Dragon Knights Fan Fiction ❯ Inside Tetheus's Head ❯ I'm the Dragonlord! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I'm the Dragonlord! I've just noticed Tetheus's eyes. They're different to the other dragon officers, they're flatter and longer, like Nadil's, Shydeman's and Shyrendora's. Weird. Anyway. There's at least another two chapters before Kai Stern comes home, so I'm sorry to all his fans. Or maybe you're happy that I haven't stuck my claws into him yet. I'm tired now.

In this chapter things happened that I didn't expect. Alfeegi's comment in Chapter two was supposed to be completely innocent and now I'm not so sure. Oh and Tetheus is not supposed to get this lucky, especially not with the person he gets lucky with.

As before italics are Tetheus's thoughts. Oh and where you see Hee hee hee, think giggling like a schoolgirl.

Alfeegi, Tetheus and Ruwalk are walking along to the Dragonlord's study after a long and tiring day. Tetheus is keeping a step behind Ruwalk and is checking out his bum. Alfeegi's expression is slightly sour, for the first time in about a week. It's not the best in the Castle, that honour definitely belongs to the Dragonlord and he knows it too, but it comes in the nicest overall package. Actually there's a new girl joined the Dragon Fighters who has a good arse too. I should set her a personalised training regime for the forseeable future. *mentally rubs his hands together* It's good to be me.

Ruwalk suddenly stops outside his room and Tetheus nearly runs into him, Alfeegi just manages to catch his arm. Damn you Alfeegi, I could have copped a feel! His ass was just there and it would have looked so natural. *mentally shakes fist angrily*

Ruwalk smiles shyly and strokes the door to his room. 'Guys, I'm gonna cry off, I'm absolutely wrecked. I'm just gonna head in, have one and go to sleep.'
'It has been a long day, I may join you.' Alfeegi blushes furiously. 'I mean that I might just do the same thing. After saying goodnight to the Dragonlord of course.'
Damn, I wonder if that would've worked. I'm jealous that Alfeegi thought of it first. You don't think that he...nah. 'Ruwalk, I'm sure that none of us are going to be staying long. Are you sure you won't join us and have your one there?' Then I could offer to walk you back and depending on how many "ones" you have...
'No, I really need to have a quiet night. Lykouleon had a bit of a glint in his eyes, I'm sure it's going to be a looong night for you guys.'
'Sure I can't tempt you?'

Ruwalk shakes his head, opens his door and slides inside. 'Night guys.'

So now Ruwalk's gone and I'm stuck with Alfeegi and the Dragonlord. Ruwalk's right, tonight will be torture and I can't share it with him. Alfeegi's such a whiney drunk, when he doesn't just fall under the table and Lykouleon is so variable. I could spend the night with Cernozoa. I think that's the best option. She should still be tied up...Shit, now I really need to get out of this.

Alfeegi's shooting daggers at Tetheus. 'Shall we?'
'Yes, let's try to get this over with quickly. I think Ruwalk has the right idea.'
'I noticed.'
'Alfeegi, is there something you want to say?'
'Look, you're not the only one. Everyone in the castle is after him and he's way out of your league.'

With that bombshell, Alfeegi minces up the hallway and Tetheus has to run to catch up with him.

'Wait a second, what are you so bent out of shape for? It's not like Ruwalk's the only guy in the castle.' Why did I say that? Alfeegi'll think that I'm a pervert... He's not the only guy, but he is the cutest. 'Alfeegi?'

Alfeegi's managing to keep a pace or two ahead of Tetheus, while still enduring his mincing walk. What's with Alfeegi? Oh god, I hope it doesn't get ugly. The pills, he must need another pill.

'Feegi, do you need to take a pill?' I hope he's not becoming immune to them.

Alfeegi finally stops outside the Dragonlord's study and snaps his face around to look at Tetheus. 'I'm just fine!' He throws his head back and marches into Lykouleon's study, which is empty. Completely devoid of the Dragonlord. Lykouleon-less. Dragonlord in his study equates to false. No need to panic just yet. He's probably gone to the toilet. Even he needs to pee, after all. Ah, a note. There is indeed a note on the impressive desk in the centre of the room, Alfeegi gets there first.

Nipped out for a smoke.

Won't be long.

'Again?' Alfeegi clenches the paper and it crumples in his hand. A faint rosy hue starts to appear on his face.

'Calm down Alfeegi.'

'This is so thoughtless!' The rosy hue is no longer faint. Shit are the pills wearing off?

'Alfeegi, let's just break out our backup Dragonlord. '

'Yes. Yes, you're right.' Alfeegi starts to calm down, defcom 3, defcom 4, defcom 5.

Uh oh.

'Alfeegi, he was just having one right?'
'And he's only been alone for five minutes.'
'Let's run.'

Tetheus's legs easily outpace Alfeegi. Impressed? You so puny. Alfeegi's breath is laboured, but Tetheus can still hear that he's keeping in touch. Ruwalk. Please let it not be vodka. Please let it not be vodka.

Tetheus wrenches open the door to Ruwalk's room and stops. Alfeegi tumbles over him a few moments later. Ruwalk is sitting down laughing merrily, an empty bottle clutched in his left hand. The faint scent of plum vodka wafts through the air.

'Shit!' He looks at Alfeegi and helps him up. 'He's useless to us, completely off his head.'
Alfeegi agrees. 'I guess we'll just have to go out and find the Dragonlord.'


Alfeegi turns white and then sneaks a look at Ruwalk. He stares back with a big, wide-eyed smile on his face.

'Is Lykoooooooollleon missing?'

Alfeegi nods.

Ruwalk looks to Tetheus. 'Really gone?'

'Yes, just for a little while though. Probably back by now. No need to worry, or get up or...'

'WOOHOOO, I'm the Dragonlord, I'm the Dragonlord. Yay!'

Ruwalk throws his hands in the air and waves them while chanting. 'I'm the Dragonlord, I'm the Dragonlord.' Then he jumps up and runs around the room while chanting and waving. 'WOOHOO, WOOHOO, I'm the Dragonlord.' When he runs into the hall to spread this good news, Tetheus turns to Alfeegi.
'You set him off. If anything happens it's your fault.'

Alfeegi's still pale and shaking. 'Oh my god, remember what happened the last time?'
'We need to find Lykouleon. Ideas?'
'Well, last time Ruwalk was the Dragonlord, the entire town was declared a smoke-free zone.' It did help him to quit. 'Lykou...I mean, the Dragonlord could be anywhere on Dusis!' He looks plaintively at Tetheus. 'Why on earth didn't he repeal that act?'
'I suspect that he was planning to use this excuse at least once. Remember, he expected Ruwalk to be with us when we found the note and he probably thought that we'd keep him sober.' Stupid, idiot dragonlord. It's not worth risking your kingdom on is it? 'Look, we need to split up. Someone has to keep an eye on Ruwalk and someone else has to find Lykouleon. We need to plan quickly, before Ruwalk gets some more alcohol.'
'Tetheus.' Please don't lose it Alfeegi. After all, it is your fault and I don't want to carry the whole thing myself. 'We'll both be needed here, someone to follow him and someone else to undo everything and try to stop the burghers coming up here with stupid bills. Let the Dragon Fighters handle Lykouleon, you're needed here.'
'Okay, we'll sweep out from the city limits. I'll go and set it up, you find Ruwalk and keep him calm. Try anything. If worse comes to the worst, drop one of your pills into his drink. Hopefully it should knock him out. I'll meet up with you later.'

Alfeegi hares off, leaving Tetheus sighing and running his hands through his hair. All this tension is bad for my hair. Still, I was afraid that Alfeegi'd fall to pieces. We're not in such dire straits I guess. Left with greasy hands, he looks around for a towel to wipe his hands on. He picks up a discarded shirt, this doesn't look too good on him and uses it instead. Once his hands are clean, he goes to rouse the Dragon Fighters. As soon as they are deployed he starts looking for Alfeegi and finds him in the great hall.

'He's gone.'
'I know, that's why I've sent the Dragon Fighters out to find him.'
'No. Ruwalk. He's gone.'
'How can you lose a drunk? How can you lose that drunk? He won't stop screaming "I'm the Dragonlord!" until he sobers up!'
'I'm sorry,' tears start to well in Alfeegi's eyes. 'I just couldn't find him after I left you.'
'It's okay Alfeegi. He's not allowed to leave the castle. We'll just ask everyone we meet to keep an eye out for him, until he's found. We should be able to cover the entire castle if we delegate portions to dragon fighters as we meet them. There should still be a few around, even this late.'
'Okay, I'll take the west wing, you the east and then we'll meet in the centre.'

The two split up. The Dragon Queen's rooms are in the centre of the castle and as soon as Tetheus has cleared the east block, he makes his way towards it, spreading the word as he goes. Raselene probably already knows, but I'd better drop by her rooms as a matter of form. It's only right that she should be informed of what's going on. He sighs audibly. She knows more of what happens in the castle than the Dragonlord's own loyal secretaries. I wish I could have slept my way to the top so easily. I was chosen to be Black Dragon Officer, she only married in. Stupid Dragon eyes. All she was brought here for was to provide an heir and she can't even do that, yet the Dragonlord won't hear a word said against her. I mean all he needs to do is spread it around a little and then we'll have an heir, but no. He's wrapped around her little finger, she must be really good in bed.

I've never seen the Dragonlord even look at another woman, let alone another guy. No flirting, no "You look good today Tetheus," no playful slaps on the ass. She's made him so boring.

Raselene has two rooms, a set of double doors leads from her bedroom to her a large sitting and dressing room, where she entertains her guests. Lykouleon spends all of his nights with her and the room is full of his stuff. Lykouleon only sleeps in his own room when he gets really drunk and is afraid that he might say something stupid. The damn thing had seen less use than the smallest guest room. Tetheus meets Raselene in her anti-chamber, the door leading to her bedroom is slightly open.

'Raselene, do you know where the Dragonlord might have gone?'
'No, I can't help you.' Raselene seems a bit tetchy. Ooh, you didn't know that he was leaving.
'Raselene, doesn't he tell you everything? Didn't you know that he was leaving?'
She sighs and turns to him. 'Well, he said that he fancied a fag,' she shrugs. 'I assumed that he was talking about Alfeegi.'
'Alfeegi's gay?'
'You didn't know? At least I think he is,' she sniffs, 'I only ever sleep with the Dragonlord, so...'

From the room beyond can be heard the plaintive cry, 'Woohoo, I'm the Dragonlord!' Raselene kicks the door shut with her foot.
'You didn't hear that. Right?'
'Of course not,' Tetheus smirks. 'Not until I need a favour.'

Raselene eyes him then nods.

'So how long can you keep the, eh Dragonlord, entertained for?'
'Dragonlord? Did you find Lykouleon?'

Tetheus gets a very dirty look from Raselene, as Alfeegi enters. Oh boy, I'd like a few more of those. Funny, you were never my type before Raselene, but I think that I'm starting to like you.

'My lord is still missing...'
'However we've got a handle on Ruwalk for now.'
'Where is he?' Alfeegi looks so happy.
'Safe.' Tetheus pulls Alfeegi to the door. 'Raselene, send word when your friend starts to get bored, okay?'
'Yes Tetheus. I will.'
Now, what will I spend that favour on?

Tetheus walks Alfeegi back to his room, talking calmly all the time about ways to stop Ruwalk signing anything or enacting any stupid laws. After the last time we swore that we'd create an action plan to deal with it. How could we have let it slip? Still, Alfeegi's obviously been thinking about it since, some of his ideas are really good. Alfeegi keeps Tetheus talking at his room and it is only by pointing out that both of them need to be clear-headed with a good night's sleep, that he manages to get away. What, did he want me to hold his hand all night? Alfeegi, Alfeegi. don't you still have your frog to keep you company? *mental smile* Ah, finally I can return to Cernozoa. She'll probably be a little angry. Fun night ahead! However, waiting at the door to his room is one of Raselene's handmaids. Ooh, you were a 6. Country girl, still shy, innocent and prudish. I wonder if you've matured.

She curtseys. 'Lady Raselene says that the Dragonlord's missing.'
'Yes, I've made arrangements to find him.' Tetheus pushes the door to his room...
'She means the other Dragonlord sir. He's gone.'
Why tonight?
He looks calmly at the girl. 'Thank you Celia dear, you can tell the Dragon Queen that I got the message.'
She curtseys again and runs off.

If I was Ruwalk, drunk, the Dragonlord and it was late at night...where would I be? ? ? Gambling! Where's Thatz the one time that I need him? There's a high stakes game on tonight, I bet Ruwalk's there, how on earth am I going to find it?

With a sinking feeling, Tetheus checks with the guards on duty at the door. 'Have you seen Ruwalk this evening?'
'Yes sir, he just went out sir.'
'Ruwalk's not allowed to leave the castle.'
The guards start to sweat. 'We know sir, but I'm afraid that he said that he was the Dragonlord and he told us that he could leave.'
'This is precisely why he is never, ever allowed to leave the castle without either myself, the Dragonlord, or one of the other Dragon Officers accompanying him. Now, before I demote you to dunnikinivers, why don't you tell me which way he went.'

The two guards are extremely helpful and point Tetheus in the right direction. They also offer him the lowdown on some of the fun spots in that area, a few of which are completely new to Tetheus. Hmm, I know what I'm doing on my next night off. After a frantic search, Tetheus finds Ruwalk in a seedy and smelly room, with several card sharps, and quite a few empty bottles of Peach Schnaps. Mmmm Peach Schnaps. The perfect drink to get a girl drunk on. I remember...Shit focus.

'Ruwalk! You're leaving.'

Ruwalk turns to Tetheus, the usual idiotic grin on his face. 'Tetheus, Tetheus join me.' He smiles at the other players. 'This is my good luck charm. He's my Chief Security Officer! And he looks great in a skirt.' Tetheus arches his eyebrows at this and the other players get the message. No-one will ever mention this, or even think about this moment ever again. 'Sit, sit!'
'There's no seat. It's okay I'll stand. You're leaving now anyway.'
'Oh poot. Look, last hand, last hand. Look at my cards, I can't lose. Here, sit on my lap.'

Gift horse, mouth. Tetheus sits down on Ruwalk's lap and Ruwalk immediately wraps his arms around him and snuggles his face into Tetheus's side. He doesn't seem to notice that he's just shown his cards to everyone. Oh well I don't care. I'm sitting on his lap. Hee hee hee.

'What's in the pot?'
'Doesn't matter, I can't lose.'
Lots of gold, several bits of paper, that even looks like a deed. Ruwalk doesn't carry that much cash. What's he gambling with?
'Ruwalk, what's in the pot?'
'Does it really matter? It's the last hand, I promise!'
He's eyeing the deed. Oh no, that can't be good. Still, Ruwalk doesn't have any...

Tetheus reaches over and grabs the deed. It's been written out by hand, but it has all the legal form and stamps needed. I can't quite make out the title...His handwriting stinks...His lap's really warm, I wonder if he's planning to take me home after this hand. Hee hee hee. He then decrypts the title on the deed.

'The Dragon Castle!!! You're gambling with the deed to the Castle? That's our home, Ruwalk! You can't gamble away our home! Think of the Knights! Where're we going to live? Alfeegi will kill us!' He grabs Ruwalk around the throat and starts to shake.

'Tet' 'Ay' 'Us'
'If you kill me I'll lose the hand.'

'Oh.' Tetheus lets go and twines his fingers into Ruwalk's hair. 'Don't lose.'
'Any more bets?' one non-descript man among the many, calls for final bets. When no-one raises, he asks everyone to turn over their cards.

'That means we lose.'
'Right. Fine. Let me handle this. Don't interfere okay?'
'Yes. Sorry.'
Tetheus looks to the faceless shadows around the table. 'Lads, you have to give me a chance to win some of it back.'
A random figure leans forward. 'Son, do you have anything which can match the stake.?'
'Just one thing. Your very own Dragonlord, with all the powers and authority thereof.'
'Deal him in.'

After several more hands, the game breaks up. Tetheus and Ruwalk leave, with their pockets bulging. 'You do realise, that technically, the Dragon Castle now belongs to me.' Ruwalk runs his arm through Tetheus's. 'And you now own your very own Dragonlord.' This night is really looking up. 'Tetheus?' Ruwalk looks up at Tetheus, confused. You look so cute, you're so sweet when you're drunk. Sweet and easy. I wish you could be this close to me when sober. Hey! I'm not complaining though. Wow. Alcohol, thank you. 'How did you get so good at playing cards?'
'You didn't think it was coincidence that Thatz has never invited me to one of his poker nights? I had him down to his pants before he ended the first one and since then he's hid the location of each one from me.' I'd like a few more opportunities to get Thatz down to his pants. He's filled out a lot since then.
'So, what's the first thing you're gonna ask your Dragonlord to do?'
'Well, the poker champion could really do with a backrub.'
'Yay. That's something I'm good at.' Ruwalk rubs his cheek against Tetheus's shoulder and yawns. 'Are we there yet?' Hee hee hee.

The Dragon Castle, now under new ownership, I wonder if I could turn Alfeegi's bedroom into a squash court, is just a few hundred metres further and waiting to greet them, arms firmly crossed, is Alfeegi.

'You found him then.'
'Tetheus won me in a poker game.'
'How much did we lose?'
'Tetheus won everything back. He's the best. I'm definitely bringing him with me the next time.'
'Well, that's alright then. It's late, I've got a lot of documents for you to sign tomorrow. You'd better head straight to sleep. Goodnight.' As Alfeegi passes Tetheus he whispers, 'it's okay. I've cleared his room of every bottle, so in the morning he should be sober. There's no need for you to watch him tonight.' Damn you Alfeegi. As soon as Alfeegi says this, Ruwalk whispers back, 'don't worry Tetheus. I've loads of hiding places he hasn't found yet.' Thank you Ruwalk.

As Tetheus escorts Ruwalk back to his room, where all the trouble started, he wonders, is there something that I've forgotten? The vision of a lovely young dragon woman, practically naked and bound to his headboard completely fails to cross his mind.