Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Faith and Luna's Final Fantacy Crystal Cronicles ❯ The New Boy ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Faith looked down at their new travaling companion. She had almost killed the red head, but he was still kicking! Feeling the bumbs due to Luna's driving skills, Faith sighed. The bottle of oinment fell to the ground, and she was starting to wonder if the boy would EVER wake up. "Hay Faith do you think he's okay?" "I don't know, and stop running on so many bumps! It's certainly not helping," Faith scoiled at her as another jar broke. "Anyway, Isn't he kind of cute," Faith sort of laughed out. you have to be soo mean!!That dosen't help,too!! "Maybe it does, cause he just woke up," Faith said as he growned. "Then stop yelling!!"
"You should be the one to stop yelling!!!" "Uh... Do either of you, have an asperin? Cause I have a MONSTER headack," the boy said as Faith and Luna stared at him. "No.What about you Faith?" "Just my dad's, and you KNOW there STRONG," She laughed as their sweat dropped. "Do you want it dude," Faith asked. "I'll take anything."
"Okay you asked for it." Faith gave him the pill. Watching as he nearly choked himself, Faith sort of laughed. "Don't laugh!!It's not nice!!" "Whoa! What is in that thing!?" Faith, by now, was on the floor laughing and the boy looked like he was going to throwup! "Hahahaha! It's full of things you wouldn't want to know! Oh wait, dude, how's your womes?" Faith asked as she grabed his arm to examin it. "They hurt thanks to you"
"Well, that's cause you were trying to steal our stuff," Faith said as she pushed him back.
"faith you're ganna make it wores!!"
"You're right, I guess I should play nice, he is hot, so I will," Faith said as she saw him smirk.
"You're so childish!!"
"You just jelous, cause you don;t have a HOT calvant here! But our friend here is good with a dagger, why is that? Do you care to say, hottie," Faith said as he sort of looked away.
" like that has any thing to do with it.Also it Your just jelous.Not 'You just jelous.'
"How does that make any sence? You confuse me so much, Luna," Faith said as she wraped the boys arms.
"What ever be illiterate!!I don't care!!" "Hey, I have a question, where's gramps and the little punk? What did you two do with them," he asked as Faith tightened the wrapping.
"They ran away like cowards."said Faith.
"More like chickens.Ahhaha!!"Luna yelled out.
"Not funny."he said.
"Oh yes it is!"
Faith and Luna looked at one another, then at him.
"You wanna go nigh' nigh' again?"Luna glared at him.
"No thanks!!"
"Then watch your mouth!!Don't be an idiot!!"yelled Faith.
He just grumbled as he laid back for Faith.
"Faith,he's a perv."
"Aren't ALL men?"
"Hey! I'm not a prev! It's not my fault she's wearing that!" Faith blushed as Luna looked murderous.
"Faith...Get longer clothes from now on..."
Can You make them for me? I have to deal with him," Faith asked as she slapped him.
"Fine.I will."
"Thanks." Faith then got up and got a coat. "Well Luna, should we tell him what he's going to do now that he's with us?"
"Sure.I mean he did try to rob use.Maybe we should torture him."
"T... Tor... TORTURE!"
"No Luna, I ment that he is now going to be HELPING us with our goal! I mean, he is going to be our ginnypig," Faith said as he knew he was going to hate this job.
"Yeah!!But Mog has to carry the bucket.Ok?We can't trust him."
"Okey, but our friend will have more bruses if he tries anything."
"Man, you girls don't like me very much, and a fellow Selkie can't talk. You are as much of a theif as me," he said as Faith flew her hair back. "All's fair in love and war.At leat some among those lines."said Faith.[/quote]
Faith drew closer to him and whispered in his ear, "besides, I don't steal from Luna. She's my friend, and if I did, I wouldn't get caught. I'm smarter than that. You may be hot, but your brain needs help." Faith then kissed his cheek. "Faith!"
"Don't reward him!!"
"Yeah yeah.I got you."
"But that isn't a reward, it's apart of Selkie tradition."
"LIARER!!!!I call teason!!"
Oh just shut up!!"
"Hey, I won't pick on you about that boy in the village, if you don't harasse me about him."
"Okey, but I still can't believe you kissed him."
"What can I say? When it comes to women Selkie, I'm irrisistable."
"phfft.Keep dreaming." "Yeah, please do." Faith then went to her bunk and hopped in. "Luna that pill will kick in any moment, and when it does, it's lights out for him, so I'm going to go take a nap.