Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate. ❯ Day three. ( Chapter 3 )

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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
Day three.
Vyse was awoken very late that day, by a high-pitched scream that pierced the silence. He fell out of his bed and looked around wildly. What kind of creature could make a sound like that, he wondered. At that moment, Aika came bursting into his room.
“Vyse, we've got a problem!” she said. “Apparently Alfonso tried to go up to the meeting room, but the elevator got stuck. And now he's grown suddenly afraid of heights!” She shouted over the high-pitched sound that still rang across the island. Vyse crawled up and looked out the window. He could just make out the elevator, stuck about 10 feet from the meeting room.
“What do you want us to do Vyse?” Aika asked.
Vyse really wanted to leave Alfonso there, but he knew that if Alfonso kept screaming, the whole crew would soon be deaf. Or just go crazy.
“Well, lets just try to find a way to get him down…” Vyse said, walking to his wardrobe.
“Aye, aye!” Aika said, while stuffing her fingers in her ears and leaving the room.
Vyse grabbed some earplugs and watched the crew's attempts to get Alfonso down. Or atleast get him to stop shrieking. After an hour, Brabham finally got the elevator working again. Alfonso swore never to use it again, but was seen going up later that day.
Vyse got dressed and left his room. He looked over at the pond and saw Izmael and Alfonso in a fight.
“Whats going on here?” Vyse asked them.
“Ah cap'n! Just the man I was looking for!” Izmael said. “This nutcase here wants me to make a relief of him over the pond!”
“Well, its only logical! I mean, who would want to see that old hideous one that's there now? I mean, What is it supposed to be anyway? A cow or something?” Alfonso said crossly as he pointed at Vyse's portrait.
“Erm… Alfonso… Izmeal cant do your relief because… err… He would never be able to capture the real you!” Vyse said quickly, trying to get out of this the easy way.
“Oh yes” Alfonso said. “I see your point. Never ask an old man to do a real artists job!” and he threw a quick glance at Izmael, who looked as though he wanted to drown Alfonso in the pond.
“Very well then. We shall leave this relief the way it is. I wonder how a sculpture of me would look?” Alfonso pondered aloud, and he skipped off again.
Vyse sighed and went to get some breakfast.
As Vyse entered the lunchroom, he saw Lawrence sitting at a table. He grabbed a plate of Polly's cooking, and said that the fries looking wonderful. “Its spaghetti!” Polly shouted after him, as he sat down at Lawrence's table. “Listen Lawrence.” He began. “Having Alfonso here… its.. well, a pain. He keeps bothering me, and I don't think the rest of the crew finds him that charming either. Maybe you could….” But Vyse broke off as he saw that Lawrence was fast asleep with his head on the table, probably due to a hangover. “Ah… ok…” Vyse mumbled, and started on his fries/spaghetti mash. After a few minutes however, Alfonso walked in and spotted Polly, who tried to hide herself behind Urala. He started commenting loudly to her about how his food used to be prepared for him, and that her dishes definitely needed some improvement. Lawrence lifted his head and blinked.
“Oh Vyse, didn't see you there… So, whats on the schedule for today?” he asked, and he yawned.
Vyse took a bite of frieghetti and thought. “I think we need to go to Sailors island for a few more supplies. While we're there, we can go to the sailor's guild, and sell that Discovery I found yesterday. What was it again? The giant roll of toiletpaper?” he said.
Domingo was suddenly standing next to them, obviously having sprinted there.
“Did someone say Discovery?!” he panted.
“False alarm Domingo. I was talking about the one we found yesterday.” Vyse said, patting him on the back.
“Oh…” Domingo sighed, and he walked out the door again.
“Ok, Sailor's island it is.” Lawrence said.
“Oh goodie! Sailor's island!” said Alfonso, who had obviously listened to their conversation. “They've got this great bar there! Run by Polly, the cross dresser!” Alfonso chattered away happily, about his encounter with Polly's son Anne, as all eyes turned to Polly. “What?! It must some other Polly from Sailor's island!” she said angrily. Everyone quickly turned back to their food, occasionally looking back at Polly, who had gone rather red.