Dragon Half Fan Fiction ❯ Leren ❯ The Inner Twin ( Chapter 2 )

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I am plagued night and day by visions from the deepest and most morbid parts of my imagination. I see visions of screaming, blood flowing across the ground like water, and demonic creations wreaking havoc across all planes of existence. This is my happy place.
Okay, morbid tendencies aside, I really can't stop thinking up things to improve this story. I HATE being plagued by images for only one thing. It sucks.
The above paragraph is probably going to be used by me later in the story. I just made it up and it sounds AWESOME for the villain in any story. This chapter lets us in on Leren's past a little and it furthers the story.Also,I used the translation of the manga that I have read for Damaramu's catch phrase because I like it more and I think it's better than “I will forever regret this.”
When italicized, it is Leren's thoughts.
When in bold, it is- oops! Can't say any more, it'll spoil things.
Chapter 2: The Inner Twin
“Demon-child!” the man said glaring at me in disgust. Why was it always like this? They see my horns and wings and tail and instantly hate me! Though I share half of my blood with them, I hate humans. They always hated me on sight. I couldn't stand it.
Just as I knew I would kill the man, the memory faded to total darkness. Slowly, a form appeared in it. I looked up, knowing who it was. Before me stood…me. The only difference between me and the other me was the eye color. His eyes were the red of a raging inferno. It's my turn to control the body, Leren.
I sighed. “Fine, you can have it. Just don't hurt anyone.”
You take all the purpose of controlling the body out of it, brother.
I woke up. It was just past dawn. The others must be waking from the spell Leren put on them soon.
Sure enough, when I looked over I saw the human…Pia, I think her name was… sitting up and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Shame he won't let me kill them. It might be fun to do it.
“I'll find breakfast,” I said grimly. This was going to suck, having to explain my sudden hatred of all of our party and my eye color change. Oh well, it can't be helped. After all, I need time to live too.
After taking out my anger on a monster, I brought it back to camp and began to cook it. The smell aroused the other two girls from their slumber. “I see Leren put you all to sleep with his stupid ocarina playing. He says the song is enchanted, but I think it's just boring.” I said, smiling to myself when an indignant Hey! resounded in my mind.
“But aren't you Leren?” Rufa asked. I turned my gaze directly towards her and she noticed the change of my eye color.
I thought for a moment. “Yes and No,” I replied.
“What's that supposed to mean?” Mink asked.
“I am Leren, but not in the way you are thinking of. I am his twin, Relik. He and I share the same body and occasionally we switch who is in control. Leren will come out in another 3 weeks or so,” I quickly explained, “You can tell the difference between us by our eye color,” I pointed to my eyes, “And I want to get this out of the way. I am not a little Mr. McNice Nice. I will be blunt and brutally honest with you, whether you want me to be or not. I will not sugar-coat anything I say or do. And, most of all, I. Hate. Humans,” I finished with my eyes boring into the armor-bound midget with a ferocity that would make the most ferocious beast look tame. To my satisfaction, the little bug began to shiver. I told you not to hurt anyone!
I'm not, I'm stating the truth. They would have figured it out sooner or later.
With a huff, my fool brother silenced himself. I turned my gaze to the Dragon Half girl. “You're just as bad, wanting the body of a human. Half your blood is human, that's enough human to be better than a dragon. Dragon Halves are the most powerful creatures in the world. If it was up to me, I would leave you to wander until the world came to an end. But, Leren swore he would help you find the Pido Potion and since I'm out now he expects me to carry out his promises instead,” I sighed, “I suggest we leave soon so we can reach Pido by midday.”
They all were silent. They were probably still in shock from the dramatic change between me and my brother. I respected their silence and quietly put my things in my pack. When I was done, I sat down upon a large, conveniently placed rock and waited. They were all still just sitting there. “By soon, I meant now.”
“This doesn't look like a center of great trade,” Mink said, looking out across the very deserted area where the village should have been. “Are you sure that this is Pido.”
“Fine, I get it. Don't believe the man that's seen a lot more of the world than you, lived longer than you, and is the one that is carrying the map,” I said scathingly. I was in a bad mood cause Leren had forced me to transform to our human body. I hate it so much. Besides, if they wanted my help, they were gonna get it, with all the sarcastic comments and hateful looks that came with it.
“So you're saying that there's a potion here that can turn me human?” This time she was referring to Rufa.
“What? You don't trust me? I'll show you!” she said, pulling out the Rod of Thunder. Immediately afterwards she struck herself with lightning.
“Idiot,” Mink said.
I agree with her wholeheartedly. I thought elves were supposed to be good at magic.
This one is more than a bit of a failure.
We all turned to see an old man staring at Rufa open-mouthed. “Can it be? Is that the Rod of Thunder?” He continued.
“Do you know him?” Mink asked.
“Nope,” was Rufa's response.
This idiot's still alive? Leren could barely keep himself from throttling him.
Patience, brother. Patience is a virtue.
I snorted. A virtue that I don't got.
“pardon me for not introducing myself. I am the sovereign of the Kingdom Pido, King Starman the Great” the old man shouted exuberantly, holding his hands up with a `V' being formed by the fingers on each hand. The old man, with his ragged, patched clothes, looked far from splendid as the pose was probably supposed to look.
“Let's keep looking,” all of the girls said as they turned away. It won't work.
The old man immediately turned around, whipped out a remote control and pushed the button on it. “Not so fast!” he proclaimed as a hole appeared below their feet. They all fell and landed with a thud at the bottom. Starman poked his head over the edge of the hole. “Don't you want to hear the words of a great King?” He asked.
“Okay, okay, jeez, just let us out.” Mink obliged him.
When they were out, the idiot king began his sob story. “Three years ago, my castle stood there,” He pointed in a western direction, “It was named `Golden Metal Royal High-Concrete Castle, Mark II.' It was so huge, it took three days just to get from the throne room to the entrance. Truly magnificent, right?” He paused, looking for a response.
“More like completely moronic,” I said. Relik…
It's the truth, dammit!
“however, one day our castle was completely wiped out. Gone.” The man was getting sentimental, “How did this tragic event befall the All-High Emperor Starman the Great?” While he was full of self-pity, the girls tried to shuffle away but I stopped them.
“Not worth falling down a hole again. Trust me.”
Starman kept going on, as if he wasn't interrupted. “On that day, a giant calling itself Demon Lord Azatodeth appeared with his endless army of monsters. They destroyed the castle and stole all of our treasures. Now we are reduced to this. We scrape out a meager living by selling our famous `Pido Manjuu.'” The man gestured to some stalls that no one had noticed before that were right behind them.
He then turned around and pointed at Rufa. “That Rod of Thunder is proof that you are a great hero! I ask you, please defeat the Demon Lord for us!”
“A great hero? Me?” Rufa looked shocked at first. It'll kick in in 3…2…1…
“You're right! Perhaps I'll help you.” She said, taking an important looking pose. Self-centered gratification never fails.
“You don't even make a good sidekick!” Mink shouted at the elf. Suddenly, a gargoyle dropped out of the sky, tossing everyone there to the ground. The mighty creature straightened then squawked.
“You guys got the manjuu for me?” It said in a gravelly voice.
“Wha?” Mink and Pia began. “Who's that?” Mink asked Starman.
“Oh, he comes every ten days to collect tribute,” the old fart explained.
Rufa was already rushing in. “So he's an underling of that Demon King?” She was shouting.
Demon Lord, not Demon King.
Rufa was laughing in a haughty manner. “I, the Great Hero, Rufa, will defeat you!” She said. The gargoyle batted her aside as if swatting a fly.
“Hurry up!” it said as Rufa went sailing into the distance. Oy vey.
“Ah, our hero!” was all Starman could say. Mink turned around and put her hand on her forehead, a look of exasperation on her face. I know how you feel, Mink.
“By the way,” the gargoyle said. Oh? What witty comments could our oversized piece of rock have to add to this incredible display of intelligence and cunning?
Probably wants to know where the bathroom is.
While Leren and I laughed at the joke, the gargoyle finished his.
“… Azatodeth is an Amatou-Deth!” The gargoyle erupted into laughter while everyone around him was silent. “If you don't laugh… I'll eat you” he said. Immediately they all burst into forced laughter, placating the gargoyle. (A/N: I know it's the middle of the story, but Amatou is Japanese for someone who loves sweets.)
Starman leaned close to Mink, “He's been making us laugh at that same joke for years… he's terrible.”
“I don't know if he's terrible or just stupid,” She said rather loudly.
“What are you calling stupid, Lizard Girl?” The gargoyle's attention shifted to Mink.
“That would be your face. Stu-pid.” She replied defiantly. Everyone began to desperately try to stifle their laughter.
“Why, I haven't been so insulted for 250 year!” That might have been me that did that. “That insult has earned my iron fist of evil!” Before the punch could land, Mink was already decking the guy across the face. The gargoyle lay on the ground, shocked. “ow, ow,” Mink was saying, shaking her hand. Meanwhile everyone was shouting praises to her.
“I haven't felt such pain in 960 years!” That one was definitely me. “I'm gonna tell Azatodeth-sama about this!” The gargoyle whined. We really should have killed him.
I couldn't agree more. This guy's a wuss. I would kill him now, but, we can't fly.
“You'll be sorry!” it shouted as it flew off.
“It'll be bad if he gets away…” one of the salesman was saying while another practically threw himself at Mink “Please help us, pretty lady!” This comment caught Mink by surprise. She immediately unfolded her wings and flew after the gargoyle. Unintentional, but that guy just found Mink's soft spot.
What girl doesn't want to be called pretty?
Mink chased the gargoyle back and forth, breathing flame after him. The gargoyle squawked in pain continuously until he fell from the sky, a nice roasted bird.
I absentmindedly ripped off one of his wings and bit into it. He actually doesn't taste bad. I thought as I chewed. It then looked at the carcass and the wing in my hands. I tossed the wing aside and walked away. For a wuss, that is.
While everyone began to dig into the roasted gargoyle, Pia was praising Mink, saying something about how she was so cool. I looked at the old-timer and by the look on his face, another rant about something or other was coming.
“Oh! You exactly match the description found in the ancient texts passed down by our forefathers! You must be the one!” I swear, I sometimes think I can predict the near future, “The Legendary Pretty Soldier!” Okay, he had to make that one up.
You and I can see that, but Mink is very young. I doubt she can.
Mink looked surprised at this claim at first. While she was distracted by his statement, Starman pulled out a book and kept talking, “Yes, the documents say `A great, hairy flying monster will one day bring peace to the land.'”
Okay, maybe the pretty soldier part was made up, but that can't have been. If he was smart enough to realize Mink's soft spot, there is no way he would whip out a statement like that. Now there's no way she will help them.
“Who… Who're you calling a great hairy monster!!” Mink's indignant roar filled the air just as I managed to get my hands over my ears. Dang, this girl can scream.
Let's try to not make her really pissed at us.
Agreed. I'd prefer to keep our eardrums.
“So does this mean you won't help us?” Starman asked lamely.
“Sorry, you need a great hairy monster for that,” She replied angrily at the old man.
I walked up beside him. “You really need to learn what not to say to a girl,” I told him.
He hung his head. “That's too bad. Especially since one of the treasures stolen by Azatodeth was the Pido Potion. And of course, our savior is entitled to any of our treasures.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, I had to practically strangle myself to not kill him. Why does he always have to say the right thing at just the right time to save his scrawny neck? Please, brother, let me kill him.
No, if you start to kill people you might draw their attention. We cannot let them know we are still alive.
You must really enjoy my discomfort right now.
All I got in response was a chuckle. Meanwhile, Mink had enthusiastically made some lame speech saying she would do it. Now the little midget human was begging to be brought along. Rufa was saying some crap, I was too busy wondering when she had gotten back from her flight to listen. When she started to chase Pia around while hitting her in the head, I started to laugh out loud at it. I just enjoy seeing humans in pain. It makes me feel… complete.
Focus, Relik.
I peeled my eyes away from the hilarity long enough to hear Starman say another thing to Mink.
“If the Demon Lord is defeated, we would happily make you Queen of Pido,” He told her.
Unfortunately, Rufa heard this too. She immediately made the same speech as Mink did moments ago. “Actually, I was talking to her,” Starman said when she had finally shut up.
“Unfair! Unnfaaaiiiirrr!” Pia began to whine. This is why I hate humans. “Pia too, Pia too.” He insisted.
“Okay, I guess you can come too,” Mink told the crying child. She then turned to me, “What about you Le- I mean, Relik?”
“Do I get to kill things? It's been awhile since I could do that,” I asked. Is that all you can think of? My eye twitched.
You know me more than anyone, brother. You already know the answer.
“I'll go, more because I know that if I don't, Leren won't shut up about it for the next three weeks,” I said before Mink could think of an answer for my question. But I won't like it.
“Well, I guess we'll all be going.” Mink said to Starman.
“Well, I guess there is strength in numbers,” He said nervously. Then he shouted, “Glory to the Legendary Heroes!” Mink, Rufa, and Pia all stuck a heroic looking pose. I sweat dropped. Why me?
You're not the only one suffering.
Meanwhile, at the village, a small, messenger monster delivered a letter to Rouce. Pia's parents, who happened to be nearby, were ecstatic. But, Rouce soon said something and laughed as both of them fainted dead away. I don't know what was going on, I wasn't there. This is just what I think was happening. Either that or they're all wondering why I haven't returned yet.
“He stands 570 meters tall, He weighs 5500 tons. His roar shakes the heavens as he zips through the air. He is, the Demon King Azatodeth,” Starman told us. First you call him `Demon Lord', now you call him `Demon King.' Make up your mind, people. ”He is so evil and powerful, that no one has ever seen him and come back alive!” Starman continued.
“Wa…Wait a minute. If no one who's ever seen him has come back alive, how do you know how tall he is and stuff?” Mink asked.
Because he's getting it from a book we wrote.
“Actually I just got that stuff from a book,” Starman said, rubbing his head. You still remember writing that book?
Yes, what of it?
Nothing. Nothing at all…
“In any case, he is a dangerous opponent,” the once-king continued, “So… Let me grant you one of our remaining treasures to aid you on your quest.” He held up an old rusty sword, “Behold! The sword used to fight the Demon King Marzo, the Sword of Toro!” he shouted exuberantly. That thing is way too old to be used for actual fighting.
Apparently Mink agreed with me, saying, “It looks a little rusted.” At that exact moment, the word broke off from the hilt.
“Wah!” Starman gasped in surprise. He then held up a different sword and a lance, “In that case, take the Macronencer and the Gamegon Lance.” Both weapons broke like the first. After which, the old man began to cry over the broken antique weapons. Please, those things were old when we were ten! I'm surprised they were intact after all this time.
While Mink tried to comfort he old man, Rufa was looking into a mirror that was in a small pile which must have been where the old man had gotten the old weapons from. I saw the reflection that was in the mirror and I saw something that frightened even me. “Sire, what is this mirror used for?” She asked, holding the mirror up for examination.
“That's the mirror of truth! It reflects the true nature of the one who looks into it,” he boasted of the relic. Very rare, very valuable. Though I can't say Rufa shares my opinion of the thing, or that I'm surprised that's what her nature is. I watched in silent laughter as Starman was horrified to see Rufa breaking the mirror.
“What's in this tiny chest?” Pia had picked up and opened a small chest. It immediately fell to the ground and from it sprang a small, mouse-like creature.
“Waaaah! It's so cute!” Pia said picking it up.
“That's a fairy mouse. It's only real use is being able to guide someone anywhere they wish to go. Other than that, it's useless,” I said, before Starman could rant on about it. “We'll take that with us, if you don't mind.” I said to Starman.
“Of course you can take it. Good luck on your quest!” He said. With that, we left, the fairy mouse leading the way.
The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful, except for Mink and Rufa complaining about how the mouse wouldn't stop. Pia was still young enough to have that endless vitality humans have when they are kids. We made a fascinating discovery in which the fairy mouse- now called Mappy by Pia- can transform into a large menacing beast when angered. It scared the tar out of Rufa, much to my amusement.
We were just about to stop for the day when Pia, who had gone after Mappy when the little creature ran off, screamed. Apparently, some buff guy was demanding Pia give him Mappy to eat.
When we got there, Mink jumped up and elbowed the man in the head, causing the man to promptly fall over. Pia ran over and hugged Mink's leg. “Mink!” she shouted.
“Stop that! You should be old enough to know better than to scare little children. Despicable!” Mink scolded the man. She sounds like Pia's mother or something.
She's the only one of these three that can actually fight. She needs to at least sound like she's in charge.
The man got up, shouting his own tirade at Mink, “You've commited a grievous sin. With that one blow, you killed ten thousand of my, Damaramu's, brain cells! Huh?!” He looked like he recognized Mink. Why do I get a bad feeling. “That face! I finally found you! You dragon!” Great, another genius. Are we the only smart males left in the entire world?
The evidence suggests as such.
“Is something wrong with my face?” Mink asked.
“ I dunno, but he seems to think you look like a dragon, Mink,” Pia said.
The evidence now suggests we are the only intelligent beings left in the world.
Even better.
Mink's name just seemed to get him more excited. “And you're name is Mink! It must be you!” a sword handle popped from his helmet. He grabbed the sword hilt and pulled it from the helmet. As it was removed, a sword made of light formed from the hilt. HOLY CRAP!! This guy's got an enchanted scabbard! I looked him over again. He doesn't seem to be any kind of mercenary. Must be military. He has to be a very high ranking officer to have an enchanted scabbard. This guy, whatever his actions may lead us to believe, can't be a push over.
You're the weapons and military expert. I trust you're judgment. But, who says that military standards haven't dropped? I'm still saying we are the only intelligent beings left on the face of the planet.
Shut up, Leren.
The man lunged at Mink, who jumped over his head as he swung his sword. “I am” she said as she took a deep breath, “Not a dragon! I'm a Dragon Half!” she screamed as she breathed fire on the guy.
Hey, brother, can I kill this guy? He's even more annoying than Starman, if that's possible.
Be my guest. He's obviously a threat.
He turned to swing at Mink again, but she was just behind him again. I think.
At this point, Damaramu seemed to panic. “Lassie!!” He shouted out, apparently to no one in particular. A shadow of a small, riding, dragon-like creature appeared where Mink stood. The creature, Lassie I suppose the name was, latched onto Mink's shoulders, holding her in place.
“Way to go, Lassie! I'll give you a treat later,” Damaramu said as I began to sneak up behind him, not a very difficult task, with my sword drawn. Before I, or Damaramu, could act, Mappy morphed into the demon-mouse thing and scared the pants off of Damaramu. He let go of his sword and it rose in the air, spinning. It fell and… landed point first into the left forehead of the great lummox's head.
A look of surprise plastered Damaramu's face. “I was but one step away… I would have had three meals a day, my own harem, no duties, and no worries,” He said as he slowly fell to the ground. Incredible, since a hit to the brain like that should have killed him instantly. “Damaramu made the blunder of a lifetime.” He finally crumpled to the ground, silent. I looked sadly at the corpse at my feet.
“That was the first human in a long time that Leren would let me kill,” I sniffed. I hate how fate toys with me.
Mink turned her gaze up to glare at the beast that was holding her. Later that night, we enjoyed a nice dinner of roast… I'll just say Lassie since I don't know the species of the creature.
Leren's got a brother within himself. That's my surprise for this chapter. Yay!