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Now then…
The Scent of His Mate
Part 4
The Honor of his Mate
The entire Ronso tribe, as well as Lady Yuna's close-knit group of guardians, gathered around, forming a disjointed circle around the three raging combatants. Instantly, the negotiations between Yuna and Kelk where put on hold, pending this grudge match between Kimahri, Biran, and Yenke.
Yuna was immediately panicked, torn from between wanting to help her most loyal guardian and her duties as a summoner. What was going on was a formal Ronso challenge… it was strictly forbidden for anyone to interfere. Yuna and her team were already in enough trouble with the Ronso tribe for turning their backs on Yevon, but to commit that kind of taboo would cement them all as the contemptible enemies of Ronso everywhere.
She was worried. They were all worried. Kimahri was locked in vicious combat with two opponents, both much larger than he was. At least, they were worried at first… the fight was difficult to follow initially, because the three Ronsos were fighting incredibly fast, and with animalistic ferocity. For awhile, all they seemed to be watching was an obscure flurry of blue, gold and silver blurs, as the battle was symphonized with savage growls, snarls, yelps and snaps. However, as the fight wore on, something absolutely shocking became evident…
Kimahri was winning.
Watching his mate take on both larger Ronsos at once, Tidus, for the very first time, realized just how easy Kimahri had been taking it on him during their sparring sessions. And… for that matter, just how gentle he was really being during their matings.
The blue Ronso moved with a speed and a ferociousness that was beyond inhuman. Seeing the three of them fight was like watching a three-way dog fight, the combatants savagely biting, beating and tearing into each other wildly. But it was clear that, although Biran and Yenke were powerful and fast, Kimahri, somehow, was just faster and stronger. He bounded about, alternating between the two larger Ronsos and delivering powerful blows that sent them both reeling. He'd taken a few shots himself, but they'd barely managed to slow him down.
It was awe-inspiring… even in their most heated battles, the guardians had NEVER seen Kimahri fight like this. His speed and his power dwarfed anything he'd ever demonstrated previously. It was almost enough to make them believe that Kimahri could have single-handedly escorted Yuna on the pilgrimage entirely on his own. Knowing that Kimahri would never have held back on them, though, they assumed that something about this one had driven Kimahri to the apex of his fighting spirit.
And the Ronso people themselves were even more shocked… when he'd left here all those years ago, Kimahri had been the little blue Ronso… the weakest, most pathetic of them, dismissed by all as a lost cause, at least as far as ever becoming a true warrior was ever concerned. It was unfathomable to them that, at this moment, the runt of their pack was dominating their two strongest and most revered warriors. Biran and Yenke roared in frustration and outrage that they could be losing to this runt, struggling to use their anger to push themselves harder in the face of this punishment… but it did them no good. Still, Kimahri masterfully dodged all of their blows, counterattacking with a raging hellstorm of punches, kicks and strikes with his spear.
The whole spectacle lasted about five minutes. Before long, both the larger Ronso were slowing down, the weight of their beating dragging down on them, leaving them vulnerable to even more attacks. Yenke went down first, a mighty haymaker to the right side of his face sending him sprawling to the ground. With Yenke out of the game, that left only Biran for Kimahri to focus the full force of his vengeance and brutality upon. To his credit, Yenke put up a valiant effort struggling to say on his feet even while Kimahri bore into him, as unstoppable as a hurricane. The golden Ronso held out for as long as he could, forcibly backing away at the blows being dealt against him, moving so far back that the crowd forming the circle around them had to part away in order to make room. But finally, even the mighty Biran could only take so much, and, for the first time in his life, was brought to his knees. Upon this, Kimahri ceased his offensive, waiting to see if his opponent would get back up.
He did not.
Kimahri, reveling in his victory, unleashed a vehement roar echoing across Gagazet and threatening to cause avalanches throughout the mountain range. The entire Ronso tribe stood awestruck and murmured amongst themselves, unable to believe that this was the same feeble Ronso that had fled Mount. Gagazet in shame all those years ago.
And Tidus… well, Tidus, admittedly, was glad for Kimahri. Seeing him utterly dominate those loathsome bastards, his muscles bulging and chest heaving from the fight… he daresay that the spectacle managed to arouse him in those same ways he didn't yet understand.
“H-how…?!” Biran heaved out in panting breaths. “Can not be! Little… little Ronso… how become so strong?!”
“Name… KIMAHRI.” The blue Ronso snarled ferociously at him, demanding proper respect. “If Kimahri is strong, it is because Kimahri never stopped fighting. Kimahri travel all corners of Spira. Kimahri now learns and accepts things which Biran too blinded by selfish pride to understand.”
“P-Pride? Selfish?!” Biran, despite his near-crippled state, was able to snarl back. “Becomes strong by abandoning pride?! Pride and honor is all that matters to Ronso, foolish runt!!” He dared continue to use that name, even from his defeated position.
“Yes.” Kimahri agreed, in a surprisingly calm voice. “But Biran places his pride and his honor in the wrong places. Places it in himself, instead of greater purpose… Biran speaks much of the pride of the Ronso people, but when Biran fights, he fights only for Biran.” It was true… Kimahri, for as much as he hated these two for everything they'd done, hadn't been fighting them for himself.
“Ridiculousness!” Stubbornly, Biran refused to concede the point. Kimahri was never big on words, so he wasn't interested in a debate. Instead, he loomed over Biran and jabbed the butt of his spear onto the larger Ronso's shoulder… a tender spot that Kimahri had particularly focused his blows upon, and one which doubtlessly hurt like crazy.
“Submit?” Kimahri growled, increasing the pressure somewhat, eliciting a wince from Biran. The larger Ronso kept his teeth stubbornly clenched.
“To hell with you!!” His hateful breath came hissing out from his teeth. “Biran will not submit to the RUNT!”
Silence ensued. Only the sound of Gagazet's winds could be heard as all Ronso watched agape, disbelief furthered by Biran's refusal to submit. Biran had, for so long, been held as the model for all Ronso to strive to… and here he was openly defying one of their utmost traditions of sancity.
“Biran…” Kelk, at long last, had to intervene. “… you're not thinking right. Kimahri…” He took a deep breath, astonished that he was going to say this. “Kimahri has won, and won with honour. You must acknowledge if you wishes to keep your own.”
“I will NOT…” The furious Ronso spat, even under the pressure of Kimahri's spear. “…submit to this…!”
“Sub- submit.” From over to the side, Yenke, who'd managed to get back on his feet, made the concession, the bitterness in his voice at having been dethroned by the runt of the Ronso tribe more than evident. Yenke's submitting would count for both him and Biran. Kimahri, however, did not seem impressed. He knew that Yenke was simply covering for his egotistical mate, Yenke having anticipated that Brian would sooner die than ever submit to anyone, least of all Kimahri. As such, Yenke, who was only slightly less arrogant, could suffer acquiescence. But this was not what Kimahri wanted.
“Kimahri submitted too, remember?” Sheer venom was in the usually calm Ronso's voice. No one had ever seem Kimahri like this… “Didn't stop Biran and Yenke.” Both Ronsos looked up at each other. They realized that this was more than a simple defeat… they'd done something to Kimahri, and now Kimahri was in a position to finally pay them back. They were more at his mercy than they realized.
Kimahri could have announced to all the disgraceful thing they'd done to him. The people would know… the Ronso elders would know… it would forever blight the two… perhaps even get them banished. But Kimahri years away from the Ronso had rendered him somewhat indifferent to petty tribal politics and squabbles. He really didn't care about his or their standings within the Ronso hierarchy. All that he cared about now was of his new family… his summoner, his fellow guardians… and his mate.
No. Kimahri had something else completely different in mind.
“Yuna…” He called over to her, pleased to see that his victory had brought a smile to her face. “What do now?”
“Well…” She paused, looking over to Maester Kelk. “Just before the fight broke out, Maester Kelk and I came to an agreement… they're going to let us through.”
“Y-yes…” Kelk affirmed, still clearly astounded at the outcome of this fight. “Summoner Yuna and her guardians may pass.” He announced to all Ronso present. Ever loyal to their more eloquently-spoken leader, the warriors laid down their arms. “However, before you depart, you would be well advised to accept some supplies, as well as listen to some information we have on some of the dangers of the mountain you will be trekking across. Many of the greatest summoners lost their lives as this juncture of their pilgrimage. Mount Gagazet is most cold and unforgiving to those not worthy of scaling its heights.”
“Thank you, Maester.” Yuna bowed. “We would be most honored and grateful for your help.” Kimahri nodded as well.
“Good.” The blue guardian stated. “There is still something Kimahri must do before we go.” Turning back around, he faced his two aggressors again.
“I am dominant now. You will obey.” He told the two surprised Ronsos in an imperial tone. This was true… as if it wasn't enough that there was the underlying threat of Kimahri revealing to the elders what Biran and Yenke had done, Kimahri's victory over them meant that he could now command the two… at least within the realm of Ronso decorum.
“What does ru…” Biran bit his tongue and resentfully corrected himself. “What does Kimahri want?”
“We will go together. To hot springs.” Both Biran and Yenke looked rather surprised at and perplexed at this command. He also turned to Tidus. “You will come, too.” Tidus went wide-eyed at that suggestion.
“Wh… huh??”
The hot springs were supposedly only a ten-minute walk away… but in this hellish weather, the trip felt like an eternity to the human.
There was an extremely uncomfortable silence as Tidus trekked up the mountain path alongside the three Ronsos, all who seemed to be in bad moods. Kimahri, despite his glorious victory, was not smiling. Not that he ever smiled except… well… when Tidus and he were alone together, doing… stuff. But his face seemed especially hard and sharp at the moment. Biran and Yenke, meanwhile, were trailing behind with begrudging scowls across their faces, trudging along as if being pulled by invisible leashes. No one was saying anything, and Kimahri hadn't explained anything about what was happening. He'd pretty much just ordered everyone to follow him… Biran and Yenke, fresh from their ass whopping, had to obey, and Tidus had learned as of a few weeks ago that when Kimahri wanted something, it was best to be obedient.
It was getting cold. Thought they weren't going up the steepest part of the mountain that they would be following with Yuna and the others, the frigid mountain air was beginning to become apparent, and Tidus wasn't dressed for it. Shivering slightly, he crossed his arms, hoping to keep some warmth to himself.
“We will be at hot springs soon.” Kimahri mentioned without breaking his pace, or even looking behind at Tidus, which was pretty impressive. When some slight scoffs were heard from below them, probably at Tidus' expense, Kimahri turned his head around with a severe glare that warned them against any further ridicule of his mate.
Tidus separated his arms and decided to bear brunt the chilly winds, lest he look weak in front of Kimahri, though he did so with some resentment. It was a little unfair that he should be held up to all these Ronso standards, considering that he didn't have any damn FUR. For that matter, just what the hell was this all about? For once, Tidus was having a quiet moment to actually think… think about himself, Kimahri, this whole “situation.”
…how on earth was it that he was just agreeing to all this?! Admittedly, he'd more or less consented to being the target of Kimahri's lewd urges… that is, he'd never actually verbally said “yes” to any of this, but Kimahri had proved himself “persuasive” in ways so effective that Tidus shuddered to remember them. Still, that was all just sex, wasn't it? If the blue Ronso wanted him as a means of venting his carnal and erotic frustrations, then that was all fine, but when the hell had he signed a contract saying that he would agree to Kimahri's rigorous training, obey his commands, and freeze his hairless pink ass off following him up a frigid mountain without so much as a damn explanation???
But what in the world was he supposed to do? Trying to rebel against Kimahri had only resulted in the Ronso humbling him aggressive advances that Tidus was ashamed to say he'd easily given in to. What's more was that now, the Ronso was in a very obviously bad mood. It probably wasn't safe to bring this all into question.
“You are afraid of Kimahri?” It was a hushed whisper, but it still sufficed to knock him out of his pensive trance and scare the crap out of him. So lost in his own frustrations that Tidus hadn't noticed that the Ronso had walked up right next to him.
“Uh?? I… I…” After regaining his wits, the human was suddenly reminded of how, since their mating, Kimahri had this eerie ability to “read” Tidus. As near as he could tell, the Ronso could only sense his mood, and not his thoughts exactly, but he could still uncannily surmise what it was that was on Tidus' mind.
“Never be afraid of your mate. Mate protect you, always.” Kimahri assured him, managing a soothing tone while still appearing gruff and hard. “Trust Kimahri?”
“Well…” DID he trust the Ronso? Well… to be fair, Kimahri had never been dishonest with him. The Ronso had always been extremely blunt and up-front about everything. In his lighter moods, he'd sometimes tease Tidus a little, but not once had he lied to the human about anything. “… I… I do.” Tidus at last admitted. “But you don't… tell me things. I mean, I never know what's going on.”
Kimahri was silent a moment, considering his mate's words. It was true… the Ronso did have a preference for showing the little human what he wanted of him, rather than explaining it. Generally, Kimahri found it more effective… and fun… to physically demonstrate the customs and rituals they would share as mates. Presently, however, the situation was somewhat unconventional, even by Ronso standards. Perhaps, despite his preferences, he should compromise this one time.
“They raped Kimahri.” He stated simply.
“WH…?” A paw appeared over the human's mouth in a flash of movement, cutting him off with efficiency. After a moment, Tidus got the gist that this was meant to be kept quiet, and the Ronso removed his hand. Kimahri? Raped??
“Biran and Yenke defeated Kimahri… many years ago.” He continued to explain in quiet tones. “But Kimahri did not immediately submit.” Tidus slowly nodded, knowing that such a thing was heavily immoral amongst Ronsos. “Even after submit, though, Biran and Yenke did not relent. They used Kimahri… held down and used him… broke him.” It was clear that Kimahri was trying hard to keep his expression neutral as ever, but looking up at him, Tidus could see the pain… the Ronso's eyes twitched, ever, ever-so-slightly, indicating the effort it was taking him not to frown. Even the icy cold winds hadn't been enough to make the Ronso so much as furrow his brow, but the mere memory of the incident managed to chink at the armor that was his inexorable predisposition. “Broke Kimahri's horn.”
WOAH. If the wind hadn't been stinging at his face, Tidus would have gone wide-eyed. Very little to nothing was known of Kimahri's past, even by Yuna… but the loss of his horn was something everyone knew to never bring up. He and the other guardians had always assumed that Kimahri was rather… contentious about the subject on account of the horn being the Ronso symbol of pride and masculinity. But that, as it turned out, was only half the story.
It was hard for Tidus to imagine Kimahri, of all people, as being overpowered, forcibly violated and humiliated. The Ronso had always seemed to him to be completely indomitable… since the human had known him, Kimahri had never given a single quarter to an enemy in battle, had never backed away from any challenge, and had faced every confrontation with such powerful ferocity and supreme dignity. It was even further difficult to imagine Kimahri being raped, considering how utterly and completely the Ronso could dominate and control Tidus whenever Kimahri felt like a good tryst. In battle and in bed, the Ronso beheld so much power over others that it was impossible to imagine him as powerless and impotent to stop his own violation.
“I…” Tidus whispered back, unsure as to what to say. It was… it was completely horrible. But… what should he do? Console the Ronso? Say that he was sorry? That was his first inclination, but Kimahri had always shown himself to be either indifferent or loathsome of anyone's pity. Regardless of how he may have been in the past, he was a proud creature. Still, Tidus would be the biggest asshole in Spira if he acted numbly indifferent, so he tried at disguising sympathy with praise. “But… you did get them back!” He tried enthusiastically.
“Not yet.” Kimahri insisted. “Shame has not yet been lifted. They have yet to fully make amends.”
“Uh…oh.” Tidus scratched the back of his head a little. “Okay, so… where do I come in?”
His question was left hanging when they finally approached the springs, the air around them warming up almost instantly as they came close. A few feet from the steaming water, Kimarhi stopped and turned around. The rest did the same, facing him. The blue Ronso held a very serious gaze toward Yenke and Biran.
“What is it, then?” Yenke bitterly muttered. “Revenge for Kimahri?”
“Revenge, yes.” He replied in a disturbingly calm voice. “But not for Kimahri.”
“What?” Biran drawled.
“Kimahri has already taken his honor back for what Biran and Yenke did before Kimahri left Gagazet. Biran and his mate defeated… Kimahri is satisfied with that.”
“Then why does Kimahri make us come here?” Yenke demanded.
“Yenke and Biran have, this day, committed a different offense.” Reaching over, Kimahri placed a large hand over Tidus' shoulder.
“You insulted Kimahri's mate.” He firmly stated. “Revenge is for him.”
“U…UH?!” Tidus jumped a little at this statement.
“We are away from the tribe.” Kimahri stated, indicating to the abandoned springs. “You will apologize.” Yenke and Biran stood agape at Kimahri for a few moments, and Tidus did the same. THAT was what this was all about??
“Uh…” Tidus started, but was stifled with a quick squeeze from Kimahri's hand.
“APOLOGIZE?!” Biran bellowed out.
“Biran brought dishonor on Kimahri's mate with their words. Kimahri does not tolerate this transgression against his mate.”
“LIES!” Biran growled out. “Kimahri wishes for Biran to apologize to a HUMAN? Kimahri does not seek honor! Kimahri seeks to humiliate Biran!” The blue Ronso narrowed his eyes at Biran's audacity.
“If Kimahri sought to humiliate Biran, Kimahri would have demanded this in front of all other Ronso.” He coolly stated. “Or, would reveal to Ronso what Yenke and Biran did to Kimahri.” It served as a stiff reminder that the ball was indeed in Kimahri's court. “Kimahri speaks the truth when say that he does not seek revenge for himself… but Kimahri will not stand for any disrespect to his mate. If Yenke and Biran wish to relieve themselves of their criminality, then they will make amends to mate.”
So that was it, Tidus realized. Kimahri was, in a sense, blackmailing them, but at the same time, only seeking what he felt was justice for his mate. The blue Ronso knew well that Biran and Yenke would never apologize in front of the other Ronso, even at the cost of their own lives. So he'd brought them here… a private, secluded area, where, hopefully, the two could be inclined to do the right thing with minimal damage to their pride.
And all for… me? The human wondered, surprised and a bit flattered that Kimahri was putting up such a fuss over him… especially when one considered what those two had done to Kimahri. But making them amend for his rape wasn't Kimahri's first priority… instead, it was being used as leverage to obtain amends for a slight insult at Tidus. And he'd even brought them here, in private, to make certain that it could happen.
Biran stood in silence, weighing his options… Kimahri had him by the balls. However great and blinding Biran's pride was, though, he wasn't stupid. It either this, or…
With an expression that behid all the anger and resentment from his face, Biran did the unthinkable… Yenke went wide-eyed as, for the first time in his life, he saw his mate slowly get down on his knees and bow his head.
“For… for the ridicule Biran rendered against the mate of Kimahri… Biran apologizes.” It was spoken once, and very clearly, assuring that it would not be necessary for Biran to repeat himself. Getting over his shock, Yenke slowly followed suit, adopting the same kneeling position.
“Yenke, too apologize. Kimahri's mate worthy of the respect of Ronso.” Tidus watched with transfixed wonder, amazed that these two giant beasts were bowing to him. This was the kind of respect Kimahri had for him… demanded of others. Even above respect for himself.
“Good.” Kimahri grunted after a few moments. “Now leave.” Without making eye contact, the gold and ebony Ronso rose to their feet and made to head back to the mountain base, not daring to say or do anything. When they returned, things would presumably go back to normal, though Kimahri, Tidus, Biran and Yenke would always bear this moment with them.
Watching them as they disappeared off in the distance of the blizzard, Tidus and Kimahri remained for a few moments before the Ronso released Tidus' shoulder a came beside him. Looking up at his mate, Tidus saw the look of satisfaction and pride in Kimahri's face. Taken with the lengths that the Ronso had gone through for his mate's dignity, even within a tribal system that Kimahri himself had abandoned, Tidus couldn't help but fluster a little.
“Th… thank you.” He said honestly. Kimahri nodded.
“Come.” He stated, starting to head back. “Yuna will be ready to leave soon.”
The mood around the campfire could, at best, be described as morbid. Joylessly seated around the burning embers, Summoner Yuna and her guardians remained gloomily silent. Wordlessly, they sat around, unable or unwilling to speak. They had reached a dark point in their pilgrimage.
Zanarkand was just ahead. The pilgrimage was about to come to a close, and everyone knew what that meant… obtaining the Final Aeon, and defeating Sin. But also… It meant an immense sacrifice. A sacrifice they had all been well aware that they were going to have to make since the onset of this journey, but now that they were here… so close to the end… the reality of it was finally hitting them.
They were going to lose Yuna.
No one could speak, for fear that should they open their mouths, they would not be able to suppress the sudden and impulsive urge they were all having to beg Yuna to stop. To go back. To not proceed with this… suicide. They all knew in their hearts that it wasn't right for someone as kind-hearted, gracious and loving as her to kill herself, even if it did mean that all of Spira would get a few years of relief from Sin's ravages.
Would it be worth it? Was a peaceful Spira worth living in if Yuna wouldn't be there? Be there to brighten their days, and bring hope to their lives? Everyone, deep in their gut, wanted to scream out `NO!', but didn't dare do so. Yuna was determined to do this, and they could not undermine her will and resolve this late in the pilgrimage. This is what she wanted. It went against every fiber of their beings, but they would press on, fully offering their support to Yuna until the very end. They had committed themselves to it, without question, and however much it hurt them, they were going to proceed.
But no one could pretend to be happy about it. Not even the generally cheerful Tidus.
Normally, Tidus might be trying to liven to mood somehow, but found himself distracted, doubly. Not only with these troubling thoughts about Yuna's immense sacrifice, but about… Kimahri.
These times were doubly painful for the Ronso. Kimahri had recently lost the most of his tribe in a bloody massacre. As they'd made their way up Mount Gagazet, Seymour, astoundingly still not dead, had pursued them, still after Yuna. The warriors of the Ronso tribe had vowed to do what they could to see to it that her journey would be completed without any hindrances. Unfortunately, this meant trying to stop the powerful Maester Seymour from making his way up the mountain.
The Ronso had chosen to block Seymour's path. And Seymour had chosen to remove them from it… as bloodily as possible.
In a single, unthinkable moment, the great Ronso tribe of Gagazet had been nearly decimated. All of their greatest warriors had fought desperately, but to no great avail. Even for a group of born and bred warriors, raised in the harsh environment of Mount Gagazet, all they'd managed to do was slow Seymour down. Now all that remained were the women, children, elderly, and some scattered Ronso who'd been away at the time.
The group had succeeded in fighting off Seymour when he'd caught up with them… it had been an incredibly intense battle, one of their fiercest by far, but they'd beaten him. It was during this battle, in particular, that Tidus had noticed the effects that Kimahri's training had been having on him… he moved faster and hit much harder than before… several times, Seymour, in his “Flux” form, had attempted to lance Tidus with blindingly fast blows. A few weeks ago, Tidus would have been too slow to dodge these attacks, and likely would have been impaled. Instead, however, the young blitzball star, to even his own surprise, weaved and dodged these attacks, managing to dance through them and get in close enough to deliver some critical hits on Seymour.
However well Tidus did, though, it was as if nothing compared to how Kimahri fought: The Ronso beast had furiously attacked Seymour head on, despite the fact that he left himself wide open to injury in doing so. Seymour had unleashed a torrent of destructive sorcery and beatings onto Kimahri, and yet the enraged Ronso wouldn't stop… no matter how hard Seymour beat the Ronso, Kimahri just kept coming after him. Even with his phenomenal power, Seymour could not contend with the relentless offensive by the guardians, and had been sent crashing down the mountain… thought it was doubtful that it had finally taken the abomination of a man down for good. Still, they'd hurt him enough that they were confident that he wouldn't be of any worry in the immediate future. Right after that fight, though, there was a distinct change in the air. Something had changed. Tidus had… sensed it somehow.
Something was wrong with Kimahri.
It would have been impossible for anyone else to tell, because the Ronso was always so quiet and dispassionate. To the naked eye, he seemed his usual neutral and stoic self. He'd shown a moment of rage upon learning that his kin had been viciously killed, and had exercised that rage unto Seymour in battle, but he just as quickly returned to normal after the fight was over. It seemed as though news of the slaughter of his people had perturbed him but only momentarily… enough to give him the drive he needed to avenge them.
But somehow, Tidus knew something was still wrong with him. He couldn't possibly explain how, but something inside him was telling him that Kimahri was still hurting. It was in the same, strange way that Tidus had felt a connection to the Ronso on other occasions. But rather than being sexual, this feeling was decidedly different: before, this feeling, this affinity they held… it was hot, bright and passionate. But now… it was icy, cold and aching. And Tidus was terribly disturbed by this feeling.
The Ronso had gone off some distance, as he usually did each night. The curious thing, though, was that this time, he did not come to fetch Tidus. Further rousing curiosity was how Tidus felt rather… bothered by that.
The last week and a half had been some kind of surreal blur, with Tidus unable to fully deal with the implications of himself and Kimahri for no other reason than that the Ronso would not give him a damn moment to himself. Whenever the group was not busy fighting their way to the end of this bloody pilgrimage, Kimahri usually took advantage of those moments to whisk Tidus away, either for the purposes of training of mating… or both. But now, the Ronso had mysteriously left Tidus be, offering no explanation.
And… yeah, that bugged Tidus a little. What could he say?
With a heavy sigh, he raised himself to his feet. Placing a quick, reassuring hand on Yuna's shoulder and with a nod to the others, he set off in the direction Kimahri was off in. The boy wasn't sure what he was going to do, but… it was certainly better than just sitting on his ass, wasting away in the dreaded somberness. Maybe after he'd settled things with Kimahri, he could get whatever it was off his mind and try cheering up the others again.
It was deadly silent in these lands… at the edges of Zanarkand, there was nothing but rock, dirt, and a few scattered remains of buildings which were once formed the outskirts of the once-great city. The sound of Tidus' footsteps crushing the dry ground beneath his shoes was the only sign of life in this place.
He began to worry after several minutes of trekking away from the party's campsite, but was relieved when, off on a hill overlooking the ruined city, he spotted the Ronso. Sitting perfectly quietly, legs crossed, Kimahri looked contemplatively out at the setting sun on the horizon. His blue fur now appeared a bit orange basking in the evening light. Tidus climbed up the hill, though the Ronso made no movement in response to the approaching footsteps. He simply sat there, sullen and brooding
Tidus stood behind him for a few moments, unsure of what to do. He knew Kimahri was downcast and wanted to do something about that, but wasn't sure where to begin. With a shrug, he simply sat down next to him.
“Hey.” He tried. Kimahri responded with a polite grunt. Tidus scratched the back of his head, trying to think of something better than that. “So… it's all gonna be over soon, huh?” He continued. Kimahri did not respond. Taking in a deep breath, Tidus tried a new tact.
“Funny when you think about it. I mean, us, Bevelle, the Al Bhed, the Guado and Ronso… we're all fighting for the same thing… we all want to get rid of Sin. So how is it that we ended up fighting so much?” Still Kimahri remained silent. Sighing, Tidus just sat there for a few moments, watching the sun dip down.
“Strange.” All of the sudden, Kimahri simply spoke, surprising the human a little. “Kimahri reject tribe long ago. Hated Biran and Yenke for what they did to Kimahri, hated tribe for allowing it to happen. Severed all bonds with them, and chose to live with humans, instead.” Still, the Ronso was looking out into the dying sunset, eyes narrowed against the blinding light. “Never regret decision. Much happier now. Kimahri became stronger, and found everything he wanted.”
There was another pause, as his head then lowered a little. “But even for all the pain and loathing Kimahri carried with him all these years… Kimahri still carries pride of Ronso with him. Even if Kimahri didn't care that Ronso insult Kimahri, Kimahri demanded their respect for his mate.” He openly pondered. “Do not know why… but Kimahri still feels pride for his people.”
Tidus flushed a little at the compliment and nodded, even though the blue Ronso wasn't looking at him.
“And when Kimahri learn that Ronso were nearly massacred… Kimahri felt rage. Kimahri felt need to avenge people, even though Kimahri felt nothing for them before.” His fist, resting on his knee, tightened at the thought. “And now… Kimahri grieves.” Tidus quirked an eyebrow at that.
“Well… yeah of course you do.” He offered. “That normal. It just means that you've got a conscience.” He was pleased when Kimahri finally gave a response, if only in terms of turning his head slightly toward Tidus. “Even if they were horrible to you, they still didn't deserve to be killed like that.” Slowly, Kimahri nodded.
“It is more than that.” The Ronso persisted. “Kimahri… foolishly thought that he'd severed all bonds with Ronso… and believed himself happier for it. Kimahri needed to believe this so Kimahri would not feel ashamed for broken horn, or for humiliation.” He looked out again into the sunlit skyline with a sense of resignation. “Now Kimahri realizes that he'd been deluding himself. Kimahri will always carry pride of Ronso with him, no matter what.” He closed his eyes, frowning. “And so, Kimahri must always carry shame for loss.” The light breeze ruffled Tidus' bleached hair slightly as he considered all that.
“But… didn't you get your honor back when you beat those two? I mean, the whole tribe saw that!” Tidus continued further. “And you avenged all of them, didn't you?” He nervously twiddled his thumbs a little, wondering if he had any place making these kinds of assumptions about Kimahri or his culture. “I mean… I can't claim to know a whole lot about the ways of your people, but I'd think that you got your pride back, and then some. Didn't all those Ronso die knowing that you were the strongest of them all?” He stared back out over the skyline as though it were the infinite reaches. “And wouldn't those same Ronso be smiling on you from the Farplane and resting in peace, knowing that you avenged their deaths?” Kimahri waited a moment, then heaved a breath as he opened his eyes.
“…Yes.” He finally admitted.
“And, you know…” Tidus continued, placing a comforting hand on Kimahri's knee. “Even if Seymour … I doubt he saw even one Ronso running away from him! I'm sure… I know that they all went with honor, right to the last one.”
“They did.” Kimahri said firmly, raising his head stalwartly up again.
“It's horrible when anyone dies…” The human continued. “… but at least they got to die fighting for something they believed in.” Turning again, Tidus faced Kimahri. “And they believed in us. In Yuna. And in… you.”
Wow. He mentally remarked. Where the heck did all THAT came from?
Yes.” Kimahri now bore his head up and nodded. “We cannot let their sacrifice be for nothing.”
“Right!” The human clocked his fist, enthused. “We'll stop Sin… we'll end it once and for all… and we'll do it without sacrificing Yuna!” Studying Kimahri's changing expression carefully, Tidus watched as the faintest traces of a smile appeared at the edge of his feline lips.
He also remarked, with approval, that the connection between them, the instinct was becoming warm again. It was still a little cool, not nearly to the extent it usually was, but it was definitely better than it was before… not nearly as distracting. Still… still, it bugged at him a little. Like he'd gone some distance with the task of fixing it, but hadn't quite gone far enough.
It was lukewarm, but he was most comfortable with it when it was burning. Hot, like before. Hot like… his hand. His… hand…?
In that moment, the human found himself like a daze of sorts…he'd realized his hand had already strayed from whence it was, dangerously close to that area in between Kimahri's legs. His palm had climbed the peak of muscles situated over Kimahri's outer thighs, and had now nearly descended into the valley between it and the other thigh. Tidus, while trying not to look surprised, was bloody surprised. When the hell had that happened???
However it had, Kimahri could not have been unaware of the wanderings of Tidus' hand… and had said nothing of it. Tidus chanced a look between his hand and Kimahri's face… and the Ronso's visage still held that simple little smile. Tidus was now left to wonder if the smile was in response to what he'd said, or what he'd just unconsciously done.
The human froze for that moment, trying to figure out what in the world he was supposed to do now. As he stopped, though, there was that instinct, that stupid instinct inside of him that suddenly lit up, furiously demanding to know why he'd stopped, and ordering him to continue on. Then there was the old, civilized part of his brain, that looked on at this situation he now found himself in and flinched, recoiling in disgust and disapproval. Again, these two facets of the human's being fought and writhed angrily with one another for dominance over what should be done. Though…
…the instinct… the instinct had been getting much, much stronger, lately. It was as Kimahri had promised him: slowly, but surely, those primal impulses Tidus had within him, which had been dampened from a lifetime of civilization and logic, were awakening and speaking to him much louder and more clearly. Slowly, Tidus took a deep breath, trying to center himself, but finding it useless. His primal, barbaric urges thundered away at him with such force that it may as well have been another person forcing his hand. It was insane… the first time Kimahri had aroused him and awoken these feelings, already they had been difficult to ignore. And now, as they were more powerful than ever, it was near-impossible to deny.
He knew what this primitive force inside him wanted him to do… his mate was still pained, and the connected feeling that the human got from the Ronso was still a little cold. He instinctively wanted to fix that. He wanted to soothe his mate, and to rekindle that fire, that wonderful heat that his mate usually radiated. It was more than blind, inexplicable lust this time, though… now able to hear his primal nature better than ever, Tidus understood that this was his duty… his duty toward his mate.
Though the nagging doubts that his logical mind presented him with about what he was doing lingered on, they were now reduced, as if but the buzzing of insects compared to the heavy roar of his desire. Amazingly, throughout his internal struggle, Tidus' hand had remained perfectly still, not shaking in the slightest. With some measure of courage, Tidus edged his hand further, floating over the top of the ornamented loincloth that the Ronso wore.
Holding his breath, Tidus let his hand drop right on the groin area.
Kimahri immediately growled.
Tidus instantly reacted at once, pulling his hand away, suddenly afraid he'd done something wrong. His heart jumped another beat when Kimahri's own hand shot out, latching onto Tidus' before it had managed to pull away more than two inches.
Alarmed, the human looked up suddenly at the Ronso's face to find him staring directly at him. Tidus was about ready to blurt out an apology, when Kimahri placed his hand back on his groin.
“No… continue.”
He hadn't meant to do that. Scare his mate like that. But the little human had left his hand resting there on Kimahri's inner thigh for so tauntingly and tantalizingly long that by the time he'd finally laid it to rest on his nether regions, the Ronso's pent-up anticipation had rushed out in a growl that doubtlessly sounded more threatening than the purr he'd intended.
He most certainly did NOT want to discourage his mate from this kind of behaviour. In fact, he hadn't said anything before because he'd wanted to see if the human would actually do it. It had always been Kimahri who had initiated all matings so far, so when the Ronso had felt the boy's hand creeping along his leg, he'd decided to say and do nothing, curious, and certainly hopeful, to see if his shy and bashful mate had finally mustered up the courage to bestir Kimahri.
Staring into his mate's surprised eyes, the blue Ronso returned the boy's hand back onto the precious area between his legs with a firm order to continue. He was very eager to see what his mate would do…
Tidus' heart settled back down very quickly. Kimahri didn't exactly have a wide range of facial expressions, but Tidus had been learning to read the subtleties. When he'd looked into the Ronso's eyes, he'd seen a wryly apologetic look… something that said that Kimahri was sorry that he'd spooked Tidus, but was at the same time amused by it.
With Tidus' hand now back on Kimahri's loincloth, the Ronso retracted his own hand and returned it passively to the side. Looking up and down at him again, the human saw that Kimahri held a light smile… apparently, liking very much Tidus' adventurous hand.
After a further moment of hesitation, Tidus gradually pushed down harder with his fingers, feeling the contours and shapes of everything the loincloth held underneath it. There, he made out the distinct outline of no uncertain member. While Tidus had been made extremely familiar with Kimahri's manhood, he almost didn't recognize it upon first feeling it, as it was… soft. He was used to seeing it when it was engorged and at the ready. That quickly changed, however, as he literally felt it gaining blood and hardness in his grip
Slowly, his hand moved up, passing over Kimahri's red belting and onto his lower abdomen. As he did this, Kimahri slowly shifted his position, lowering his back to the ground. Tidus, his hand still situated on the Ronso's abs, watched in curiosity as Kimahri rested his entire body, laying down in an open invitation to Tidus' ministrations.
“Yes…explore Kimahri.” The Ronso softly purred before relaxing his head against the ground. Hearing those words, Tidus rapidly felt all inhibition leave him, and with a subdued sense of joy, positioned himself over the supine Ronso and began feeling all over the blue torso. He'd felt Kimahri before, but usually during frenzied lovemaking. In this instance, he really got a chance to take the time and observe… to feel his mate.
It was really incredible… Kimahri was like no other creature Tidus could have dreamed of. The Ronso's whole body was an odd juxtaposition: It was covered in soft, smooth, velvety fine fur… that felt so good when rubbing up against Tidus' hairless skin; and at the same time, underneath that fur was nothing but brash, solid muscle. Hard and powerful, each bump and ridge of uncompromising brawn remained defiant and rocklike against Tidus' hands. Just feeling them spoke of the years of excruciating, arduous training and hardships that the Ronso had gone through in order to toughen his body up to such a nearly insane degree.
Honestly? The privilege of this close and personal inspection of such raw masculinity made Tidus feel a little inadequate himself by comparison. But the human's admiration easily outweighed his jealously, and his hands continued to explore, feeling over from the abs to the ribs to the Ronso's jutting pectorals. All the while, the Kimahri's fur tickled and massaged enticingly at the palm of Tidus' hands. Soon, his fingers found themselves combing though the patch of thicker, white fur over the Ronso's chest. It was a bit rougher than the blue fur adorning Kimahri's body, but it felt no less good in his hands.
All the while, Kimahri's chest rose and fell in a fascinating rhythm. Experimentally, Tidus rested most of his weight on his hands… and found that Kimahri still had absolutely no problem taking in breaths with Tidus leaning on him. The human's entire body rose and fell with Kimahri respiration, the Ronso's lungs seeming powerful enough to heft Tidus effortlessly.
It was in no way strange… a powerful, hulking monster such as this submitting himself to this small human's curiosity. But this is what Kimahri wanted… and, Tidus realized, this is what HE wanted as well. And with no such restrictive thoughts in mind, he further braved things by removing the straps and leather adorning Kimahri's upper body. They were in his way.
Those little hands trailed fire along his chest. Kimahri closed his eyes and rumbled with pride and satisfaction at his mate probing him with such adoration. When he felt the human undoing his straps, he further purred, but also fought against getting too excited too fast. He was sorely holding back the raging urge he had to just grab the boy, pin him to the ground and ram his tight little ass until he begged Kimahri for mercy.
But he withheld that impulse, as well as the dozens of other erotic scenarios that were running wildly though his head. Kimahri wanted to let his human have free reign over him for once. Up until now, Kimahri had always had to take the lead in their trysts (not that he at all minded), due to the human's reluctance and nervousness. While Kimahri had certainly found those traits amusing to toy with, he was also pleased to see that the boy was becoming more comfortable with him, and apparently understanding the nature of their mating much better. While Kimahri did love to dominate the human, did love to pin him down and make him scream, he would allow his mate this opportunity to delve, to analyze, to burrow him. It excited him to think of what the boy might do to him when given that freedom… and already, this mere touching felt fantastic.
Those little fingers now glided across his chest, massaging and exploring him, and Kimahri purred with sheer delectation. Holding himself back was not going to be easy…
Tidus couldn't help but smile at it… Kimahri, who ordinarily fought and fucked with fearsome intensity, kind of resembled a mutt getting a tummy rub. His chest rumbled with content, his head was dreamily off to the side, smiling, and his tail flipped lazily about. Tidus contemplated that he'd somehow tamed this fearsome beast, but knew better of it… obviously, Kimahri was lending a courtesy to the human. But Tidus was still going to enjoy the moment for all it was worth.
His hands had traveled their way from the pectorals to the shoulders to the arms… the human wondered briefly if Kimahri was flexing his muscles at the moment, trying to appear even more imposing and impressive to his mate. Experimentally, he began massaging at the stubbornly hard meat, and was pleased when Kimahri actually moaned a little in approval. Sure enough, the hulking muscles did relax under the kneading, but only by very little… even in their relaxed state, they remained sturdy and bulky.
Taking notice, the human saw that poking out from the blue and white hairs adorning Kimahri's body, his nipples had erected. They were both normally camouflaged cleverly under the coat of hairs, being a darker shade of blue themselves, but now stood tall and firm. Impertinent curiosity ran rampant in the young man, as they rose out almost like a gesture of invitation. Observing Kimahri's face as he did so, Tidus brushed his fingers up against the tip of the dark blue nipple… and watched as the Ronso's lips contorted from a pleased smile to a grin of sheer delight, growling lightly in consent as he did so.
Likes that, does he? The human observed. It was certainly hard, but malleable under his hands, quite unlike the rest of Kimahri's body. Enjoying the sight of Kimahri wincing in bliss at his actions, Tidus braved it a step further… pinching lightly at the left nipple, he raised it further still, forcing it to protrude out erectly, and seeing the rough, pebbly surface the flesh was composed of. Regretting only slightly that he wouldn't get to see the look on Kimahri's face as he did this, Tidus leaned down and, closing his eyes, darted his tongue over it.
Kimahri's whole chest trembled with a delighted growl. Encouraged, Tidus positioned himself laying down onto the Ronso, his face buried against the right piece of nubby flesh. Placing his mouth on it as though it were candy, Kimahri tasted like… well, there was no real words for it. All that could be said was that he tasted just like Tidus imagined Kimahri should… like warm meat, and just a hint of something piquant tingling at the human's taste buds. The fur on the sides of the areola brushed on his tongue as it oscillated around, but they hardly interfered in the affair.
With his right hand, Tidus fondled at the other breast, enjoying the taste and feel, suckling at it like a babe. And all the while, loving the wonderful sounds rumbling from Kimahri's throat. Soon, it became a game, as Tidus would apply more and more intensity to his ministrations, hoping to see just how much he could make the Ronso groan like that.
Gods… Gods… Gods…
Kimahri's tense hands clawed roughly at the ground beneath them, grinding the soil repeatedly until it seemed there would be nothing left to grind. It was all he could do to hold himself back.
He loved this and hated it all at once. No one had ever touched Kimahri like this before… he'd never had this kind of gentle, yet firm attention paid to his most sensitive places. He'd completely underestimated the effect that letting his mate run rampant on him like this would have. Inside him stirred a fury, an inner beast that was being teased and snapped furiously at the walls of Kimahri's will. The Ronso fought to resist it, squirming and moaning slightly... But, gods, he'd had no idea it would be such an ordeal… had he know it would have been anything like this, he might have chained himself up beforehand. Yet he held firm, for he knew the reward would be immense.
His whole body stiffened at once when the boy's little teeth started nibbling at his sensitive glands. Uncontrollable hisses of pleasure escaped from between his gritted teeth, and he found his breathing becoming erratic. While Kimahri was able to keep his twitching arms to the ground, his tail snapped out and wrapped itself around Tidus' leg, a gesture of only slight betrayal to his self imposed submission.
The sudden appearance of a tail constricting around his leg was a surprising, but not at all unwelcome gesture. Tidus dared to even smirk a little.
So often before, the little human had found himself completely helpless before the Ronso's aggressive pursuits, forced to endure horrendously pleasurable teasing at Kimahri's hands until eventually being forced submit to his unyielding demands. Not that Kimahri was ever cruel or demeaning, … no, he could be playful, but the Ronso always showed a certain respect for Tidus. Still, it did sort of bug Tidus' pride that the Ronso could always manipulate him with such ease. On all previous occasions, Kimahri could beguile the human, within minutes, from being his usual self into becoming the Ronso's all-too-willing bitch, crying out for his master's affection and begging to be pounded hard.
Now, Tidus found himself in a position where he could take charge and get to have his way with his mate. Obviously, he couldn't dominate the Ronso with the same ferocity and authority with which Kimahri had done to him, but he still found the experience to be exquisitely satisfying.
Lifting his head, Tidus looked up to see the side of Kimahri's face buried in the dirt, his mouth open and heaving puffs of breath so hard they kicked up miniscule clouds of dirt. Leaning back a bit, the human brushed up against the familiar hardness that had been building in between Kimahri's legs. Looking over his shoulder, the human saw an impressive tent underneath the ceremonial loincloth.
He wanted that. Days ago, he would've cowered at the mere thought of it, as it had been the ultimate tool that the Ronso had used to extract screams of rapture from the human's throat. But Tidus now considered that this weapon was double edged… and that perhaps it could be used against its wielder.
Kimahri's body reacted very poorly to the sudden disappearance of his mate's hands and mouth, and his head shot up in outrage. He was placated, though, when he saw that the boy was merely changing positions… his aching nipples missed the company, but he saw clearly the human's next target and immediately forgave him.
Settling himself between the Ronso's legs, Tidus' hands pressed down against the bulge in between, further inciting more noises that could be considered a cross between a growl and a purr. Grinning slightly, Tidus placed his hands over the thick, red rope that acted as Kimahri's belting, tightly bound against his waist. Looking up quickly, Tidus checked to see the Ronso's expression, gratified to see that Kimahri was watching the activity intently. Breathing quickly in anticipation, the air whistled from his feline nostrils. Quickly, Tidus undid the knot, thankfully uncomplicated, and pulled away the decorated garb, leaving only the plain, white loinwrapping. Tightly bound against Kimahri's potency, there was already a small speck of moisture where his cocktip was. Tidus frowned, noting that the underwear would be a little more difficult to undo than the rest, considering that he'd have to pull it all the way down Kimahri's extensive legs. Still, he yanked at the sides, and so tight was it against the Ronso's eager loins that it seemed to peel off, becoming inside out as it went.
And as it went, unleashed was the prize. Rising from beneath was the mighty cock of the mighty Ronso, erect and at the ready. A heavy musk instantly permeated the air that delighted Tidus' nose. Impatient, the human abandoned the underwear upon getting it down in between Kimahri's knees and hovered over the appendage, taking a second to glance in admiration. It cast a large shadow over their elongated profiles in the dusk light, twitching with every pulse that coursed through the Ronso's body.
Kimahri still looked on… anticipation gleaming in his yellow eyes. With a deliberately slow moment, Tidus brushed up his fingers against the Ronso's shaft, causing Kimahri to squeeze his eyes shut and arch his head back.
“Yeeeeeeessssss…!” An unabashed grin broke out across the human's face at the sound of Kimahri's deep, hissing voice. He'd finally broken the Ronso's silence. Firmly, he brought both hands around it, grasping it diligently like the hilt of a sword. For but a moment, he just let himself feel it… feeling the amazing heat that radiated off it… feeling the potent rhythm of the throbbing blood pounding through it's veins… even stilled like this, it felt every bit as powerful as he remembered.
His hands experimentally began to massage the organ, slowly at first. Feeling as though it were a conductor's stick, he found that he could command the tone and intensity of Kimahri's growls with each movement of his fingers over the hardened flesh. They became strongest when Tidus' fingers brushed up against the head, sounding fierce enough to intimidate the most ardent warrior. Still, Tidus took his time… this was a complicated device, and he was determined to learn of its nuances. Not wanting to send Kimahri over the edge too soon, the human gave the head a reprieve from his fingertips and moved one hand downward to the set of blue testicles suspended at the base. Tidus was a little more careful about handling this; balls were, after all, delicate items, as he should well know. Holding them up in his palm, his fingers caressed them delicately, cautious not to be too hard, but feeling intently at the thicker hairs adorning the sac.
“Mrrrrrrhhh… yessss…!” Kimahri moaned again, only sounding more… gurgled than last time. Looking up, Tidus saw that the sides of the Ronso's mouth had began foaming, with little trickles of drool coming down both sides, dampening the fur and beard on his face. Salivation on Kimahri's part had served, in the past, as a warning sign that the Ronso was nearing his climax. Knowing this, Tidus decided to have as much fun with the monster as he could before that moment came.
Delicately, he opened his mouth and lowered his head.
So… the human thought to toy with Kimahri, did he?
His mate's little hands fingered lightly all over his groin, and the Ronso knew well that the boy was teasing him. Oh, he'd pay for this… he'd pay for this many times over, Kimahri promised as he grinned… but for now, he allowed the raunchy, sensual torture to continue, indulging himself in every lascivious moment of it. His chest was now heaving up and down erratically, drawing breaths rapidly and too dazed from the pleasure to lick the saliva flowing carelessly from his muzzle.
Then he felt it… warm lips encircling his engorged penis.
His whole body jolted at once at the sensation and a vicious snarl escaped his mouth. This was phenomenal… Kimahri had never tried to force the boy to suck him off before, fearing that it was too aggressive a move to attempt on the nervous and uncertain human. He'd certainly wanted to make it happen, but had decided to save it, as well as several other bold maneuvers, for later, when his mate had become more accepting of their relationship. Now… oh, Gods, it had certainly been worth the wait!
He felt it all in exquisite detail… those tepid, wet little lips struggling to encompass his girth… the tongue, snaking over the his sensitive head and sides… the various walls of the mouth as the boy angled his head from side to side, trying to find the best way of fitting as much of Kimahri as he could in there. The Ronso resisted, as best he could, the urge to slam his hips upward, knowing that the human was inexperienced at this and not wanting to choke him… even if the prospect of having the boy's throat sputtering and coughing with his cock deep inside sounded like heaven.
Still, Kimahri could not sit still. Despite his best efforts, his hands would not be satisfied clinging to his sides anymore. He wanted… he NEEDED to touch his mate!
A tearing sound was heard underneath Tidus, and he had but a second to ponder what that may have been before he felt Kimahri's legs spreading out beneath him, snapping apart his loinwrap in the process. A moment later, and Tidus was briefly alarmed when the two legs suddenly wrapped around his lower torso. The thick, muscular limbs held securely around him, though not painfully… even though all Kimahri had to do was squeeze, and the tree-trunk-like thighs could crush the human's ribcage.
At the same time, Tidus felt two huge pairs of hands grasp at his head in a similar grip… strong, but not forceful. The razor sharp tips of the talons combed through his scalp, tracing random, circular patterns gently against the skin. Tidus had paused, taken off guard by the sudden shift in position… Kimahri had effectively locked him in place, guaranteeing that Tidus wasn't going anywhere until the deed was done.
The human feared that the Ronso had suddenly decided to take charge… but Kimahri wasn't guiding or forcing Tidus' movements… merely bracing him in place. Aside from his fervent breathing and squirming, the Ronso wasn't doing much else.
“Do… not… stop!” Was his furious growl. Kimahri may not have been forcing Tidus, but the human knew well that if he kept the ravenous Ronso waiting a second longer, that would change. Such was the danger in trifling with the libido of a hungry monster such as this. Closing his eyes and bracing his hands against Kimahri's captive thighs, Tidus gave his full concentration to the massive rod currently situated in between his lips.
The boy was unaccustomed to fellatio, but that actually worked to Kimahri's advantage in this case… the little human's mouth shifted constantly, searching for a better means of pleasuring his insistent mate, and in doing so, created a far more stimulating treatment.
Rhythmically, the boy began sliding more of Kimahri's manhood down into his throat, then bobbing his head back up… there was only so much of Kimahri that the human could physically fit into his mouth without choking, but even with less than half of his cock being absorbed by his mate's lips, it was still a groaning pleasure beyond anything Kimahri could have anticipated. Perhaps in the future, the human could learn to swallow… but for now, Kimahri was more than satisfied with his treatment… besides, the boy's hands were still massaging at the remainder of his shaft, assuring that none of the many inches of Kimahri's cock were being neglected.
“…Goooood.” He gnarled out, complimenting his mate on his performance, fingers petting affectionately at his scalp. Taking in a deep breath instead of the quick bursts, he purposefully took in a great whiff of the boy's wonderful, provocative scent, letting the titillating effect it had on him shiver throughout his body and double his pleasure. “…so good…”
In this moment, hearing his mate call out to him, Tidus' whole world was Kimahri… the Ronso was all he could feel… all he could hear… all he could see… all he could smell… and all he could taste. And his own mating instincts were at full strength by now, aroused to full potential by the overabundance of the presence of his mate.
Overcome by instinct, Tidus was now aggressively taking as much of the Ronso as he could. His mouth and tongue ravaged the top of Kimahri's cock with impassioned savageness, while his hands pumped away at the base, loving… needing to hear more of his mate roaring in the throes of feverish passion.
Tidus' own dick was hard in his pants, awakened and responsive to every touch, every growl, every hint of Kimahri's presence around him, as surely pleasured as it would have felt were the Ronso actually touching it himself.
One hand abandoned the cock, moving around the thighs and shifting to grasp at the Ronso's buttocks. He groped assertively at it, but, like the rest of Kimahri's body, the gluteal muscles were tense and solid, unpliable in the human's grip. Passing over one round globe to the other, the human's hand eventually found the crack in between and traced it down to where Kimahri's puckering hole was to be found.
His fingers already slick with precum, he wasted no time penetrating the Ronso for the first time.
Kimahri at first was disappointed when one hand stopped adoring his cock, but was quickly pleased when he felt it grab at his ass, being that the nerve endings of the fur on his bottom were highly sensitive and responsive to the human's touch. Pleasure turned to surprise when he realized that hand was going for his anus…
It was highly unusual in Ronso mating for the dominant to be penetrated by his submissive… but Kimahri allowed it all the same, welcoming the new feeling of the human's fingers wiggling inside of him. The human experimented, at first, seeing how many of his digits could enter the Ronso hole… first two… then a third… and not once during these explorations did the boy break pace sucking Kimahri off.
He couldn't hold off much longer… it was simply too much! Having all of his sensitive parts fantastically stimulated like this was more than even the most powerful Ronso could bear. As Kimahri had been rendered incoherent, able only to make an erratic and passionate series of growls and moans emerge from his mouth, he tightened his grip on the boy's head… a good a warning as any he could think to give that he was about to climax.
The human got the message… but didn't care. He refused to slow down, intent of giving his mate the utmost pleasure conceivable. Unheeding of the Ronso's trembling form, squirming under him, Tidus continued the hammer away at the cock and anus in his respective grips, until at last Kimahri, overcome with the force of the orgasm Tidus was rendering onto him, arched his back and unleashed a savage roar.
Instantly, the inside of Tidus' mouth was doused with a fiery eruption of Ronso seed. Flooding quickly with Kimahri's sizable load, the human barely had a chance to taste the discharge before being filled to capacity and having to swallow, a task that was made difficult, in that the sheer impact of the heat and taste in his taste buds was enough to send him over the edge, cumming in his own pants and soiling his briefs… and yet he didn't care. It was a strange, saliferous taste that Tidus could easily say he'd never experienced before… but it was unquestionably appeasing to him. He drank what of the strange ambrosia that he could while shivering with his own orgasm. From the sides of his mouth the pearly white substance foamed obscenely, drips escaping and dribbling over his face and down the Ronso's shaft.
Kimahri's body trembled as he unloaded the last of his essence into his mate's mouth, encouraged by Tidus' hand, which pumped any last remaining traces from the urethra. As the last drop was expelled, so to did Kimahri roar finally die in his lungs. The Ronso dropped back down onto the ground with a noticeable thud, panting wildly. Tidus, even as Kimahri's legs and tail untangled around him, cleaned hungrily away at the Ronso's groin, selfishly leaving no trace of his handiwork left.
As the waves of torrential rapture ceded, the high finally died down and Kimahri could think straight again, his eyes opened to the wonderful sight of that bleach-blonde mop of hair situated in between his legs. Like a proper mate would, the boy was hypnotically licking away at the mess he'd made all over Kimahri's pubic region, tongue and mouth sweeping away at any remaining trace of Kimahri's sex. Smiling proudly, the Ronso reached down with both arms, hooking his fingers around his mate's armpits, and dragged him slowly up, over his body. Feeling him against his body as he was drawn forth, Kimahri detected a moist spot between the boy's legs, proof that the lewd enjoyment of this encounter had not been his alone. Pulling him up until they were face to face, Kimahri hovered Tidus' head over his, marvelling at the boy's expression… with heavy lidded eyes, his mate's little pink tongue still stroked at the corners of his mouth, trying to lap at the last remaining bits of seed still smeared about his face. A single droplet came down off of his cheek and landed on Kimahri's muzzle, which the Ronso was quick to smear away with his own, thick tongue.
Kimahri pulled him into a tight, rough kiss, the two mates aggressively mixing in the spattered seed with their respective salivas, creating an intoxicating cocktail that lent a delicious flavour to their embrace. It went on for as long as it took for the tang to slowly lose its sweetness, by then which Kimahri finally let his mate rest against him. For what seemed like a heavenly eternity, they lay there, chests breathing heavily against each other.
“Thank you.” Kimahri finally rumbled against his mate's face.
“Huh?” Tidus replied in wonder, shifting his face to meet the Ronso's.
“Kimahri… feels… much better now.” He purred contently as he wrapped his arms around Tidus. “Kimahri has good mate.”
“Uh… sure.” Tidus replied, well aware that at some point tomorrow morning, he was going to wake up, realize that he'd willingly and enthusiastically gave a colossal Ronso a blowjob, and probably be disgusted with himself.
But to hell with it. He didn't care anymore. Tonight, Tidus had wilfully and deliberately engaged in sexual acts with Kimahri, and without being coaxed into it as he had many times before. And in that act, he'd realized… even if he didn't understand it, even if he never understood it…
…this is what he wanted. This is what he, Tidus, wanted.
It was as simple as that. Whatever happened to him in the future, whatever fate had yet in store for him, he was going to face it while accepting the simple truth that he was Kimahri's mate… and he liked it. It may offend his logical mind, it may be a difficult thing to reconcile with the rest of his life, but whatever the case may turn out to be, this was the simple truth; he wanted this Ronso. He wanted to be with him, like this.
But it was going to be hard… very hard to try to figure out how he was going to adapt this strange fact to the rest of his life… Yuna, Wakka, Lulu and the rest… how would they react if ever they found out? Would they accept it? Would they still want him with them? How could Tidus possibly explain to them that he liked being fucked by a big, horny Ronso?
…Well, obviously, he wouldn't use that exact phrasing. But that was something to worry about in the future. He'd cross that bridge when he got to it. For now, Tidus simply rested his head against the perfect tuft of fur on Kimahri's chest, accepting the nirvana being offered to him. With strong arms keeping his warm, the fur underneath providing a soft pillow, and the lullaby of the rhythmic purring emanating from the Ronso's throat, Tidus prepared to drift off to sleep in the sweet surrender that was his mate.
“Hey!” Came a cry, sounding very much like Rikku, coming from extremely close. “Tidus! `Mahri! We heard screaming! Are you guys okay??”
Tidus suddenly lifted his head. Whuh oh.
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