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This here fic contains no small amount of explicit and decidedly bizarre sexual content. Amongst the themes you can expect from the first chapter alone are interspecies, borderline bestiality, male on male sexual encounters, domination, a “sniffing” fetish and some other fancy surprises. Don't like the sound of that? Well, I'm certainly not holding a gun to your head.
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So, without further adiewwww…
The Scent of A Ronso's Mate
He couldn't take it anymore.
At this point, Kimahri Ronso had been driven to near insanity. He SHOULD be thinking of Yuna right now. He SHOULD have been devoting all of his thoughts to her recent kidnapping by the Guado and the Maester Seymour. It was his sworn duty, sworn upon his honor, to devote himself fully to protecting her. He SHOULD have been preparing himself mentally for the rescue operation he and the other Guardians were planning to mount as the Al Bhed airship they were on was speeding off to Bevelle.
But he couldn't do any of that. Yevon help him, at this very moment the Ronso couldn't focus on anything else if his life had depended on it.
The boy's scent was driving him mad.
At this moment, Kimahri's stoic, dutiful façade was threatening to crumble apart as that scent permeated all around him, and he wanted nothing more than to roar out in complete frustration. It just wouldn't leave him alone! How could the mighty Ronso possibly be so weak as to be unable to dismiss a mere smell? Especially in this dire situation they were in? It was shameful! Even moreso than the loss of his horn had been…
Yet, as much as every disciplined principle he's devoted himself to called for self-control and calm, he silently quivered as the boy's aroma entered his nostrils and aroused some dark, unknown feeling within him that he just couldn't understand. Even minutes after Tidus had left the ship's bridge, it still drove the agonized Ronso out of his mind!
What on earth WAS that scent?! He just couldn't figure it out! Something about that human's natural odor had struck him as odd from the very first moment he'd seen him. The smell itself had been bizarrely foreign and subtly familiar all at once… really, pretty much the perfect scent to represent the boy, given his odd clothing and mannerisms. And like Kimahri's disposition toward said boy, the Ronso was at first apprehensive about the strange, unique scent… but not yet repelled, as there was something intangibly pleasant about it.
Tidus mostly smelled human, certainly, but there was something else mixed in with it too… something Kimahri, in all his years and all his travels, had never come across. It smelled… not at all like anything he'd known. He couldn't even tell if the smell belonged to any subcategory of scents he'd known… it wasn't animal, vegetable, or mineral. It wasn't magical… It simply didn't compute in his mind what in all of Spira it was he was smelling!
In the early days since meeting the boy, Kimahri had merely been silently curious about it. Certainly, he never let on, and never asked, as he didn't consider it anything worth coming out of his stony façade for. Besides, he was the only Ronso in the group. Human noses were nowhere close to as sensitive as a Ronso's, so Kimahri couldn't have expected anyone to understand what he was talking about.
As the days went by, he actually came to find the mysterious aroma to be… agreeably exotic, in a curious sort of way. Although the Ronso certainly hadn't believed the boy's claims about being from the legendary city of Zanarkand, he'd thought to himself several times that it would be a conceivable explanation as to how the boy had come to possess such an unheard of… unsmelled of kind of scent.
But as the days turned into weeks, Kimahri found that he simply couldn't put the fragrance out of his mind if he tried. His inquisitiveness gradually grew as he wondered, and sniffed at the boy, trying to figure out what the scent was, and why it smelled that way, and why it had such an effect on him. On the odd occasions where the group would take a break from their travels, Kimahri would always lean in silence against some surface as he always did, but would subtly do so on the surface closest to the boy. Anything just to be closer to that odor… at times, he would even find himself actually staring at the boy, whenever he was confident that Tidus' back was turned. The thing was, Kimahri simply couldn't get used to it. It nagged him. It egged him on. He'd inhale it day in and day out, and still not manage to understand it properly, nor understand why it seemed to set his nerves ablaze whenever it flowed into his nostrils.
He'd ponder madly about it underneath the mask of an impassive face he always had on. It got to the point where, in battle, he'd become torn over his sworn duty to protect Yuna at all cost, and to protect the boy and make certain that he and his scent would not disappear before he could figure it out.
A few days ago, he'd realized that he'd gone from strongly curious to outright obsessed. Anytime they weren't in battle, it was all that was on him mind. His thoughts would always end up wandering off to the scent during the group's various conversations, and he'd be glad that no one expected him to participate in discussions much in the first place lest someone realize that he hadn't been paying attention. It seemed that the more he thought about it, the more powerful the scent would become, until the point where it became overwhelming.
And then there was the events of today…
Following the incident at the Macalania Temple and with Sin, the group had found themselves somehow transported to the desert in the outskirts of the Al Bhed Home. It had been blazingly hot out, especially considering that the group had just been in an artic environment before that. As they'd trekked through the desert, letting Rikku guide the way, they'd all sweated profusely under the sweltering mercilessness of the sun. Tidus, in particular, had perspired like mad, considering that he'd been used to living in air-conditioned machina homes his whole life. Before long, the boy's overactive sweat glands had disgustingly drenched almost all his clothes, and his own body odor had reached a ridiculous degree.
Along with his own natural aroma, however, his “mystery” scent grew nearly tenfold in potency. Tidus had unwittingly drenched himself, his clothes, in that powerful smell that Kimahri had been quietly obsessing over.
Now, with the scent stronger now than ever before, Kimahri was barely maintaining control of himself.
It was absurd! He… he didn't even know what it was he wanted from the smell, but he just inexplicably wanted it! It called to him… it screamed at him! It set his instincts ablaze with some kind of mysterious desire that he couldn't understand, and he felt as though he were on the verge of madness!
And yet… Yuna.
They were about to go save Summoner Yuna from the clutches of certain disaster, and Kimahri, her most loyal of guardians, couldn't perform his sworn duty properly because of a stupid, mysterious, infuriating, beautiful, horrifying, tempting, inexplicable fucking SMELL!!!
He. Had. To. Do. Something. About. It.
Kimahri became both alarmed and delighted all at once when the boy's scent approached the bridge of the airship they were on. The automatic door opened as he, Wakka and Rikku approached.
“So how we lookin'?” The old man Cid, commanding the bridge, demanded in his old, gruff voice.
“Not as bad as we thought.” Rikku assured him. “There's only a few refugees with injuries, and none of them are hurt too bad. Nothing the medical team can't handle.”
“Well, there's a bit of good new for once.” The old man huffed.
“How long until we get to get to Bevelle?” Tidus anxiously asked, concern for Yuna more than evident.
“We've got two… maybe three hours.” Cid guessed. “Hard to tell. We just salvaged this bird recently, and it's hard to keep her at a consistent speed.”
“That long?! But Yuna…”
“I don't think we need to worry too much.” Lulu assured him. “I'm certain they won't risk killing or hurting her.”
“You saw the way Seymour looked at her.” Wakka added in with some disgust. “Whatever that heretic's trying to do, he needs Yuna alive and well for it.”
Tidus slumped his shoulders. “But…at least two hours…”
Kimarhi narrowed his eyes. At least two hours…
“You know…” Wakka added carefully. “Now that we've got awhile to catch our breath…” He smiled at Tidus carefully, trying to appear as polite as possible. “No offense, brudda, but you reek pretty hard, ya?”
“Huh?” Tidus innocently muttered, looking himself over. “I… that bad??”
“Bad enough that I don't think I'm gonna be able to even concentrate on anything unless you're either clean or on the other end of the ship.”
“Well…jeez…” Tidus muttered.
“Bah. I can smell you all the way from over her, boy.” Cid wrinkled in disgust. “Listen, this ship's got a working shower room in the passageway just before the cargo hold. “
The blue Ronso blinked. Shower…cargo hold…
“Ya may as well go wash up. Not much else we can do right now, and you could at least spare the rest of us from putting up with your funk.”
A smaller man might have been offended, but Tidus, being Tidus, simply chuckled it off. It did feel a bit weird stopping to bathe when Yuna was in peril, but the old man had a point. There really wasn't anything useful Tidus could do while waiting for the ship to arrive at it's destination. A shower was certainly better than wearing a groove into the ship`s floor with constant worried pacing.
“All right, all right. Makes sense, anyway.” He smartly chuckled. “After all, if we're going to the grand and majestic capital of Bevelle, I should at least make myself presentable, huh?”
“What?” Rikku feigned offense. “And you've got no problem showing at our Home all smelly and filthy?”
“Hey, that's your own fault.” He riposted. “You knew what you were getting yourself into when you decided to build your home in the middle of a flipping desert.”
“Enough, already.” The old man sighed. “Seriously. You stink. Hurry up and get out of here.”
“Fine, fine…” Tidus waved off as he left the bridge, the metallic door once again swooshing open automatically when the motions sensors' detected his approach. The door was surprisingly quiet for a machina contraption, as those usually rattled and clanked with unfettering racket. Not this door, however.
In fact, it was so quiet, none of the normally attentive guardians had even noticed when their large, blue, furry comrade had already left a minute beforehand.
This is what had to be done. For Yuna's sake. For his honor's sake. Above all, for his sanity's sake.
Tidus approached the shower room, exactly where Cid had said it would be. As the human was already fairly familiar with machina, having lived most of his life in Zanarkand, he identified the door lock inside the room and flicked it shut. It was done mostly out of habit, as Tidus had always locked the door behind him when using the bathroom back in his home. It was such a habitual movement that he hadn't even bothered looking behind him as he flicked it.
Surprisingly, the boy hadn't even noticed the Ronso's presence when he'd entered. Kimahri had stood behind the door waiting for the boy come in, expecting to have to ambush him. Instead, the human had simply stridden in nonchalantly, not bothering to look around him. The Ronso clenched his teeth in frustration, furious that Tidus could so aloof and at ease when the boy was the very cause, however unintended, of Kimahri's embarrassing tension and anxiety.
The room itself was surprisingly spacey for a solo bathroom on an airship, but the ship's design suggested that it wasn't military… rather, it had likely been used all those centuries ago as a commercial vessel. Probably an expensive one, to boot.
Kimahri Ronso had now resolved that, in this extreme situation with everything that was at stake, he would have to, for once, completely abandon the grace, dignity and stoicism with which he always proudly carried himself with. He HAD to satisfy his curiosity about that scent. There would be no more sneaking around or holding back. Right here, right now, he was going to smell this boy. He was going to hold him down and breathe him in, up close and personal, until he could finally understand what this maddening odor was.
Satisfied with what he saw before him, that being a standard shower, the standing type, alongside a toilet and a few shelves, Tidus nonchalantly began to remove his clothes. After dropping his suspenders off his shoulders, he shrugged off his yellow shirt and armband.
The human still hadn't become aware of Kimahri's presence, even as the Ronso slowly approached him from behind. Instead, he'd tossed his small shirt off absentmindedly behind him, and it landed almost insultingly at Kimahri's large feet. The blue Ronso paused for a moment before quietly bending down and picking the garment up. The shirt had been soaked and now was dry with Tidus's sweat and scent. Reluctantly, trying not the let the absurdity of his actions stop him, he brought it up to his face and inhaled deeply.
Just as Tidus stepped out of his pants, he suddenly heard what sounded like some kind of growl. And it was extremely close. There was something else inside this room.
He spun around, expecting to come face to face with a fiend that had snuck onboard, but instead nearly had a heart attack when he saw that his fellow Ronso guardian was right behind him.
“Jes- Kimahri! God!” He yelped out as his heart resettled in his chest. “Why are you…” He stopped mid-sentence, as it wasn't long after his surprise settled down that he noticed that Kimahri's eyes were shut tight… and he was holding Tidus' shirt up to his muzzle.
“What… are you doing?”
Kimahri had been completely unprepared for taking in such a potent dose of the scent. But, then, he had no idea how to prepare for it. It hit the nerves all over his body almost as hard as a physical touch would have… he'd shivered slightly from the unexpected intensity of it. Closing his eyes, and had actually growled when he exhaled.
Why? Why would the scent do this to him?? He had to know!
Opening his eyes again, Kimahri saw Tidus facing him, finally aware of the Ronso's presence, and now clad only in his underwear and socks,. The boy looked at the Ronso incredulously, and Kimahri supposed he couldn't blame him. Normally, he'd would be embarrassed to be caught doing such an undignified thing, but taking in the smell like that had cemented his intentions.
Dignity was no longer relevant. He was fucking DOING this.
“K-Kimahri?” Tidus nervously repeated when the towering Ronso dropped the shirt and took a step foreword. Something about the situation immediately struck Tidus as off. As if Kimahri merely being in the bathroom with him and inspecting his laundry wasn't enough, once Kimahri had reopened his eyes, those cat-like yellow pupils were intensely focused right on him. Outside of battle, Kimahri had always treated Tidus, at best, like something unimportant that wasn't worth distracting himself with. Now all of the sudden, the Ronso was approaching Tidus, his eyes locked onto him like he was the only thing in the world.
Nervously, Tidus took a step back. It wasn't the smartest thing to do, since Kimahri instantly lunged at him.
As expected, the human appeared apprehensive. At this point, Kimahri didn't have the time, nor the patience to explain his intentions. When the boy drew away, the predator instincts which all Ronsos were born and raised with sprung to life. In a flash of movement, Kimahri pumped himself off the ground with his huge legs and tackled Tidus to the floor.
There was no going back, now.
Tidus had no idea what had just happened. He hadn't even had time to yelp. One moment, he had been just standing there, and in a flash of blue movement, he was on the ground with a Ronso hovering on top of him, each of his large hands pinning both of Tidus' arms to the side.
“Kimahri?!” He yelled both in shock and outrage as he struggled against his captor's grip. “Wha… what's wrong with you?!! Get off m…” A sudden and very loud snarl ended Tidus' objection as the Ronso looked down on the boy with fangs bared and a threatening gaze that would easily dissuade any attempt at resistance.
Suddenly frozen with both fear and confusion, Tidus could only babble. “Kim…Kimah…?”
“Be still.” Was the deep-voiced, simple demand. Kimahri leaned his head in.
“But… what…” Tidus nervously started struggling again. In response, Kimahri tightened his grip and growled again.
“Be still…” He repeated more sternly. “Will not hurt you.” He added in hopes of reassuring the human. Tidus stiffened, but did not resist, when Kimahri lowered his head down again.
He brought his face down to Tidus' bare chest and… sniffed.
Nostrils on his sizable, cat-like nose flaring open and shut, lightly whistling with each gush of air coming in and out, Kimahri was smelling Tidus.
Taking in the scent from the shirt had been a powerful, shuddering experience, but it suddenly became insignificant compared to taking such a close smell right at the source. Again, unconscious growls came out of him every time he exhaled. It exhilarated him in ways he was eager to learn, as ripples of strange sensations tore throughout his body. Ironic, then, that the large and powerful Ronso could be so affected, so sensitive to something emanating from this small human. But he was now going to find out why.
Suddenly pleased, and even excited at this direct confrontation with the aroma that had been so horribly plaguing him these past few months, Kimahri's mind approached the situation like he would a battle with the enemy, assaulting it with a merciless barrage of sniffing.
Tidus' mind went completely blank when he saw with his own eyes what his Ronso friend was doing… and doing to him.
His nostrils pulled in the aroma aggressively, trying not to let the strange feelings it was causing him to have slow him down or distract him. His lion-esque nose traveled down from the human's still sweaty chest and abs all the way up to his sunburnt neck. Having reached this point, nothing short of another enemy attack on the ship could stop Kimahri now.
Already, at this early stage, he was closing in on what he wanted… he could feel it. The answer. But the more he managed to experience and familiarize himself with the smell, the more his olfactory senses were dazzled and assaulted with new traces of alluring, teasing spices he hadn't noticed before. It was as if the smell was fighting back against him, trying to remain elusive. Snarling at the scent's audacity to tease and mock a proud Ronso warrior, Kimahri resorted to ever-fiercer tactics.
He wouldn't just smell it… he would taste it.
Staring at his chest like he was trying to burn a hole in it with his eyes, Kimahri opened up his huge maw, where from between his set of razor sharp fangs, his tongue emerged, and he actually…licked the boy's chest.
That shocked Tidus right out of his frozen state as he jolted, both from the sight and the sensation. This time, Kimahri's head snapped up and gave the human his fiercest growl yet, practically roaring at him loud enough that it echoed off the walls. When Tidus froze absolutely still, not even daring to breathe, Kimahri huffed and resumed licking and sniffing.
The boy looked on incredulously for a few seconds, wondering if this was all some bizarre, screwed up dream. Or perhaps he was hallucinating… or Kimahri could have been sick in the head at the moment, out of his mind! Maybe some ailment he'd picked up from the desert fiends.
He only known Kimahri a few months, but he was absolutely certain the Kimahri he knew would never act like this! Well, actually, he couldn't imagine anyone at all acting like this, not while sane anyways, but his stoic, cool, calm and composed comrade least of any. Tidus wondered to himself that there HAD to be some logical, perfectly reasonable explanation for Kimahri's actions that eluded Tidus as the moment, but he didn't dare ask the presently irritable Ronso what he was trying to accomplish.
At the moment, all he could do was to close his eyes and try to shut out the strange feeling of the Ronso's smooth, surprisingly long tongue sliding, slurping and pushing roughly all over his torso.
Good. Good!
The taste was even better still! The boy's flavor sent sparks up the highly sensitive nerves of Kimahri's big tongue as he slathered away at all traces of the salty sweat covering Tidus' upper body. The surface of his pink, wet tongue covered the boy's upper torso, his abs, his neck, and nipples. Nothing was safe, as the soft, pink appendage molded to every bumpy surface of Tidus' well-toned body, absorbing the taste and leaving behind a trail of Ronso saliva.
But it still wasn't enough.
Eventually, his tongue dipped down the crevice that was Tidus' navel, where a trapping of the sweat and scent had gathered over the day. The tongue absorbed massive quantities of the taste, making Kimarhi's buds nearly explode with intensity.
A few swirls of the tongue, and the belly was licked clean. Purring slightly in satisfaction, the Ronso decided that that found that experience fulfilling enough to seek out the other places on Tidus' body where the odor would be strongest. Kimahri manipulated his hold on the human's arms to position them above his head.
Tidus' underarms were a veritable feeding ground, and the mighty Ronso would feast.
It was nearly impossible to adequately describe how completely weirded-out Tidus felt when Kimahri shoved his muzzle into his armpit, inhaling so deeply that the boy could actually feel the vacuum force on his armpit hairs.
His heart pounded inside his chest at all the things the big, blue feline was doing to him. He wanted to put a strop to this, but… could he? Being a professional athlete in addition to, as Wakka had put it, a “newbie” guardian, Tidus was no slouch himself in the physique department. But Kimahri was a lifelong warrior and easily outweighed him by two to three times with solid muscle underneath that thin sheen of fur. Despite the emotional part of his mind that was panicking and screaming at him to scramble free, the logical part told him that picking a fight with the Ronso in his current state wasn't smart. At this moment, he didn't put it past Kimahri to hurt him if provoked.
When the Ronso's big, warm tongue once again emerged to lavish Tidus with unbidden attention, all the human could hope to do was control his gradually hyperventilating breath.
While the smell and taste of the underarms had been the best so far, Kimahri was broken out of his trace-like state of gluttony by sharp pinching sensation on his most sensitive appendage down below.
Stopping suddenly, Kimahri startlingly realized that he was hard. His taught penis was uncomfortably poking it head out slightly from his loin wrap. Frowning, Kimahri wondered at this.
Why on earth would he be hard? Certainly he was excited at the thought of fighting and conquering the maddening scent, but…
…wait, yes, that was it. This was, after all, a fight to him. During especially heated battles with powerful fiends, Kimahri would occasionally become slightly aroused. It was not uncommon for Ronso to become excited by the heat of the fight, the thrill of the hunt and the pride of victory. Seeing as how Kimahri considered this struggle for supremacy over the scent to be a battle of sorts, and an intense one at that, the erection must simply have been a conditioned reflex.
Yes. That was all.
Kimahri shuffled his hips to reposition his cock more comfortably inside the wrap. This “battle” wasn't over yet.
When Kimahri moved his face away and released Tidus' arms, a hope shot through the boy that this ordeal was finally over. But upon looking up at Kimahri's face, he knew immediately that it wasn't yet. The Ronso fixed him with a deathly glare that reminded the boy of his previous threats.
“You will stay down.” Kimahri ordered.
“U-uh… uh-huh.” An obedient Tidus could only wheeze out with a nervous nod. He watched with the usual mix of fear and confusion as Kimahri seemed to crawl back away from him. The Ronso stopped just at Tidus' feet, raising his left one up by the ankle. With a surprising gentleness, the Ronso slid the sock of the foot and let it drop carelessly to the ground.
Oh my…! You've gotta be kidding me… Tidus thought as he anticipated the Ronso's intentions.
Kimahri almost smiled at the sight of Tidus' toes wiggling in his grasp. He should have again disciplined the boy for daring to move, but he decided to let his one slide. After all, it was probably a reflex, and the boy couldn't help it. Kimahri was strict, but he was not cruel.
Mischievously, he brought his nose to the foot and gleefully inhaled. The scent from the feet was different, but no less fascinating and exciting, and he reveled in the exploration. Passing the foot all over his face, Kimahri caressed the top, bottom, soles and wiggling toes, chuckling lightly in amusement as they wiggled weakly against his face and probing tongue. A playful part of him thought briefly to purposefully tickle the human, just to see if the boy would be able to contain his whimpering, but thought better of it. It wouldn't do to agitate Tidus more than need be, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to control himself.
He even went so far as to engulf half of the foot into his mouth, careful not to bite down on it. Sucking on it like candy, he was eager to absorb all the flavor and make it his own.
He was devouring the scent, eating it alive like a young Ronso cub might play with his prey. It couldn't escape him for much longer. He could feel it… he was close… so close to figuring the scent out.
Satisfied that he'd taken all he could from the left foot, he let the limb, now wet with his saliva, drop to the ground as he grabbed the right one, intending to give it the same treatment.
Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Tidus kept repeating in his mind as the effect the Ronso was having on him suddenly took a radically different turn.
The manipulation of his feet was a whole different story from anything else Kimahri had done so far. Feet were sensitive! Feet were ticklish! Feet were…
At least to him. Tidus was just a little weird that way, and it wasn't something he really wanted anyone else to know. But now, the Ronso was lavishing them with affection. The feeling of Kimahri's firm hands, cold nose, warm tongue, and the soft fur of his muzzle against Tidus' sensitive soles absolutely rocked the boy in disturbingly pleasurable ways.
Tidus was a virgin. No one, no one had ever touched him in such a sensual and private manner before, be it his feet or any part of his body. The sudden rush and intensity of this new experience was difficult to handle, but the threat of Kimarhi's wrath kept his moans stifled and his squirming suppressed.
But there was one part of him that was refusing to stay down…
Sucking off the last bit of the toe like the last bit of a lollipop, Kimahri hummed in satisfaction. This was it. Just a little bit more, and he'd have won. Like a one-Ronso army, he was single-handedly battering down the scent's strongholds and claiming them as his own. But where was there left to attack?
When Kimahri scanned the boy's body, looking for his next target, his attention was immediately drawn to Tidus' loins where a tent-like pole was bulging from the boy's underwear.
The boy was aroused.
The fact that Tidus had an erection and what this meant were only mildly considered in Kimahri's mind… in his current state, he saw it more as a signal, a flag revealing to him the final refuge where the scent had secluded itself in hopes of escaping its Ronso predator.
It would not. Kimahri would have his prey.
His mouth actually expanded into a dark grin, like the proud hunter preparing to make the final pounce on his kill. Leering over Tidus' loins, bringing his hand closer, his claws would make short work of the fabric.
Tidus didn't exactly know what he was afraid of. Was he scared of the shame that came with becoming aroused by this experience? Was he afraid of what Kimahri would think of him? Of what the others would think if they ever found out? Or was he afraid of his own feelings? That he might, on some primal level, hidden deepest depths of his subconscious, actually LIKE this? Liked being manhandled by Kimahri in such a strange, forceful, but oddly affectionate way? Was he afraid of merely acknowledging that?
Or maybe it was all of those things at once. But when Kimahri leered over his crotch with a disturbed-looking grin that spoke of sick pleasures, and when one of his large hands closing in on the boy's erection, Tidus' fear of exposure finally trumped his fear of Kimahri's anger.
“K-Kimahri, stop it! You can't…!” The boy pleaded, sitting up and grasping at the Ronso in some panicky attempt to reason with him.
It did him no good. Kimahri treated the Tidus' interruption like he was a merely bothersome insect. Without even looking away or breaking stride, Kimahri used his free hand to harshly push Tidus' torso back on the ground and held him firmly there. The boy struggled some more, writhing desperately, but fighting against even just Kimahri's one arm was useless.
The Ronso's large fingers grasped at the fabric of Tidus' briefs before tearing them away with ease.
Tidus shivered. He was now totally nude, and at Kimahri's utter mercy.
There it was. The last vestige of the scent, hidden in the sweaty crevices of a swollen member, surrounded by a lush forest of curled hair.
As if savoring the moment, Kimahri bent his head down torturously slowly. He held his breath, waiting until his muzzle was planted firmly and deeply against the lower shaft of the member and partially in the pubic hairs. They tickled against his nostrils, as if making a last feeble attempt to fend him off.
After a moment, Kimahri inhaled deeply.
And that did it.
Tidus watched in abject horror, unable to look away as his most private and intimate area was ruthlessly invaded. He felt the Ronso's face push firmly into his loins, and shivered from the feeling of it. He waited, waited for whatever fate Kimahri had in store for him.
Oddly, though, Kimahri merely held the position for a few moments before suddenly drawing back, releasing Tidus completely. The Ronso shuddered visibly and made some sort of groaning sound as his face scrunched up. To Tidus, it actually appeared as though Kimahri was in some kind of pain.
Forgetting everything that had just happened for a moment, Tidus quickly sat up and held Kimahri's shoulders while the large blue Ronso shuddered.
“Kimahri?? A…are you all right??” The Ronso didn't answer. He simply sat there on his knees, breaths now coming in shallow and labored.
Tidus then heard a drip on the floor. Looking down between the Ronso's legs, he saw a small, white splotch contrast against the gray floor. Just then, another drip of white fell from between Kimahri's legs.
Kimahri Ronso, the great, proud and fearsome warrior had just creamed in his own loincloth like a little schoolboy.
It had struck him like a bolt of thunder. When that last bit of the scent had been absorbed, it climaxed something that had been building up inside Kimahri since he'd began this peculiar ordeal. The fact that it was accumulating to a sexual climax had taken him completely by surprise.
Kimahri fought to regain his regular breathing as the waves of the intense orgasm passed him over. He was fully conscious of the cum that was overflowing from his loin wrap, but there was little he could actually do about it. He didn't even care to.
In that instant, he finally understood. He finally realized what this scent was.
It was the scent of his mate.
How could he have been so blind?? In his days as a cub, the Ronso elders had told him that Ronso matings were a predestined affair. Ronso's determined their mate by scent… the elders had told him long ago that any Ronso would know his or her mate by a powerful, intoxicating, inexplicable and arousing scent that only those who were fated to be mated could smell.
But since his self-imposed exile from the Ronso tribe, he'd nearly forgotten all about the customs and traditions of his own people, having lived instead on Besaid island with the humans all these years.
In all his mad ponderings before this moment, it had never once occurred to him that the scent he couldn't ignore was the scent of his mate. He'd practically given up on being mated long ago since being disgraced and emasculated by Biran and Yenke. But even in the event that he did somehow find his mate, he had always expected that it would be a Ronso… and a female.
Instead, it was this strange, quirky, yet brave and loyal human boy who claimed to be from the past. That was why he couldn't see it before now.
The fact that it was nothing at all like he could have ever expected meant nothing to him at the moment, though. Instead, a feeling of complete rapture came over him.
He now had a mate!
It was completely irrelevant to him that the boy was nothing that he ever imagined being mated to. Though estranged from Ronso culture as he was, the mating process of Ronsos was time honored and infallible. In all the recorded history of Ronsos, mated couples who allowed the scent to determine their union had all found happiness and joy in each other. If the fates, Yevon, or whatever greater powers that be had determined that Kimahri was to be mated to Tidus, then that was that.
The boy was his mate.
Tidus stared at Kimahri's growing puddle of cum like he'd just witnessed an inexplicable natural phenomenon. Kimahri had… Kimahri had actually…! This was unthinkable!
Kimahri slowly opened his eyes and smiled at Tidus. A surprisingly warm and genuine smile.
Tidus once again tried crawling away. Rather than growl, though, Kimahri simply smiled and crawled slowly and playfully after him, his tail actually seeming to sway left and right in amusement behind him.
“Ki…K…Kim…Ki…” Tidus stammered, backing away until the wall of the bathroom door stopped him. Crawling up to him, Kimahri placed both hands gently on the boy's quacking shoulders and looked him directly in the eye.
Mine.” Came his throaty claim.
A/N: Another installment is on the way, depending on what people tell me they think of this one. The next chapter would have Kimahri giving Tidus a “proper” mating.
Yes, that means sex. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.
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