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Abandoned : Chapter 10
Familiar Face

The burning Hideaway, 9:30 a.m.

Bri lays on the ground in woods with the little boy laying on top of her. Both are completely unconscious. Some of the trees were burning as the huge explosion caused the fire to spread a bit. The man with the long, reddish hair watched as the deep smoke started going up into the air. He then turned around and walked into the woods. He was looking for Bri and the boy. He walked for a little bit and finally found them. He could see the little boy laying on top of Bri. The man nealed down and touched the boys back with his left hand...

"Ahh..." Iaine picks head up and looks in front of him. He sees cars piled up and his car burning not more than 40 feet away from him. He is lying on the side of the highway in the grass. His face is a little bit burned, he has bad cuts all over his face. He then remembers his quick escape from the car just milseconds before it exploded. He then remembers Father Maxwell. "Father..." He says before he strides to pick himself up off the ground. "Ahhhh..." He is in pain and feels it the most as he gets up on his feet. "Father?" He says. He sees people looking at him. Everyone has gotten out of their cars and are scared to help Iaine. One man walks over to Iaine who is walking out into the messy highway. "Are you alright Sir?" He asks. Iaine looks at him as he struggles to walk. He then pushes the man hard enough to make him hit the granite. Iaine could here the sirens of the the police, ambulance and fire department on there way. He knows he better find Maxwell and leave as soon as possible. "Father?" He says lowly again. He then looks over at his burning car and wonders if Maxwell made it out or not. "Iaine...!" Maxwell yells from on the ground between two cars. "Father." Iaine says barely running over to him. "Iaine help me. I cannot... feel my legs!" He says. Iaine helps Maxwell off the ground and then remembers seeing him hit by one car and then another after Iaine pushed him out the window just before jumping out of the car himself. Iaine glances over, opposite the direction they were driving in. He can see thick, black smoke going up in the air from far away. He then realizes that the mansion must have blown up as well. Someone had found them. Someone tried to kill them. "Bri..." Iaine says. He then jumps over the car that hit Maxwell and then over the next and the next car that are all piled up in the four lane highway. He then jumps over the divider and onto the other side of the road where the cars slowly pass by see what is going on. Iaine runs in front of a car which stops quickly. He runs over to the driver's seat and opens the door ripping the man driving the car out and jumps in the seat himself. He then pressed down hard on the gas peddle with his right foot and drives off.

10:54 a.m.

Iaine arrives at whats left of the mansion. He drives quickly up the dirt road and sees the devastation. He jumps out of the car quickly and looks around at the burning remains. "Bri..." He says. He then thinks about the little boy. The little boy he felt responsible for. But something was wrong. He still felt that responsibilty. It was coming on strong. "You're not dead." He says to himself. He walks around the burning mess. "Where could you be?" He wonders. Iaine then hears a crackle in the woods to the right of him. He turns his head quickly. He heard the man standing up and stepping on a small branch. Iaine slowly walks into the woods. He sees a dark figure standing up and stepping back from something on the ground. It looks like a body. Then the man's cell phone rings. "Huh?" He says. Iaine stops walking toward him. He hides quietly behind a bush to listen. The man answers the phone. "Hello?" The man's smooth voice says as he notices that it's Alux calling. "You idiot! They're alive! They're alive!! Iaine and Enrico Maxwell are alive! It's all over the news!..." As Alux went on explaining to he hitman what she is watching on the news, Iaine quietly sneaks up on the man. He sees Bri and the boy laying on the ground. He thinks Ray has killed them. He can just hear what Alux is saying. Iaine walks up behind the man. "What do you mean they're alive?! I planted that bomb under the car! I watched them pull away!" He says. Iaine taps him on his shoulder. The man turns around to see a bloodly, burned Iaine standing there. The man looks shocked. Iaine grabs the man's shoulder pulls his arm back, makes a fist and throws it forward as hard as he possibly can, punching the man right between the eyes. "AH!!!" The man yells falling far and down on the ground, dropping the cell phone. "...Ray?! Ray?! RAAAY!" Alux's voice yells over the phone. Iaine picks up the phone and sees on the caller ID: ALUX. Iaine then snaps the phone in half and throws it on the ground. "Get up..." Iaine says enraged. "Put your hands up." He then says. The man called Ray seems not to be scared. He stands up and puts up his fists. Bri just opens her eyes as she is about to witness Iaine and Ray fight!