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Chapter 20

The morning came and with it both of the house's occupants awoke to painful muscles. Vegeta tried to shake it off and went for a quick shower while Bulma decided to try some magic.

She sat on her bed and tried to cross her stiff legs. Then she started to meditate using her dragon's pearl to focus with. Bulma could feel herself levitate; the magic in the gem was already restoring her power. She started to concentrate on numbing the pain, she couldn't heal herself but she could make the pain go away for a short time.

Then the sorceress went to the jewellery box that her mother had given her and rummaged inside. She found a thick silver chain and she placed it onto the orb. It began to fuse to the pearl and the shape of a dragon's claw appeared.

'Only pure silver could make that reaction.' Bulma mused and she put her new necklace on. 'I'm ready for you Vegeta.'


The Prince emerged having washed off his previous trainings dirt and grim. He had been so tired last night that he hadn't bothered. As he dressed he looked at the present that Bulma had given him last night. The polished meteorite was red but it didn't prove that it was from his home planet. Nevertheless it was a thoughtful gift if not a painful reminder of the truth he had been told on Namek. For most of his life he had believed it had been a meteor that had destroyed his planet but in truth it was the monster he served.

He put the pendant on and hid it down his vest. It would stay as a reminder that he wasn't going to let that happen again. He was the Prince and he was going to do everything in his power to retain the pride of his race. If it weren't a chunk of Vegeta-Sei then it would always be the symbol of it.

Vegeta strode out to Bulma's room before he could knock though the door opened. Bulma stood smiling at him fully dressed in a tracksuit.

"I'm ready to go!" She cried enthusiastically.

Vegeta looked at her thoughtful then checked the room for the real Bulma.

"C'mon Vegeta!" Bulma yelled jogging out the front door.

He shrugged and followed the eager woman. 'Perhaps she wants to drop to her knees quickly to day?'

"Okay the kata from yesterday…Plus some extra ones. Watch!" Vegeta said as he began to repeat the moments from the day before while adding ten newer steps.

Bulma copied and was soon matching Vegeta's speed. The Prince watched this, annoyed. He wanted to push her further, not give her a light exercise. He began to speed up, Bulma followed. Then he went into super speed his hands and legs becoming a blur. This gave Bulma some trouble and she ended up on her backside after trying to keep up.

Vegeta grunted a laugh and pointed to the far away hill.

"Run!" He commanded.

Bulma stood up wiping the stray pieces of hair from her face.

"A please would be nice." Bulma grumbled.

Vegeta merely snorted and floated away. Bulma followed him her face tight with determination, she was going to show Vegeta! She moved up so she was running beside him. Vegeta gave her a sideways look.

'So she wants to die quicker today?' He smirked at his thought and landed on the ground to run beside her. This was for him more of a casual jog but for Bulma she was almost at a sprint.

The powerless Sorceress gasped and panted her main focus being the hilltop. She channelled her ki into helping her body to get her to her destination. With her Dragon's Pearl returned to her Bulma was now able to use some magic. She started to pull on the power of the wind to help her move faster.

Vegeta looked back, expecting Bulma to be flagging behind. But he saw her coming up behind him with a dust cloud rising as her trail.

'This can't be possible.' His mind began thinking. 'Unless she does have some magic to draw upon.' He decided to test her further and sped up. He reached the top of the hill in seconds. Then surprisingly Bulma appeared right behind panting and wheezing.

She grinned at him triumphant, then the reality hit and she fell to her knees. The pain she had pushed away was now back. The orb burned brightly as she tried to focus the pain away again. But Vegeta spotted the glow through her T-shirt.

"Ah-ha!" Vegeta snapped. "So that's the trick! Your little Dragon's Pearl is more than a piece of jewellery."

"It is…(pant)…The focus of my magic." Bulma gasped.

"I thought you had none left." Vegeta sneered.

Bulma carefully stood up, her focus nearly returned. She stared at Vegeta, daring him to push her some more. "With my pearl returned to me I have regained some of my power, but I'm still not at my original level."

Vegeta nodded his understanding and began to position himself for a kata. "Then you still need to be trained." He said. Bulma copied his moments and they begun again with the identical moves they had warmed up with. This time though Vegeta kept at a steady pace.

"If you can, let's try something else." Vegeta said. "Seeing as you have some magic returned, try to levitate."

Bulma gulped, wishing she hadn't told him but tried to do as he commanded. She pressed her hands together; her head bowed and tried to call on the element air. Pushing away the element of Earth she concentrated on being in the air.

Vegeta grunted. "Strange way to levitate."

Bulma opened her eyes. Clouds had surrounded her body helping her to rise into the air. Though she did look like she was some sort of snow woman.

Bulma giggled, more amused than shocked. "I guess I have a few kinks to work out."

"Fine." Vegeta huffed. "Now can you hold it?"

Bulma wobbled slightly as she tried to find her centre. She smiled at Vegeta as she managed to hold herself in the air. Though his slanted smile did not reassure her.

"There I did it…ahh!" Bulma had to swerve to avoid Vegeta's fist.

"What did you do that for?" She yelled.

"Training." Vegeta answered. "I wasn't aiming for you, I'm just trying to make you block and dodge."

A knee jabbed towards Bulma gut and she backed off. Even though Vegeta was play fighting with her she didn't want a gentle tap from someone that could crush rocks with a single punch. Another fist whirled over Bulma's head she tried to deflect it but she was too slow.

The mock fight continued for half an hour. Each time Bulma was unable to block or deflect Vegeta's moves. Though the Prince always missed her the breeze as he passed by was enough to show Bulma how much he could get under her defences. Eventually Bulma couldn't hold herself in the air anymore and dropped to the ground, the last of her magic spent.

"I expect ten times more from you tomorrow." Vegeta said.

Bulma could only gasp in horror. 'What have I done? By revealing I still had some magic left I've made it worse!'

She watched helplessly as Vegeta flew up above her.

"Make your own way home to meditate and regain your strength." Vegeta ordered. "As I said yesterday, I am not a babysitter."

"But…" Bulma groaned.

Vegeta shrugged. "I have my own training to do." Then he blasted off and was soon a sparkling dot on the horizon.

"That Asshole!" Bulma spat. "I really hate him sometimes!" Her aura exploded as she seethed with venom for the Saiyan. Surprised at the sudden burst of energy Bulma stood up, her anger driving her onward.

'Okay Mr. Prince high and Mighty.' Bulma thought. 'I will get myself home! Then I'll kick your ass next time we fight!'

She stumbled forward, her anger giving way to her ignored body. The pain she had been pushing back was now returning in full force. But the Sorceress struggled on. Endeavouring to reach her home on her own two feet.

'It's times like these when I miss my broomstick.' Bulma thought as she remembered the more uncomfortable way she used to travel.


Vegeta had returned to the volcano to resume his previous days training. The thick air had now subsided slightly giving the atmosphere a fresher feel. Yet it was hot and pungent from the molten rock that was cooling. Though Vegeta remained still and sat down on a rock to think. He was finding it hard to concentrate on anything but Bulma.

The Prince was a very single minded person. He was not used to having more than two goals in his head. It had always been about reaching the top of the scale, being the strongest in the universe. Lately his main goal of becoming a Super Saiyan was being sidelined by the woman. Even though he thought of her as his, she wasn't. She could leave him for someone else and he would have no claim on her.

This thought irritated him more that he was attached to Bulma. Bonded in a strange way through their ki's yet it wasn't the Saiyan way of bonding. Ultimately he knew that he was now connected to her and their ki's where inseparable. He needed to make the bond complete, it was the only way to regain his concentration and control.

'Perhaps I should just make her completely mine?' He thought but he knew the consequences of his actions.

He would be obligated to stay with her. To protect the woman and make this planet his home. The Prince had never really called anywhere his home except one place. Vegeta pulled out the pendant around his neck, the gift he received form Bulma. The polished meteorite shone in the bright Earth's sun. If he was going to stay here he would have to forget whatever dreams he had of regaining his kingdom.

He had always wished that he would take Frieza's place, to become ruler of the Universe. But then that was what the Lizard had been bringing him up to be. Frieza had taken him as his ward to carry on his evil when he was gone from this world. It was not his goal it was another's.

'It should be enough if I reach Super Saiyan.' Vegeta mused. 'If I prove myself stronger than Kakarrot, if my pride as a warrior is regained. That should be enough for me.'

He looked around his surroundings; the current harsh environment was not endearing it to his affections. Vegeta took off again to find a quieter spot to think. He had to make his decision as to whether to stay on this planet or leave. The android threat would be something to prove his might. But then after that there was only Kakarrot to deal with.

As he landed in a quiet forest he sneered at the peacefulness. This was not a warrior's world. It was far too peaceful and tranquil, but then he decided he didn't need to stay here all the time. He could leave Bulma for perhaps a few months at the time. He sat down beneath a tree, a good way he found to focus.

He had planned on killing the fool traitor, Kakarrot. Though now Vegeta could only envision giving him a humiliating defeat. One that would sort out who was the strongest once and for all. The more Vegeta sat and thought the more he found himself making excused and reasons to stay. He had changed, much as he hated to admit it. It was all because of Bulma and Kakarrot and he found when he looked deep down inside; his decision had already been made.


Mrs Briefs ran to the front gate where her security men had alerted her, Bulma was there and unconscious.

"Oh my!" Mrs. Briefs gasped. "Take her in, this will never do!"

The security officer nodded and picked up the young heiress.

"We found your daughter a few miles from here. Me and Earl were just coming to work when we spotted her."

"That's very good of you Mr. Darjeeling." Mrs Briefs said. "I'll be sure to give you and Mr. Grey a bonus for this."

"Thank you Miss." Mr. Darjeeling said tipping his hat.

Bulma was carried to her room where Mrs. Briefs was able to apply some healing ointment, a supply she had saved from the palace. Her daughter stirred slightly but she was dripping with sweat. Bunni Briefs looked worried and raided the first aid box for something else. Then she saw the very thing that would give an instant cure.

"A senzu bean!" She cried.

Mrs. Briefs popped the tiny bean into her child's mouth.

"Chew my dear." She pleaded.

Bulma heard her and slowly did as she was told. In a few seconds Bulma was sitting up her energy level restored.

"Oh thank goodness!" Mrs. Briefs sobbed hugging her tight.

"Mom, I'm okay." Bulma choked from the bear-like hug. "I just pushed myself too far."

"Oh please don't do it again!" Mrs. Briefs wailed. "I couldn't bear to loose you!"

Bulma smiled at her. "I'm okay." She gave her mother a small hug and stood up. "See good as new. Still lacking a bit of power but…"

"I thought the senzu bean restored you to full power."

"That only works on ki, I need magic as well." Bulma sighed. "Listen go make some cakes for tea, I'm fine." She kissed her on the head; she found it hard to stay mad at such a genuinely kind woman.

Mrs. Briefs returned to her happy self satisfied her daughter was safe. "Well if you say so dear." She chirped. "I think you should go for a bath or maybe I can call a Masseuse?"

"Out mother, I need to meditate!" Bulma hissed and was glad when the door shut leaving her the space she needed to think.


Later that night when Bulma had finished for the day, she got into her nightclothes. She dressed in the silk nightdress and matching gown. After all her almost chore like meditations she had listened to her mother's advice and gone for a bath. It had done wonders to her aching muscles and helped her regain a more tranquil state. She couldn't understand how Vegeta managed to press her competitive buttons.

She had never felt the need to beat someone so badly before. Bulma decided not to dwell on these thoughts as they lead to more thinking about him. Instead she chose a book from the side table and settled down to read. But as she turned to the first page there was a chap at the door.

Bulma felt her heart race; she knew there was only one person that would call on her at this time of night. Without her telepathy she was unable to look with her mind so she got up and answered the door the human way.

"What do you want Vegeta?" Bulma asked trying to hide that she was flustered by him.

He was standing in the doorway, his usual smirk and scowl on his face. But this time he had a strange gleam I his eye that reminded Bulma of a wolf. He noticed her nightdress and gave an approving look.

"Do you want the long or the short answer?" He purred.

"I'll go for short." Bulma huffed trying to ignore the sultry tone of his voice. "I want to go to bed. I repeat, what do you want Vegeta?"


Then the Prince took the Sorceress into his arms and firmly shut the door.


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