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"Would you stop staring at me like that." "Sorry dude…you are a dude, right?" Kuja's eyebrow raised in confusion, "What are you…" "He's asking if you're a guy," Flora translated. Kuja's eyes narrowed, "OF COURSE I AM!" Ultara burst out laughing. "It's kind of hard to tell, I know," she said, in between laughs, "I was wondering too when I first met him." "Glad to know I'm not the only one…" Tyson rolled his eyes, "Grandpa, stop bugging the guests." Ultara laughed, "I don't mind, your grandfather is very funny." Kuja frowned, "I would call him many things, but not funny." Zidane laughed, "Aw, C'mon Kuja, lighten up, you can't blame gramps for wondering.

Ultara looked back at Flora. "It was quite intelligent of you to convince Tyson to let us stay here." "I only resorted to Tyson's because my house was too small…" "This dwelling will not suit the princess…" "Steiner, it's fine," Garnet turned to Tyson and gave a small bow, "I thank you for letting us stay." Tyson blushed, "No problem, Ultara said you didn't have anywhere else to stay…" Ultara rolled her eyes, "I had to threaten him with Ultima until he finally agreed." Flora stretched, "I'd better get home or Mom will worry and send one of her experiments to get me again." Ultara nodded, "Tomorrow I must speak with you, though, I'd think you'd be curious to learn more about our kind." Flora nodded, "Of course I am…Oi, I seriously gotta go…see all of you tomorrow."

Zidane waved as Flora began to leave, "Do us all a favor and get Kuja some clothes while you're gone." Flora laughed, "I was gonna do that anyway, monkey-boy." "Whatever foxy."

*************************************************************** ******************************************************

"Mom, I'm home," Flora called, taking off her hat and walking into the kitchen. A red-furred creature that looked like a cross between a lion and a wolf sat on the kitchen table, watching Flora with intelligent eyes. Flora's ears twitched, "This must be the specimen from that big lab Mom was so excited about." She reached over, patted it's head and went to fix a sandwich "Well, you're in luck, Mom may not be the best when it comes to experiments but she's the best when it comes to the care of her specimens." "Indeed, your mother is very kind." Flora's golden tail went straight out, "As if enough strange things haven't happened today, first monkey-boys, then transforming into a fox and finding others like me, then talking creatures on my table…no offence, but I've had a strange day." "Sounds like it, I am guessing that maybe those ears and that tail play a role in your unusual day." "And I thought those ears gave me trouble back in England…oh well, so where's Mom?" "She said something about grocery shopping." "Oh," Flora took a bite of her sandwich and yawned, "When she gets back, tell her I'm sleeping and that I've found other people like me."

*************************************************************** ******************************************************

The Next Morning

`BEEEEP! BEEEP! BEEEP!' A fluffy, golden fox tail wrapped around a small brown alarm clock and flung it across the room. A small chuckle came from the other side of the room; "With that tail of yours I question sometimes whether I have raised a fox or a monkey with a fluffy tail. Flora opened one eye, "Kuja and Zidane are monkeys…it's too early to get up." "It's 8:30, Flora, that alarm clock's been going since six and don't think you can sleep in just because it's Summer, school is not long coming…" "I'm not waking up at six unless I have to," Flora growled. "FLORA MIRETTE GENJURO, GET UP THIS INSTANT!" Flora bolted up out of bed, "Wow Mom, it's been a while since you used that voice." "Well, there's a young man at my doorstep asking for you, and he's talking about shopping for clothes." Flora stood up and yawned, "Oh yeah, I promised everybody I'd buy them some clothes, see you later Mom." "Flora…" "What Mom?" "Shouldn't you change from those purple pajamas first." "Oh yeah…heh heh…I should shouldn't I."

*************************************************************** ******************************************************

Flora led the large into the clothing store. "Hey Kuja, come here…" Ultara called, holding up a tuxedo. Kuja's eyes narrowed, "No." Flora sighed, "We're just lucky not many people are here today…go try these on Rusty." Steiner glared at the jeans and T-shirt; "I am only doing this for the safety of the princess!"

Flora chuckled at the sight of Ultara shoving Kuja into a dressing room. Ultara smiled, "I found the perfect outfit, wait until you see it." Flora nodded, " I'll give him a hair cut and…" Ultara frowned, "Don't touch a hair on his head!" Zidane walked out from one of the dressing rooms wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a jacket long enough to hide his tail. Garnet smiled, "That will work perfectly." Ultara smiled proudly as Kuja walked out dressed in a white silk shirt and long black pants. His tail swished behind him and his eyes narrowed darkly. Ultara rolled her eyes "It could be much worse…"

"Never say that," Said a male voice. Flora turned to see a very familiar face. Ultara rolled her eyes, "Just what we need, a walking disaster." The fox-guy walked into the store dressed in a white shirt and jeans, he didn't seem concerned about hiding his ears or tail, "I must speak with you two," he pointed to Flora, "It is about her and her counterpart…Lilly."