. She blinked as she saw the whole table looking at her. "I mean... I don't know what we are... it's just not as perverted as you all think."

"That's right you can't be perverted." Baba's eyes gleamed mischief. "You put that curse on yourself all those years back."

"What curse would that be?" Mrs. Briefs asked.

Bulma kept her head down her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "I can't believe you're bring THAT up."

Vegeta smirked as he listening in to the conversation.

"Oh she was going out on her adventure to get the dragonballs and to wish for a boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Vegeta chuckled. "What happened to the strawberries?"

"Oh no she changed her mind." Baba said. "As I was saying I advised her that there was a lot of perverts out on the road."

"Oh surely not!" Mrs. Briefs gasped.

"You should know." Bulma growled.

"So Bulma placed a curse on her body." Baba continued. "Whoever saw her body without her consent and received voyeuristic pleasure from would have rabbit ears growing out of their head. I tell you my brother Roshi still has them. He hides them under his cap."

"Rabbit ears?" Dr. Briefs said.

"Hey I changed it to whoever saw me naked without my consent would turn bright pink." Bulma snapped.

"That was because of Goku." Baba said.

"Stupid jerk took off my panties and didn't even get one tiny rabbit ear!" Bulma growled. "He couldn't even appreciate a beauty when he saw one."

"Kakarrot took off your pants?" Vegeta spat. His aura flaring up slightly.

"He didn't know girls didn't have balls." Bulma sighed. "He was so naive..." She scratched her head as she felt tired again. She propped her head up.

"He was so naive and?" Mrs. Briefs said.

Bulma shrugged. "He didn't know anything."

"What's new." Vegeta huffed.

There was a small uncomfortable silence. Nobody knowing what to say after Vegeta's statement. Dr. Briefs tried to make eye contact with Bulma, but she had her head down. Her face knotted with a scowl. She was still angry with her family. The family dinner that was suppose to smooth things over were just annoying her more. It would take one more thing for her to break.

"This is nice." Mrs. Briefs chirped. "A nice family get together."

Bulma stood up, she'd had enough. "If you'll excuse me I'm going to my bed."

"But it's only 7." Mrs. Briefs exclaimed.

"It's been a long day for me." Bulma yawned. It was partially true she was tired.

"You're getting up at 6 for training." Vegeta said in-between eating his meal.

"I'll set my alarm." Bulma sighed. She had hoped Vegeta had forgotten about it. She was wanting to sleep more than train.

"How romantic!" Mrs. Briefs said. "The young lovers training together!"

The door slammed as Bulma left.

"Such impetuous youth." Baba cackled. "She'll give you a few fireworks." She looked at Vegeta as she said this.

He shot the old witch a death glare and returned to his meal. He liked things to be private, especially when it concerned him and his woman. He had his plans to help her reach her full potential again, he didn't know much about magic but if it was related to ki control. He had a life time experience of that.


After Bulma had left the dinner became a one-sided conversation with Mrs. Briefs. The only person that was able to make her shut up was Bulma, with her gone Vegeta had lost his appetite. He had stood up after dessert, refusing the bitter coffee and left. The silence that greeted him from the outside was a blessing. He couldn't understand a woman that could talk about nothing. True, Bulma had the same flaw but he could overlook that fact.

As Vegeta walked back to the small capsule house, he began thinking about her. He was still absorbing the news that the old witch had revealed. Their ki's had bonded. They obviously didn't know what the significance would be to his Saiyan ancestry but they used that word. It was something Vegeta had always been told he would never had. There was no Saiyan females to bond with.

Nappa had told him to give up on relationships and love. 'It would be nothing without the bond' he had said. That was the one thing that had kept him away from females in general. There was no point, they would never bond with him. Now there was Bulma.

He hadn't imagined it possible, he merely thought they would at least hold off their own loneliness. He would never admit it but he'd been too lonely for too long. The company of filth like Freiza and idiots like Nappa only made him want to stay lonely. Since he'd stayed with Bulma in her palace he'd found company that he wanted to keep. She was easy on the eye which helped but she was also able to hold a conversation. Even a decent argument, since she'd lost her powers she'd become more erratic and hot tempered but it didn't matter. She was going to be his.

He would just have to be gentle and get her mind used to such an idea. She had been incredibly nervous with him in her room. It was even better if she'd never had any experience with men. He'd never really had any experience with women.

It would be an interesting distraction for now. He had three years to reach his goal. Three years to teach Bulma how to defend herself. Then he would teach Kakarrott who was the true Super Saiyan. Perhaps leave the planet and take Bulma with him. It was an option to consider.

Vegeta stared at the light in Bulma's window. She was still up. After her obvious uncomfortableness at the family dinner. She was probably in a huff. He smirked as he decided he would taunt her before retiring to his room.

As he entered the small house he made his way to Bulma's room. He wasn't going to knock just walk straight in. That would get her shouting at him. He didn't mind being shouted at. It was a way to get her attention without being too soppy. Besides, with his training plans she was going to hate his guts by the end of tomorrow. It would be better to get a kiss before she decided he was the most horrible man in the world.

Vegeta glanced into the room. He was expecting an explosion of words and expletives. There was silence.

Bulma was asleep, curled up on the bed. She was still dressed in the outfit she had chosen for dinner. Vegeta's cruel demons melted away. He couldn't be mean to her. Not just now anyway.

He sighed and bent over her, kissing her head softly.

"Look what you've done to me." Vegeta whispered.

Bulma turned in her sleep, her hands reached out and she grabbed Vegeta.

"Need...." She murmured.

Vegeta tried to prise her hands away. *She's got a grip like an octopus!* He didn't want to accidentally rip her arms off. He growled in frustration. He did not come through here for a hug. Then he remembered the talk from dinner, about the curse Bulma had placed on herself.

Vegeta's frustration turned to pure terror. He clamped his eyes shut. He did not want to turn pink. *Why that colour? Anything but pink* He thought. Even though all her magic was gone there may be lingering curses or spells. Vegeta didn't want to risk his wonderful olive skin to find out. He moved himself to sit on the floor. In an attempt to get comfortable.

Bulma gripped him tighter and turned. Vegeta was forced onto the bed. He lay beside Bulma, her arms still around him. Her breath tickling the back of her neck..

He would either have to wake her or just lie back and wait for the morning. Vegeta decided to let her rest. She needed all her strength for the torture he was planning for her. He tried shifting his own body to get comfortable. His head turned away from her. He could feel the small transference of ki that was occurring. She was feeding her own deprived ki with his.

It was a subconscious action but Vegeta knew he couldn't let her take all of his. She would have to get started in generating her own. He groaned as she snuggled into his chest.

She was going to pay for this.


Bulma awoke from the warmest dream she had ever had. It had seemed so comforting and gentle. She gripped onto the warm blanket. It seemed hard for some reason. She shook her head as she came to, pulling herself up. Then the bed rumbled and she was thrown onto the ground.

"Oh my god, earthquake!" Bulma cried as she covered her head with her arms.

There was a sharp snorting sound followed by a deep chuckle.

Bulma glanced up to see Vegeta standing over her. "You slept in!" He growled.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Bulma screamed. She noticed her covers were slightly more crumpled than usual. Plus there was a deep scent of a man in the room. As if he had been here all night.

"You kidnapped me." Vegeta snorted. "Do I look like a teddy bear?"


Vegeta covered his ears and bared his teeth. "If you would stop your screeching I would explain."

"Fine!" Bulma huffed standing up. She seemed to become aware of what she was wearing. The same dress as last night.

"You were out cold when I came in to say goodnight." Vegeta spat. "Then you're octopus arms latched onto me and wouldn't let go!"

"Why didn't you wake me?" Bulma whispered as she realised her mistake. She had been really tired last night after the dinner. Vegeta was slightly flushed and was looking away from her. "So you didn't do it on purpose?"

"I am not a pervert!" Vegeta snapped.

Bulma giggled as she began to see the funny side. Vegeta being nice and sweet to her.

The Saiyan prince stormed past her not wanting to comment on her girlish behaviour. "You will be ready for training in half an hour."

"Half an hour?" Bulma screamed her giggling fit suddenly stopping. "That's not even enough time to do my hair!"

"I am training you." Vegeta said at the door. "I do not care if you train in pyjamas, you will be ready in half an hour." He slammed the door shut as he retreated to his own room.

"Damn it!" Bulma said as she threw a pillow at the closed door.


Vegeta paced outside waiting for Bulma. It was now 45 minutes since he'd told her to get ready. He tapped his foot and looked at the position of the sun. He was loosing precious training time. It was already 7:30!

Then Bulma appeared from the house. Her long hair was tied up in a high pleat. She was wearing a red tracksuit with a white stripe down the side. This was the first time Vegeta had seen her in trousers. He gave her a strange look.

"WHAT!" Bulma screamed. "I'm here!"

"Indeed." Vegeta chuckled. "Where did you get the outfit."

"My mother seems to have out some weird clothes in my drawers." Bulma sighed. "Not one robe or decent training dress in there."

"Well that seems more suitable for what I have in plan for you." He said smirking.

"Okay what do I have to do?" Bulma grumbled.

Vegeta stood with his legs apart. "We're going to do a warm up kata."

"That's fighting." Bulma groaned.

"It's all about focusing your ki." Vegeta snarled. "Follow my movements. Each time you breath in and out concentrate on your ki. Push your ki with the movements and the breath."

Bulma watched the first set of movements and she tried to copy. She was off with her footing and hand positioning. Vegeta kept going over the same simple kata till he could see Bulma had got it. There was still some flaws in her movements but she had got the main part of it.

"Good." Vegeta said. "Now make your breath follow your movements."

"You know this is similar to meditation techniques." Bulma said.

"Silence." Vegeta hissed. "I am the only one allowed to speak."







"...can I?"

Vegeta shook his head. She would never learn to shut up. After 15 minutes of the warm up. Vegeta thought it was time to show her the task he had thought up for her.

Bulma was moving in a fluid motion now. "This is easy." Bulma said as she whirled her arms round.

Vegeta smirked. He doubted she was going to be saying that again. "Looks like you've got the hang of it."

"Yeah!" Bulma said smiling.

"So how do you feel for a run?"

"I have to run now?" Bulma gasped.

"Exercise is a good way to generate ki." Vegeta said. "Or have you been a lazy ass all your life and just used magic?"

"Okay fine a little jog." Bulma agreed.

"Who said little and jog?"

Bulma's face fell.

"You see that mountain." Vegeta said pointing to the large bump in the distance. "We're going to run to the top."

Bulma fell on the ground. "Noooo!" She cried.

"Come on!" He lifted her up and pushed her in the right direction. "Just keep moving!"

"I hate you!" Bulma hissed.

"I told you keep moving!"

Bulma jogged out of the Capsule corps grounds murmuring death threats.

A blonde woman stood by the window watching them leave. "Ahh, young love." She sighed.


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So next chapter Bulma's in for some serious fitness regime! What does that have to do with magic and ki? DoesVegeta know what he's doing or is he just getting his revenge? Find out next chapter!