Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ The Prince and the Sorceress ❯ There's no place like Home ( Chapter 17 )

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Author's Note: For anyone that's forgotten, Bulma has been separated from her parents since she was five. Now it looks like she needs to go back...

Chapter 16

Vegeta flew down into the forest where he had left his woman. The dragon flew close behind. It was annoying Vegeta with its stupid dragon type songs it decided it would sing. It didn't have any words, it was more an echoing noise.

Whatever it was it was giving Vegeta a very big headache.

"Will you shut the **** up?" He snapped.

Binky stopped mid-flight and looked at the grouch. He didn't understand the strange man but now he did. For some reason he was connected to his mistress and this made him happy. Didn't the humanoid understand that when some beings are happy they sing?

The happy purple dragon quickly flew to catch up with his newly dubbed master. He had accepted that Vegeta could fly by himself but he wished to please him.

Vegeta didn't look back he just continued flying. He seriously was wishing he'd killed him when he had a chance. He slowed down as he entered the forest.

Binky was slightly confused. He was sure he was being led to his mistress Bulma but he couldn't sense her. It was as if she'd stopped existing. The thought was pushed away as he saw her waving from the trees. The dragon called out his greeting.

"Binky!" Bulma cried. "I knew you were too pure to be tarnished by the Oni."

"It's a stupid name." Vegeta spat as he landed and kept his back turned. Bulma ignored him and stumbled to meet her dragon. She grabbed his large head in a hug.

"I don't care what you think about that he's my baby." Bulma cooed. "I've raised him since he was in an egg."

Binky rubbed his head against his mistress. She was so drained of power, he could tell as soon as he was touched by her. She should have been dead with this lack of ki. *Unless something is keeping her alive.* The dragon brought his attention back to the angry master. He said his thanks at Vegeta, it was a high pitched sound almost like a purr.

"Oh, he's thanking you Vegeta." Bulma laughed. "He can tell you saved me."

"It wasn't on purpose, I assure you." Vegeta growled. "If that thing knows then who else could tell by looking?"

"Piccolo might figure it out if he saw me but I doubt whether that will happen." Bulma said thoughtfully.

"Baba knows." Vegeta spat.

"Oh goddess Baba!" Bulma moaned. "I'm gonna have to find out where they all went."

"I was given a map." Vegeta said. "Your mother said she was going to take everyone to the capsule house."

Bulma groaned. "Great."

"You have to face your past sometime." Vegeta said.

"What is this coming from your own experiences?" Bulma snapped.

"Yes." Vegeta said smirking. "You know ever since you've known about the androids you've been a lot more interesting to be around."

"What's that suppose to mean!" Bulma yelled.

"It means you loose your temper a lot quicker." Vegeta chuckled. He playfully poked her nose. "Now are you coming or do I have to drag your lard ass."

"I do not have a lard like ass!" Bulma hissed. "I'm beautiful!"

"Mhmm you seem more vain too." Vegeta scratched his chin. "Don't tell me your magic was some sort of stick up your ass."

"Stop mentioning my ass!" Bulma screamed.

"Just shut up!" Vegeta growled he picked Bulma up an hoisted her over his shoulder. "Okay Bunky..."

"It's BINKY!"

"....whatever......dragon can you find Mrs. Blunt or Briefs?"

"I thought you had a map?"

"Do I look like a boy scout?" Vegeta snarled.

Binky stood to attention and pointed his nose to the sky.

"I think he's saying he can." Bulma said. "It's hard to tell without my telepathy."

"Just show the way." Vegeta said. He held Bulma tight as he flew after the beast. They went past the forest and into a more populated area. Small country roads turned into larger multi-lane highways. The trees and fields disappeared, replaced by buildings and parks.

"Great." Bulma murmured. "Civilisation."

"You don't like cities?" Vegeta asked.

"I've avoided cities for the past 16 years." Bulma answered. "I couldn't risk running into my parents."

"So you hid."

"Not that it mattered." Bulma growled. "They knew where I was all along."

The dragon spiralled down towards a large dome building. The writing 'Capsule Corporation' could be clearly seen on the side. Mrs. Briefs was standing on the court yard waving to the pair.

"How did she know we were coming?" Vegeta said.

"Baba would have been keeping an eye on us." Bulma said. "She can see anywhere on the planet with her crystal ball."

"Hnh." Vegeta grunted. "She better not peek at anything that's none of her business."

"She's not a pervert." Bulma said. "That's for her brother."

They landed beside the dragon who had curled up to sleep. The previous days events had completely exhasted him.

"Oh how nice Binky's come too!" Mrs. Briefs beamed. "He can stay here as long as he likes."

"He's a dragon he can do whatever he likes." Bulma hissed. "He can even eat annoying blonde women."

"I've got your quarters made up dear!" Mrs. Briefs said, ignoring her daughters angry words.

"Lead the way." Bulma huffed as she crossed her arms.

Mrs. Briefs lead them along to another half moon building. The words 'Bulma and Vegeta' could be clearly read on the side surrounded by a heart.

"Mrs. Briefs!" Bulma yelled. "Are you trying to make us cohabit together?"

"Call me Mom." Mrs. Briefs beamed. "You and your prince can get all snuggly here."

"I am not living with her!" Vegeta snarled. "I will have none of this soppy nonsense!"

"I mean we only just kissed!" Bulma said and then covered her mouth but it was too late. She'd said it and her mother had began bouncing excitedly around like a space hopper.

"Woman..." Vegeta growled.

"Look it's simple Vegeta. I'll stay here you can go in the main building." Bulma said.

"I think I'd prefer it the other way." Vegeta said. "You should still have a room there."

"I haven't lived here since I was five." Bulma said. "MOM WILL YOU STOP THAT BOUNCING!"

Mrs. Briefs stopped and hugged Bulma. "You called me Mom!"

"I'll call you something else unless you let me go of me!"

"Oh of course." Bulma's mom said. "Come back to the kitchen and I can make you all some tea. We can discuss sleeping arrangements over a nice cup of tea."

Bulma's exhaustion won and she nodded in agreement. She tried to grab Vegeta's arm to hold on to but he pulled it away. Bulma instead held onto her mother. She looked sadly at Vegeta. *He never shows me how he cares in front of others.*

As they entered the kitchen Bulma caught sight of Baba. The old witch was already seated and was smiling at Bulma with her all-knowing smile. Bulma avoided her gaze and sat down looking at the floor.

"Your aura is all out of line." Baba cackled. "You've got a lot of work cut out if you want to become as powerful as you've been."

"I know." Bulma said. She looked across to where Vegeta had positioned himself. He was leaning against a counter his arms crossed. Bulma tried to hold back the increasing loneliness that was surfacing from his harsh treatment.

"If your lover boy hadn't saved you I doubt you would be sitting here." Baba said smiling at the growl she got from Vegeta. "You know you're emotions will be unstable until you find your inner balance again."

"Gee I hadn't thought of that!" Bulma snapped.

"That's why I suggested to your mother to house the pair of you together."

"So it's your fault." Bulma growled.

"You've both got separate rooms." Baba sighed. "I bet you didn't even inspect the premises."

"The heart on the side with our names in it was enough for us." Bulma said.

"That was your mother's idea." Baba sighed. "Look you need to stay close to Vegeta's ki. His small transference to you in the volcano is what's keeping you alive. He was only able to do that so easily because of the ki transfer you did to restart his heart."

"We've done a lot of that recently." Bulma said.

"Well all that ki transfer the pair of you have been up to has bonded your ki's together." Baba stated.

"What?" Vegeta snapped.

"Poor Piccolo and Goku have been unable to trace your ki's since you've started doing it." Baba said. "It's because the mergence of your energies have created a new one."

"So in a way we've bonded?" Bulma said. She noticed how white Vegeta had turned. *What's wrong with the word bonded?*

"Bonded is a good way to describe it." Baba said. Who also noticed how pale Vegeta had turned. "What's the matter lover boy, afraid of a little commitment?"

Vegeta turned away. "I shall go inspect the rooms." He snarled. "Contact me when dinner is served."

Bulma watched him leave. She was desperate to talk to him and ask him what was going on but she couldn't in front of Baba. She still had questions that needed answered.

"Did you save all the villagers." She asked, deliberately changing the subject before she broke into tears.

Baba chuckled lightly. "They are fine if not a bit angry with you."


"Don't worry I told them it wasn't your fault." Baba said. "I said it was a great evil that you needed to blow up the volcano to stop."

"They still didn't believe you though." Bulma sighed. She knew how her local villagers minds worked. "I bet they thought I could still fix it."

"I just told them you died." Baba laughed. "They're currently in a neighbourhood village going on about how brave you were."

"Oh that's just great!" Bulma spat. "Not only do I loose my castle but my followers as well."

"You hardly saw them girl." Baba said calmly. "You only saw them when they wanted something from you. Better crops or a warm winter. You spoiled them too much, gave in to their selfish demands."

"They weren't selfish." Bulma snapped. "They needed me!"

"Now that's your imbalance speaking." Baba mocked. "Better go back to lover boy to get a top up!"

Bulma picked up her tea that her mother had just handed to her and stood up. "Fine I'll go see how Vegeta's doing."

As Bulma opened the kitchen door an old man was standing there blocking her path.

"Oh sorry..." He mumbled.

"Daddy?" Bulma whispered.

Dr. Briefs looked up to his daughter with tears in his eyes. "Hi Bulma dear." He said. "I didn't think you'd want to talk to me."

Bulma grabbed him tight and held on.

"You silly old fool." Bulma cried. "Stop being so stubborn."

"You where stubborn first." He sniffed as he returned her hug.

"No you where the one I got it from." Bulma sobbed.

"You've grown into a beautiful young lady." He said.

"You're still my daddy." Bulma said.

"Oh isn't it beautiful!" Mrs. Briefs bawled from the doorway. She had watched the whole thing.

Bulma and her father let go with embarrassment as Mrs. Briefs tried to get them in a group hug.

"I've got inventions to work on dear." Dr. Briefs said evading his wife's grip.

"I've got to see Vegeta." Bulma moaned as she also avoided her mother's advances. "I'll see you at dinner."

"Oh yes a big family dinner!" Mrs. Briefs squealed. "I'll go make all the preparations!"

"I can't wait.' Bulma said as she backed away. She waved to her father who was also going in the opposite direction. He waved back and shuffled back to his lab.

Bulma approached the smaller house. She couldn't 'sense' Vegeta as a ki energy but she knew he was there. All her other magical senses where completely blinded. She couldn't feel anything of the world around her. She could only feel what her basic five senses were telling her.

Bulma opened the door slowly. The small house was a big grade down from the palace she had become use to. The corridor seemed to connect to four different rooms. Bulma chose the door marked 'Bulma'. As she opened it she walked in on Vegeta lying down on the bed.

"Can you not read?" Bulma asked. "This door says Bulma."

"Maybe I wanted to see you." Vegeta smirked. "Or maybe I just wanted this room."

"This is my room." Bulma hissed. She was going to try and storm out to investigate the rest of the room but she couldn't move. Vegeta had grabbed her tight and there was not a chance she would be able to break free. A small spark of fear rose up in Bulma. She was still a virgin and here she was trapped by Vegeta, powerless in a room with a bed.

"Why are you shivering?" He whispered to her.

"I don't want to loose my virginity..." She gasped. "Not here, I'm not ready."

"The cat reveals she's really a mouse." He chuckled. "I wouldn't take something like that." He kissed her slender neck. "I would ask and you would give..."

Bulma melted into his embrace as his small tender kisses calmed her panicking nerves. All her previous anger and insecurities that had arisen over Vegeta disappeared with every touch.

"So you don't mind being connected to me." She sighed.

"I'll tell you about my feelings another time." He said with a wolf like smile. "I'm not ready yet."

Bulma lightly punched his chest. "Jerk!"

"When shall you be ready to make another gravity chamber?"

Bulma groaned. "Not for a couple of months."

Vegeta's soft gaze on her hardened. "Then we'll have to get your ki risen as soon as possible."

"There's no cheating!" Bulma said. "I have to build it up over time."

"I'll train you." Vegeta stated simply. "You'll learn to hate me by the time I'm through with you."

"I already do." Bulma said glaring at the Saiyan.

Vegeta kissed Bulma on the lips, breaking her angry stare.

"I'll make you feel it." He purred as he brushed past Bulma. As Vegeta closed the door he left a very breathless girl behind.

"Damn how does he do that to me?" Bulma whispered to herself.


Author's Note: Oh I bet you thought I'd lower myself to a lemon! It just got a lime like in flavour, that's as far as I intend to go for this story. I am tempted to do a seperate lemon one shot. It'll stand on its own and you don't need to read it if you don't want to. I'll release the lemon one-shot when I've got to that stage in their relationship. Real people don't jump into bed with each other after one kiss, not relationships that last anyway.

Chibi Vegeta: "I bet you would have jumped the big Vegeta!"

Mz D: "Oh, I wouldn't think twice about it. Vegeta on my bed! I'd be a blur!"

Chibi Vegeta: "As he booted your **** ass out the window."

Mz D: "I hate it when you're right." *glare*

Chibi Vegeta: "What was with the dragon anyway?"

Mz D: "Binky! Yeah, I was having fun with him this chapter cos' Outtadaloop said he reminded her of Barney."


Mz D: "Um yeah but Binky was named after a horse."

Chibi Vegeta: "A real horse was named Binky?"

Mz D: "Well actually it was a fictional horse that appears in my favourite author's books. It's really a joke name, you're thinking Bulma is a great sorceress with all these fabulous powers. She rides a giant dragon and she named her steed.... Binky."

Chibi Vegeta: "I don't get it."

Mz D: "Just shut it or I'll MAKE you watch Barney!"

Chibi Vegeta: *Suddenly silent*

So next chapter Bulma is being trained by Vegeta? How much does he know about magic training anyway? Find out next chapter!