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"My…counterpart?" Flora asked, head tilted. The fox-guy nodded, "Yes, Lilly, she is safe at the moment, but it is only a matter of time before she is in danger once more." Kuja stepped towards him, "And you are?" "I'll explain later, take me to the others." Ultara grabbed Kuja's arm, "Quit being so suspicious monkey-boy, he's a fox like me." "That's what scares me."

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"This place is a little small for all of you isn't it?" the fox-guy muttered. Zidane shrugged, "Better than most." Grandpa ran over to Kuja, "Dude, ya look like a dude." Kuja looked back, "Translation please?" "And we've got comedy in the form of gramps over there," Ultara added. Flora turned to Kuja, "He said that you look like a guy, by the way."

Max walked over to the fox-guy and began poking at his tail, "How many of you are there?" "Nine including myself, and we're all spread out."

Flora stood in front of the fox-guy and Ultara, "Can I talk to you two in private please?"

**************************************************************** *****************************************************

Flora walked outside and grabbed the front of the fox-guy's shirt, "Just who are you anyway!" the normally calm fox-girl growled, tail fluffed out in anger. My name is Eclipse." Flora's ears went flat, "Somehow I doubt that." Eclipse smiled, "You are right in that sense, my name is no more Eclipse then your name is Flora, Flora is just a name that that human scientist gave you." Flora frowned, "What is my name then?" Eclipse reached down and patted Flora's head, "I will tell you in due time." "I don't like secrets…" Ultara smiled, "You're my sister, the thing is, I don't know much about myself either, so I know how ya feel kid." She reached out and grabbed Eclipse's ear, "And he knows all the answers."

Flora frowned, "You obviously know more than I do, but I'm happy where I am." Eclipse frowned, his tail twitching nervously, "You and everyone you came into contact with are in a lot of danger." Flora's ears flattened, "Is that a warning or a threat?" "A warning, I would never threaten any human." Flora's eyes darkened, "Then what's the danger?" Eclipse frowned and looked at Flora and Lilly, "You might want to sit down."

Flora sat down on the floor; tail curled up in her lap. Ultara sat down, eyes locked on the door. Eclipse's ears twitched, he reached out and opened the door. Eiko, Zidane, Tyson, and Grandpa fell to the ground in a huge heap. Ultara bared her fangs; "I don't like eavesdroppers." The group jumped up and ran inside. Eclipse laughed, "You have very interesting friends Flora." Flora shrugged, "I haven't known them very long, but yeah, I guess you're right, most people would panic if they found out about this," she pointed at her ears, "They can be real cool." Eclipse sighed, "It makes me regret what happened to the Fox Clan…" Flora turned around, "Ve?" "It's nothing Flora."

**************************************************************** *****************************************************

Eiko peered out the window, So what do you think they're talking about?" "We'd know by now if somebody wasn't so noisy," Zidane said, glaring at Tyson. "Can I help it if that guy has really good hearing!" "He's a fox!" Eiko yelled, "Of course he has good hearing." Flora walked into the house and smiled, "I'm headed home guys, I gotta check on Mom and her new projects." "You're coming back tomorrow right?" Eiko asked. Flora nodded, "Yeah, I need to, I still owe Teason a match." "THAT'S TYSON!"

**************************************************************** *****************************************************

The Next Morning

Flora woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes, "Good Morning." "AHHHHH! ECLIPSE!!!" "Ultara told me to come and get you." Flora threw her pillow at the male fox and glared, "I DON'T CARE! OUT!" She shoved him out the door and pulled out a purple shirt and skirt, `Note to self: lock door.'

**************************************************************** *****************************************************

Flora came down the stairs, `Looks like Mom's out again, oh well.' She grabbed a note off the refrigerator.


I had to take Red to the lab; I'll be back by noon.

P.S.: I let your friend Eclipse in to wake you

I was too busy to do it myself.

"Man Mom, how irresponsible can you be!" Flora grumbled, grabbing a breakfast bar. "Oh well, might as well forget it and have fun, despite that rude awakening," She said, putting on a purple hat to cover her ears and walking out the door.

**************************************************************** *****************************************************

Flora sat in a tree and looked down at the street. She took a bite of her bar and looked down at the people, debating whether or not to go see Tyson and the others. `Nah, the last person I want to see right now is Eclipse, I know he's my kind but still…" She saw something familiar. Suddenly feeling very playful Flora swallowed the rest of her breakfast bar. She dropped to the ground and stealthily snuck up behind an unsuspecting figure. "Hey Zeo!" she said cheerfully, tackling him, "what's up?" "Uh, nothing…you feeling okay Flora?" "Yeah, I'm fine, why do you ask?" "You seem…cheerful…" Flora's tail poked out from under her skirt, "I don't know why but I feel really happy all of the sudden, which really makes no sense." "You said your Mom was a scientist…does she work with chemicals?" Flora smiled, "No silly, she's a genetic engineer," Flora's tail twitched and curled around Zeo's ankle, "Why do you ask? Has anyone ever told you that you have an interesting smell?" "Uh, not really, can you get off please." Flora suddenly felt someone grab her ears and pull, "Looks like someone's in their mating season." "OW! ULTARA LET GO!" Ultara kept a grip on Flora's ear, "Are you back to normal now?" "What do you mean `back to normal'…why am I sitting on Zeo?" Flora asked, blushing and jumping to her feet. "You don't remember?" Zeo asked, taking a few steps away from Flora.

Ultara grabbed Flora's ear, "It's a natural fox-thing, don't worry about it." "Let go!" Flora yelled. Ultara pulled Flora's ear harder, "I really expected more self-control from one of the last members of the Fox Clan." Flora blinked, "Last members?" "Yeah, the nine of us that Eclipse mentioned represent our kind as a whole, now act responsible." Flora frowned, "I still don't get what I did?" Zeo watched the two fox-girls walk off, "Maybe I shouldn't mention this."