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Abandoned : Chapter 9

The Hideaway, 8:32 a.m.

It's morning. The night cleared the sky's dreary rain which ended at dawn. The sun is shining through the large windows' shades. The one window which has it's shade completely up is the window that Iaine is sitting at. His legs are crossed along the bottem of the windowsill and his back leaned up against the right side of it. Iaine has been staring out the window for hours. Every couple of minutes he glances over at the young boy who's been sleeping on the couch since Iaine brought him home earlier that morning. Iaine could not stop questioning this little boy.
"Who are you? Where do you come from? Were you born a vampire just as I was? Were you cheated to live the pure life? Why don't you look like a vampire? How come your eyes are not red? Why do you give me this feeling of uncomfortness? What connection do you have to Marion? Or me?" Iaine asked these questions over and over again in his head all night. He could not sleep. He couldn't get these questions out of his head. Iaine looked over at this young boy and watched him turn over in his sleep. Iaine then looked back out the window and just stared.
"Iaine?" A raspy, yet familiar voice said from the side of him.
Iaine turned his head to see Bri standing there in a bed robe. She had the look of just waking up in the morning. Iaine smiled at her and then pulled up his left leg, strectched it and let it down on the floor. He did the same with his right and then stood up. He walked over to the couch and sat down next to the boy's feet.
"You haven't slept all night have you?" She asked.
Iaine turned his head and looked down at the sleeping child beside him.
"What about this child is getting to you?" She asked before yawning.
"... I feel a sense of responsibility to him..." Bri turned her head and listened. "I have no idea what it is but something inside me keep telling me to watch over him. Very carefully. And I keep asking myself these questions. Who is he? Where did he come from? Where are his parents? Was he born a vampire like I was? How come his eyes aren't red like mine?" Iaine stopped talking when he saw the boy turn over again.
"His eyes aren't red?" Bri asked.
"No. They're brown. It was weird. I saw his sharp fangs with his soft brown eyes." Iaine said.
"What kind of..." Bri was cut off by the boy talking in his sleep.
"Baaaa... baaa... " The boy repeated this a couple of times before he stopped completely. Iaine and Bri tried to listen closly but could not make out what he was saying. They looked at each other and wondered what he was saying.
"Has he been talking in his sleep all night?" Bri asked as she stood up and stood over him.
"No. Not at all. This is the first time." Iaine exclaimed. Iaine too stood up to see if the boy would start talking again. Bri and Iaine stood quiet for a couple of minutes until the silence was broken.
"Bri... Iaine...?" Father Maxwell's voice said from behind. Bri and Iaine turned around and seen Maxwell standing there with his hair cleanly pulled back into his regular ponytail, his shoes pollished, his normal priests outfit on, and his suitcase in his hand.
"Maxwell?" Bri questioned.
"Father Maxwell are you going somewhere?" Iaine asked walking over to him.
"Yes. I must leave at once! The church is going to need me back at the Vatican right away!" He replied.
"Why?!" Bri asked intently. She rushed over to him.
"With all the chaos that went on over there, I'm going to be needed. I am loyal to God and the church. The Vatican must be protected!"
"But you could be killed in this process." Iaine said. Bri sighed and turned away. She walked back over to the boy. She leaned down and looked at him. Maxwell could sense her sadness. But then seen the boy.
"Who is this?!" He asked nervously. Iaine could see the expression on his face. Maxwell seemed some what scared. "Who?!" He asked again.
"I-I don't know. I found him. Last night." Iaine said.
"Get rid of him! I have a horrible feeling given off by him. Do it quickly." Maxwell said more calmly. "I have to leave now. My flight leaves in less than an hour." Maxwell then said. "Good bye... Brianne."
Without turning around to look at him Bri replied. "Byyyye..." She said sadly.
"I'll give you a ride to the airport." Iaine said. He gave Maxwell a clue-in look. "Bri, I'll be back in a little while. Keep him calm if he wakes up." Iaine said. Then they both walked out of the room and soon were out of the house and on the road.
The boy kept repeating the samething over and over again. But would stop every little while.

9:17 a.m.

Bri walked out from the kitchen and back into the room that the boy was resting in. She was looking down at the floor and thinking about Maxwell as she walked into the room. She glanced up and could see the boy sitting up. She could see his back, up to his head where his little cap rested on.
"Huh?" Her eyes widened. She stayed quiet for a minute. She was a little scared. She stood in one spot. "Eh..." She didn't know if she should talk or not. The little boy's small head turned slowly around as he seen Bri. Bri stood there. She was unaware of what to do...

Iaine and Maxwell were now driving on the highway. "That's what has to be done." Iaine said.
"But won't this cause a lot of trouble? I'm a priest as well. I'm not suppose to lie." Maxwell replied...

The little boy slowly got up off of the couch and stood up. He stood there for a few seconds without saying anything. Bri seen his face was without expression. Bri smiled and waved.
"Hi... I-I'm Bri." She said putting her hand on her chest...

"I know Father. But this is a special circumstance. I'm sure the Pope will forgive you." Iaine said...

"What's you name?" Bri asked. The boy did not reply. He turned his head out and looked out the window. Then he turned back...

"I guess you're right Iaine."...

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMBBBB!!!!" The boy yelled loudly as he jumped up and jumped on Bri, shoving her as well as himself out the window behind her. Bri screamed loudly.

"See Father..." Iaine stopped by a feeling of rush! He let go of the wheel and the car spun out tiping over and slamming into cars on the side of it. The car flipped a couple of times causing surrounding cars to slam into each other. Then...

The huge mansion as well as the car Iaine and Maxwell were in exploded!!!

A young man with reddish long hair stood in the bushes and watched as the house exploded. He seen Bri and the boy jump out through a window and fly back into the deep trees. He smiles widely and pulls out a cell phone. He dials in a number. Someone answers but this person does not speak.
"Job well done." Alux's voice said over the line. The guy smiled and then hung up the phone.