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Chapter 2~The Things One Must Give Up To Be Happy
Aya looked up at Parn sadly, “I am of Marmo kind, but believe me when I say, I am nothing like the Marmo you know, and have met.” Parn was going to say something till Deedlit spoke out, “OH YEAH!!! WHERE YOU GOING TO TELL HIM BEFORE OR AFTER YOU KILLED HIM!!!” Aya lowered her eyes and turned away from Deedlit and Parn. The others arrived in the nick of time. Shiris walked to Aya and wherled her around, “Why didn't you tell him?” she shouted angrily. Aya said nothing. She just let her head stay lowered. “She has done nothing to hurt him.” said Kashu in a stern voice, “Aya would have done away with him if she was evil in any way. You all know this.”
Deedlit turned her head way, “So what! She will turn on Parn as soon as she can. All Marmo can't be trusted!” In many ways, the others knew Deedlit was right. The Marmo were all dangerous beings. They were cut throats, murderers, thieves, rapists, and many other things. One Marmo man was known for what his men did to women and children in the villages while it burned, and the soldiers slaughtered the men. Etoh rolled his eyes and looked at Deedlit, “She isn't bad Deed! I'm a priest, and I can sence evil, and right now you're the only thing close to evil I can sence! You're jealous because Parn fell for her and not you!” Deedlit was offended by his remark, “Hold your toung Etoh, you don't want me mad.” She then turned to Parn, “you know what I think about her Parn, now make your decision. Die or happiness?”
Parn looked at Deedlit, then back at Aya. Though Deedlit might be right about her, he didn't care. He loved Aya more and more as he looked at her, “I would rather die..” The others stared wide eyed, “then not have her at all in my life.” Parn smiled down at Aya; she smiled back. Woodchuck stood forward, “Easy now lover boy, you don't want to frighten her off now, seems like you want to marry her.” Parn smiled at him, then laughed, “wood, don't be silly, I love her, but not yet” Ayas ears perked when she heard the words I love her. She blushed up at him, but said nothing. Deedlit became more pissed, “Parn, don't you see what you're doing?” she shouted, “I MEAN SHE CAN KILL YOU IF GIVEN THE CHANCE!!” Parn didn't look at Deedlit. He kept watching Aya, like she was a mystery for him to solve; what will she do next? Slayne stepped forward, “Now everyone, calm down. There is something about her that he likes. Maybe we can try to see what he sees so we don't have to fight anymore” Deedlit and Shiris looked annoyed, “Does this mean we have to try and be her..” Slayne smiled to them, “Her friends? Yes, I would hope so.” Kashu smiled then laughed. The others turned to him, and gave him a look of confusion, “Why don't we go back to the Casle, and have that Fiest and Ball I was talking about” the others nodded and began to walk off, but Aya didn't move. Parn pulled her, smiling, “Come on, you don't want to be late do you?” Aya looked up at him, “Parn, I don't think I was invited to the kings ball.” He smiled and pulled her with him, “You're coming with me, no matter what you say”
~At The Palace, In Flame~
That night, Kashu had a glorious ball. The music was grand, as were how the women were dressed. There was plenty of wine and food. Everyone seemed to be having a fun time, all except Shiris and Deedlit, “GRRRR THE NERVE OF THAT GIRL!!” shouted Deedlit, watching Parn dance with Aya. Deedlit felt bad for herself, because long ago, she had to force Parn to dance wth her, but now, he's dancing, on his own free will with a street performer. Deedlit thought to herself, Why would Parn be interested in a Marmo street performer, that's also an elf? He HATES those of Marmo. Wait… She looked closer to Aya, knowing, that somehow, she looked really familiar. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, Come on girl, let me know who it is you're related to, so I may get to the bottom of this…Deedlits thoughts were then interrupted by Spark, “Miss Deedlit, will you dance with me?” She smiled at Spark, “Oh I would absolutely love to!”
Spark pulled Deedlit to the floor, but she wasn't talking with him, she was watching Parn and Aya I know you look like someone I know, now… show me who you are related to!! Spark stopped dancing with her and backed up a bit, “Miss Deedlit, if you're going to dance with me, then try to not pay any attention to Parn and Aya. I wanted to talk and you ignored me.” Spark was really upset, he sort of had a little secret crush on the elven maiden. There was another girl he liked more than her, but she was dancing with her father Slayne. He then turned and walked away from Deedlit, who felt awful about what she had done to him. She sat back down with Shiris, and immediately said something, after forgetting about what she did to Spark, “Look at Aya, Shiris. Tell me she does not look familiar.” Shiris finished her wine then looked over to Aya and Parn. Her eyes then widened as she yelled out, “ASHRAM!!” the people in the ball-room stopped dancing all together. Women were panicing. Men were gathering their weapons and summoning the guard. Shiris then yelled out, “FALSE ALARM!!” everyone glared at her then went back to their dancing and such.
Deedlit gasped, “are you sure it's Ashram?” Shiris nodded, “I am so sure. Just look at her Deed. That girl is his daughter, or something to him.” Deedlit now knew that Aya was dangerous. The pail skin on Aya, and the smile from time to time looked like Ashrams. But there was someone else out there that helped create this girl. Deedlit wanted to tell Parn, so she got up and headed over to him, “Parn, may I have a word with you?” Parn and Aya stopped dancing, then looked at Deedlit, “Sure” he followed her to a corner where they may be alone. “Parn, there's something you must know. Shiris and I have discovered that she may be Ashrams daughter.” Parn laughed, “I know she's of the Marmo, but that doesn't mean she's that low of a Marmo. Deed, I know you're jealous, but get over it. I'm with Aya ok?” Deedlit placed a hand on Parns shoulder, “I don't want you to get hurt Parn. I don't want something to happen to you.” Parn rolled his eyes, then walked away from her.
Shiris looked to Deedlit, who was standing in the corner, alone. She smiled then got up, “Deed, don't worry about it. He'll learn the hard way.” When Parn got back to Aya, he couldn't help but think Aya might be his worst enemies daughter. He then lost all thought of it, then pulled her to a table. He brushed the hair out of her face, smiling at her, “My love, are you alright?” she smiled at him and blushed, “I'm fine. It's lovely here” He smiled, but the thought of her being Ashrams child. He looked at her, “tell me, Are you related to someone, that, has done great or terrible things?” She lowered her eyes and took him to the balconey. She lowered her eyes then turned to him, “Parn, I should have told you. Ashram is my father. I love him dearly. He told me of a knight, that hated him, as my father hated him back. My mother was an elf. She was a pure spirit, and only wanted what was best for Ashram. When she died, he was devastated. He watched after me since then. My father is a good man, just misunderstood sometimes.” Parn looked at her, in amaizsement. He never knew these things about Ashram, but the thing is, she was his enemies daughter and she might be dangerous. He held her, but then pushed her away, “I want you gone. I don't mean to hurt you, but…Your father is my enemy. I love you a lot Aya, but we can't continue on.”
Aya cried, then ran out of the palace. Deedlit was watching, watching the man she loves, cry as he gave away something so precious to him.
To be continued