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Author's Note: My thanks to my Beta Reader Cereza who proof read this chapter in double quick time! Chapter 22 The Truth is a Bastard

Kami smiled at the worried looking Bulma. She kept her head down looking at her half empty cup, the tea leaves clumping together.

"I've never been very good at seeing the future," the Sorceress said.

"It is never a skill you can learn; it has to be given," Kami stated.

"I see shapes in my tea leaves but I don't know what they are."

"I'm afraid I can't help you Bulma, that's not how I foresee the future."

Bulma smiled back, "I know it's just I remember how much Baba tried to get me to unlock any foresight I might have."

"Do you see anything in the tea leaves?"

Bulma snorted, "Only a cricket or some sort of bug. That's supposed to bring luck. I'll need all the luck I can get with Vegeta."

"You'll have to tell him Bulma about what you're unconsciously doing, he might be able to raise his own barriers to help you control how much ki you absorb."

"I don't think Vegeta needs any advice about barriers; I'll be fine Kami. He may not be the Prince Charming I thought I would end up with, but he has something about him I'm attracted to. I know how much of a bastard he is. I even fear that he won't keep to his promise and harm more innocents; but I also believe he has changed enough. Enough for me to give myself to him forever."

"That's an interesting speech, Bulma," Kami said raising his eyebrows. "But do you really want to be with him forever? He may take you to Hell with him."

"Is that what you see?" Bulma gasped.

"If you link yourself to the devil you must pay the consequences."

"That's a bit harsh Kami," Bulma hissed.

"Sorry about being so blunt my dear but sometimes the truth is like that."

"The truth being that I'm becoming some sort of energy vampire?" She yelled. "You've told me what I'm doing but I need to know how to fix it. I don't want to be like this, why can't I just return to my original powers?"

"Part of your power came from something else," Kami said quietly, adding, "Your purity is now gone, the elements will always react to your summoning differently now."

"What? Because I'm no longer a virgin, I can't do the same magic?"

"You are still so young Bulma, even though you call yourself a Sorceress and everyone recognises you as so, there are still many things you need to learn. A lot of great Magi have gone through the same transitions when they have found love. It is nothing to get worked up about."

"So why has Baba never told me? Or even some of my other tutors."

"It effects others differently; some great magic users don't even notice a change," Kami explained. "But I think your elemental magic has a tender balance that will take a while to right."

"So I'm stuck like this?" Bulma whined.

"No, you might change again; your body has been through a lot of stress through the past few days, dealing with the Oni. It is quite feasible that you will sort yourself out."

The blue haired woman clenched her fist. There was a moment silence as she mulled this all over. She had only intended to visit Kami as a distraction. If she knew she was going to get all this fatherly advice, she would have skipped coming. The old Namek had always treated her as a child, even when she first visited him at the age of eighteen. She had considered herself a woman, already a powerful Sorceress and ready to take on the world. The Guardian of Earth had just looked at her and said, 'Well done child.'

It always remained in her memory; she wasn't a child, she was a woman. She stood up her fists still clenched.

"I need to get back Kami."

"Of course child," he said gently.

Bulma twitched at the 'child' remark, but tried to let it slide. She was tired that was it, tired and cranky and not in any mood to be talked down to. Even by a respected Elder like Kami. She bowed low and turned to leave.

"Goodbye Kami, may you take care of yourself."

"And the same to you my dear," Kami said from his sitting position. He grimaced as he took hold of Bulma's discarded cup; the shape in the tea leaves still visible. 'The future may not be the one you're expecting.' he thought as he scraped the spoon over the small insect shape.


Vegeta roared as he escaped the huge waterspout that his ki sent up from the ocean. He calmed himself quickly, breathing in and out, focusing his ki. He could not let his energy get too out of control; he did not want to attract any attention from Kakarrot or his friends. If he saw anyone in the mood he was currently in, he would murder them without any second thoughts.

'I cannot do that yet; I am not Super Saiyan and the Androids must be defeated first.'

That reminded him, the Androids, in less than two years from now, would kill everyone he knew, except for her. Somehow, according to the boy, she survived the attack from the androids.

It annoyed him that he was thinking of her again. He didn't want to mull his precious training time thinking about some girl. He thought her an immature girl that had still to learn her manners. Oh, she feigned her maturity superbly, but he had seen her true side, without her precious cocoon of Sorcery, she was nothing but a spoiled brat.

He felt the familiar tingling sensation as he thought more about her. The warmth spread across his lower body making him lust after her. He had taken her but still he wanted more. She was still a toy he could manipulate and use. She would grow strong again and aid him in becoming a Super Saiyan then he would abandon her.

Perhaps he was going soft, he wondered. A few years ago, he would have killed anyone that he assumed made him weak. But she needed to live, while he moved onto greater things. Vegeta roared out his anger and frustration, the sea clashing with the noise.

His training was over; it was useless being like this when he still felt things for her. The truth of his situation was finally becoming clearer, and he didn't like where it was heading. The Saiyan Prince did not get attached to anyone; people were a weakness that needed to be purged. But he was fighting a loosing inner battle his heart had already decided who he was going to be with. The truth was he was in love with her. Him, the Saiyan prince, not just bonded but he loved her as well!

‘There’s no putting it off, I’ll have to stop this now.’ He flew off towards the Capsule Corporation.


Binky the Dragon was glad his mistress was back upon him riding down the mountains. He was an intelligent beast and could sense her emotions. At the moment, they were out of balance and so mixed that all he could do was try to call softly to her.

"Shssshh, Binky, we're nearly home," Bulma said. Her mind was elsewhere, everything Kami had said. Even her old tutor Baba had given her warnings. It wasn't as if she was a child again. She was an adult, and now it seemed she was in some sort of 'adult' relationship with Vegeta. Though she knew there would be consequences for her falling for a monster.

'Do I really still regard him as a monster?' She wondered. Her thoughts where broken as Binky landed roughly. She dismounted from his back and stroked his nose. The dragon gave a deep purr that was closer to a growl. But Bulma knew it was his way of showing affection.

"I will see you again my friend." Bulma sighed, "But understand that I may be going through some changes. It may be longer than a few days, maybe months till I call you again."

Binky nuzzled Bulma sharply in her shoulder making her fall backwards slightly.


The dragon extended his wings and took off; Bulma watched the creature fly until he was just a speck on the horizon.

"Do you need any tea dear?"

The Sorceress turned to see her mother smiling at her with a full tray.

"No thanks, I’ve just had some," she answered. "I want to be on my own just now anyway Mrs. Blunt."

Her mother looked slightly hurt that she was being called by her old pseudo name. She was getting used to being called mother again.

"I see," she said sadly and went away to find something else to do.

Bulma realised her mistake and tried to say something but the blonde woman was gone. She mumbled at herself annoyed that she had called her that. She had just seen her and thought of her as her old housekeeper again. She had spent the last 10 years in calling her Mrs. Blunt.

‘Gods I’m such a mess,’ Bulma shrugged to herself. ‘No wonder I’m letting the power rule me like this.’

She wandered back into her room to find a small corner facing north where she could sit and meditate. The only way she could understand what was happening to her was meditation. By searching, her own soul and try to reclaim the calmness that she had once.

‘Why is it so hard now?’ she wondered. ‘All I want is for things to go back the way they were. Why did I have to fall for such a dark man, is it Vegeta that has tainted me or is it something that came from my own heart?’

She went into the lotus position, her legs crossed and her hands relaxed but joined by her thumbs. She began chanting a protective spell to help keep anything out of her mind while she explored. Bulma called upon the elements to guard her while she was susceptible to attack. An illuminating ring of blue light encircled her and she began to levitate as she chanted falling into a deep meditative sleep.


Vegeta landed on the Capsule Corps grounds his rage still put of control. His eyes were wild with the fury and determination that he held. He didn’t want to be feeling these things. All he cared about was beating his rival and becoming the strongest. That was what his entire life was about. Why did things have to get complicated?

"Oh Mr. Vegeta so glad you came back!" a chirpy voice said. "Would you like any refreshment, cake perhaps?"

"No…. Thank you," he growled, as he tried his best not to look as Mrs. Briefs. She was not the one that complicated things. She was still only a servant in his eyes. It was the woman he needed to see.

"Where is Bulma?"

"She’s in her room," Mrs. Briefs said softly, even she could feel the anger emanating from the Saiyan.

He turned sharply, making a large gouge in the grass as he headed towards the small capsule house.

‘My, what is it with young people these days?’ hummed Mrs. Briefs to herself. ‘In my day I was a lot happier when I had sex.’

She shook her head and went back to her kitchen, wisely deciding to stay out of the young couple’s business for once.

The Prince entered as he grimaced at her fluctuating ki. He could sense her meditating state; smell her sweat and ever the sweet perfume that she used. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do or say. Now he was here all he could do was stand and watch her. He had come with the full intent of trying to unlatch himself from her hold, to fight back at becoming linked to such a weak individual. But as she levitated in her column of blue light focusing her power, he could feel her strength.

She was anything but weak; her powers kept him from intruding into her circle he doubted whether she knew how powerful this shield was that she had erected. He sat down on the mat opposite her. She was enchanting him again. He couldn’t stay angry with her. He couldn’t raise his fist against her. She was his possession; he never did break his own toys.

‘Maybe toy is the wrong word to use,’ he mused. ‘She’s more than a plaything for me; she is my opposite, my light.’

His hand came up against her protective bubble. His face changed from anger to amusement as he watched her talking to herself. Her chants, as she called them, seemed like a mad person’s crazed mumbling to him. He became lost gazing into her face. She was beautiful and her features though similar to a female Saiyan’s was gentler, softer and her colours where much lighter.

He had become so focused on looking at her face he hadn’t noticed his hand had been sucked into her ring. He tried to pull back but he was stuck. He gritted his teeth and went forward; his arm became enveloped in the light. Vegeta growled and moved fully into the circle. There was nothing else to be done. He would have been stuck until she woke up from her trance.

Vegeta sat down opposite her and crossed his arms. He was glad the ring had enough room for his larger body as well as Bulma. His closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on his own meditations. He supposed he would join her; he didn’t want to know what would happen if he woke her like this. She seemed to be in a deeper meditation than he had ever seen before.

As he closed his eyes, Vegeta could feel her energy all around him; he let himself slowly began to relax and focus on his breathing. Images in his head started to appear. He had never experienced this kind of meditation before. Usually for him it would leave him in a dark void where he would focus his power. Meditation for Vegeta was a way of calming down his emotions and helping him become as distant as he could.

He knew what was wrong; she was too close. Vegeta tried to erect his own mental wall to keep that fact out, but it was a hopeless battle. Vegeta knew they were bonded by ki. He had let her in without knowing it. By donating his energy to her, he had contributed to the situation. He focused as he felt his mind relax and the mental walls where down. Vegeta entered Bulma’s meditation dream; the streaming colours merged into one large rainbow and the Prince found himself again in a green happy land.

"Shit…" He cursed not wanting to be in her world, but he had no choice. She had already pulled him in this far. Why Bulma was able to do this to him, he never knew. Well, he did but he wasn’t going to admit it here; thoughts where as good as a spoken word. He blocked off his private thoughts she wasn’t going to learn them; he would not completely bond with her.


He turned to see the Sorceress looking at him. "What are you doing here?"

"Maybe I’m a dream," he said.

Bulma shook her head. "Don’t try to fool someone in their own mind. What are you doing here?"

"You pulled me in," he snorted. "I was wanting to speak with you but you had already clammed up into your shell."

"You shouldn’t have been able to get inside the circle!" Bulma gasped. She walked over to him and placed a hand to his forehead. "You don’t seem to be physically hurt; I can sense your body from my mind."

"What makes you think you could ever harm the Prince of All Saiyans."

Bulma laughed, "Always with the attitude."

"It’s kept me alive for this long," he sneered.

"Actually maybe its better I see you here. I need to talk to you about something."

"If you want me to be an ideal mate you can forget it; my priorities come first. No female is going to hold me back from becoming a Super Saiyan not even a magical one."

"Maybe I am holding you back," Bulma sighed. "Look, my powers seem to be changing and at the moment I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not."

"Best explain yourself Bulma," Vegeta came up close to her, his dark eyes looking down at her. She checked the ground to see if he was levitating, and he was. He was trying to intimidate her and it was working. She didn’t want to tell him anything but the more she left it the harder it would become.

"Well I seem to be using your ki…"

Vegeta snorted, "I knew that! I was the one that helped you use the technique."

"You what!?"

"You heard me, I don’t like repeating myself." Vegeta turned his back to her, annoyed. Of course she was taking his ki. He knew exactly how much he was giving her. ‘Why is she noticing now, what an idiot woman.’

"It’s causing my magic to change!" Bulma moaned, "To think I was worried about your reaction, and here you are claiming it was you all along!" She ran round to face his smirking face. "Nobody likes a Mr. Know-it-All!"

"That’s Prince Know-it-All to you."

"So what would you do if I drain every last drop of your energy?" Bulma asked as she leaned into his strong chest.

"You don’t have it in you," he taunted. "Besides I don’t have time anymore feeding you like a baby. You’ll have to get along without any of my ki. I need it all if I am to become a Super Saiyan."

"But I can’t control it." Bulma whined, wishing he would understand how devastating this was for her.

She always had considered herself a good person. To have such a negative power was unsettling for her. She leaned even further onto Vegeta’s chest until her whole weight was upon him. His hands stayed by his sides not wanting to touch her, to show his weakness towards her. Though he dipped his head and nuzzled into her hair. In the mystical world there was still smell, touch, and taste, only now it took on a far greater significance. Something as simple as hair smelt far more powerful than it would in the real world.

He kissed her head, unsure why he was kissing her. He had meant to finish it with her. He didn’t want to feel these weak emotions. But here he was, the Prince of Saiyans, afraid to get too close to a woman. That was all she was when he got below her layers of powerful sorcery and witchcraft. She was frail and flawed, just like he was. All he could do was berate her gently; he should have blamed her for his lacking the power to become Super Saiyan. He kissed the top of her forehead. There was so much he still wanted to do with her, to touch and experience with her.

‘Just one more time…’ he thought as he pulled her possessively in his grasp and kissed her full on the lips. Bulma moaned as she bent into the kiss and accepted him. She couldn’t believe this man sometimes, but the one thing she did know from her meditations. She really did love him and if it meant her magic would change because of this; then she would take the risk.

‘Just one more time…’ Bulma agreed.


Author’s Note: Just so you all know I’m not intending this to be a typical bonding story. There is to be no typical biting and claiming, it is more a spiritual bond that is mentioned more in the actual DBZ canon. The biting thing has been done too many times so I’m just warning you all now that I’m going to avoid it. So what Vegeta is going to do to finish the bond, you’ll have to wait and see.

Chibi Vegeta: “What? No biting!?”

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