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A/N: Okay okay okay! While I'm (again) having more trouble than expected writing up the next chapter, I did manage to bang THIS little number here out. See, back in chapter three, I wrote the following paragraph, and it's been bugging the hell out of me ever since… I needed to come up with a way to explain why Tidus would be going along with Kimahri's orders, so I wrote the following down since it sounded roughly logical (and kinky).
(There were "rules" regarding this arrangement, but they were hard to put into words. For example, it was established pretty early on that Kimahri was in charge, and expected Tidus' obedience. Tidus hadn't been so quick to give it at first, but Kimahri had found ways of disciplining Tidus and "making" him obey. Never by actually hitting him or anything, but by dominating him erotically... forcing Tidus to concede and submit if he wanted the orgasm that the Ronso was so masterfully keeping him just on the edge of.)
The more I thought about it, though, the more I regretted merely jotting that down quickly, since what I briefly described here sounded like it would be wicked awesome if actually fleshed out. So, you could consider the following instalment to be a little flashback of sorts, considered canon in the “Scent of His Mate” storyline, taking place sometime between the events of Chapter 3.
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The Scent of His Mate
Part 3.5
Deleted Scene
“Come on! Let… me… go!” was the human's blunt, simple demand.
“No.” Was the Ronso's blunter, simpler response.
“This is NOT funny!”
“Kimahri not trying to be amusing.”
“Well, congratulations, you're succeeding beautifully.”
Acrimoniously huffing, Tidus wrestled at the Ronso's grip some more, though half-hearted and irresolute in his efforts. He knew perfectly well that he could never, even if his life depended on it, break the hold Kimahri's had on him… but still, he could not just sit there and resign himself to this treatment. For what seemed like the umpteenth time, he found himself trapped within the coil of the Ronso's unyielding grip, just as Kimahri had done on the several previous occasions where he'd wanted something from the human. And, like those previous occasions, so powerful were Kimahri's biceps, triceps, forearms, and just about every other muscle group contained within his strapping and robust arms, that the little human could be restrained as effortlessly as if he were a puppy. Any attempt to jar himself free of his confinement proved as pointless as the struggles of a wiggling fish trying to free itself from the clutches of a hungry bear's jaws. Of course, Kimahri wasn't trying to kill the human, or damage him in any way at all… the only harm being done to Tidus was by him exhausting his own self while fruitlessly attempting to lodge free.
It was made all that more frustrating in that Kimahri was simply sitting there, calmly and almost nonchalant holding him still… as if the Ronso was trying to make a point out of it. When they'd gone to sleep, the beastman simply had one arm draped around the human's waist, his fingers hooking firmly around his thigh… and since they'd awakened, Kimahri hadn't let go. It was an incredibly simple hold, but given the Ronso's raw, inordinate strength, it was all that was needed to restrain the fidgety boy.
So here they sat, on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Calm Lands, some distance away from where their friends had made camp. After finally managing to navigate their way out of Macalania woods last night, the group had decided, despite that they were making haste to stay ahead of their Yevonite pursuers, to rest for the evening so they could be up early in the morning. The trek across the massive expanse of the Calm Lands would likely take them a number of days, so they'd want to get a good start when they awoke. Kimahri had chosen to set himself up on one of the higher ledges overlooking the area where the others had made camp, where he would be in a much better position to sense any approaching danger.
Also, like the previous nights, Kimahri had dragged the human up with him to sleep after the others had nodded off, leaving Tidus with little choice other than to once again slumber within the Ronso's embrace. It could be easily said that Tidus wasn't thrilled with his involvement in Kimahri's new nocturnal habits, but knew also from experience that any resistance on his part would be easily quelled with an effective, yet harmless nerve pinch. So, not wanting to experience that creepy feeling of the blood and nerve responses to his brain being cut off (for the third night in a row), the human just let himself doze off against the Ronso's chest.
It actually hadn't been that bad, he was reluctant to admit… Kimahri was… warm. Despite his body being covered in hard muscle, fur coating him made a surprisingly nice surface for the human to lean his head against on… he'd slept in far worse places before. And, Tidus grudgingly admitted to himself, rarely had he ever gotten so good a night's rest. Waking up earlier than the others, Tidus found himself pleasantly refreshed and renewed… no heavy-lidded feeling in his eyes and no nagging desire to rest his head back down and get in another five minutes. However, the pleasantness of the morning soon faded when Kimahri, sensing his mate's rise, awoke himself. And in that moment of privacy between the two, Kimahri had made yet another demand of Tidus. The response he'd gotten from the human had been an adamant refusal.
And now, Zanarkand's star blitzball ace found himself stuck, seated awkwardly on the lap of a blue, hornless Ronso with one its massive arms anchored around his waist, positioning them in a literal face-off. The human, becoming bolder in the last couple of days, stared directly back into Kimahri's eyes with an uncompromising, steely resolve. Though, unfortunately, that was worth roughly dick when facing an equally resolved Ronso who happened to be about five times stronger than him.
“Will begin training tonight.” Kimahri repeated. Tidus gritted his teeth in frustration.
“You SAID that already!”
“Yes, but Kimahri does not think mate yet understands… we WILL begin training tonight.”
Stubborn little mate, Kimahri mused, staring right back into the human's defiant gaze. The boy still needed to be taught his place as his lifemate.
“Now, look…” Tidus growled. “…I don't think that I should have to explain to you or anyone that I've taken a lot of what you've been…” He paused, still not comfortable with any words that might candidly describe the sexual nature of their relationship. “…doing to me lately with some… good humor.”
“But you like what Kimahri has been doing to you lately.” The Ronso interjected with a voice that was both flirtatious and matter-of-fact. The human glared briefly, yet shrugged it off and continued.
“But if you… if you seriously think you can just order me around and tell me what to do like that…”
“It is Kimahri's right to do so.” The Ronso interrupted again, in the same certain, confident voice. Kimahri realized that he could have chosen his words a little more tactfully…
“RIGHT?!” …but what could the Ronso say? At the risk of sounding cliché, his mate was a little cute when he was angry. “You… I… you do NOT…!” Tidus took a second to gather his thoughts as to how to respond to Kimahri's outrageous claim. “I'm a person! I'm not like some pet you can…” Swiftly, Kimahri's free hand appeared and muffled the human's insolent mouth.
“No…” The Ronso agreed, bringing his face closer to Tidus' with a hushed, yet very clear voice. “You are far more than that… you are Kimahri's mate.” Tidus' eyes visibly narrowed at that statement and he jerked his head away from the Ronso's silencing paw.
“Stop saying that!”
“It is the truth.”
“Only in that warped head of y…” Whatever insult the boy had planned on belting out was rapidly swallowed back in when, against the chest he was held so firmly against, he sensed a familiar reverberation. The human actually felt the Ronso's throaty growl a second before it was even heard emitting from between the fangs in his maw.
“Such an stubborn, insolent little mate you are…” The words came grounded out in the Ronso's deep, hissing voice. “… but Kimahri will soon make you understand your place.” Tidus remained silent and still in the Ronso's hold for a few seconds before furrowing his brow again.
“What are you gonna do… beat me until I say yes?” Tidus growled back in a cold, defiant voice. That question, though, produced a surprising reaction from Kimahri; his feline eyes, for but a fraction of a second, widened. Swiftly, though, the lids returned to their normal state, and the action was only barely noticed.
“…No.” Kimahri said slowly, masking carefully how abhorrent he found the mere thought of hurting his own mate, and how dismayed he was that the boy could even think such a thing. Even beyond the fact that Kimahri had no desire to indiscriminately bring harm to anyone, it was a severe profanation of Ronso matings for one mate to hurt the other. In fact, if anyone were to be so foolish as to even scratch his mate, Kimahri would promptly see to it that their head would be violently separated from their body.
It was a moot point, anyways, knowing his mate as he did. Kimahri knew that the boy was too stubborn and resolute to ever yield to discipline in a form as immoral as beatings… an assessment of his mate that Kimahri could make with some pride. No… the Ronso knew full well that the only way he was going to get his headstrong little mate to willingly submit himself to Kimahri's orders was to properly `convince' him.
And that was going to be the fun part.
“Well, then what?” Tidus shot back. “Are we just going to sit here all day, then?”
“Of course not.” Kimahri replied, more quickly and musingly this time.
“Well, you're going to have to let me go eventually.” The human sighed. “Eventually, you've got to realize that this is pointless.”
“Eventually…” The grinning Ronso said, pulling Tidus a little closer. “…it is mate who will realize how pointless his defiance is.” The human at once tensed up… seeing that little smile re-emerge on the Ronso's face sent pinpricks across his neck, remembering what happened the last few times Kimahri had grinned at him.
“You do not yet understand your place as Kimahri's mate.” The blue Ronso continued, edges on his lion-esque lips rising further. “So Kimahri forgives mate for little acts of disobedience.” His face came in closer and closer, and Tidus found himself unconsciously pulling his head back further and further, until his neck and back had arched as far it would go. “But mate will soon learn.”
“L-learn?!” Tidus stammered back, presently very annoyed at the lack of spinal flexibility he possessed.
“Learn that you must submit to Kimahri…” The Ronso continued, his predator face closing in on Tidus' captured one at a deliberate, teasingly slow rate. “… you must submit yourself to Kimahri. Submit utterly… submit completely.”
It began again.
It was all the same as before… Tidus' heart was rapidly picking up speed in his chest… despite the cool morning air, he felt a slight heat radiating off the Ronso's huge, powerful body… and, as if a chain reaction, feeling this heat caused a similar torridness to radiate off of his own body, until they both seemed blanketed in a warm, ethereal aura. And most importantly… alarmingly of all, Tidus could feel that “something” inside him being awoken again. From within, the boy began to feel the Ronso's words, the Ronso's touch, the mere knowledge of the Ronso's presence rousing and awakening that same, familiar instinct within his soul… something inside that howled away in sudden delight, reacting to Kimahri's dalliances and eagerly wishing to respond in kind.
Also like before, Tidus' reaction to his rather sudden burst of unbidden euphoria was to bite down his tongue, trying to suppress as best he could the rising fervor. He still didn't know WHAT that thing was… Despite Kimahri's denial when Tidus had accused him of it, he still suspected that Kimahri had put some sort of hex on him… though somehow, he also feared that the Ronso wasn't lying and really hadn't done anything at all… and that these feelings within the human really were being produced by his own self.
“Tell me…” Tidus huffed out before realizing he was already out of breath and inhaling once again. “Tell me one… good reason as to why in the world I would do that.” By now, Kimahri's face was mere millimeters away, with Tidus' little human nose occasionally brushing up against the wide, flat protrusion that was the Kimahri's muzzle… the soft, pink tip of one grazing lightly against the smooth, dark-blue surface of the other. As heavily as Tidus was breathing, each exhale from the Ronso's nostrils felt like a virile gust of tepid wind against his cheeks, fanning the flames within. Though broken, the horn on the beast's head cast a perfect shadow across the human's eyes, blocking out the ripe, dawning sun and allowing Tidus to see even the individual grain and patterns of the blue fur adorning Kimahri's face. A meeping sound meeped out of Tidus' mouth when he felt Kimahri's other huge paw situate itself on the back of his neck.
“Because you are mine.” Logically speaking, that wasn't a great argument, but logic didn't have a whole lot to do with recent events. Or current ones, for that matter, as Kimahri's face then closed what little gap remained between itself and Tidus, and the human once again found himself with a mouthful of thick Ronso tongue.
Heart jumped, instinct screamed, nerves caprioled all at once. Like two opposing tidal waves, his desire and his loathing crashed against each other, in similar vein to how Kimahri's tongue crashed against Tidus'. Yet, the human merely stiffened this time… he did not trash like he had on previous occasions… in part, because he had learned that fighting the lusty Ronso did him no good… and in other part, because each time Kimahri did this to him, his actual desire to pull away gradually waned. It was a three-way confrontation between the desire within his heart, the confusion within his mind, and the ravaging tongue aggressively coating the inside of his mouth with Ronso saliva. A few moans of weak protest escaped his muffled lips as he shivered, but that was all he could bring his torn self to do.
Seeing his lover caught in that same inner conflict he always had in the early stages of their mating, Kimahri took advantage of the opportunity to pull away the bothersome yellow shirt that stood between the Ronso and the unguarded flesh of his mate. The boy offered little resistance, seemingly only half-aware of what was going on. Letting the fabric fall behind them, Kimahri then pulled the human closer, loving the feel of the soft, pink human skin against his fur, all the while tickling and pleasuring the boy's oral cavity gluttonously.
Finally, Kimahri pulled away slightly from his mate's mouth, though he never fully retracted his tongue, instead dragging it from the edges of the boy's lips and over his skin, effectively bathing his face. Already, Tidus had a developed a mild dew of his delicious and sensual sweat on his forehead, and Kimahri was only too eager to lick him clean him of it.
Upon lapping away the last of the intoxicating savor, Kimahri ceased and watched in amusement as his mate's shivering lulled and he recovered from the lusty daze Kimahri had caused him. As if waking up for the second time, the boy blinked as his pupils dilated again. Finally his eyes met back up with his larger mate's.
“Train with Kimahri.” The Ronso repeated again. This brought about the appearance of another scowl on the human's face, albeit a lesser one than before.
“No!” Tidus snapped out rebelliously, uncaring as a single string of their mixed saliva dangled from his chin. Kimahri sighed in bemusement.
“Not being a good mate.”
“I don't WANT to be a good… mate!”
“Oh, but Kimahri thinks you do.” There was that almost cocky tone again. “Because if you are a good mate to Kimahri… then Kimahri can be a good mate to you.”
“Wha…??” When the Ronso's hands released Tidus again, the human barely recognized it as his chance to bolt. Before he even could try to jerk away, though, he found himself being turned around, Kimahri easily able to manipulate Tidus' form. Two massive blue arms then locked around him in a secure bear hug and the human found himself with his back held firmly against the Ronso's chest. Stubborn as he was, Tidus tried kicking out of the hold with his free legs, but those were hastily imprisoned as well when Kimahri's larger legs moved out from their sitting position to ensnare themselves around the human's. After another moment of wiggling, the boy realized that he had been effectively immobilized. Sitting on top of Kimahri, he was as surely secured as he would have been had he been strapped to a chair.
“Just what are you trying to do?!” Though the Ronso didn't answer, firmly held against Kimahri as he was, Tidus' whole body rose and fell in rapid-fire succession with each chuckle that Kimahri emitted in response. Instead, he buried his nose into Tidus's now disheveled and bushy hair and inhaled deeply. Tidus then felt very clearly the pleasured shuddering Kimahri made.
“Does mate have any idea how good he smells?” The Ronso rumbled in a deep, baritone voice. Again, the boy found himself shivering at the mere sound of it, as if the vibrations in his rough words were stroking at his rising instincts, exciting it further.
“That… doesn't really answer my question.” Tidus whispered back nervously.
“Kimahri told you…” The Ronso continued, craning his head down and tonguing lightly at Tidus' ear, pleased with the renewed shivering it caused. “… thinking too much. No think. Just feel…”
“F-f-feel?” Tidus tried to maintain composure, despite that the sound of Kimahri's voice, his hot breath, and the carelessly sloppy noises he made as he licked seemed overwhelming so close as they were against his eardrums.
“Kimahri knows you.” He now whispered.
“Know… you don't…!” He'd wanted to tell the Ronso what an absurd statement that was… how he knew nothing of Tidus' life prior to coming to Spira, and that they'd only known Kimahri for a little less than two months… but the words were lost in his throat, as if burned to ashes by the heat.
“But Kimahri does.” Something underneath them moved, and Tidus was quickly reminded about Kimahri's fifth appendage… the tail. Shifting out from beneath them, the Ronso's lengthily blue extremity rose up from between their two entwined legs. As if purposefully hovering over them to tauntingly remind the human that Kimahri held an advantage him in terms of free limbs, the tail bobbed back and forth gently as the white cluster of brush-like hair at its end weaved in the wind. A moment later, it descended back down.
As if under hypnosis, Tidus watched in fascination at the way it moved. Before now, he'd never really paid much attention to the Ronso's tail… though he had absentmindedly wondered if Kimahri had any real control over it, considering the way it had always seemed to sway randomly about. Watching it now, though, it was clear that the Ronso had very precise control over it, given how it curled and flexed, almost snakelike in its motion.
The boy snapped out of his trance upon realizing just what the tail was actually doing… around his captured left foot it coiled, wrapping around it like a bandage.
“H-Hey!” He objected, again caught in between apprehension and fascination as that tail showed remarkable flexibility, enveloping all around his little foot so tightly. The spectacle left Tidus wondering if there were even any actual bones inside of it.
“Kimahri knows you.” The commanding blue Ronso repeated at the same time that Tidus began receiving yet another odd sensation… the tail surrounding his foot began… flexing? Tight as it was around his foot, the human was able to feel a rhythmic-like constriction of the very muscles within Kimahri's tail… In a mechanical-like motion, the tendons and sinews inside the Ronso's lengthy appendage contracted, stretched, and tightened against the soft flesh of Tidus' soles. Initially confounded, it slowly dawned on the boy, as his tense muscles almost seemed to sigh happily in response, what was going on.
Kimahri was giving him a foot rub. By flexing his tail around it and flexing his muscles.
And, as Tidus lay there speechless, he also became aware that Kimarhi was very, very good at it, considering that his body was reacting VERY positively to this treatment. A light little moan hissed out from his teeth… it was weird, to be sure, but the muscles in his foot couldn't tell the difference as they were pampered so heavenly. He couldn't possibly deny that it felt amazing… hell, he didn't even feel the lightest prick of tickling at all. And if a simple massage was all there was to this, then the experience might not be making him quite so nervous. However… Tidus had this… thing about his feet. About the way they reacted when touched… about a certain little nerve on the pads of his feet that seemed to light ablaze whenever it was so much a brushed against. And right now, that particular nerve was being caressed very intensely, sending a certain message to the boy's nether regions.
“Kimahri knows you.”
The first time they'd mated had taught Kimahri a great deal about his little mate. He'd used the opportunity to explore all over his smooth, hairless flesh and, despite the maddening heat he had been in, had memorized which spots on the human's body most enjoyed Kimahri's touch.
The human had attempted to hide his arousal by pretending not to like it, but Kimahri's naive little mate didn't understand the scent he was giving off. With each touch, each gentle or firm caress of Kimahri's hands, the Ronso could detect the human's arousal in the air. Any reaction the boy had was almost immediately made apparent in his sent, and by merely feeling, fondling all the many different places on his mate's tanned form, Kimahri simply had to breathe in to be able to tell just how much his mate was enjoying himself.
The Ronso was pleased to conclude that there didn't seem to be any single spot on his body that the boy didn't like being caressed, but there were a few places in particular where the scent of his arousal spiked sharply when touched even lightly.... Points of weakness where the door to unlocking the human's deeply repressed lust could be set free. And one amongst those places, Kimahri presently had under heavy attack.
Sure enough, the magnificent aroma of his mate saturated the air around them so thickly that it seemed to permeate everything. Inhaling deeply, the Ronso stole as much as he could before it was lost in the morning breeze. He wanted more, and more, and more… he wanted nothing more than to pleasure his mate until the ravenous scent was oozing off of him.
Still, though, a certain measure of self-control was necessary at the moment. While he was eager to send his mate into a spiraling whirlwind of pleasure, that wasn't his first priority at the moment. He needed to observe the scent, the level of his mate's arousal carefully if this was going to work.
On that note, with the boy currently distracted by Kimahri's ministrations, the Ronso took advantage of that moment to adjust his arms. Slowly undoing his locked hug, he moved them to the side and slid them underneath his mate's arms. With that, Kimahri began undoing the top straps of the human's overalls, freeing them from his shoulders, and letting them drop haphazardly to the side.
A satisfied purr emerged from his throat, as there was now little standing in the way of Kimahri's completely unrestricted access to and command of his mate's body…
When his sensitive skin almost spasmed in response to the abrupt sensation of furry hands trailing across his chest, Tidus jolted again, yet found himself still hopelessly encased by the Ronso. Now, not only was there a tail kneading erotically away at the grateful pads of his feet, but there were two rather large hands firmly exploring his torso, the tips of those claws scratching ever-so-lightly at the flesh on his chest, relieving itches Tidus hadn't even known he had.
“K-Kimahri…” He called out faintly, placing his own hands of top of the Ronso's wrists. Maybe with intent to try and stop him, futile a gesture as that would have been… but upon contact, all he could find the will to do was simply hold on, grasping the meaty arms as if desperately try to cling to his sanity. Around his loosened pants, he felt his member quickly engorging… The animalistic flame from within was raging, and with nothing but the heat of his giant Ronso captor surrounding him, that fire was building into a veritable inferno.
He could hear the call clearly from within himself… once again, like a voice without words, primal and unceremonious, something was telling him to succumb… to let himself be engulfed by the heat, to surrender to the need… to submit.
To submit himself utterly and completely.
Breathing heavily, the human felt one hand pawing at his upper chest, going back and forth over his abs, applying what seemed to be just the right amount of pressure, while the other lightly scratched at the lower junction of his neck.
“You like?” Kimahri casually asked.
“I… ah…”
“Oh? Is other one jealous?” He wondered out loud. Kimahri's tail unwrapped itself from around Tidus' foot, and the human was himself surprised when he reacted by whimpering negatively at the loss. Luckily, the tail quickly nestled itself around the right foot and began treating it to the same pleasures that it had given the left one. “Better?” The Ronso asked as he felt the human unconsciously relaxing in his hold.
His fingers still shifting lovingly across the boy's flesh, Kimahri moved them in unison, applying firm, yet painless pressure as they gradually slid down further and further, going past the human's navel and slipping into the darkness under the boy's loose pants. The human tensed up, but only by a little.
Even loose as they were, Tidus' overalls could not hide the fact that the boy was now sporting a virile erection. Still, Kimahri's hands merely surrounded the boy's member… they did not actually touch. They enclosed the space around it, like a pair of wolves circling their prey… cavorted around it like ceremonial dancers around the campfire. His fingers, his palms rubbed at the human's inner thighs, outer thighs, and even slid under his tense ass to affectionately grope at each of his firm globes… but they teasingly made no attempt to go beyond the boy's forest of pubic hair and claim the prize at the center.
“K-Kimahri…!” The human moaned again, and the Ronso's ears perked at the sound of his mate calling out for him. His nose detected that the human's arousal had grown rapidly, already near its peak. He just needed to add a little more pressure to bring it to that edge… A lovely sheen of sweat had formed the back of the human's neck, and Kimahri playfully alternated between licking and nibbling at the savory flesh.
His mate was breathing erratically, now, and he could feel the manic pulse of the boy's heart through his skin. The human was now all but begging to be fucked… at this dangerous point, all Kimahri had to do was pleasure the boy a little more, and he could make the human climax without ever even touching his cock.
But that was now exactly what he was trying to avoid.
Instead, Kimahri simply lowered the intensity of his ministrations, continuing them at a casual pace… just enough to keep the human's arousal elevated, but not enough to send him over the edge. His hands groped, his tail massaged, and his mouth pleasured his young captive, but the Ronso kept the human aroused as if in the act of balancing a ball… not allowing his fervor to slant too far back and wither, but neither letting it go to far foreword and climax.
A few moments passed, with Kimahri keeping his mate trapped in this sexual purgatory. It was not easy for him, either, since the mere act of titillating his mate like this, and that enticing aroma saturating every breath he took, had brought his own level of excitement and desire to immense heights. Finally, the human realized that something unusual was going on.
“K… Kim… kih…” He squeaked out.
“Hmmm?” The Ronso leisurely replied. “Is there something you want?”
Hot… it was so hot.
That heat that had been boiling up within him these last few minutes frothed and burned torturously… his entire body felt like it was on fire, fueled each time his skin came in contact with the Ronso's sensual fur. The scorching within was nearly unbearable, filling Tidus with a raging need as sweat beaded down his forehead and stung at his eyes. Beneath him, Kimahri's body felt like a ritualistic pyre, flames dancing, surrounding and tingling his form. As much as he desired, though, he could not escape the inferno… he was consumed within it as it seared sinfully at his flesh, threatening to devour him entirely.
His body, his mind was begging for relief… begging for this magnificent torment to come to an end. But the end simply did not come… Tidus was at the height of his passion, but oddly, could not seem to attain the final summit. He was exposed and helpless, and it was eating him alive.
“Kimahri asked you a question…” The Ronso said again, his voice cutting sharply through the haze. “What is it that you want?” Frustrated, the besieged human tried to ignore him, tried again to struggle free… this time, not of Kimahri's grip, but of the harrowing lust coursing through his body. In vain, he attempted to reach for himself, his hands stretching down to grip his own quivering penis in hopes of sending himself over the edge, but the Ronso kept his limbs as secure as ever. Not even caring how absurd it seemed, he tried thrusting his groin forth, hoping that he could rub his cocktip against his pants… yet that proved equally ineffective.
“You must tell Kimahri what it is that you want, my little mate.” Oh, Gods, that voice was driving him nuts. Even the sonorous vibrations of its deep, resonant sound teased and enhanced the boy's raw, lascivious craving, taxing his very sanity.
“I… I want…” When he opened his mouth to speak, the human, in his mind, had every intention of saying `I want you to let me go!' But his mind was no longer in complete control. His mind, like the rest of his body, was screaming under the Ronso's viscous assault… and when his mouth opened, all that could escape it was the sound of Tidus' desperation.
“… I, I want… to…c-cum.” Everything stopped for a moment: Kimahri's affectionate rubbing, Tidus' breathing, and even the very air around them seemed to still. The boy sat there in Kimahri's grasp, utterly stunned at himself. It hadn't been him who said that… or rather it had, but for that brief second, his instincts, his feelings, his passionate longing for the Ronso's gratifying touch took over… and had literally spoken out, giving voice to a deep, primal truth within Tidus.
If he had looked behind him, he would have seen a most exulted, jubilant smile on his mate's face.
“Kimahri would love to do that.” The Ronso slowly spoke, nuzzling his face against Tidus'. “Kimahri greatly desires to bring his mate pleasure… to make him howl in ecstasy…” He paused a moment to allow those words to teeter on the balance of the human's mind. “But you are making it so that Kimahri cannot.”
“Ronso mating is a mutual bonding. We, mate, must be as one.” The blue Ronso elucidated carefully. “Kimahri cannot fulfill his duties to his mate if mate is not obedient.”
“W… wha…?!”
“If you are a good mate to Kimahri, then Kimahri can be a good mate to you.” The Ronso smartly repeated.
“………” It was hard for Tidus to tell what was going through him… he should be angry… he WANTED to be angry… but Kimahri began again feeling at him, stroking his hands along, kissing and rubbing at his neck, sending those conflicting feelings shooting through him again. The human immediately realized the situation he was in; the Ronso had effectively trapped him a no-win scenario. He couldn't break free… he couldn't reason with Kimahri. He could try to hold out until the others woke up so that he'd have no choice but to let Tidus go… but he knew right away that there was no chance of that. He wouldn't last… he couldn't.
But oddly, Tidus just wasn't angry. If his rational mind had been in full control right now, he'd be livid at the Ronso for doing this to him… However, that hidden truth, that base, primal instinct within him that had spoken up just a moment ago was making him understand several things at the moment… that Kimahri wasn't doing this to be cruel. That he was genuinely doing this because this was simply how dominant mates chastised their defiant submissives. It was… nature.
“This… this isn't fair!” He weakly tried, though the quivering in his voice made it clear that the human's resistance and will had wavered and shriveled into a state of non-existence. The Ronso were a people who lived by the will of natural, animalistic law… and there was little fairness in nature.
“Kimahri does not ask for much…” The Ronso attempted to coerce him further. “… but must insist that his mate become strong, and proud. Kimahri will make mate powerful…”
“… and rewards for mate's obedience are…” Masterfully, Kimahri stroked at the soft skin near Tidus' groin, again placing him right at the brink of an orgasm. “…many, and great.”
“Ki-Kimahri, please…” The human groaned, unable to stand being left like this for much longer. “It's… it's so hot…”
“Hmm… yes you are.” Kimahri agreed, licking at Tidus' cheek and feeling the heat radiating off his mate.
“Please!!” The human couldn't take it any more. He needed… he needed Kimahri so badly… he nearly felt as though he might die if that didn't happen.
“You submit to Kimahri?” He asked simply.
“I… I…” Breathing hard and ragged, the human closed his eyes. Everything inside was telling him to agree. To say yes… and it was not merely his desire to be fucked that was speaking, this time. The dignity and pride which had held as his reason for not surrendering to the Ronso were still there, but they had now warped into a new perspective with his inner instincts taking over. They held that there was nothing dignified about being insolent to his dominant, and that his pride should come from being a loyal, honorable mate.
He was Kimahri's mate… this was his place.
“I sub…I… I submit.” Saying those words seemed like the hardest thing in the world to do, but when he finally said them, an immense relief waved across him. A loud purring indicated Kimahri's delight at these words. Contently, he began to apply slightly more pressure to his ministrations around Tidus' groin.
“You will be obedient to Kimahri? Now, and for always?” He intoned as his fingertips inched closer to his mate's genitalia.
“Y-yes… now please…!”
“You will train with Kimahri tonight?” Kimahri further inquired as he slowly lowered his torso down, manipulating the two of them into a laying position. As he did, Tidus felt a very distinct hardness when rubbing against the Ronso's groin that enticed him further.
“I, I… yes, I will.”
“You promise… if you lie to Kimahri or go back on your word, then Kimahri must punish you far more severely than this.”
“I will! I swear!” Tidus urgently hissed.
“Now, you will tell Kimahri… who it is that you belong to.” It wasn't the first time that the Ronso had asked him that question… but posed to Tidus now, it had a far greater meaning. He realized that Kimahri had, without words, answered the human's question. WHY would he submit to Kimahri? Why should he offer him his obedience?
`Kimahri knows you.' Within the span of a few minutes, Kimahri had masterfully transformed him from an annoyed, obstinate human to a whimpering, begging little bitch. He'd immersed the boy in a fire that was both unbearable and sensational all at once. And most importantly of all, Kimahri had made Tidus love every second of it.
`Because you are mine.' The words echoed in his head, and the infallible truth behind them dawned upon him completely. He WAS his.
“I'm yours.”
The words, spoken without any wavering or uncertainty, at last satisfied Kimahri that the boy had finally come to understand his place. An absolute mirth filled the Ronso… HIS mate, his most treasured possession… he was HIS. Mating with this human, making him understand it, had not been a simple matter, but Kimahri loved the challenge of it, and loved reigning triumphant over the boy. He had conquered the boy, conquered his preposterous resistance, and dominated him utterly.
And now… the time came to properly reward his precious human for his act of submission.
His movements were nimble and swift. A squeak from his mate made evident his surprise, yet in a flash of blue, Tidus found himself painlessly deposited on the grass blow him with his overalls thrown aside. In a quick instant, Kimahri had released him and repositioned himself kneeling just at Tidus' feet. The human watched him in confusion, the Ronso staring intensely back into the human's eyes. Not breaking contact for a second, even as each of his hands reached down and grabbed the boy by his legs, he pulled slowly. The human was dragged across the grass slightly as the Ronso slung each leg over his wide, blue shoulders, the lower part of Tidus' back was elevated off the ground as his throbbing cock was positioned almost directly in front of Kimahri's mouth.
He held that position a few moments while still staring into his mate's wide, pleading eyes, letting the anticipation grow. The spicy musk of the boy's sexual organs, so close against the Ronso's sensitive nose, sent stimulating pulsations all throughout Kimahri's body… truthfully, the wait for this moment had almost been as hard on Kimahri as it had on the human… he'd unconsciously began salivating at the mouth again, bits of his drool threading down his beard and dripping right on his mate's penis. When one warm drop of the Ronso's spit rained down on Tidus' cockhead, the human emitted a rich, throaty whimper whose needy sound thrilled Kimahri to no end.
He had promised his mate great rewards in exchange for his obedience. And Kimahri had every intention of giving the boy just that… and so much, much more. With a lusty growl, Kimahri leaned his head down and engulfed the human's penis, balls and all, within his mouth in a single gulp.
“Aaaah…!” The savory taste of this delectable organ in his mouth sizzled at the Ronso's taste buds, and the effect was twofold for Tidus as he threw his head back and moaned in ecstasy. Kimahri wasted no time, hungrily licking, wrapping his thick, warm tongue around the shaft of the human's sweet rod and mercilessly slathering away at it. The tip rubbed slightly at the head of the cock, running down to the bottom of the shaft and then across again, many, many times. Dark blue lips shifted and sucked fervently at the testicles, stimulating them fantastically. His public hairs would have stood on end had they not been bathed in the Ronso's thick saliva.
Kimahri meant to show his mate that submission was far more than worth it, and proved it with a relentless assault that did not let up on the intense pleasure for even a second. That his mate was squirming and grunting in mindless bliss was proof of his success. The human's legs wrapped themselves around the back of Kimahri's neck securely in his attempt to push his cock even further down the Ronso's warm throat, and Kimahri used his freed hands to grasp at the human's ass, squeezing his fingers around each cheek and pressing his fingertips into the crack. That act pushed Tidus' delirium even further, and he finally unleashed a loud yelp of rapture. Quickly, though, Kimahri brought one hand down to muffle the human.
“Ah, ah, ah…” The Ronso interrupted his savage blowjob to teasingly address his mate. A confused Tidus tried to ask a question that was only rendered incoherent when Kimahri poked one of his fingers past the boy's lips, between his teeth and into his mouth. “…we must be discreet, little one. Would be rude if we interrupted the sleep of our companions.” Again, Tidus tried to say something, but he could emit nothing comprehensible when all his tongue could do was wriggle around the intrusive, furry digit within. Kimahri growled pleasurably, very much enjoying the feeling of that warm tongue worming around his paw… although he did love hearing his mate scream for him, this was not at all a bad substitute.
Returning to his task, the Ronso amorously and ravenously passed his smooth tongue around the lad's sensitive balls, occasionally lapping at the precum oozing from the head. It was like warm gravy to him, wetting his already ravenous appetite, making him hungry for more. As his rough and barbaric ministrations played out against the human, Tidus could not resist his urge to moan out in lewd bliss, though with Kimahri's finger currently situated in his moan, all he could do was trash his tongue against it.
Minutes passed, vulgar and wild. The Ronso's drool was cascading down both the back and the front of the human, one flowing and creating small rivers between his abs and pooling in his navel, while the other poured down his back, through his asscrack before dribbling down the small of his back. Meanwhile, Tidus, giving up on crying out, yet unable to remain still amidst the chaotic euphoria inflaming his body, took to suckling on Kimahri's digit like candy. Unable to completely close his mouth, a stream of drool of his own ran down the side of his face. The intensity of his own sucking, licking and chewing increased to match the same fervor that Kimahri was gifting him with, which only encouraged Kimahri to suck harder… a dangerous cycle.
So rampant was Kimahri's gluttony for the taste of his mate that he almost didn't notice when the boy started showing signs that he was close to his end. His legs tensed further around the Ronso's neck, his body stiffened, and his jaw was tightening around Kimahri's finger. Knowing that he was on the final stretch, and absolutely determined to reward his mate's submission with a mind-blowing orgasm, Kimahri suddenly doubled the power with which he was stimulating Tidus' cock. Bobbing his head twice as fast, his silver braids danced enthusiastically in the air and Tidus began spasming with a renewed frenzy. Still, Kimahri held him still, forcing the agitated human to receive every bit of intense pleasure the Ronso was intent on giving him.
Then it came.
Tidus bit down on Kimahri's finger. It didn't matter to him whether he was gagged or not, a long howl ripped out from his lungs. What came over him was nearly indescribable… What a “pop” was compared to an “explosion”, so too was an “orgasm” compared to THIS. It was as if a bolt of lighting had struck him, charging every cell in his body with unheard of levels joy and physical gratification. Sparks coursed throughout his body, robbing him of every sensation other than sweet, unadulterated rapture. It was not quick… the throbbing, the pulsations seemed to last an eternity, and if Tidus had been more aware of himself, he would have been amazed that he was able to wail out loud for so long.
Finally, the boy let go. His whole body collapsed, his legs went limp, his jaw unclenched, and his face fell to the size, huffing into the grass. The only part of him that could still move was the intense heaving as the human desperately tried to regain his breath. The fire within had at last been quelled, and in the most magnificent of ways.
Tidus only snapped to when Kimahri slowly slid his finger out of his mouth, and the human tasted what he recognized as the coppery savor of blood. Concerned, he looked back up. Kimahri still sat there, bits of Tidus' semen still on his face as he brought his clawed digit up to inspect the bite-marks on it, from which a single droplet of his blood was shedding. Tidus was, suddenly and understandably, very worried.
“H..uh…” He tried, still not having gotten his wind back. “Kim… Kimahri, I'm… I'm sorr…”
“Mate enjoyed himself, I see.” Kimahri chuckled in amusement before Tidus could apologize. “Very good.” Nonchalantly, he gave a single lick to the wound before returning his attentions to his exhausted mate. Kimahri leaned over him and offered his mate a quick, tender kiss.
“Tonight, then. We will begin training.” He repeated.
”Y-yeah… sure.”
“Good. Under Kimahri, mate will become strong.” He said as he stroked his fingers through the human's bleached hair. “Kimahri will see to it that you grow powerful.”
“I… uh…” Tidus stammered. “Thanks?”
“You are most welcome.” The Ronso said before leaning in for another kiss. Tidus didn't offer an ounce of resistance.
“Now… clothe yourself.” Kimahri instructed as he got up. “Yuna and the others will be up before long.”
“Sure…” Tidus agreed, raising himself onto his hands. “I…uh, I guess I should go to that pond back there and take a bath, first…”
“No baths.” Kimahri bluntly stated.
“Huh??” The human perked up. “What? Why the heck not?”
“You smell too good.”
“Uh?!” The boy squawked out in puzzlement. “I'm filthy!” Came his objection, indicating the dried saliva, dirt and grass stains over him that had resulted from their wild frolicking.
“And you smell good. Kimahri likes that smell. You will keep it on you. Bathe tomorrow.”
“But…!” Another low, warning growl emerged from the Ronso's throat.
“You break your promise? You would disobey your mate, again?” His words dripped with promise of another punishment.
“I… no! I… okay, okay!” Amusingly, the human brought his hands up in an exaggerated gesture surrender. Kimahri nodded.
“Good. Now dress.” He restated, picking up Tidus' overalls and tossing them to him. “Long day ahead.”
The triumphant Ronso watched as his mate obligingly dressed in the morning sunlight, dotingly admiring his form. This had been a good morning, but the human and the Ronso still had a long way to go… there was still much to learn, much to teach the boy about their mating… though Kimahri knew he was going to love every minute of it. And so, too, would his mate.
Musingly, Kimahri turned slightly to begin undoing the white cloth that adorned his own genitalia, as it had recently become stained with his own essence. The Ronso had a feeling that over the course of that time, he was going to spoil many of his loinwraps.
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