Fate/Stay Night Fan Fiction ❯ The Master Is In ❯ Should Not Be Left Alone ( Chapter 5 )

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The Master Is In
By ChoppingBoard
Chapter 5 - Should Not Be Left Alone
Rin left Archer's room as she decided to take a bath herself. It's a good thing he can wash himself, she said to herself. She plunged into her bath tub and enjoyed the solitude and the relaxing feeling of the water. I just want to sleep right now.
No matter how bad she wanted to rest and all, she knew that day would be longer. She pouted as she looked at the window. The sun was still bright and it meant she still had to attend to her sick servant. She believed that if she left him alone, the fever might come back.
Just then, she heard a loud sound coming from another room. She wasn't sure if it came from Archer's room but still stood up and was only able to cover herself with a towel. It wasn't that big to cover most of her skin but wasn't that small to not cover her at all. I hope he's okay.
She ran across the hallway and looked at every room that she passed. She hoped that it did not come from his room. She looked at other rooms to no avail and the house was silent. Oh no, something might have happened to him. She then ran faster towards his room as it was the last room. She barged in the room and was petrified when a pair of silver eyes met her own.
From her peripheral view, she could see a television showing an action movie. Apparently, Archer was already finished taking a bath and was bored. Of course, his only resort was to watch TV to save him from boredom. She guessed that the volume was on max for some unknown reason when he turned it on causing her to get off from her bath. He was seated on his couch and had a remote on his hand, proving her haunch.
Both of them were speechless.
Archer had seen something he shouldn't have. Rin was only wearing a towel. Her hair was dripping wet, indicating that she was in the middle of the bath. He was carefully evaluating why she did such action and couldn't help but swallow a lump on his throat. Then the idea struck him, the volume of the television. He cursed himself as he realized his fault. He immediately looked away and slightly covered his face with his hand. “Rrrrr..i….n”. He wasn't actually sure if he should apologize or not.
Rin blushed as she realized that she only wore a towel. I can't believe this. Rin wasn't sure what she should do and wasn't ready to move anytime soon because of the humiliation. There she was, in front of her servant only wearing a towel and there were droplets of water from her hair. She barged in his room suddenly in hope of saving him from something. It seemed that she was the one in need of saving now. Her servant was just enjoying the technology that is the television. “I….I….I thought…there…was..something wrong.” She was stuttering. Damn, I sound like an idiot!
“I….see” Archer wasn't also sure what he should say but still kept his gaze away from her.
For sometime, they both fell silent and the only sound in the room was from the action movie on the television.
Rin you should continue taking your bath. Rin you can go now, everything's OK here. He still couldn't find the words he should tell his master. After all, she was worried about him and caused her to do this.
I should tell him to rest more. He should go back to his bed. But I can't say that straight out right now. She cursed herself for not being prepared for this kind of incident. She was so sure that something went wrong and this surprised her. She turned around not to see what his reaction was.
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Damn it, I should say this immediately to him. “…”
Damn it, I should say this immediately to her. “…”
“You should go back to your bath now.”
“You should go back to your bed now.”
*Sigh* I'm glad he said that. “…”
*Sigh* I'm glad she said that. “…”
Archer pressed the off button on the remote and stood up. He then walked towards the bed and Rin walked outside and closed the door.
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