Fate/Stay Night Fan Fiction ❯ The Master Is In ❯ A Sick Person ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Master Is In
By ChoppingBoard
Chapter 1 - Sick
It was 7:30 in the morning and Rin had to get going to make it on time for school without being reprimanded for being late. She slipped on her loafers and tapped for a few times to secure the fit of her shoes and headed for the room she allotted for her servant Archer.
“Archer, I'm going to school now” she turned the knob making it click for a few times, pushed open the door and galloped her way in. She looked around the room and saw her servant lying on a couch, still wearing his night clothes which consisted of a black shirt and gray sweatpants. “Archer?”
This was a routine for Rin, even for the both of them. She will get ready for school and when everything's set, she will fetch Archer and they will go to school together. Ever since he was summoned, the servant perfectly made his point that she should not go to school alone, thus, accompanying her always in his dematerialized form to avoid ruckus and should she need help, he would be there. Today was no exception. However, Archer looked as if he cannot go anywhere, more so, any muscle in his body.
“Archer?” she called out again as he lay still and silent on the couch.
Yet again, there was no response from him. It also seemed that she wouldn't be able to get a reaction from him anytime soon.
Rin glanced at her wristwatch. I'm gonna be late if I don't hurry, errrr… we're gonna be late if we don't hurry… but he's not really going to school because he will dematerialize but I will be punished if I'm late, so I really have to do everything to get him out of that darned couch. Rin was having a debate with herself but mustered the courage to approach her servant and with a glare, she intended to literally drag him to get him to his feet. But, as fate would befall them, she flinched when she touched his arm. He's burning with fever. She placed her right hand on his forehead to see how bad the fever was.
Archer furrowed his eyebrow before finally opening his eyes. I don't feel so good. His sight was blurry and unstable because of the dizziness but was still able to make of an image of his master beside him. “R..i..n” he couldn't help but close his eyes again because of the pain on his head and opening his eyes were only making things worse.
She withdrew his hand from his forehead and put it on her side. I guess this can't be helped. She grabbed her bag and was about to go out of the room when she felt a hand cling to her.
“Be careful to and from the school.” Archer's voice was faint but still filled with concern.
With her free hand, she grabbed Archer's outstretched arm to let go of her other arm and smiled, “Who says I'm going to school? I'm staying here.”
Despite the pain in his head, he still forced open his eyes and gave a confused look at his master. “What?” He understood what she had said but was not really sure if he just heard her say a manifestation of altruism.
“You need to clean your ears and I'm staying here. I'm going to nurse you back to health. I'm just going to change clothes.” She knew exactly her servant would protest so she put a finger on his lips. “And no, you can't do anything about it.” She immediatel left the room to go to hers.
I guess I can't do anything about it. Not that I could do anything with this fever. He was absolutely not in the position to protest. His head was killing him and his whole body was aching. He tried to doze off amidst the pain.
………………To be concluded