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Chapter 3: Kaname, this just isn't your day
Kaname turned around in her sleep to keep the morning sun from shining into her eyes. She had her hands around her dear husband, and for her that was enough to be in heaven. It was Sunday, the day for sleeping in. Since there was no work to be done around the house, and breakfast could wait she decided to slack off a bit, and enjoy the warmth of her beloved man. She knew too well that with a child around the house she wouldn't be able to do that again anytime soon, so she savoured every moment like this.
“Kaname!” called out a masculine voice, trying to wake her from her slumber. She made as if she didn't hear it, and snuggled deeper into the man of her life. “Kaname!” repeated Sousuke, shaking her softly. The girl continued to pretend, and strengthened her hold on her man not wanting him to get out of bed. “Sousuke go back to sleep, maybe later, you totally wore me out last night. The child won't be worse off if it gets born a day or two later,” after this, Kaname could also hear several female laughs. This woke her up. “Sousuke what the hell!” It was at this point that Kaname noticed a few strange things. For one, she wasn't holding Sousuke, she was holding a pillow, then she noticed the funny scent in the room. It strangely reminded her of a...
“Oh no!” screamed Kaname's mind, she was in the nurse's office. In school! Her eyes popped open and the sight that greeted her proved her suspicion. She was surrounded by her boyfriend, and her friends. “This ain't good!” screamed her mind.
“Hi guys!” she said meekly. “Could you leave me alone with Sousuke for a minute?” she asked.
Kyouko looked at her friend vaguely, with some remains of her amusement clearly visible “Are you sure Kaname?” she asked. “Sousuke told us that someone phoned you and had some really bad news.”
“That's why I want to talk with him!” snapped Kaname.
“Umm Kaname shouldn't you calm down a bit first? I don't think you want to put Sousuke into coma,” reasoned Kyouko.
“Don't worry, he can take a punch or two!” Sousuke gulped when he heard Kaname's words. He knew too well. He'll be the one who'll be used by Kaname to went her anger.
“Chidori, I don't think that it's a good idea.” he said, trying to save his hide making a quite huge mistake in the process.
The plea was too late, the girls in the room were leaving, and his girlfriend had a firm grip on his collar. Kyouko turned around just in the door, and took one last picture for a before-after comparing, then she stepped out of the room and closed the door behind herself.
After the door was closed a few seconds of total silence followed. Then. “Sousukeee!!! You jerk! Tell me that Tessa was only joking!!!” hollered Kaname, so hard, the people in the hall thought that the door wuldn'tt be able to hold the pressure. “My father can't be one of those criminal bastards! He just can't be one of them! Tell that crazy sub captain of yours that she better gets any idea that she has about my father out of the little mind of hers!” yelled the girl, desperately, with barely being able to keep her tears from bursting out.
“Kaname,” mumbled Sousuke, not knowing what to do. “I assure you that...”
“Just hold me stupid!” responded Kaname almost crying, pulling the boy close. The Soldier reluctantly complied, not understanding the use of the position. Kaname was simply happy that for once he didn't ask any stupid questions, and burrowed her head into the boy's chest.
Soon, she started to calm down, and she became able to use rational thought again, and in the very second it happened she reached a decision. “I'll prove it to them that daddy isn't one of those people. He can't be like them! Yes I'll prove it to them! And there's nothing that will be able to stop me from doing it!!” she declared, before snuggling more into Sousuke, this time, only to savour his close proximity.
The people outside of the room couldn't believe it, Kaname was yelling like never before, but Sousuke didn't get it. Also, luckily for her, they didn't understand what she was yelling, because everyone's ears were ringing after the first few words.
Meanwhile, Shinji made a quick exit out of the school. He had to do something, with the case of Kaname and Sousuke. He was shocked from what he learned, or at least from what he interpreted. “Kaname and Sousuke can't be secret agents!” yelled his head again, but soon he stopped. “But from what I heard they must be! That would explain why they disappear from time to time,” he continued with his thoughts. “And it would definitely explain why Sousuke can carry around a real gun!” the boy concluded. If he only knew that the glock he knew about was only one single piece of the soldier's everyday weaponry.
“But the question is... are they working for the good guys or...” the boy shuddered at this thought, “...or are they working for the bad guys,” he finished. Then the image of Sousuke and Kaname appeared in his mind. Both were wearing a evil, wicked smiles, holding machine guns, and carrying grenades, and explosives, with a rocket launchers strapped on their backs. Then, the two in his imagination, started to laugh like maniacs, while they started to shoot the school to pieces, and kill everyone in their range. Shinji shuddered again, and ran, even faster than before. He was determined that the next day he'll get the answer for those questions. He won't let the m hut anyone.
The evening was calm, with a light wind blowing across the noisy landscape of Tokyo, the full moon shone down from the sky, admiring its own reflection on the many glass windows of the city. Behind a particular window, a schoolgirl was giving another lesson to her favourite soldier about civilian life. At the same time a taxi stopped in front of her apartment, rumbling loudly, nobody cared.
“Sousuke! What did I tell you about setting traps all over school?” asked Kaname.
“At times, I still forget about the unnecesity of the heightened need for security,” admitted the boy.
“At least you know it was a blunder. I already told you, there's not one thief who would try to steal a ladder and a bunch of paint risking to get caught. Especially! After they heard about your tendencies,” schooled Kaname. “And next time. Don't use electricity! That worker will probably spend the rest of the week in hospital!” Sousuke didn't speak after this, the girl nodded acknowledging that she made her point, and moved into the kitchen to get dinner.
“Yes?” came the girl's voice from the next room.
“This afternoon, in school, when you hugged me. I didn't quite understand the meaning of your advance.”
There was no reply, and like the soldier he was, Sousuke immediately prepared for battle. He was about to go in, and take everything apart, when Kaname returned, carrying two trays. She set the food on the table, and moved over to him. He was barely able to put his weapon away, he was fast, but Kaname still noticed it. The girl smirked, and sat down next to the nervous boy before pulling Sousuke in a tight hug. “So why am I holding you now?” she asked with a big smile.
“To confirm your affection, and to enjoy the close proximity of our bodies.” responded the boy, as if he was reciting a school proposition.
“Good. I see you were really paying attention! Now, I told you earlier that certain hugs can have other meanings as well. Right?”
“Yes. Could you please describe what kinds of meanings are those?”
“In the afternoon, when Tessa told me that...” Kaname shuddered “... when she told me that stupidity that my father is one of those bastards. I held you because I wanted someone to comfort me.”
“I don't understand. Why that would make anyone feel better? The problem at hand won't be solved by holding the person you like,” responded Sousuke.
“You don't know how much it can help,” answered Kaname moving close to the boy. “How do you feel when I embrace you?”
“Well... I feel your warmth... your affection to me... I can not really understand, but in some way... I feel really good!”
“Come on Sousuke! I know there's something you're leaving out on purpose! You know well that I learned to read you like an open book!”
A full blush spread across the boy's face, but quickly faded as he regained his composure. “Umm... well...” he begun nervously “Somehow I feel safe,” He blurted out quickly. Kaname didn't respond, she wanted Sousuke to find it out on his own. It took a few seconds, but finally all the parts of the puzzle fell into place. “You wanted me to hold you because it made you feel safe!” he called out with the joy of realization.
“Not completely, but close! When you held me back in school, you helped me in other ways too. You helped me to understand that there are many people who care about me, you also gave me power to defeat my despair.”
“I understand now. Once you managed to regain your normal mood it was much easier for you to think about the problem at hand,” responded the boy.
“So you understand?” Sousuke nodded. “I'm happy, for that! Good! There's still one more thing. Did someone ever try to reassure you without words? By hugging?”
“No, I never heard about a method like that.”
“Just as I thought! Well, now you know!”
“So, when you waver in battle, a simple hug can give you courage?” he asked.
Kaname nodded “Yes, you can also do that by squeezing someone's hand.”
“But won't that hurt the person?” asked Sousuke.
Kaname smiled amusedly, and shook her head “I only meant a light squeeze,” the boy nodded with a bright smile, while mentally noting down the new things he learned. “Oh, before I forget! Only squeeze someone's hand to reassure the person if you really like her,” added Kaname as an afterthought.
“So, this is something between really good friends?” asked Sousuke.
Kaname nodded “And couples,” she added smiling.
Sousuke also smiled a few seconds later, sneaking his arms around Kaname, much to the girl's pleasure. “Kaname... do you mind if I?” he asked blushing.
“Do I mind what?” asked Kaname seeing Sousuke's flushed face. The boy wordlessly leaned forward and placed his lips on hers. At first, the sudden movement surprised Kaname, but she soon returned it boldly, while smiling into the kiss. It was at least another minute before the two parted, but only to calm their raging feelings. “It's all right Sousuke, but don't go too far,” reminded Kaname.
“Huh?” was all that the boy could answer.
“It looks like you also need some lessons in the art of making out,” remarked Kaname chuckling. “But don't forget we can't go too far yet.”
Several hours later, in the city of New York
It was early in the evening, when Chidori Shunya gazed out on the window of his office room. He was nervous. He knew too well that after his daughter has become a target of the organization, his life became almost worthless. His part in the whole was too little, and too meaningless. Every now and then, he covered an operation, or gave free movement to certain investments that was bad for the planet, but good for the organization, and for his pocket.
However, all the time, he was only thinking about the welfare of his daughters. Now he was feeling harmful part of the deal he entered. He couldn't just tell the people he was working with, to lave Kaname alone, and if he betrays the organization things will get very ugly. Probably not only for him. But things will get ugly. He knew well, he became an unwanted member.
“I always loved this view. To bad that it's the last time I can enjoy it.” he thought, usually he was more interested in the beautiful scenery of the city, but this time it was different, he was looking at the people, and cars on the street, down below him. From time to time the lamps directing the flow of the street changed colour, and a part of the masses would stop, while another would start moving. It all looked as if the streets of the city were a part of a huge living organism.
There were the most different people down there, from all levels of the society. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, as well as simple workers, it was a group of such people that caught his attention. As far as he could pick it out, they were a poor family. A man and a woman were walking alongside each other holding hands. On their sides, there were two little girls. He didn't know how, but there was some-kind of happy aura around them. He too felt it, even from the distance he was in. One of the children was trying to tickle her mother, but was intercepted by the father. He twirled the little girl around in the air, before placing her on his shoulder, the little girl just laughed with joy.
The family came to a stop in the flow of humans, forming a small circle as the younger girl attempted to climb onto her father, to reach her sister. Soon, she was resting in the mother's hands leaning against her. “What did I do wrong?” asked the man aloud, shaking his head. He slowly turned away from the window “I can see it on their clothes, they barely have enough money. And still, they seem so happy.”
Shunya moved over to his chair with a sour expression on his face. He turned it around so it would look at the window, then he armed his surprise for the assassin that was sure to come. He checked his gun one last time, before he moved out of the room closing the door behind himself.
He carefully made his way to the back of the building, so he can get out without anyone noticing. Not much later, a rented car left the building's parking lot that was almost completely empty. Shunya left everything behind, except for a few very important papers that would make sure that his children would stay alive.
Five minutes later, a man moved to the door of the office wearing a casual suit. He opened the door and saw Shunya's chair. It was turned towards the window. He pulled out a berretta; the gun already had the damper on. The man fired five times. Five silent bangs could be heard as the bullets left the gun and impacted into the back of the chair. Every single one would have been deadly if there was someone sitting in it.
When the man thought it's enough he walked forward to check his work. He grabbed the huge swivel-chair's back, and turned it around. He didn't like what he saw. Instead of a dead body there was a small package. The timer was at two seconds. “Fuck!” was all the man could say before the explosion came that tore the entire office room to pieces.
A good mile away, Shunya snickered hearing the explosion, the assassin just covered his back by walking into the diplomat's trap. For the next few days everyone will think that he's dead. Now, he only needed to get Ayame and reach his plane to Tokyo in time.
Sunday morning Tokyo
Kaname and Sousuke were resting in bed, curled around each other. It's not that they did anything improper. They simply wore themselves out while exploring each other, to the point, were Sousuke didn't bother to climb under the bed like he usually did.
He was the first to awake, and he found himself in a rather awkward position. Kaname was resting on her back, with her hands around him, and he was on top of her. This wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that a certain part of his body was resting right on a certain part of her body, with only the thin barriers of their underwear separating them. Adding last night's activity to all this made him, or rather the certain part of his body react.
He knew too well, if he doesn't get out of that position, and if he doesn't get his more male parts under control, he'll be in for a world of pain. The problem was that Kaname was a light sleeper. One false move from his side, and he's a goner. Sousuke's first goal was to get his parts under control. He tried everything he could think of, including picturing a naked Mardukas in his mind.
The problem was that gravity pressed him against a certain female, and too soon he was looking at a naked Kaname instead of his boss. This made him even more aroused. “This isn't good. You're supposed to be a soldier. You're supposed to be in complete control of your body and your thoughts. I better ask Kaname about this... If I survive her rage.”
Since the first plan didn't succeed Sousuke decided to partially lift his body from Kaname's, so he won't be pressed against her sleeping form. He proceeded with his plan. “Ohh... Sousuke don't you think it's a bit early?” asked Kaname in a tired voice.
The soldier stiffened for a few seconds, but he soon noticed that Kaname was only speaking in her sleep. He soon resumed his antics, with moderate success. “All right, you convinced me. Please be gentle,” murmured the girl in her sleep. “Hey... don't rip my clothes I won't run away you know!” continued Kaname several minutes later. Sousuke was starting to get interested what kind of dream she was just experiencing, but he knew that he can't relax yet.
Soon Kaname opened her mouth again. Sousuke simply couldn't believe his ears. “Ah... right there... yes... YES!” After hearing this, his body went stiff he wasn't able to move the slightest bit, partly because of fear, partly because of embarrassment.
Another few minutes later Kaname spoke once more “Harder...don't... hold... back... uh... ah...” at this point, Sousuke's nose was threatening to explode in a fountain of blood.
Another five minutes, and she did it again “OH... I can't hold it...ah...oh...AHH...” a small trickle of blood appeared on the edge of the boy's nose.
Once more, approximately six minutes later, Kaname let out a few exhausted moans. “Sousuke... You were wOoOoOonderful!” That did it, luckily, by now the boy managed to retrieve a hanky from the nightstand. Just in time, since he was soon fighting, THE nosebleed of the century. To his luck, this helped him a LOT to calm down.
However, while trying to stop his nose from bleeding the boy made a few careless movements, to put it better, he slipped, and fell. Right onto Kaname. The girl slowly opened her eyes; the first thing that she saw was Sousuke, who had a paper tissue in his nose. “Kaname this isn't what it looks like!” he explained, but there was no use. Just as the boy suspected, before the girl became conscious of why he was in her bed, she whacked him on the head several times, while screaming, “Pervert!” with all her might.
Approximately five minutes later she was blushing furiously, as Sousuke explained the cause of his nosebleed. “Sorry,” she apologised meekly, while fixing their breakfast. Kaname still couldn't believe it. She HAD to speak in her sleep, while having one of those dreams, and just when she was sharing her bed with Sousuke.
Minutes of silence followed as she finished preparing their sandwiches, none of the two dared to speak as they started to eat. From time to time, Kaname risked a look at the boy, but the immediate second she laid her eyes on him her face flushed, and she turned her head away so he won't be able to notice her embarrassment. Finally, Sousuke broke the ice, noticing the girl's unusual behaviour. “Kaname? May I ask, what makes you so nervous? Usually, you are quick to find a topic of conversation.”
Kaname's face turned crimson again, and she turned her head away. “Um... this morning, you know my dream.”
“I understand. You don't have to worry, it's not your fault what you dream of,” answered Sousuke.
“But it's still embarrassing,” snapped Kaname regaining her usually attitude.
“I won't tell anyone about it. You can trust me.”
A soft smile made its way onto Kaname's face as she calmed down a bit. “It's not that. I know you wouldn't tell. I'm embarrassed because I said those words, we're still pretty far from that in our relationship. Even after what we did last night.”
“I understand. Is that what's bothering you?” Kaname nodded not daring to reply. “Then I'll simply forget about it,” responded Sousuke. “You woke up this morning, and didn't immediately remember what happened yesterday evening. Nothing happened.”
“I wish it would be that easy,” responded Kaname.
“Is there anything I could do to help you?”
“No. You're right, let's just forget it.”
“Agreed. Nothing happened.”
“Yes Kaname.”
“I need your help.”
“Where can I give you my assistance?”
“I want to prove it that my father is innocent. I have to go to New York.”
“I'll arrange everything for our flight.”
“Than you.”
“It's the least I can do for you. You know well how much I love you.” Sousuke's words still rung a bit unfamiliar in Kaname's ears, she just couldn't believe that her feelings were returned. Without any words she embraced the boy, and settled down in his lap.
“And I love you!” she responded smiling.
The evening of the very same day the two of them took off at Narita airport on a Mithril private jet. At the same time a Boeing 747 landed on the second runway, with Chidori Shunya and his younger daughter on board.