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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I own everything! ACK! (is beaten by lawyers) F-fine I don't own anything except my minions and some original ideas.

I'll be bringing Ravage Blue [don't own her] into this one as well. But, I AM NOT IMPLYING ANYTHING! It's all for fun and don't think that I'm

(actions) *thoughts* ~translations~ {a/n}


Wind: Wow, that was weird wasn't it? I mean I OOCed and was kidnapped, tortured and then rescued by my minions and a fellow author and her servant and my sane half had a minor nervous brake-down. I mean wow and I sure am using a lot of ands!

Le: (glares) Happy fricken days.

Wind: You still mad?

Le: (death glare)

Heero: Hey! (death glare)

Le: (death glare)

Heero: (death glare)

Le: (double death glare)

Heero: (gasp) I'm going to kill you. (draws gun)

Le: I'M GONNA KILL YOU !!!!!(draws sword and chases Heero)

Wind: (watches them with large group) Wow that is weird. (pauses) Hey, anyone want to play `I Never'? {I Never is a drinking game where one person says something they never did and anyone that did that takes a drink. It goes on so the one that lasts longest wins,}

Most: YEAH!

Few: Naw.

Wind: I Never it is! You other guys can go play around the house. But no escaping, impregnating the girls with alien DNA, creating a super virus to wipe out the human race, or going to anything not on my favorite list. I don't want a virus to screw up my stories.

Few: (sigh) Fine, but can we kill?

Wind; Sure, knock yourselves out.

Few: Wu wu wu wu.

Talon: -_- Is everyone here getting dumber by the day?

Everyone: (stare stupidly)

Talon: -_-; I rest my case.

Wind: (disappears then reappears) Ok, I got sake, vodka and special authoress wine. We're ready to play! Wanna join Ravage?

Ravage: SURE!

Everyone sits in circle with they're glasses.

Wind: Ok, I never tried to drink from the sacred paper cup!

Others: O_o (none drank)

Wind: Good cause if you did, I WOULD HAVE TO KILL YOU WITH THIS! (pulls out a carrot plushy)

Key: ^_^; Lets just keep playing.


Knives sneaks into the computer room with an evil plan so evil that none have even dreamed of it.

Knives: (crazy look) Lets see what I can do to mess up this that all these spiders love. (clicks on Anime and starts acting normal) Hey, there's my show.


The gym

Wufei: (standing in ring) I AM THE STRONGEST!

Lita: (walks in) Yeah right shrimp.


Lita: WEAK WOMAN!? HOW DARE YOU! (beats crap out of Wufei)

Wufei: In… jus… tice.


An hour after they started Kuwabara, Serena, Gene Starwind, and Yugi were past out in the corner.

Yusuke: Um, I never wanted to kissed Kurama.

All the girls drink and a few guys.



Le: (chasing Heero with a Light Saber) DIE!

Talon: (dreamy voice) She is pretty when she's on a rampage.

Kurama: (ticked) DIE! (chases with rose whip)

Wind: (hits both with fish) EVIL FLUFF SCENE!

Quatre: Hic, keep playing. Hic.

Key: (still sober) I think you had anough.

Quatre: I TELL YOU WHEN I HAD ENOUGH! Hic. {inside joke}


Knives: (clicks on story) *I wonder what V/K and yaoi means* (reads) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (curls up and sucks thumb) not right, not right, not right.

Kedyan: (walks in) … Oh, you read a yaoi didn't you. (looks at story) Oh, you got a Vash/Knives lemon, bad way to learn.

Knives: (traumatized) not right, not right, not right, not right, not right, not right, not right not right, not right, not right.


only Wind, Ravage, Jaken, Vash, Sage, Yami, and Key are left

Ravage: I never insulted the sacred paper cup!

Jaken takes a drink.

Wind: WHAT! DIE TOAD! (kills Jaken with carrot plushi)

Vash: (drunken glare) Why ares youz twu stee suber?

Wind: ^-^ We can hold my liquor!

Sage: (grabs wine bottle) Waiz a munit, (peels off label) Thez es gwape juase!

Wind: No, it's Sparkling Grape juice!

Yami: Yoz chested!

Le: (walks in calmed) I needed that. To much pent up stress. (looks at room and starts twitching) I DON'T ALOW DRINKING! DIE! (makes large tornado)


Note: When I saw the last show of the Gundam Wing series I got the idea to make Quatre a drunk. It was a joke with my friend Vinnette.