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The Master Is In
By ChoppingBoard
Chapter 6 - …Is sick
Rin and Archer ate dinner at the dining room. Archer exclaimed that his fever was gone already and insisted on not be given dinner in bed. Also, Rin wasn't exactly in the mood to argue after what had happened that afternoon. She wasn't angry, but rather, was upset and somewhat thought more of herself that instant than really concentrating getting her servant better.
They ate silently across each other.
“I'll was the dishes.” Archer said as he placed his finished plate on the table.
“No, you're still recovering.” Rin didn't look at him and aso settled her finished plate on the table.
I'll make it up to her by doing this and let her rest. Before even Rin could stand up, he grabbed all of the dirty dishes and made his way to the sink. Way the go for his agility.
“Archer----“ she trailed off knowing she couldn't do anything to make her servant think twice. She just watched him as he entered the door to the kitchen.
As Archer turned on the faucet, his sight became blurry. He blinked for a few times and was able to regain a clear vision. I'm not sick now, this is just some psychological thing. He absolutely ignored the idea of getting sick again.
Dish after dish, a headache was forming. Still, he was too stubborn to admit that his fever was resurfacing. He then washed the dishes at a slower pace. After he washed all of them, he grabbed the kitchen counter for support. This can't be.
Rin approached her servant. She had been watching him and saw his difficulty in doing the chore. “I told you, you need more rest.”
He groggily stretched out his arm towards the faucet. He still didn't want to acknowledge his sickness. I just need to watch my face and everything will be okay. However, he felt too dizzy to twist the handle.
She regretted letting him do the dishes that instant. She now ignored whatever happened earlier and gave utmost attention to her servant. “Here.” She placed her hand over his and turned the handle of the faucet. With her free hand, she reached out for her handkerchief and let it absorb the water. She then turned off the faucet and wiped his face with the wet cloth.
Archer couldn't think of anything but the relaxing sensation of the cloth on his face. The coldness of the fabric made him feel slightly better. In addition, it smelled of lavender, a very relaxing scent.
Rin now recognized a new dilemma. They were on the 1st floor and was very far from their bedrooms on the 2nd floor. This is crazy. She then put his arm over her shoulder to help him walk.
It was a good thing that the living room was nearby. She sighed as she situated her servant on the large sofa in the middle of the room. She still wasn't sure if she'll be able to carry him upstairs but she had to make him rest and drink medicine first.
On the other hand, Archer was really not feeling well and lied down the sofa. Only one thing was on his mind, sleep.
“I'll just get medicine and other stuff, okay?” She left him lying on the furniture to get everything she needed.
She immediately ran upstairs and went to her room. She clutched the medicine box near her bed and was about to leave the room when she remembered something. How in the world can I transfer him to his bedroom? It took me 20 minutes to carry him across a 3 meter distance. She immediately thought of letting him sleep downstairs and opened her cabinet for sleeping bags and other sleep paraphernalia.
She carried the sleeping bags and the medicine box first downstairs before bringing along pillows and blankets. She also brought a pitcher of water and a glass.
“Archer----“ She cursed herself for not noticing he was already fast asleep. Now, I can't make him drink medicine. Well at least he's resting now.
She just silently placed the sleeping bags on the floor and placed the respective pillows and blankets. Now, I just have to get him to lie here, she thought as she knelt on the sleeping bag.
She was about to put her arms around him when his hands caught her first. I'm mistaken for a pillow yet again. Nevertheless, she still put her arms around him to move him to the sleeping bag. Rin didn't exactly have the energy to lift him that moment, so instead of properly transferring him, they both rolled on the floor.
Archer was slightly disturbed because he murmured something. But, immediately came back to sleep. He also embraced Rin tighter as if his life depended on her. Well actually, his life did depend on her.
It's a good thing their heads landed on the pillows……………..On second thought, this is bad. She tried to move her hands to no avail. She was clearly inflicted upon by his death grip. Her hands were on her sides and were useless. Now, I can't even reach for the blanket. After several minutes of trying to stretch her arms, she gave up. She just stared at Archer, who was wearing a smile on his face. He must be having a nice dream.
Although she gave up on her arms, she tried to move her entire body to shift to a more comfortable position.
He was awakened again but now, he murmured something audible. “Rin…”
She instantly blushed as he mentioned her name. They were facing each other and the distance between their faces was quite close. She averted her gaze towards the chandelier above them. Did I just hear him say my name?
He did say her name but it was surreal for Rin. She blushed and still can't look at his face. She also wore a smile as she closed her eyes to sleep.
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