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Chapter 21

Things will never be the Same

Bulma awoke to an empty bed, but the divot beside her and faint warmth reminded her of whom she had expected to see.

Vegeta had stayed with her all night and she had never felt so accepted. It was the first time she had never felt alone. True the arrogant Prince wasn't here with her now but as he had said to her last night he would need his own personal space.

'And that's fine with me.' Bulma thought as she stretched her arms out yawning. 'I don't want someone clinging to me like a leech.'

Her eyes scanned the disarrayed room in some amusement. It had been an entertaining if not exhilarating night. She picked up her nightgown and slipped it over her cool shoulders. What she needed now was another long soaking bath. It took her a few minutes to run the water and when she came out to collect her clothes she noticed the time.

'My goddess, it's one in the afternoon.' She sat down unsure why she had been asleep for so long. 'But then why was Vegeta's side still warm?'

The slam of the front door alerted her to the fact that Vegeta had only just gotten up himself.

'Guess I must have tired him out.'


Vegeta slammed the door with a flare of his temper. He couldn't believe what time it was. 'That damn woman and her magic.' He seethed. 'I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one responsible for my lack of control.' He tried to shake himself from that thought. Bulma was powerless, she'd said so herself so many times.

'But then it doesn't explain what happened last night.' He thought. 'The woman caused a massive telekinetic surge...' He remembered the reason why she had done that and smirked like a conquering ape.

He growled again, this wasn't good. The only reason he had decided to take the Sorceress was that she had been a distraction for him. Now she still was, only more so. He wanted to go back into that room and reenact all of last nights activities. Except excluding her little pleading speech perhaps. There had been no call to ask him of such things as 'mercy on the innocents'.

But he was honour bound to keep his word. Even if he was sure he made the promise not from his head but elsewhere.


Bulma sighed contentedly as she relaxed in the hot water. 'This is just what the Sorceress required.'

It was perhaps still a dream to her what had happened last night. The actual events where still slightly fuzzy in her head but one fact remained clear. She had gotten Vegeta to make an oath for her. A promise,

"Just swear an oath that you will not harm another innocent." Bulma repeated. "You can fight, I'm not stopping you with that. I know you have a few 'issues' to resolve with Goku but keep the innocents of Earth out of your squabble."

It perhaps had been silly of her to insist that he gave such a promise. But at the time it had been important. She would not willing give herself to someone that would continue killing innocents. 'He can change I know he can.'


Vegeta soared through the sky giving everything he had in going faster and faster. He didn't know where he was going he just needed to rage through the skies, letting rip all his frustration. He was pinned to the pathetic planet now. True he could leave if he wanted to, but the annoying thing was that he didn't want to.

He stopped at a cliff face beside a roaring sea, a storm was brewing. Lightening cracked and flickered on the horizon as the black clouds moved towards the land. Vegeta pulled out his meteorite from his vest. He had always considered he would be forever homeless and nomadic. Going from place to place and planet to planet. It wasn't on his lists of things to achieve to find a home. But here he was on the one place he could consider was now his home.

'I've become just like that weakling Kakarrot.' he sneered. 'With the exception of one important thing.'

"I AM NOT YET SUPER SAIYAN!!" He roared his aura exploding in shocking blue light.


Bulma paused from her washing as she felt the surge in familiar energy. It was Vegeta, his whole emotion she felt was that of anger and frustration. 'Have I done this to him?' She wondered. She got out of her bath unable to continue with a dreaded feeling in her stomach. Ever since her powers had been drained she had been unable to sense anything. Now Vegeta's ki's was shining out to her loud and clear. With it she could sense his raw anger and power.

She tried to close her mind to hide herself from the rage she could feel. 'This has to be about what happened.' She thought. 'He said I was what he wanted, did he only mean it to be for a one night stand?'

No matter how hard she could not shake the sudden feeling of uncertainty and unease. Last night it had been different, everything had been right with the world and she had been with the one she loved. 'Is it love though?'

Sudden paranoia set in and Bulma was unable enjoy her bath any longer. She got out and dressed quickly. Panic was starting to take over, the surge of negative emotions and power was almost overwhelming. For being powerless for the past few days she had gotten used to the blindness that it had created with her mystical senses. Now everything was coming across to her in a kaleidoscope of pain and emotion.

She clutched at her head desperate to gain control. It took a few minutes of focus and concentration but Bulma managed to get her baring's again. She saw that she had wandered out into the hallway.

"Bulma honey are you alright?"

The sorceress glance up to see that her mother had entered.

'Why didn't I hear her?'

"You were screaming and sounding in pain."

"I'm fine mother." Bulma winced as she stood up. "I just got a surge of power for a second."

"I can tell all your windows are shattered." Mrs. Briefs said. "Come along, Baba's here to talk to you."

"I don't wanna speak to that old hag!" Bulma snapped.

"My, my you're still the spoiled little brat you've always been." A familiar old voice said.

"Who asked you?" The Sorceress snapped at the small witch that was gloating from behind Mrs. Briefs.

"I just thought you might need some old sage advice." Baba cackled. "Some things cannot be helped from occurring while others can still be prevented."

"What are you talking about?" Bulma asked. "Have you seen something in that crystal ball?"

"I think it's best we discuss this over lunch don't you?" Mrs. Briefs suggested.

Bulma huffed and walked out, shoving past Baba. She still didn't like the witch's interference. The old woman even though she had been her guardian and mentor for ten years in her life didn't give her rule to run her life. Bulma had run away from Baba, the same day she had rediscovered her dragonball. She had survived by herself till now, she didn't need anybody except... maybe him.

The ki signature had died down and now Bulma was left with her new reawaked senses. It was still duller than what she was used to but she could now feel every element around her. She was itching to get into a meditation to try and re-align herself to the flow but Bulma wasn't going to get that pleasure.

"Come along witchling." Baba cackled. "We need to talk to you."

Bulma scowled and crossed her arms. Unaware of the perfect imitation of Vegeta she was giving.

"Oh my isn't that so sweet." Mrs. Briefs simpered as she watched her daughter sulking like the Saiyan.


Goku sat up from where he had been lying watching the clouds. "Did you feel that?" He asked Piccolo who was meditating just bedside him.

"You mean Vegeta?" Came Piccolo's gruff answer.

"It kinda seemed like Vegeta's but not quite..."

"Oh it's Vegeta alright." Piccolo said. "His ki's changed slightly remember?"

"Oh yeah how can I forget?" Goku laughed while scratching his head.

"Dad!" Gohan yelled.

"Yeah I know son, the ki level was Vegeta."

"You sure?" Gohan asked his father. "It sure didn't seem like him."

"Oh it's Vegeta alright, I bet he's just letting off some steam." Goku said. "What do ya say me and you have a little spar to let off some of own steam?"

"Okay!" Gohan beamed. "Are you coming too Mr. Piccolo?"

"Sure why not." Piccolo shrugged standing up. 'I just hope Vegeta knows what he's doing it's not like him to show off his power like this. Something has gotten him in a serious rage.'


Vegeta buckled as he fell to his knee's gasping. His hands clenched at the Earth below.

"How can I be denied my destiny?" He gasped to himself. He recalled the moment of him and Bulma together in the sheets. She was still his, he would not give her up.

"Has she affected me so badly that I cannot even focus?"

He looked up to the clear blue skies. He was alone in the mountainside where he knelt, all the creatures had been scared off by the powerful surge of ki energy. Yesterday it had seemed so clear, he would take Bulma as his and continue with his training.


Except he had chickened out. Him, the Prince of all Saiyans had been scared to bond completely with the woman. He hadn't been able to bring himself to start the ritual. His whole body ached to be back with her to finish his work. He began to relive the moment.

He cradled her head against his shoulder as he motioned to gain access to her neck. But something stopped him. He couldn't completely bond with her not now. It wasn't right, the timing was wrong. He would have to become super Saiyan before he could rightfully put a claim on her. For now he would only use her as his mate. But it wouldn't be permanent, as death was sure to welcome him soon.

He had stopped because he feared death?

'Is this what being bonded really means, that you fear leaving them alone?' He wondered. 'It is impossible that I could die especially if I had reached Super Saiyan. Only the boy had said I would.'

"Curses." He hissed. "I will not let that snotty nosed brat tell me I will fail! I shall become Super Saiyan and avert what he foretold!"

He stood back up the regal-ness regained in his stature. 'I will train till I collapse.' Vegeta thought. 'I will become Super Saiyan no matter what!'

"Not even for you Bulma..." He whispered.


Bulma shifted uncomfortably on her seat. She had a horrible itching in the back of her head and she felt like she was going to sneeze.

"I'm not here to tell you off like you're fourteen again when you blew up my kitchen."

"That was an accident." Bulma pouted.

"Yes I know." Baba hissed. "But this is about you and your Prince."

"He's not my Prince." Bulma spat. "He's just... just.."

"Your boyfriend?" Baba cackled.

Bulma blushed and mumble a "Yes."

"Thought so." The old witch gloated. "I just mean you seemed to have had a recent power boost."

"Wasn't too long ago I had a power downgrade." The Sorceress said calmly. "What makes you think it's just me regaining my rightful powers?"

"Because this is a different power." Baba answered. "I think it's connected to your clinging to Vegeta's Ki."

"I don't cling!"

"Well your energy levels sure say different!" The witch shouted back. "I can see when someone is draining another's life force to boost their own! I've seen it done a thousand times before."

"What in the thousand years you've lived?"

"You'll need to be more careful child." Baba warned. "The Saiyan Prince is not one to have his strength taken from him."

"Will you stop making me out to be some succubus." Bulma cried. "Whatever I do is subconscious. I never drained Vegeta on purpose."

"That may be the case, but you're going to have to distance yourself from him till you regain control."

"But we've only just started a relationship." Bulma moaned. "And Vegeta is distant enough as it is."

"Then here.." Baba grumbled as she handed a bottle and a thick book to Bulma. "I never thought you would need it girl but it seems as if I was wrong."

"A potion and book?" Bulma said confused as she took what was offered to her.

"Yes, it's a spell to help get control of your ki." Baba explained. "Use it to stop you taking energies that are not yours to take."

"Thank you Baba." Bulma smiled.

"Oh and before I forget, you better go visit Kami. He's been trying to get in contact with you but what with your mental barriers and all..."

"I'll go today." The Sorceress said as she clutched at the two objects. "Hopefully he can tell me what's been going on with Goku."

"I could tell you."

"But I bet it would cost a million zeni right?"

The old witch cackled. "Just be glad I gave you those two objects for free." 'Though it was more as a way to protect the Earth.'

"I'm grateful Baba." Bulma added. "Though I'll always be you're spoiled brat." She winked and left the room unaware at the darker thoughts in Baba's mind.

'If you don't regain control Bulma you're going to be more than a spoiled brat. You have no idea how close you are to darkness.'


Vegeta could feel the dark hatred inside him as he leapt down into the rough sea below him. There was a giant splash as he sunk into the depths below. The undercurrent of the ocean tried to pull him backwards and forwards. But Vegeta pulled against the flow, forcing his own way through the waves. His thoughts only focusing on beating the forces that thrashed against him.

While up above the ocean the thunder storm rage, bucking the sea into chaos. This was just what Vegeta need, a way of releasing his anger. If he tired himself out enough, then he wouldn't have time to think about her.

No there was only going to be with her when he felt like it. No more training her. No more puting up with her tantrums. It was only going to be him and his own training from now on. She would only become a mate to use when he felt the need. If he survived... No there was no if, he would survive the Android threat and finally claim Bulma as his prize. Perhaps after defeating Kakarrot.

He gasped for air as he surfaced in the rolling sea. His thoughts as turbulant as the enviroment around him. He would not be in control of his hormones anymore. It was only him and his goal for Super Saiyan and not even the god of Earth could stop him.


Mr. Popo stood watch beside his master, Kami. The old Namek seemed to be watching something far off in the distance.

"Is everything alright sir?" Mr. Popo asked.

"Yes fine." Kami replied. "Best set out our best tea service we have a visitor arriving."

"Anyone I know?"


"Oh how nice." Mr. Popo hurried off to get the tea ready.

"And don't forget those little square cakes I like!"


It had been a couple of days since she'd last seen Binky. But the dragon was a free spirit and she let him roam where he chose. Now she had to figure out how to summon him without the use of her magic.

'Damn, great plan Bulma.' She scolded herself. 'Lets go off to see Kami on my dragon. No wait I can't no way to call him.'

She shrugged and tried the old fashioned way. "BINKY!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. "BINKY!"

She looked out across the sky and towards the mountains where Binky had disappeared. She sighed, it was hopeless. There was no way the beast could hear her without her telepathy or staff. She turned back to the Capsule Corporation when all of a sudden she heard a deep resonating call.


Her purple dragon spiraled around her calling out in his deep sing song voice.

"I can't believe you heard me."

'I hear...' He answered in her head.

Bulma smiled, the dragon could communicate when he wanted only it was always in short and incomplete sentences.

"I need to go visit Kami on the Look out Point." She said. "Do you wish to take me?"

He nodded his head and landed beside her.

"Kami will be expecting us so expect some nice treats when we get there." Bulma said as she grabbed hold of his mane.

Binky purred in delight and took off carrying Bulma to the highest point on Earth. He bounded in the air, like a serpent in water. Eventually he reached the tower and followed the stem upwards. As they passed halfway Bulma gave a wave to Korin and Yajarobi, reminding herself she'd need to ask him about the zenu bean.

As the reached the top, Binky gave out a call to announce their arrival. Not that it was needed, Kami stood smiling welcoming them both with Mr. Popo at his side.

"My dear child how lovely to see you."

"It's been a while hasn't it?" Bulma said as she got off Binky and rubbed his head affectionately.

"Almost too long, I haven't seen you since the Saiyans arrived."

"Now I'm shacking up with one of them." Bulma chuckled. "I couldn't ask for your blessing could I Kami? I want to know if I'm doing the right thing."

"You're following your heart are you not?"

"Yes." Bulma blushed as she saw the shocked look from Mr. Popo she was getting. "Oh don't worry Mr. Popo it's not Goku."

"That's not who I was worried about." Mr. Popo replied and hurried off to serve the tea.

"This way Bulma, we can have a little chat. Mr. Popo will be glad to feed your dragon."

"I'd like that." Bulma said. "I haven't really had much of a way of decent conversations."

As they both sat down there was silence as Mr. Popo served the tea and placed the plates down.

"Thank you Mr. Popo."

The large dark man bowed and left to attend to Binky.

"I'm sorry Bulma but everyone else is going to react in much the same way as Mr. Popo."

"What disappointed, shocked?"

"Shocked would be the more accurate word." Kami said. "You and the Saiyan Prince are two individuals that no-one would ever believe could be a couple."

"Except we are..." Bulma fell silent as she remembered the emotion she had clearly felt from Vegeta. "I mean I think we are, I'm not too sure just now."

"It is rather sudden."

"It's taken us a year to get this way." Bulma smiled. "Not sudden at all,"

"I meant the loss of your power and your sudden 'togetherness' with Vegeta."

"Oh that..."

"I do not consider you had ever thought of this Bulma." Kami said as gently as he could. "But do you think Vegeta is capable of even looking after you."

"I'm not housewife material." Bulma snapped. "I'm a sorceress and I will be again."

"I fully believe you will be." Kami sighed. "Just consider this Bulma, if he kills another..."

"He will not! He vowed to me he wouldn't kill another innocent."

"This coming from a Saiyan that is a ruthless cold murderer."

"He's a man of honour, he will hold his word."

"If you believe so."

"Is this why you called me? To preach to me about Vegeta?"

"No Bulma." Kami said. "I only wanted to wish you luck and perhaps advise you about your newer powers that are developing."

"Baba's already given me something to stop any more accidents." Bulma blushed. "I can't keep draining Vegeta's ki, it would only make him angry if he ever found out the full extent. Nothing comes between him and his goals, perhaps not even me."

"I wish I could tell you what I foresee." Kami sighed. "But I cannot so the only thing I can do is help you understand what's going on inside you. And only time will tell if you or Vegeta will be able to cope with it."

Bulma smiled weakly as she looked out to a dark storm far in the distance. She couldn't help shake the feeling that things where going wrong.


Author's Note: Oh dear life's not simple is it? If it was going to be simple then this wouldn't be much of a story now would it? More will be explained next chapter and if anyone feels like looking at the Lemon chapter it's kept as a seperate one-shot story on my profile.

Next Chapter Bulma tries to get to grips with this mysterious power that she's creating and Vegeta will most likely still be angry!