Fables/Fairytales Fan Fiction ❯ A Heart's Decision ❯ Oh No... ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A female figure paced back and forth along a long balcony embellished with beautiful flowers. The fluorescent sunset danced along the golden locks that hung over her shoulders and her back. Her angelic blue eyes filled with tears as she watched the sun disappear over the horizon. The beauty of the moment was disturbed by the siloet of a man slowly walked up to her and placed a light kiss on her cheek. The young maiden turned her head away from him and gently pulled her hand away from his soft touch. He looked at her with a troubled face and lay a rose by her hand. With one last glance he retreated to the castle, leaving her alone. Her soft eyes gazed at the rose. Slowly, she picked up the rose and ran her hand over the silky petal. The rose slowly turned a snow white color as, what seemed like white fire, danced around it.

The man, Deveak, walked down the long hallway. He stopped at a pair of double doors that led to a large chamber. He slowly opened the door to see the king busily attending to his studies. Deveak slowly approached and bowed respectfully. The king turned to him and smiled.

"Oh, hello Deveak,'' the king acknowledged. "I suppose you have come to see my daughter. Carella should be in her chambers."

"Yes, well, milord," Deveak said, "I'm afraid she isn't as taken with me as you thought, Cruendithas."

"Nonsense! You're my bravest knight and not to mention the wealthiest. She must love you," the king said firmly as she closed a book.

"Apparently, the maiden doesn't care for my wealth or fame," he replied quietly.

"I will not have my daughter falling in love with a commoner or anything of the sort!" Cruendithas snapped. "I'll see to it personally that you two are wed before the first snow falls."

The knight sighed and nodded. He was lying if he said that he agreed with this...but if the king wished it, it would have to be. After all, he wanted what was best for her daughter, right? He gave one last bow and exited the room.

Far off, in a distant city, stood a tall man on a Gothic balcony. His eyes were harsh and cold and his raven hair hung down to his tail bone. Perched on the steeple to his right was a gigantic black dragon with amber eyes. Its huge onyx wings folded behind it in a relaxing manner as it stared at the setting sun.

"Landon!'' the man growled. Another man quickly approached the balcony and kneeled at his feet.

"Yes, Leviathan!" the man reported in an orderly fashion.

"You have failed to bring me the princess," Leviathan remarked coldly. The other man grimaced heavily but replied.

"She's too heavily guarded," he answered meekly. "The amulet you granted me was too weak..."

Landon held out a red gem, no bigger than the palm of his hand. It had a large crack down the middle. Leviathan snatched it away and glared at him. He snapped his fingers and the dragon swooped over and bowed his head. It opened its mouth wide to show two large fangs dripping with an acid like substance. Leviathan reached up and put his hand to the tip of the fang. A large drop of venom came out and hardened into rock. The crystal turned a dark black color and glowed brightly.

The Lord tossed the black gem at Landon's feet and scowled.

"I expect her in my castle by dawn."

Landon took the gem and looked at it. He could feel the power coursing through his hand as he touched it. Landon stood up and, with a bow, left the balcony just as the sun disappeared.

Back in Cherabrook, Carella brushed through her long locks; untangling invisible knots. Instead of her red dress she wore a long, silver nightgown. Just as she sat her brush down on her vanity, a knock was heard at the door.

''Come in," she invited in her meek but angelic voice. A maid walked in and bowed.

"Your father has requested that you come to his chambers," the elder woman announced. She then exited the room without another word. Carella stood up and put on a robe over her nightgown. She made her way dorm the hall and silently entered her father's room.

"You wanted to see me father?'' she called as she shut the door behind her.

''Yes, dear. Come and sit," he urged. His voice was gentle, but firm. Carella hated when he was like this. His mood was unpredictable at these quaint times, and she could never tell beforehand if it was good or bad news. The king gestured to a large chair in front of his desk and she nodded and walked over to it obediently. He cleared his throat as soon as she sat. "I understand Sir Deveak visited you today,'' he started quietly. ''I also understand you aren't interested in him.''

Carella sighed. "Father, I'm happy that you thought he's a good choice but..." she paused. "He just doesn't make me feel...happy," she said as she played with the ends of her hair.

"But Carella..." He tried to reason with his child. "You could have anything your heart desires if you are with him. He could provide you with robes, jewels, servants, a castle---'' He was cut off by her abrupt speaking.

''Those are merely material possessions, father." Carella tried her best to keep he manners, but this subject was quite upsetting. "I just don't see the point if I don't love him. You can't force love." Her father looked quite surprised.

"Of course you can! Your mother was presented to me and we learned to love each other."

"You can't really expect me to---"

''You will wed Sir Deveak. Damn it, that is an order as the king, and as your father!''

Carella jumped as he raised his voice and stood up. She ran out of the room with her face hidden behind her hand until she reached her chamber. Carella ran in and threw herself onto the bed, where she cried into a soft feather pillow that soaked her tears. How could he do this to her?! How could he be so cruel?! She couldn't---she wouldn't marry this...this Sir Deveak!

Outside of the castle, a guard fell limp to the ground. Armour clattered upon hitting the hard cobblestone, but not even a scream sounded. the moonlight shone pitifully at the dull armored man and made him seem to glow. Behind him was a shine from a dark object. The light bolted forward, killing any man that stood in its way and jumped up. It landed on the railing of the balcony and paused. The faint light of a candle revealed Landon's cruel face.

He crept silently along the balcony and peered inside to see a young woman laying on the bed. He slowly walked over and studied her face. Her long blonde hair lay out on the pillow like golden waves. Her perfect breasts rose up and down with each slow breath she took. For a split moment, Landon's mouth went dry and his heart stopped. Before he could come to his senses he reached out and gently brushed a strand of hair out of her face. Her body suddenly started to move. The girl's cheek nuzzled closer to his hand as she opened her eyes.

The blue orbs suddenly widened as she saw him. She let out a scream right before he clamped his hand over her mouth. With a bit of pressure, he gently, but firmly hit a spot on her lower neck that did no harm. She blacked out in his arms just as several guards exploded into the room. But by the time they arrived, all they saw were curtains flapping against an open window. The pale moon shone through and revealed an empty bed, and a missing princess.