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Ephemeral Existence
A C/S Story
Warning: YAOI, kinda AU
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Chapter 08: Dance
“So how is this going to work?” Cloud inquired, staring at Sephiroth in confusion. The two were still in the abyss, but this time, Zack was with them. “Are you going to use the materia and as soon as the final battle begins again, you're going to stop time and let me go from there?” Sephiroth smiled at that, and Cloud nodded. “Am I going to fight you again? Or--”
“Yes, you're going to fight me again. The only difference is that we're going to have a duel between us, just me and you, but that is only the first part, to let others see that you and I are struggling to cooperate. Afterwards, we're going to settle a truce and then you can return to your world and perhaps live in peace… but under one condition.” Sephiroth paused, and Cloud blinked. “I expect you to do anything I tell you the moment I give you a command.”
Cloud narrowed his eyes and Sephiroth snorted. That was a sign of Cloud's rebellion again. So much for him being on his side, yet from the many interesting weeks he had spent with Cloud, the blond had a habit of protesting against him anyway. Sephiroth could surmise that the future that lay before him and Cloud would be more complicated if they continued to cross paths. That didn't mean that this would be the last time Cloud ever saw Sephiroth; there were still some things that he had to take care of, but sometimes, he didn't know what those things were.
They could be more questions or something else entirely.
“In other words, I'm still under your `control',” Cloud mumbled and he turned around, muttering things under his breath that went something like, “or so you think…” He paced, head low, obviously lost in his thoughts again. “I guess I don't really have much of a choice.” Sephiroth nodded, smirking this time. “I just wish I knew what you want from me.”
“Do not worry yourself with that,” Sephiroth stated, standing in the middle of the abyss. He had finished typing the codes he needed to restart the scene of the final battle and now, all he had to do was practice the procedures with Cloud. He knew this wasn't going to be easy since no matter what they did, they would still end up fighting. “Now, let us go through this once. I want you to attack me.” His eyes burned fiercely and he gestured his hands. “Come on.”
“But didn't you…?” Cloud trailed off, lowering his head again. “When you let those doctors-- whoever they were-- experiment on me, didn't they neutralize my materia and my strength?” He waved his hands helplessly and sighed. “I don't have any weapons either.” Despite that, he tried to poise himself, hands curling into fists.
“Don't underestimate the Promised Land,” Sephiroth said and with a wave of his hand, Ultima materialized in front of Cloud. “When you stepped into this place, the injections from the Promised Land don't apply here, thus your strength, powers and your materia are now intact.” Cloud gasped at this and Sephiroth could predict the many thoughts that would run through his puppet's mind. “Even though you no longer have restrictions, don't think twice about escaping this place. I've secured it.”
“All right,” Cloud agreed, picking up Ultima. He tested it out, familiarizing himself with it and its heavy movements. “It's been a while since I've wielded this…” he trailed off and then he froze, gazing at Sephiroth thoughtfully. At that very moment, Sephiroth couldn't predict his creation's thoughts and he didn't know what to expect.
Before Sephiroth knew what was going on, Cloud had suddenly teleported, using the immense speed of Omnislash. Sephiroth jumped back, avoiding the almost neverending blows of the attack. He looked around for any signs of his puppet. The only tactic he could rely on was his so-called six sense and he could feel a strong pulse of magic from his left side. He used that to his advantage, unsheathing Masamune and preparing to block it.
“I thought this was supposed to be practice,” Cloud said, smiling strangely, Ultima grinding against Sephiroth's long blade. “You're taking this more seriously than I.”
Sephiroth widened his eyes in shock, but he knew that this wasn't the time to be surprised. He used his strength to push Cloud back and it worked. This time, he charged yet he didn't use any of his magic; he wanted to try something new. There was a loud sound of clang and he realized that Cloud had stopped his own attack. He had to admit, his own fighting techniques were crappy, and he was forced to retreat again.
The two fighters circled around each other like predators and Sephiroth frowned. His puppet was usually an open book but once more, he couldn't figure out what Cloud might do. There were a lot of things he could do with his weapon in order to catch Sephiroth off his guard. Cloud could run in again and use any of his materia right now, but like Sephiroth, he wasn't. What was going on?
“You two remind me of a play or maybe a dance,” Zack remarked, watching the scene from the sidelines in amusement. “Circling around each other, jumping back and forth…” he trailed off, chuckling. “Usually Sephiroth would use Super Nova and then it's all over.”
Sephiroth gaped at his friend; the fight between himself and Cloud stopped. “How can you make that assumption?”
Zack laughed softly and walked to the two men. “You really have to give me some credit, Seph. I'm your friend, so it's not surprising that I know all of your moves.” He put his arm around Cloud's shoulders. “And Cloudy here probably knows your moves now too since he and AVALANCHE had fought you before.” He tilted his head to the side, looking at Cloud. “Anyway, I think you two don't really need to practice. Rest and mental preparation are all you two need.”
“Perhaps,” Sephiroth muttered, narrowing his eyes at his friend. Dammit, what was he up to now? He watched as he led Cloud away from him, probably sending him to bed to get ready for tomorrow. The door closed and Sephiroth could hear the sounds of Ultima Weapon fading away. Masamune also vanished and he gazed at the ocean of churning purple and white above him.
It was so stupid.
He wasn't supposed to feel this emotion.
Why did he feel jealous all of the sudden?
There's a hint of Clack in there for ya! I blame Crisis Core and Advent Children entirely for this chapter. ^^; Sorry it took me so long. ^-^