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Chapter 19

Vegeta's training in the volcano had gotten to it's most intense. He dodged and weaved through the molten streams and embankments. His aura spike all around him as he blasted through the atmosphere. His whole power echoed around causing an avalanche from the force. A large boulder rolled into Vegeta's path. He blasted it with a ki blast, the debris raining down all around him. Vegeta roared and flared his aura to its maximum.

A flash of light reflecting his bright aura caught his attention. It was coming from one of the cooled lava rivers. He glanced at the sparkling object wondering what could survive such and high temperature. As he got closer he could see it was a glowing orb and was somehow reacting to his energy. Vegeta recognised it instantly. It was the globe that belonged at the end of Bulma's staff.

'Strange.' Vegeta thought. 'It should have been destroyed.'

He pointed his finger and began to free the object with his energy bolt. It rolled out of it's trapped position and rolled down the mountainside. Vegeta flew after it, unsure why he was doing this. But his instincts where telling him it was important and he always followed his instincts.

It came to a stop under a charcoaled bush and was still glowing a light blue. Vegeta reached out and lightly touched it. He expected it to be hot but it was only warm. It cooled even further as he picked it up. He examined the strange orb for a second, and then he decided he would give it back to Bulma. As he put the large globe to his chest it shrunk and he was able t fit it under his tight training suit.

'So most definitely magic.' He thought.

As he stood thinking about Bulma he suddenly shook himself. It was the neither time nor place to think about Bulma. He had a goal to attain. Women and emotions could wait till he became what he was destined to become, a super Saiyan.

At the Mall Bulma was going through her own torture. Shopping with her mother in this alien world called a mall was almost her version of hell. She was dragged from shop to shop, getting poked prodded and measured. Her new wardrobe was chosen without much input from her.

"I don't want to wear these!" Bulma moaned as she was handed a pair of jeans. "I've never worn a pair of jeans in my life!"

"Just try them my dear." Mrs. Briefs assured her. "It's time you wore some normal clothes to help fit in."

Bulma grudgingly conceded to the request but swore she would never wear them in front of her friends. During the whole time the only thing on clothes they both agreed on was the purple nightgown and dress.

"Oh this is so beautiful!" Bulma gasped as she felt the soft silk.

"We'll take it!" Bulma's mother chirped. "I'm sure you'll knock your Prince out with this little number!"

"Mother!" Bulma yelled, completely embarrassed by everyone looking.

"Oh, let me have a little fun!" Mrs. Briefs giggled. "Have a look in the crystal shop and I'll meet you after I pay for these."

Bulma trudged out, scraping her feet off the floor. She felt like she was a teenager, reliving the horrors that she'd missed. Her tutor, Baba had been a lot easier. She just handed her clothes to wear and if Bulma didn't like them she'd alter them so she would. As Bulma reached the shop her mother had pointed to she could feel a strange vibe from within.

Looking in the window, she could only see occult jewellery and large crystals. None of which struck her as particularly mythical. She entered and on closer examination of the various crystals on display she saw flaws and cracks. Which would shatter energy instead of focus. As far as she was concerned it was all just expensive ornaments. Then something caught her eye and she stared at the blood red pendant.

"Ah Madam, do you like?" The shopkeeper said.

Bulma screwed up her face, she was not a Madam! But she kept her temper in check and nodded.

"It's from the West a very rare meteorite." The man explained. "I was very lucky to get a hold of it."

"It's perfect." Bulma stated, more noting the aura that came from the rock. Its ki was in perfect harmony. "Why is it so red?"

"I believe the planet it came from had very dense red rock." The shopkeeper said. "No-one's sure exactly which planet, perhaps it doesn't exist anymore."

"Why isn't it in a museum?" Bulma said suspiciously.

"My, my you do like you're questions Ma'am."

Bulma gritted her teeth she hated being called Ma'am just as much as Madam. "So why isn't it?"

"The scientists don't have any use for this." The man stuttered. "They have a few just like it but I was able to get this special one-off piece."

The man bowed and sweated hoping Bulma believed his story. She didn't but Bulma wanted the pendant. It seemed significant somehow and her second sense was twitching. There was something very special about that pendant.

"Oh that's pretty!" Mrs. Briefs said coming up behind Bulma. "It's a bit chunky for you."

"I was thinking of giving it to Vegeta."

"I'm sure he'll love it!"

Bulma smiled, not sure why she'd said it but it felt right. The pendant belonged to Vegeta.

"How much is it?" Mrs. Briefs asked the shopkeeper.

"For you madam, 1000 zeni."

"Such an expensive trinket!" Mrs. Briefs hummed, but she handed over her card. "I'll take it, my daughter seems quite fond of it."

"Thanks Mom." Bulma said gratefully. There was no way she had anything close to that amount of money.

"I love it when you call me that!" Mrs. Briefs squealed as she hugged her daughter.

"I'm getting used to it." Bulma sighed.

"Maybe we should get Vegeta some more clothes?" Mrs. Briefs suggested. "I do think most of his wardrobe was destroyed as well."

"Good idea." Bulma smiled; glad for the change in person they were shopping for. She had gotten slightly tired of all the measuring and prodding. The shopping trip Bulma had decided wasn't that bad. In fact she was starting to enjoy herself now they where looking for things for Vegeta. Though her mother was still embarrassing.

"Do you think Vegeta will like these tight shorts?" Mrs. Briefs asked her holding up the black spandex.

"Yes…" Bulma hissed as she hid her reddened face.

"Let's get him lots of vests!" She cried. "That way he can show off all his muscles!"

Bulma's face turned a darker shade of red as the excited older woman rushed through the men's department picking up as many skimpy garments as she could find.

"Maybe I should run away again." Bulma muttered under her breath.

They arrived home in followed by a delivery van carrying all their purchases.

"Just put them in the house marked 'Bulma and Vegeta'!" Mrs. Briefs order the men taking their bags out of the van.

"I'm going to lie down." Bulma yawned. "It's been a long, long day."

"I'll wake you when it's time for dinner." Mrs. Briefs said softly. She had been smiling the whole trip and now she was radiant with happiness. She had thoroughly enjoyed herself and she skipped off to bake some cakes.

Bulma yawned some more and clutched the paper bag that held the one thing she was interested in. It was gift for Vegeta, a meteorite from a mysterious planet. When she was back to her true power she would be able to see the origin of the rock. She had her romantic theory of course but that could simply be wishful thinking.

She entered her bedroom and finally collapsed on her bed. She had used up whatever energy she had left. Her muscles started to groan in pain from the morning exercise. She tried to ignore it and she quickly drifted off to sleep.

Bulma awoke three hours late by her mother as she had said she would. Vegeta still hadn't returned from his training so it was just her family for tonight. Bulma put her present on her dressing table and got ready. She decided to try wearing the jeans and T-shirt just for a change. Her old robe was starting to look a little frayed around the edges.

As she entered the dining room her father greeted her. The small black cat on his shoulder mewed it's own greeting to her.

"You look lovely." Dr. Briefs said as he sat back down.

"Thanks." Bulma said blushing.

"I tried to convince her to cut her hair." Mrs. Briefs chatted. "She wouldn't have it. You've got too many split ends! You haven't cut it in 10 years."

"I like my hair." Bulma huffed.

"Just wait till you have children." Her mother advised, though nobody asked for it. "They'll be pulling your long hair and you won't have time to do it in the morning."

"I'm not having kids." Bulma hissed, her anger at her mother returning.

"Now Bunni please!" Dr. Briefs scolded before a full war could begin. "There's no need for such talk. I'm sure Bulma will decide what her hair will be when she has her own children. But she has plenty of time before that."

"Of course Honey!" Mrs. Briefs chirped.

Bulma smiled at her Dad. She was glad someone was able to tell off her mother without seeming like a bully. Dr. Briefs smiled back and patted her hand reassuring her. Mrs. Briefs had now changed the subject and continued to chat away while the other two family members ate.

Vegeta only returned late in the evening when everyone was in their beds. He grabbed the food that had been left out for him and headed back to his room. As he saw the light from Bulma's window it reminded him of the orb he still had to give to her.

He smirked. 'Maybe I'll get a goodnight kiss.'

He knocked at the door and stood waiting with his arms crossed. The door cracked open and a sleepy faced Bulma peered at him. She had been expecting her mother to be there but her was the Saiyan Prince.

"Oh it's you!" She gasped. She tried to tie up her nightgown to cover herself.

"Here." Vegeta grunted. He handed over the small ball. "I thought you could use it."

The orb sparked into life as it touched Bulma's hand. The glow illuminating her face in the darkness. She looked up at Vegeta in disbelief.

"My Dragon's Pearl!" Bulma cried. "But I lost it in the Volcano…oh it's so small now!" She cupped her hands looking down at the small object that had once been the size of a baby's head.

"I found it in a lava pool" Vegeta explained.

Bulma looked back at Vegeta and finally saw how scared and burnt he looked. It was obvious where he had been training.

"I see…" She said thoughtfully. "I got it when I was young. It belonged to a dragon…" She paused from telling her story. Vegeta didn't seem interested. "This reminds me I have something for you! Quite a coincidence if I don't say it myself."

She skipped back to the dressing table where the paper bag sat innocently. She held it up for Vegeta to see.

"I saw it in a shop, it's a polished meteorite."

"So…" Vegeta grumbled.

"It's red stone, just like your home planet." Bulma said. "I'm not sure but I suspect it's a chunk from Planet Vegeta."

Vegeta remained stoned faced. "That's just a silly idea…"

"I know it would be a hell of a coincidence if it was." Bulma quickly muttered. "It's just I have this gut feeling and I was always taught to follow your instincts."

Vegeta smirked but remained silent.

"So here!" She thrust the pendant into his hand. "Take it, not as a good luck charm as I'm sure you don't believe in it."

"Luck is for weaklings. You make your own luck."

"Yeah, I thought you'd have something macho to say about that." Bulma coughed trying not to laugh. "But please, take it as a gift! An exchange for returning my dragon's pearl to me."

Vegeta grasped the small piece of jewellery in his hand. It looked so small in his hands and he examined it like it was an alien object.

"This is the part where you say 'Thank you'." Bulma informed him her hands on her hips.

Vegeta's eyebrow rose dangerously. "As if I'd say anything like that."

He kissed Bulma before she could quip back, his actions speaking more than any of his words could. Bulma murmured back in gratitude as she sunk deeper into the kiss. The softness of his lips that could speak such harsh words always caught her by surprise.

"Now go back to bed." Vegeta purred as his nose trailed down her neck and he caught a glance down her nightgown. "You're going to hate me in the morning." He let go of her, trying his best not to take her there and then. Now was not the time.

Bulma, oblivious to his inner battle kissed him on the cheek. "Night Vegeta." She hadn't forgotten about training but at least now she knew he wasn't doing it to spite her. He cared for her, even if he could never say it. That kiss was enough to tell her everything.

She closed her door, her cheeks burning. She clutched the gift she had received from Vegeta and tried to focus on it while snuggling into bed. Her Dragon's Pearl was part of her centre of power and was connected to her. With this jewel back in her possession she would triple her recovery time.

Vegeta she decided as she fell asleep was going to get a big shock in the morning.

Author's Note: Gosh Bulma didn't like shopping! I really added this so you could see how different she was from the normal universe.

Now I'm sorry for how short the last chapter was but it was really the first part of this chapter. So I had to split it or else my head might explode…or I might get too many spelling/grammar errors, which happens when something's too long.

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