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The Scent Of His Mate
Part 2:
The Submission of His Mate
Tidus' heartbeat thundered violently in his ears.
It was the only sound he could hear at all, his other senses overwhelmed with the powerful, frightening feeling of Kimahri's large fingers coiled and grasping firmly around each of his shoulders, as well as the unyielding, unapologetic gaze the Ronso was giving him. Tidus could now see directly into those his alien, feline eyes in closer detail than he'd ever imagined. The Ronso's slit-shaped pupils, normally fat and dilated, were narrowed in such focus that they were now but miniscule slices within his golden-yellow irises. Though Kimahri's brow ridges were furrowed, his lips contorted in an odd sort of smile. He wasn't angry… rather he seemed very pleased about something.
Given the drops of cum still trickling out from the sides and through the soaked fabric of his loinwrap, it shouldn't have been hard to guess what.
Tidus had always known that having Kimahri frown at you was scary. But having him smile at you… that was absolutely terrifying.
“W…what??” Tidus frightfully mumbled, managing, despite the frazzled state his mind was in, to at least form complete words.
“You are mine.” The Ronso repeated, purring out each syllable slowly with his eyes still locked firmly with Tidus'. “You are Kimahri's.”
“Uh…” Tidus stammered, head spinning madly. The sheer implications of everything that had just happened in the last five minutes was absolutely overwhelming, and he could only stumble around for clarity. “I'm… I'm your what?”
Oh, God, please say that I'm your accountant or something…
Kimahri just couldn't help but smile at the boy's completely befuddled and frightened expression. It reminded him of scared little squirrel. Of course, being human, the boy couldn't reasonably be expected to understand the claim that Kimahri had just lain onto him. He'd have to make the human understand.
But Kimahri's talent didn't lie in his ability to speak. He wasn't particularly inclined to explain it to him, but he was certainly going to enjoy showing him what being `his' meant.
The Ronso stared down at his intended mate, now seeing him with an entirely new perspective… he licked his lips with approval as he examined this creature that now belonged to him… Tidus was in excellent shape. Young… healthy… a bit scrawny, but well built. Of course, Kimahri would see to it himself that the boy would put on some weight and gain muscle while under his care.
If Kimahri suddenly evaluating his attraction to another male, despite having been “straight” a few minutes ago was strange, then it was stranger still how little thought Kimahri gave to how bizarre this rightfully was. Such was his absolute faith in the scent. Uncaringly, he shifted his gaze to the nether regions.
Tidus' cock, still standing erect despite his quivering form and apparent affright, also met Kimahri's satisfaction. It was average, by human standards… certainly smaller than the size of almost any Ronso, but still far from anything to complain about. It was more than enough for Kimahri to get to happily play with.
Moving on to scrutinize Tidus' face, looking at it now for the first time with appraisal, Kimahri found him to be a fine specimen. Despite how terrified Tidus looked, the boy's facial features were definitely attractive. Unscarred, unblemished, smooth skin, wide, bright eyes, flush lips…
…yes lips. Those lips, that mouth and the tongue therein… they all belonged to him!
Tidus was once again knocked out of his frozen state of shock when Kimahri's hands and face, altogether in one quick, fluid movement, shifted. One hand slid down from his shoulder and to the small of his back. The other firmly cupped the back of his head. Both hands tugged his body foreword into an embrace, tight against the Ronso. His chest met Kimahri's furred one. His face met Kimahri's.
And his lips… his lips didn't so much “meet” Kimahri's as they did crash harshly into them. The split-second beforehand, it almost looked at if Kimahri was about to bite him on the nose. Instead, he was kissing him.
Kimahri Ronso was fucking KISSING him!!!
“Kiss” may actually have been an inaccurate word to use, though, given that their respective mouths didn't quite “fit” together properly… Kimahri's animalistic, lion-shaped mouth couldn't exactly form a complete seal over Tidus' flat lips, but even if it was not a proper kiss in the technical sense of the word, the spirit of the kiss was unquestionable. An immediately alarmed Tidus grasped at the Ronso he was held so tightly against as Kimahri aggressively mashed his mouth against Tidus', completely uncaring of the sloppy execution or Tidus' squirming and moans of protest. With his own dark blue lips, he captured Tidus' light pink ones, pulling, tracing, and flicking his tongue over them with such rapid succession that Tidus didn't even dare open his mouth to voice his panicked objection.
He struggled uselessly against the powerful hold the Ronso had on him. His chest was so hard pressed against the bigger Ronso's that he could actually feel the individual indentations of the leather straps and crest adorning Kimahri's upper torso. Attempting to jerk his head to the side was equally fruitless with Kimahri's one hand being big enough to brace his entire head all the while that Kimahri's lips ravaged it without mercy.
In fact, so lost were to two, Tidus in his panicked attempt to wiggle free of the Ronso's unbreakable embrace, and Kimahri in his enrapturing exploration of the boy's lips, that neither of them realized that their intertwined torsos where both leaning, then tumbling back… until Tidus' back fell against the bathroom door, with Kimahri's body sandwiching him against it.
Tidus still struggled against the greedy Ronso, who hadn't even broken stride in his ministrations. However, it was starting to become evident that this wasn't going to stop until Kimahri decided it would.
As utterly pleasurable as it was to hold his squirming mate so tightly against himself and to permit his rapidly growing lust to guide his actions, Kimahri noted that the human was not settling down. His tiny little hands fisted nervously against the white tuft of fur on Kimahri's chest (although he quite liked that), and his mouth remained stubbornly and firmly shut against Kimahri's marauding tongue. As much as Kimahri was pleased that his mate had the courage and defiance to not surrender easily, even against a much more powerful “opponent” such as himself, it would not do to have him fighting against Kimahri the whole time.
Although… Kimahri would be a bit disappointed if the boy submitted to him too quickly. After all, where was the fun in it if it was all too easy?
Gradually, he lulled the intensity his ministrations on Tidus' mouth while slowly rubbing the small of his back with his hand in a gentler, soothing motion. Tidus responded slowly, if only calming down just a bit. His body was still tense and quivering in Kimahri's arms, and his besieged mouth remained stubbornly shut.
Satisfied, Kimahri emitted an affectionate growl while extending his tongue out passing it slowly along Tidus' lips, poking inside them and stroking his clenched teeth and gums in a circular motion. It was a more “civil” request for admission into the boy's mouth. Although no longer trying to writhe away, Tidus emitted a weak, negative whimper in refusal.
Kimahri gave another low chuckle. The silly little human… of the many things he was going to have to learn about their mating was that if Kimahri “asks” for something, he's just being polite. There were cruder, but no less pleasurable ways of getting what he wanted…
The first sign that he should have been expecting trouble was when he actually heard a rumble that sounded like a laugh deep in Kimahri's throat.
In what was just one in a series of completely unexpected actions from Kimahri, the Ronso bit down on Tidus' lower lip. Lightly, but sharply.
Tidus gave out a sudden yelp, and that was exactly what Kimahri had wanted. The split-second that Tidus opened his mouth, a large, Ronso tongue snaked inside.
With the feeling of a huge, slimy, warm foreign object suddenly invading the inside of his mouth, Tidus was immediately panicked and struggling again, but that hardly did him any sort of good. Acting on pure instinct, he bit down as hard as he could on the squishy invader, but that was equally pointless. Even with his teeth biting down on it like that, the tongue still swayed and trashed about almost mockingly inside his mouth. Kimahri even emitted a quick, but intense growl, like the sudden revving of a motor, as if to teasingly say “Is that all?”
Unable to maintain jaw pressure for so long, Tidus whimperingly released, and Kimahri made good use of his free reign. Tidus shivered as he felt the tongue raid all the forbidden corners and crevices of his mouth… the teeth, the roof, the gums… his cheeks bulged outwards as the Ronso's lavishing tongue crashed against their walls like a tidal wave.
The sheer sensation of it was absolutely unreal. It brought… it brought…
Oh… Oh…no, no, he can't… I can't… aaaAAAAaaaaauuuummmmm…
Tidus actually moaned as Kimahri made love to his mouth with his oral appendage, forcibly bringing out sensations and feelings in the human that he'd never conceived in any lifetime that he'd get to experience. He also never conceived that once he stopped struggling…
…once he stilled down and settled, once he got over the sheer, absolute shock and outrage as to what was being done to him, once he just stopped moving, settled back and let it happen…
…it really wasn't so bad.
Oh… this was simply unfair. Even the boy's saliva tasted insatiably good. Though he'd cummed just a little over a minute ago, already Kimahri felt his dick engorging anew.
It certainly didn't help the Ronso's slipping self-control that the boy was, however unintentionally, acting in the same way that a Ronso should during the mating process. It was to be expected that, during the first tryst, the two mates would struggle briefly, a contest to determine which one was dominant one and which one was submissive. The boy had actually bitten down on him when he'd entered his mouth, thus challenging him. A mere human set of flat-teeth could hardly be expected to hurt Kimahri, but the Ronso still loved being given plenty of opportunities to prove that, between the two mates, HE was the alpha. Given the difference in both strength and size between the two, it was already forgone conclusion, but it was still immensely satisfying to get to establish this over and over.
Again, the boy whimpered and slackened in his hold, thus unintentionally showing a sign of submissiveness. Pleased, Kimahri tongued away uninhibited at his mate's mouth, finding the experience unashamedly lewd and erotic. With their respective mouths occupied, both man and beast were breathing intensely through their noses, hotly puffing against the other's face. All over did the Ronso explore, enjoying the new depths that his mate would now cede to Kimahri's demanding appendage. Up, down, left, right… it was a carnal exploration into the forbidden. It was fantastic.
Before long, he found the prize, that being Tidus' wiggling, skittish tongue. Mirroring their counterparts on the outside, Kimahri's larger and stronger tongue forcibly embraced Tidus', grasping it with a surprising prehensility. It, too was wrestled into an easy but arousing submission before Kimahri pulled on it. Loving the feel and the taste of it, he wanted to drag it into his own mouth.
Slowly, but with a definite sureness, he could sense his mate relaxing, losing the will to fight him off. As he held him firmly against him, he also felt, somewhere on his leg, the boy's erection poking at him, indicating that he wasn't doing anything to repulse the human. In fact, he even felt a few movements on the boy's part that suggested that was starting to move with him, rather than against.
Kimahri purred in absolute delight.
With his eyes closed, with his body in a surrendered relaxation, all that Tidus had in this moment was the intense torrent of rapture occurring in his mouth, and the feeling of the Ronso's tail, which was rubbing up and down his leg rhythmically.
As if starting to drift off into sleep, Tidus' mind lulled under the assault, forgetting briefly who he was, what he was, where he was… Instead, some deep, long hidden part of his subconscious was being allowed to take helm, and it knew only the fervor between his mouth and the other one, and the strangely sweet taste that the Ronso's saliva was flavored. Caressing Tidus' tongue with his own, Kimahri prodded him to come inside his maw, inviting him in to probe. Gently, he guided him as far as the human's shorter tongue could go, over his lips, gently across his fangs, down into the ditch of his gums.
It was as if the Ronso was stirring to life some part of Tidus that he'd never even known was there. The giant feline was somehow speaking to this hidden part of Tidus through a primal language, one that had existed since before words were ever used, and that part of Tidus was begging him to just abandon. To surrender. To submit utterly and completely. And, truthfully, Tidus was compelled to obey it. No longer prodded by Kimahri's tongue, Tidus began exploring the Ronso all on his own, returning the lusty gesture.
A bit of saliva, possibly his, possibly Kimahri's, but most likely a mixture of both, dripped down his chin and onto his bare chest. It was an extremely slight nudge, but it was enough to rouse Tidus out of his haze and widen his eyes. Widen them a lot.
What… the… hell… am… I … DOING?!!? Clarity once again reigned, and Tidus stiffened up again. Had he just… had he been kissing Kimahri back?!
He had. Dear God Almighty, he had.
Tidus reasonably expected himself to be completely disgusted with his actions, but… somehow, disgust simply didn't come to him. His logical mind insisted that he should find this action perverse and sick, but instead, he was overwhelmed with feelings that were quite the opposite. The only disgust he could muster was the disgust that he wasn't disgusted… Either way, somehow, having Kimahri all over him… just being at his mercy while he was being molested like this… it just didn't feel wrong.
Mentally, Tidus smacked himself. This was absurd! What the hell was WRONG with him?? For the first time, Tidus managed to push aside his fear, as well as this newfound sense of arousal, and looked at his situation strategically. He had to get away… he had to escape this…
Observing Kimahri, Tidus saw that his eyes were still shut… still lost as he passionately sucked on Tidus' tongue. The two of them were still propped up against those metal, sliding doors. The door switch was just a little up and to the right.
Slowly, stealthily releasing the fur on Kimahri's chest that he'd previously had a death grip on, Tidus reached up and placed his fingers on the door switch…
The sudden pull of gravity managed to break Kimahri out of his lust-filled trance. Startled, the Ronso lost his grip, if only for a split-second as he tumbled down. But that was exactly what his mate had counted on. In that moment, Tidus scrambled hard and fast out of Kimahri's embrace and onto his feet.
While taken by surprise, Kimahri wasn't slow to react either. Snarling, he swiped out with his right arm, just barely missing a grab for his mate's ankle. Still, he'd swatted it hard enough to make Tidus stumble and force him to flee down to the left side of the corridor.
Watching his naked mate run down the hallway, his pale, naked ass tauntingly wiggling as he disappeared, Kimahri lay there, stunned but filled with greater excitement. The boy actually thought to run from him? Oh, the silly little human was going to pay dearly for that one…
An unabashed grin split across Kimahri's leonine face, and he briefly wondered how he could have gotten this lucky… Though the Ronso knew that the human could not possibly be doing it on purpose, the boy was playing along perfectly with Ronso sexual culture. He was actually going to make Kimahri “hunt” him down… Even if he had no idea what he was really doing to Kimahri, provoking the Ronso to chase after him and hunt him down was about one of the most arousing and thrilling gestures a mate could make to his dominant. Especially if it was a good, exciting chase.
Only briefly did Kimahri consider that this was a highly inappropriate time to be doing this sort of thing, but he just as quickly pushed the thought aside. Kimahri had spent his entire life as either the runt of the Ronso tribe, or the selfless guardian of his summoner. For once in his entire life, for at least this one time, he was going to be completely selfish.
Raising himself to his large, clawed feet, he purposefully took his time getting up, intending to give his mate a sporting head start. Not that it really mattered though. Despite the tongue bath that he'd been given him, the boy's special scent was still as strong as ever, and Kimahri would hunt it down till the furthest corners of Spira.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!!! Tidus rarely swore, even when just thinking to himself, but this moment seemed highly appropriate for cursing like a one-eyed sailor. He'd just now realized that he'd ran the wrong way while trying to evade Kimahri's hand… instead of fleeing back in the direction of the bridge, he'd ran right into the cargo bay. It was a large, warehouse-like room within the massive airship, filled about three stories up with crates and other miscellaneous Al Bhed Machinery. And with the rest of the ship's crew and passengers off in the other sections doing emergency ship maintenance and whatnot, the cargo bay was considered nonessential and nobody were stationed there.
No one except for a nude Tidus, dashing around the stacks of cargo. Ducking around a tight corner and leaning against the crate, he tried to catch his breath and gather his thoughts, although neither came easily to him. Kimahri had left a taste in his mouth that lingered still. It tasted… it tasted strange, completely unlike anything Tidus had ever had… Breathing heavily, his mouth felt dry, and the flavor left in there was actually making him hungry someway… hungry for… more. He felt like a starving man who'd just had a little bite of a big, fat, juicy steak before it was taken away from him. Shaking his head in frustration, he swished his exhausted tongue around in his mouth, trying to get rid of the bizarre feeling.
From behind him, several meters back, the familiar sound of the automatic door opening and shutting confirmed his worst fears… Kimahri was after him. He stilled, keeping absolutely quiet, save for his thundering heart. Obviously, he couldn't go back out the way he came. He would now have to try and make a run for the exit at the other end of the cargo bay, though it was still some distance away. Listening carefully, he tried to hear footsteps, or any other kind of sound that could give away Kimahri's location so that Tidus would know where NOT to go running at. But if the Ronso was moving, he was doing so very stealthily. Not a peep was heard anywhere, save for the light hum of the machinery.
Not wanting to be a sitting duck, Tidus slowly crept away, constantly looking around himself. He didn't really know what else to do… run like hell back to the bridge, scream out that Kimahri had gone batshit insane and hope that someone had some kind of potion or remedy for whatever the fuck was wrong with him… and for that matter, for whatever the fuck was wrong with himself for sort of liking it. Ducking around another corner behind another stack of crates, Tidus kept going in what he assumed was the general direction of the other door.
The already exhausted heart inside his chest jumped again when he heard a distinctive, low growl coming from not too far off. Panic stricken, Tidus spun around, but saw nothing. Wisely, he decided to speed up his pace some.
And why won't this hard on go down?! He cursed himself, noting the difficulty, even while just speed walking, in moving around with a fully-engorged cock bobbing around from side to side and balls dangling. For practicality sake, he held them with his hand, but the sharp tingle he felt in his nerves make him aware of how unusually sensitive and responsive they felt… even to his own touch.
When he heard another growl that sounded like another taunting chuckle, he again picked up the pace, but found that merely hearing that throaty voice was sending chills through him that weren't necessarily all fearful ones. Something about the mere knowledge of Kimahri's presence was causing a reaction in that same strange part of him that he couldn't control, and couldn't ignore. This part of him, somewhere inside, as if some dark, hidden voice within him… it responded to Kimarhi's calls and then spoke back to Tidus… calling out to him… insisting, pleading that Tidus let himself get caught. But Tidus' rational mind tried desperately to silence that voice as he sprinted for the other side of the bay.
When he heard an outright roar and the sound of footfalls somewhere overhead, both fear and desire tripled, and Tidus broke out into a mad dash. Arms flew from side to side, legs pumped, lungs grew heavy, and genitals flapped about carelessly.
Turning another corner, Tidus spotted the door. As if running for his life, his pale, nude form barreled down the remaining thirty feet between himself and it. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please…
No such luck.
A huge, blue figure came slamming down just in front of him from the crates above, landing just a few feet from the door, hitting the ground on all fours and looking positively feral.
Got you.
On all fours, partially undressed, his throat rumbling, his tail swaying from side to side in exhilaration, eyes wide, salivating slightly, and with teeth bared into some twisted smile, Kimahri looked like a deranged version of his usual self.
Tidus came to a screeching halt in front of him, but couldn't stop the momentum from his desperate run in time. He sailed right into Kimahri, who swiftly rose to capture his mate's arms, twist him around, and slam him into the side of a crate. With another furious growl, he made certain the boy didn't try anything else defiant.
It had been a short chase, but a damned exciting one. The sheer thrill of the hunt, as well as that intoxicating scent had both sent Kimahri's arousal to unheard of heights. He could feel his mighty cock bulging against his cum-soaked loin wrap, ready to burst right through it.
What's more was that he could smell his mate's arousal, too, although the smell of fear was also apparent. The trembling human was probably being torn apart by conflicting sensations. Having already taken off all of his leather bands and torso adornments, Kimahri pressed his now bare chest up against Tidus and once again locked his gaze with the boy's.
“You try to escape Kimahri.” He stated like a judge and jury reading out the charge, and enjoyed how further his mate's eyes widened as if knowing that Kimahri would also be the executioner, handing down the sentence. “Make Kimahri come after you…”
“S-sorry?” Tidus sputtered out.
“Not good enough.” The Ronso growled back, wrapping his tail around Tidus' left leg. “You will be taught respect.”
“K-Kimahri…” Tidus gulped. “I- I don't understand…wh-what do you want??” Another slight laughed built up inside the Ronso's throat. The human still hadn't figured it out? Still with that frightening smirk, Kimahri leaned in, placing his mouth right next to Tidus' shell-shaped ear, making sure to breathe hot and heavily against it.
He released one of Tidus' arms and, with that free hand, groped his crotch very firmly.
Kimahri would forever remember the hilarious, high pitched, yet fantastically arousing squeal Tidus made at that moment.
“Understand, now?” He spoke, his mouth so close to the ear his silvery beard hairs tickled up against it.
Tidus fought to remember how to breathe. They came out in drawled, quivering bursts.
Nothing in the world could ever have prepared him for the feeling of that large, furred hand squeezing his cock and balls like that. All of the sudden, the nagging voice inside of him became an all-powerful force of nature that sent his body ablaze in response to Kimahri's touch. It cried out in joy, while Tidus' logical mind fought desperately to remain in control. That mind, in it's dying moments, studdered out a few final desperate attempts to save itself.
“K-K-K-Kim…” With that hand massaging his balls so firmly, yet so pleasurably, he couldn't even manage to utter the whole name. “You… you're not thinking c-clearly…” Suddenly, the ministrations on his genitals stopped, though the hand still held firm.
“Repeat that.” Kimahri ordered. Taking a deep breath, Tidus spoke again.
“You're… you're not in your right state of… of mind.” He pleaded. “Something must have happened to you… S-Sin's toxin, or…” He yelped when Kimahri interrupted him with a nearly painful squeeze.
“Something did happen to Kimahri.” He felt the Ronso growl sensually into his ear. “But nothing wrong. Kimahri simply answering your call.”
“M-my call?!” Tidus wheezed out, barely audible, as his penis twitched under the sinful pressure.
“You summon Kimahri.” His breath was so hot, it was nearly leaving traces of condensation on the side of Tidus' face. “For long time, Kimahri smell your body. It try to tell Kimahri something.” Again, a low chuckle. “Kimahri didn't understand at first… sorry for that.”
“Made you wait long time. Upset your scent. It start screaming, pleading and begging until Kimahri would give it what it wanted.” Tidus knew with absolute certainty that he was going to regret this question.
“Wants…wants what…?” In order to answer the question to his satisfaction, both Kimahri's arms grasped Tidus' thighs and grinded his groin very roughly against Kimahri's own. Even through the ceremonial loincloth and wrap, the monstrous, bulging mass of engorged meat down there was unmistakable pressed against Tidus' own.
“To mate.”
This was it. No more playing around. No more stalling. He was going to have him here and now.
Having trapped his prey against the cool metal crate, Kimahri ground his rod against Tidus' own, holding him firmly in place. The human was wide-eyed as Kimahri effectively pinned him against the crate with a series of stimulating, gyrating humps. Ever the warrior, Kimahri was using his thighs to decimate the last vestiges' of the boy's hesitation and resistance. A series of unestrainable moans rose from the Tidus' throat, and Kimahri's chest swelled with pride at seeing that he could have such a powerful effect on his mate.
With his hands free, he reached down and began undoing the thick, red rope that kept his ceremonial loincloth firmly wrapped around his waist. When it came off, the cloth unraveled around the back, held up only in the front ironically by the pressure he maintained between his cock and his mate's.
Kimahri didn't even bother with his sperm-stained loinwrap. He simply flicked his claw over the sides, slicing it in two. Warm air blew up against the bare fur of his two ass cheeks, while on the front side, the cloth hung. It also was held in place only by the grinding.
Looking up, Kimahri saw that his mate had indeed watched the show though his half lidded eyes, all while mumbling incoherently. Good. He wanted him to see this. Leaning back, Kimarhi released the cloths, allowing them to drop carelessly to the ground and proudly introduced his mate to his mighty cock.
Even as the rippling waves of twisted pleasure from Kimahri's dry hunps still coursed though him, all of Tidus' attention was forcefully diverted at the sight of that… thing.
Had Tidus ever wondered what Ronso dick looked like? Well, sure, in passing thought… sort of the same way he'd wondered what Guado and Hypello genitalia looked like. Kimahri had a tuft of thicker, white fur around his crotch, which Tidus guessed must have been a Ronso version of pubic hair. From the shaft on upwards, the furline dissipated into hairless flesh… underneath that fur, Kimahri's skin was like a very dark, bluish color, similar to how it was on the tips of his lips and his nipples. The color tones were pinker against the traces of the bulging veins, pumping the doubtlessly great amount of blood needed to keep the member erect.
Kimahri penis was about proportional for a creature his size… however, as Kimahri was a colossal anthropoid, even despite being the smallest of the Ronsos, the thing he had in between his legs was equally colossal. The Ronso phallus stood erect before Tidus like a monstrous python of meat, standing tall and proud.
Tidus could absolutely not tear his eyes away from the sight. Thoughts of what the Ronso intended to do with that mammoth appendage should have scared the hell out of him, but that same, stupid part of himself that had been responding to everything Kimahri had done to him so far was now singing in absolute joy.
“You are mine.” The Ronso repeated, only barely managing to shake Tidus away from gaping incredulously at the sight before him. Kimahri looked enthralled that his endowment could have captivated his mate so, but didn't stop there... “And you will show your appreciation for your mate.” Reaching out, he grabbed Tidus' smaller hand into his own and directed it toward his phenomenally stiff erection.
“Uh…ah…” Too fast for Tidus to even object, not that he had much resistance left in him at this point, his hand was placed firmly against Kimahri's hardness. The Ronso's hand constricted around Tidus' to force his fingers around it tightly, like a master swordsman showing his student how to properly grip the hilt of a sword. A mixture of revulsion and fascination struck him all at once… the very first thing he'd felt was the heat… he could actually feel the hot blood underneath the cock's thick, fleshy surface… hell, Tidus almost swore that he'd felt heat radiating off of it moments before his hand had ever touched it. As his fingers were forcibly squeezed around it, the sheer hardness of the member became more than evident, as the outermost flesh barely even conformed to Tidus' grip. It was an incredibly stiff and solid piece, budging only when the boiling blood coursing through it pumped powerfully though those bulging veins. It looked like the cock was twitching in anticipation.
When Tidus first felt that pulse, it startled him enough to squeeze. Ever so slightly. But that was all it took. Suddenly, Kimahri groaned again, closing his eyes halfway and raising his chin. His hand released Tidus', and his legs gave one short buckle.
Tidus could actually feel the load bursting through the urethra before it gushed out of the head like a volcano. It was an eruption symphoniously accompanied by Kimahri's snarl. The thick stream spewed diagonally upward, making the distance between the two mates easily and spraying all over Tidus' chest. The boy let loose another yelp at the feeling of the shockingly hot, white cream splattering his torso.
Being as they were fated mates, Kimahri fully expected to be able to stimulate the human like no one else ever could. Given that he had all but devastated the boy's silly little objections with his forceful affections, his expectations were more than met. However, he'd also expected it to work both ways… Kimahri wanted some of that pleasure himself, and expected the boy to be able to do the same to him.
He'd gotten far more than he'd bargained for when the boy's single squeeze had sent him off, making this his second unexpected ejaculation in the span of a few minutes. Not that he'd been expecting to be able to last much longer, what with the fantastic chase and the grinding having already taken him to wit's end. And to think the human hadn't even been trying.
Opening his eyes, Kimahri licked his lips. There was little chance that he was going to stay down for long this time either… before him stood his mate, panting heavily, sweaty again, and with several trickles of Kimahri's seed dribbling down his torso. The path of one such trickle of sperm came down against one of Tidus' erect nipples, the liquid caressing its sides as it slid around it until reaching the lowest point and continuing its path downward. Meanwhile, Kimahri's nose picked up the natural scent of his mate intermixed with the scent of his own sex. It was the single most erotic thing Kimahri had ever seen.
Despite it all, the Ronso could still see the slightest traces of that same uncertainty in Tidus' face. It was time to annihilate it once and for all… although he would still milk what was left of the human's fear for his own amusement.
“Twice now.” Kimahri teasingly spoke in a mock-threatening tone. “Twice now you make Kimahri cum before ready.” It was made all the more amusing when Tidus tried still to back himself further into the crate he was against.
“…ssss…sss…sssorry?” The boy repeated.
“Not. Good. Enough.” Kimahri repeated right back. With a toothy grin, he held up the thick, red rope he usually used to keep his loincloth on.
“W… wait!” Tidus pleaded as Kimahri grabbed both his hands in a single, huge fist. “What… what are you going to do?!”
“Many… many things.” Kimahri replied in complete seriousness. “But first now… pay you back.”
“You feel it too, yes?” Kimahri asked as he pulled Tidus' arms around the boy's back.
“The call of your mate.” He explained. “You call Kimahri… Kimahri now call you.” Leaning his head in closer, the Ronso dared the boy to challenge him. “You're not Ronso, but you must feel it too… Kimahri has awakened you to it, yes?” It was a very vague description, but Tidus, having experienced all the strange feelings that his logical mind told him he rightfully should never have, realized exactly what Kimahri was talking about. The look on his face betrayed everything.
“No!” Tidus' voice quivered in what was an easily transparent lie. “I don't… no, that's wrong!”
“Oh?” Kimahri condescendingly asked. “Then what is… this?” With both his hands busy tying Tidus' own behind him, Kimahri once again gound his semi-flaccid cock into Tidus still fully erect one. With a squeak, Tidus gritted out a denial.
“That's… that's just a physical reaction!” Kimahri growled up against Tidus' neck.
“Lies.” He admonished, licking some more of that ever-sweet sweat off of the human. “You will learn not to lie to your mate. You will learn obedience.” With that, he released the human's hands, and watched as he struggled uselessly against his bonds. By now, the sperm across his chest and abs had cooled and were sticky, giving him some extremely uncomfortable shivers. “For now… Kimahri has cummed for you. You will now cum for Kimahri.” Tidus' head shot right up, looking wide eyed into Kimahri's.
“Are you…” He quivering asked. “Are you gonna… gonna…f-fuck me??” He stuttered, a little surprised himself that he had put it so crudely.
Kimahri raised one eyebrow, tilting his head slightly to the side, looking as if he would have said “Duh.” if doing so didn't completely betray his character.
Kimahri's arms shot out, grasping Tidus' shoulders. With that ever-familiar Ronso swiftness and grace, Tidus emitted a yelp again as he was effortlessly tossed several feet in the air.
“What are you…?!” Tidus flailed in mid-air, unable to control himself with his hands tied behind him as they were. Just as he began to descend, Kimahri's hand grasped onto Tidus' ankle, holding upside down, his face stopping a few feet from the ground. He hung there like that for a few seconds, suspended there like a fish on a hook. Twisting his head around, all he could see was Kimahri's clawed feet below him. He then felt himself being pulled up again and struggled to bend himself upwards to see what was going on. He nearly sent his face right into the two Ronso balls hanging just above his head.
Kimahri had raised his arm slightly higher, and in doing so, brought Tidus' crotch right up to his salivating face. With his other hand, he grabbed Tidus hip, bracing it for himself. Once again, he brought his face to the human's pelvic region, taking a rapacious sniff of the area, and visibly shuddering at the effect it still had on him.
Mine.” Was all Tidus heard before his trembling shaft was ravenousnessly engulfed. All at once came the feeling of hot breath, thick saliva and huge tongue all over his most sacred and treasured of body parts. Kimahri spared him no mercy, as he was immediately feasting on it with utter gluttony. Tidus' head instinctively flew back down , blonde hair tossed around as his body was assaulted like never before with thunderous shockwaves of pleasure so intense, he didn't even feel the blood rushing to his face.
From such an awkward position, his breath and his moans came up and down uncontrollably… breathing didn't come easily to him, as the Ronso's mouth and tongue licked and sucked on him without an ounce of pity, sending spasms tearing though his whole body. His shaft was ensnared by the prehensile tongue, caressing and pleasuring it. The fangs would occasionally be brushed up against, but never painfully felt. The lips smacked loudly and indecently as they gobbled in more and more of the poor human's fleshy appendage. And the nose tickled up with reckless abandon against his two sensitive testicles. Tidus felt a string of drool, having made it's way past his forest of pubic hair, now dripping down his reversed torso, mixing in with the drying sperm.
“Want your cum.” Kimahri briefly shot out between slurps, like a marathon swimmer taking quick breaths between each stroke. “You WILL give it to me.” He then set about flaying his tongue aggressively at Tidus' dickhead, knowing it to be the most sensitive spot.
Tidus had never felt more helpless in his life. Not merely because he was tied up, hanging upside down and being given the most merciless blowjob imaginable, but because he knew he was losing the fight. The fight NOT to want this. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop Kimahri, but his will was being destroyed, just as surely as his state of lucidity was being destroyed. He'd wanted to at least go down fighting, so that he could say to himself when this was all over that he'd resisted to the very last, but… he was incredibly tempted to just surrender to the Ronso and accept this rocket of bliss being offered to him.
It just felt so good! In the heat of it all, he could barely remember why he'd even been fighting this. It didn't hurt… in fact, this was the single greatest physical feeling Tidus had ever had in his life! As sick as this whole thing might look in retrospect, he just wanted to let go and let it happen, consequences be damned.
“Give me your CUM!!!” Kimahri demanded again, spraying wad of saliva off his lips as he snarled.
And Tidus obeyed. With a lengthily moan, his shaking body let go of all inhibitions and fed the eager Ronso his very essences.
With each passing moment, Kimahri experienced greater and even greater tastes, smells and pleasures. He'd devoured the boy's penis and had found it to be the greatest yet… then he'd tasted his mate's sperm, and it tasted greater than anything he'd ever had… greater than the smell… greater than the sweat… greater than the saliva… even greater than the innards of his slain enemies… He greedily licked it all, refusing to share a single drop with the ground below him.
And sure enough, there was his cock, achingly stiff and twitching again. This time there would be no premature releases. He would claim his mate in the most cherished and primal of ways.
As Tidus panted, recovering from the climax Kimahri had proudly gifted him with, the Ronso scanned the room for something that would be suitable enough to serve as their mating grounds… it was slim pickings, considering the cargo bay, but he struck gold when he spotted a waist-high crate with some cluttered object atop it. As his powerful arm was barely even tired, Kimahri still held Tidus like that as he strode over to the crate and sent everything crashing off the top of it with a sweep of his free arm. Tidus was deposited leaning over the crate, his stomach and face somewhat comforted against the hard metal surface by the blanket that served to cover the cargo. Craning at a ninety degree angle was his ass, splayed out over the side as his legs dangled downward, his feet not even managing to touch the ground. It was perfectly levelled so that Kimahri's waist met Tidus' creamy white buttocks.
With drool now dripping freely onto his own sizable pectorals, Kimahri placed both hands on each of Tidus' outer thighs, while his thumbs massaged and pulled apart each ass cheek. Still trying to catch his breath, Tidus pulled himself up onto his chest and turned his head to face the Ronso behind him.
Kimahri knew that the boy had now submitted to him, but it was easy to see that he was still scared. Perhaps understandably… Kimahri was, after all, a massive creature compared to Tidus, and the idea of being fucked by a monster more than twice your size would scare any sane person. It would be easy enough for Kimahri to simply pound into the boy until he was satisfied, but his pride refused to let him leave his mate with anything less than a screaming, ferocious, mind-blowing orgasm.
Leaning over his mate, Kimahri craned his face into Tidus', giving him a few gentle licks. “Trust Kimahri.” He offered. “Maybe hurt at first, but Kimahri will make you like it.” To help wet the boy's appetite, the Ronso ran the head of his dick down the small of the human's back, over the split ass crack and back again in a smooth motion.
“I… I… I know.” Tidus pantingly whispered. Kimahri suspected that he'd already figured out that because there was something between them, and Kimahri could do anything to Tidus, simply breathe on him, and it would feel great. Tidus knew he was going to enjoy this… no matter how conflicted he may feel about it. His hands gripped at the loose rope threads around his arms in anticipation, while the Ronso continued his teasing motions, wetting Tidus' hole with his anxious precum.
It took every bit of self-control not to impale his submissive little human right then and there, but Kimahri just had to know one more thing:
“You want this?” Of course he knew the human wanted it. But the Ronso wanted an admission. He wanted complete and utter possession of this boy. Conflicting emotions and thoughts raced across Tidus' quivering face as the final chink in his armour gave way.
“…………………yes.&# 8221; Tidus spoke after the longest pause with his face buried in the surface of the crate, his voice so low that only the sensitive ears of the Ronso he'd given in to could possibly hear it.
Using his thumbs to spread Tidus' ass cheeks as far as they would go without hurting, Kimahri trusted foreword, surrounding his dick with the tight, virgin hole of his human mate.
In that moment, Kimahri saw Nirvana.
A soundless scream escaped Tidus' mouth when that Ronso ploughed into him. His back arched as his asshole was stretched obscenely to accommodate the invading member. A feeling of just being incredibly FULL overcame him… and the Ronso was only about halfway in.
Hearing an animalistic growl behind him, the Ronso's hands now gripped painfully against Tidus' delicate thighs. The boy's gallant suitor began giving him some light thrusts in and out.
“Yyyyeeeeesssss…” Kimahri hissed out behind him, slowly gaining depth as Tidus' rectum gave away more and more. “Miiiiinnneeee.” The feeling was beyond description… it hurt, of course… Tidus was taking in almost more than he was physically capable of without being torn apart, but he never thought it that it was possible for his nerves to simultaneously scream out in pain and pleasure all at once.
From behind, he felt warm saliva dripping onto the small of his back and he knew Kimahri was drooling. From below, he felt something soft and fuzzy rubbing up against his balls and knew that Kimahri's tail was once again at work. His breathing and caterwauling became erratic as Kimahri deepened his cock further and further.
But Yevon help him, he didn't want it to stop. As Kimahri grunted and growled savagely with each drive, Tidus felt the feeling of rapture gradually overwhelming whatever pain there was.
Finally, Kimahri, in one powerful thrust, made it all the way in, his blue furry balls slapping against Tidus'. In reaching his ultimate depth, however, the head of Kimahri's cock hit a spot within Tidus that sent an explosion off in his mind.
Tidus helplessly let a muffled scream loose into the blanked as he bit down on it.
It would seem as if Kimahri had found a weakness.
With that last thrust, his mate's whole body had shook, and he'd heard the boy make a noise that sounded about as close to a roar as humans could get. Gleefully, he slammed his hips against Tidus' ass again, able to sent the same tremors though him, but not the noise.
Frowning, Kimahri grabbed Tidus' legs and rolled him onto his back, turning him on his dick like a pig on a spit. He saw that the boy had tried to gag himself on the blanket, and angrily yanked it away. He wanted to hear his mate scream for him.
With another thrust, the Ronso forcibly elicited the primal shriek. Then again. And again. And again. But he just as suddenly stopped, deciding to take a moment to have fun with his newfound measure of control over his mate. Leaning over again, he growled into Tidus' face.
“Say it.”
“Say it.” The Ronso repeated. “Tell me who you belong to.” Tidus' response only came out in delirious, hyperventilating breaths. “Say it…!” Kimahri demanded more desperately, nudging Tidus' sweet spot with his tip, making Tidus yip. “Or Kimahri will make you scream it until you are hoarse!”
“I… I belong… I'm…” Tidus tried. “I belong to…I be…AAAAHH!!” Kimahri bumped it more forcefully this time.
“Say it!”
“I b-belong to… y-y-you.” He whispered.
“You belong to who?” He pressed on, not quite getting the answer he wanted.
“Y-You!” Tidus replied pleadingly.
“Who do you belong to?!” The Ronso demanded again.
“T-To y… AAAAH!! AAHH! To Kimahri!”
“Louder!!” The Ronso snarled so intensely, it looked like he was ready to kill.
“TO KIMAHRI!!!” Tidus screamed so loud it echoed off the walls. Kimahri paused a moment, staring right at Tidus with pure fire in his eyes.
“Yes. Yes you do.” And with that, all bets were off. Vocabulary was utterly lost, replaced with ritualistic savage grunts and moans as Kimahri ravaged his mate. Gone now completely was the quiet, calm, cool, stoic giant known by many as Kimahri Ronso, replaced completely with a creature that was pure animalistic, primal, and savage instinct and raging libido. Beneath him was his bitch, lost in his subjection to all the wild pleasures the savage Ronso was slamming onto him with devastating force.
To anyone on the outside, it looked and sounded as if the beast was killing its prey in the cruellest and loudest way possible. But to those privileged two on the inside, it was the most raw expression of passion and pure physical pleasure that could ever be given between any two beings.
Sensing his end coming soon, Kimahri pinched at Tidus' nipple as he pulverized the boy's ass, wanting to make him wail as much as possible before it was all over. And wail he did, howling like the climactic number at the opera. Tidus' dick sent yet another load of his seed spraying across his own chest, and the sight and smell of it sent Kimahri over that final edge.
Gripping Tidus' thighs so hard that his claws dug into them, Kimahri threw his head back and unleashed an ear-shattering, wall rattling roar, its volume shaming any sound either of them had made beforehand. His Ronso sperm shot hot and deep into the bowels of his mate, coating his innards in such a way that traces of Kimahri's scent could never be removed.
On pure instinct, Kimahri threw his head back down and sunk his fangs deep into the juncture between Tidus' shoulder and neck.
“Mraaaahh… Aaaaaa…!” Tidus' his lungs, depleted as they were, only let out a weak little mewl of pain as the multiple sensory overload cascading all over his body. His mind had had more than it could handle… his eyes roll back behind in their sockets as he dropped out of consciousness.
And then that was it. In that quick, devastatingly passionate forty-second comedown, it was all over.
For nearly a minute, Kimahri stayed like that, holding Tidus' limp form in his hands and maw. As the shockwaves of ecstasy subsided and his lust-filled rage dissipated, Kimahri slowly opened his mouth. In the heat of his climax, he'd “marked” his mate as his own. The bite-scars on Tidus' neck would serve to let others know that he was now the proud mate of a Ronso, and not one to be trifled with, lest they should incur Kimahri's wrath. Kimahri had meant to explain that part to Tidus later on, but lost himself completely there for a few moments.
Kimahri smiled as he cradled his mate in his arms, licking clean the blood. The mating had been everything the Ronso elders had described to him and much, much more. Though but a small, feeble human, this boy possessed a powerful effect on Kimahri that no other creature, be it friend or enemy, could ever hope to compare to. And Kimahri was equally overjoyed to know that he held the same kind of power over this skittish little boy.
Kimahri could have gone on for much longer, but the reality of the situation began to set in as the fire of the moment wore off. Tidus barely got through their first mating conscious, so it would be unreasonably cruel of Kimahri to simply wake the exhausted human up and fuck him into unconsciousness again before he was even halfway done. It would be necessary, thought, to work on the boy's endurance so that, at a more convenient time, Kimahri could screw him into oblivion.
Besides… there was also the matter that they were on the way to save Yuna. Mated or not, it was still Kimahri's sworn duty to protect her, as well as it was Tidus'. He had to get ready… and he would have to get Tidus ready.
With his mate resting peacefully in his arms, Kimahri made his way back to the shower room. The boy still reeked of that insatiable scent, and it would be best if Kimahri washed him off so that he didn't have that smell distracting him at such a crucial time. Even now, he felt the scent calling out to him, begging for more of Kimahri's attention. And Kimahri even felt his cock arising anew to the call, but willed it down.
“Not now.” He spoke to the unconscious human. There was still so much more that Kimahri wanted to show him. “But soon.” He promised.
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