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Chapter 1 ~ The Marmo Girl
Once beautiful day in Lodoss was hard to come across by. But today for some reason, Parn felt today was going to be a great day. Deedlit walked into his room giggling, “PARN PARN!!! THE PARADE IS STARTING!!” Parn smiled at her, “ Ok Deed, I'll be right there. Parn was a young boy of about 18. He had short brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. His skin was tanned from all the travel he had done. Also, that was his natural skin tone. He was a well-built boy, who always was found wearing the armor his father once wore. He was always feeling there was something missing. Nothing like a good victory from a good battle, but there were only his friends, Etoh, Slayne, Lielia, Ciecel, Shiris, Orson, Deedlit, and many other friends he has made, to celebrate with. Tonight, Parn thought, I will meet her. I just got to.
Parn walked out of his cabin, seeing Spark and the others, even King Kashu, awaiting him to join them in the day's festivities. A smile crawled across Parns face, as the others were dressed up for the Parade of the Dead. This was one of Lodosses more popular celebrations. This was the holiday that kept the spirits alive, and return to earth. Kind of like Halloween. Parn was dressed in a black tunic, black britches, and his boots. The others were all in black as well. Kashu, since he was king, had the best seats to have for the Parade, and his friends were all invited to sit in the box with him. Fire works went off, and the parade began.
The Dance of the Dead was the parade, that all of Lodoss longed to see. The people in the parade were all dressed as some kind of demon or something. Parn watched the parade, but couldn't help but notice that it wasn't as fun as it had always been. But then, within the dancing women and men, a girl caught his eye. A black shroud bore over a bare body. The shroud was see-through black cloth that gave her the defiant dead maiden look. A black veil covered her lovely face. Parn felt hypnotized, watching the girl dance among the streets, seeing the black rose pedals fall behind her as she danced. Parn was greatly interested, “wow….” He said. Kashu looked at Parn in an interested way, “What are you looking at Parn?” He jumped as her heard the kings voice, “The girl sir, who is she?” Kashu looked over to the parade, seeing the girl Parn had been looking at. Kashu smiled, then looked to Parn, “I don't know. She must be new this year. Why don't you talk to her after the parade?”
Deedlit was enjoying the parade, deeply. She looked over to Parn to see how he enjoyed it, but saw he was looking to it. That made her smile, until she saw what he was interested in. The girl in the death shrouds was what kept Parn looking at the parade. A wave of jealousy flew over Deedlit. She loved Parn, yet he never once paid any attention to her. Now he is eyeing this new hussy. The parade suddenly stopped. A man wearing a skull mask, walked out to everybody, “There folks, standing in the streets, is the witch who can dance, to bring the spirits back, and kill the living.” The girl Parn was looking at took a few steps forward, looking at the crowd. The man looked at her then back to the crowd, “Who will be her victim of the kiss of death!” many men in the audience, raised their hands, yelling pick me, pick me. But she immediately, chose Parn. The man threw his mask off and pointed to Parn, “Come lad and meet your doom!!” Parn looked at the others, blushing. He gulped, then walked forward into the streets, facing the girl. The girl clapped her hands together and spooky music began playing. The girl began to dance around Parn, who was looking around, unsure about what he was supposed to do. The girl then grabbed his hands, and began dancing with Parn. Not being one to dance, he was. He followed the beat of the music perfectly, allowing her to lead. While the music kept playing, the girl and Parn stopped dancing. The girl pulled her veil off her face, and wrapped it around Parns neck, like a scarf. Parn stared in amazement. He had never seen something so beautiful in his life. She had long blonde hair, green eyes, and pointed ears. She was an elf. She leaned forward and kissed him. The music stopped, and wall was silent.
The man smiled, then looked back to the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen! The witch has given the boy The Kiss of Death!!!” he then looked over to the girl and Parn, who were still kissing. Parn had finaly realized, she was not pulling away. He then pulled her close to him and continued with the kiss. The man in the skull mask lifted his mask over his head, looking at the two, “Aya, what are you doing?” the girl named Aya, then pulled away looking at Parn. She was blushing in embarrassment. She then looked to the audience who was also watching. Deedlit was about ready to make a jump on the girl, and kill her. Garrac then stopped her, “easy girl, don't want you to get in trouble now you hear?” she looked up at him, her face read, eyes fiery with anger, “THEN TELL HER TO BACK OFF!!” she shouted. Parn and Aya looked up at Deedlit, who was hitting Garrac over the head with a bench. Aya and Parn then looked to one another, and smiled, “I'm Aya.” She said in a low hush tone. He smiled to her, “I'm Parn.” She smiled then put her veil over her head. She was about to walk away, but then stopped herself, and turned back to him, “Meet me by the Parading tents, after the parade” she smiled then danced off with the other performers.
Parn looked after her, smiling. People crowded the streets moments later, the others got to Parn, before he was sweped away by the floods of people. Kashu looked at Parn and smiled, “Parn, are you ok lad?” Parn said nothing. He walked off to the parading tents. Spark played with his long blue hair, “I think he's horny…” Deedlit reached over and smacked him in the back of his head with a fan, “WANNA CHALLENG ME BOY!” “No ma'am” he whined.
Parn looked about the tents, but kept his guard up so he won't be caught. “Aya?” he whispered, “Aya” the whisper got louder, “AY-, he was about to yell the rest, but was then pulled into one of the tents, with a hand over his mouth. She looked down and him, smiling. She then leaned down and kissed him again. She then pulled herself away. Parn was in utter shock, “What was that for?” he said while touching his lips. She threw her head back laughing, “I wanted to. We never got to finish what we were doing in the streets. I wanted to see you again.” She blushed as she said that. Parn blushed as well, “You really wanted to see me again?” she said nothing, but looked at him, nodding. She then walked over to him and kissed him more. She was in her costume still. Parn held her close to his body. Feeling every part of her he could. He ran his fingers in her silky blonde hair with one hand, and began taking her costume off with the other.
She led him over to her cott, and felt his body push down on her, as he laid their bodies down upon it.
Leaf and Neese wandered around, looking in all the jewelry stands, admiring the things that came from separate countries. They were trying on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anything they could get their hands on. The men, (Garrac, Spark, Woodchuck) moaned and groaned with every stand they stopped at. Deedlit and Lyna were trying on gowns that they could find. Course the men weren't with them, since Deedlit gave Spark the fear of the Elves. At a table, near the wench bar, Kashu, Leilia, Slayne, Etoh, Aldo, and Priest Grievis, were all sitting and chatting over a goblet of wine. “I wonder what Parn saw in that girl, I mean don't he know?” Said Slayne. Kashu finished taking his sip of wine, then looked at Slayne, “What's wrong with that boy liking another girl?” he asked in a confused way. Lielia stared down to her goblet, “That girl's Marmo kind” Shiris, who had been sitting at the table next to theirs, with Cecil and Orson, chocked on her wine, “WHAT! SHE'S MARMO!!!!” Slayne nodded to her, “she is. I'm worried she'll hurt Parn.” Kashu shook his head, “I don't think she will Slayne. She seems to like him as much as he likes her. The Kiss of Death proves it.” Shiris spoke out, “Kashu you old man!! A KISS PROVES NOTHING!! FOR ALL WE KNOW SHE IS A WITCH AND HER KISS OF DEATH REALLY WILL KILL HIM!!”
Deedlit and Lyna walked over to the others, “What's wrong guys?” Deedlit asked. Kashu looked up at her and was about to answer, until Shiris spoke out, “WE FOUND OUT THAT HUSSY WHO KISSED PARN IN THE PARADE WAS MARMO!!” Deedlits eyes widened, “We have to find Parn! She could kill him!” she said quickly. Etoh stood up, “Everyone, I've known Parn a long time, if there's anything wrong with the girl, then he would know. He feels something particular for her. She is an elf kind you know?” “A DARK ELF TOO!!!!” Screamed Deedlit. Kashu stood up, “Well I agree with Slayne and Etoh. Parn would know if there's something wrong.” “I agree.” said Lyna. She was about to tell Deedlit to calm down, until she noticed she was gone, “Deed?” she said, seeing a cloud of dust from where Deedlit must have bolted off to.
Deedlit wandered around the Parading tents, looking for Parn, “I know you're hear somewhere girl…. I smell your sent” Even though that sounded weird, she said it anyways. Deedlit then heard moaning coming from a tent. It was a girls moaning. Deedlits heart sank, No…He can't be. She thought. Moments later the moaning stopped. Rustling came from the tent, and Parn walked out. Deedlit stood there; with a feeling her heart had just been broken. She then saw the girl walk out of the tent as well. Deedlits anger flared in her body and mind, “PARN WATCH OUT SHE'S OF MARMO KIND!!!” Parns eyes widened, then he turned to Aya, “Are you really?”
To be continued….