Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate. ❯ Day six. ( Chapter 6 )

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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
Day six.
The next morning, Alfonso was sunbathing peacefully by the pond, wearing pink sunglasses and shorts. Fina came up to him.
“Ehm… Hi Alfonso. Say, your dog…” she said
“Yes, er, that one. As you can see it kinda…. has its jaws around my leg.” Fina said.
Alfonso looked over the rim of his sunglasses and saw Celine the poodle tearing at Fina's leg.
“Wow Fina, she must really like you!” Alfonso said cheerfully, and continued sunbathing.
“Haha… yes… like me…” Fina laughed glumly. “Any idea how I can make it let go?”
“Oh, you can always tempt her with some souffle.” Alfonso said.
“Souffle?… but… we don't have souffle.” Fina said.
“Oh? Well, that's too bad!” Alfonso replied. Fina limped to the kitchens, in hopes of finding something else that might tempt Celine. Alfonso suddenly grabbed his crossword puzzle.
“I know! A three-letter word for Homosexual!” he clicked his pen and filled in `Me'.
“Oh wait, that's not right…” he mumbled. He then changed it into `Mee'. “Ah yes, that's much better.”
In the afternoon, Drachma appeared on the island.
“Hahaha, I heard the craziest story from Gilder” he said to Vyse, laughing. “He said that you let Alfonso join your crew. I assured him you wouldn't do that if your life depended on it. So naturally, I came to check it out!” there was a loud clunking noise, and Fina's shout of “Ooow! My foot!!!” as Drachma's mechanical arm fell on the ground. Drachma looked to his right and saw Alfonso whistling innocently. “Arr, so Gilder was telling the truth.” He sighed and he picked up his mechanical arm with his other hand. “Vyse, can I talk to you in private for a moment?”
“Ehm, sure Drachma. ” Vyse said, and he followed Drachma to a private spot of the island.
“Boy, I must say I am very disappointed at you!” he said. “Letting the enemy in your base like that! Especially his kind!” Vyse looked quite hurt.
“Its not like I wanted him here or anything!” he shouted. “He just sorta turned up!”
“I'm warning you now boy, dump him before its too late!” Drachma said, and he walked away. Vyse kicked a tree and returned to his quarters, as in the background Izmeal slipped on a banana peel Alfonso had dropped there, and fell into the deep sky.
As Vyse headed over to the crew lounge later that day, he saw something that made his heart stand still. Apparently, Alfonso had built a campfire right next to one of the wooden houses. Grouped around it were Alfonso himself, Belle and her helpers. Vyse walked up to them.
“Alfonso, what do you think you are doing?!” Vyse shouted at him.
“Oh, hi Vyse. I was just telling Belle and her friends about my Vice-captains!” Alfonso said cheerfully.
“But you built a campfire! And these houses are made of wood!” Vyse shouted, pointing at one of the houses.
“Oh, don't worry, I'm an expert at campfires. Its like Galcian always said. Alfonso, he said. The way you build a campfire is unique. You always manage to get something burning!” Alfonso said with a smile. “Hey, wont you have a marshmallow?” and he offered Vyse a marshmallow on a stick.
“But… its pink!” Vyse stumbled.
“Yeah, I know! Isn't it great?” Belle said, munching on one.
“But…. But… its pink!” Vyse said, yet again. He threw the stick away and said “Listen, if anything here catches fire, you will pay!”
Alfonso nodded and grabbed a sausage.
Vyse turned to walk away but heard a wild scratching behind one of the doors.
“What the…” he mumbled, and reached to grab the doorknob.
“Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you Vyse.” Alfonso said quickly.
“Why not? What's in there?” Vyse said, quickly pulling back his hand.
“Oh, that's Antonio the seventh.” Alfonso shrugged, and turned back to the campfire.
Vyse, who was still visited by Antonio the first in his nightmares, quickly dove into the crew lounge.
“So, want to know how I defeated an entire Airpirate crew using one Vice-captain and a remote controlled bomb?” Alfonso asked the girls, who cheered.