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Chapter 2: Table for two
“Sir. Here is the data about the target, as you requested,” said the assistant, placing the dossier on the middle-aged diplomat's desk. “Is there anything else I could help with?”
“No. Thank you Ms. Mori” answered the man. “You may go,” he added. The secretary turned around, and headed out of the office. Despite the fact, that the young woman was quite attractive, he didn't even look up at her as the she moved to the door, swaying her hips. She was at the entrance, when she suddenly turned around. “I almost forgot! I also added the file about the failed apprehension. It cost us dearly in lives, and material.”
“What?” snapped the man, “I never agreed to anything like that! Who gave the order?”
“I'm sorry Mr. Chidori, but I can't help you in that matter,” with this said, the secretary left the room. The man sighed; he knew well that the young woman was saying the truth. She has been his assistant for a long time, and he could trust her fully. He took the thick envelopes, and slowly went over their titles, before starting to go through them. First, he read the file that was labelled “Apprehension”, and was shocked to find that four men, and an arm slave went missing in the operation. “So, there's someone else after our target,” he remarked aloud. “This can get ugly. The others will probably demand a special task force to be used after this blunder.”
Shaking his head, he picked up the second file, when he opened it his breath got caught, and all colour faded from his face. “No! Not my precious Kaname!” he whispered in shock.
Meanwhile in one of Tokyo's schools
“Sousuke Sagara!” yelled Ms. Kagurazaka, with anger written all over her face. It was one thing that she didn't notice the boy's weapon snatch, but she did notice later on that he got out of detention before time. “You've already pulled several things at this school, but I can't tolerate you behaviour anymore!” raged on the teacher.
Kaname sighed silently, knowing that this time it could take some minutes for the young woman to calm down. She sent the boy apologetic glance, who returned it with a barely noticeable nod.
“Now! Care to explain yourself? And you better make it good!” finished the teacher.
Kaname stood up, and stepped between Sousuke and Ms. Kagurazaka before he could start talking. “Sensei, please don't be mad at Sousuke. He left detention because of me.”
The teacher looked at Kaname with a questioning look. “And may I ask, why Mr. Sagara had to leave?”
“Well Ms. Kagurazaka... It's like this. Yesterday, on my way home, two thugs attacked me. I couldn't take care of them, so... I phoned Sousuke while running. That's why he left early.”
The teacher looked at Kaname with stern eyes. The girl was about to continue, when Kagurazaka's scowl disappeared. Kaname immediately let out a long sigh, knowing that her boyfriend is out of it.
“I understand. So you only moved to protect your classmate. I'll let this one slip, but since you left early. You'll have to stay today after class.”
“Understood,” responded Sousuke in a military manner, happy that he got away with such little. The teacher walked to her desk, and opened her book.
“Now students, please open your book at page forty-five,” she ordered.
“Ms. Kagurazaka.” interrupted Kaname, before the teacher had a chance to start class.
“If Sousuke has to stay here after class I also want to. It was because me that he left in the first place. You can't punish someone for being helpful,” Kagurazaka looked Kaname over with sceptic eyes, but in the end she nodded. The teacher looked around to see if there is anyone who wants to say something else. When she saw that the class was silent she begun her lesson.
Sousuke glanced over to Kaname with an embarrassed face. “Umm... this evening, do you want to go on one of those... I think you called it date.”
Kaname smiled at him, “I'd love to!” she whispered back.
“Ms. Chidori I suggest you leave the planning of your evening activity till later.”
“Of course sensei, sorry.” she apologised quickly, then she glanced back at Sousuke with a smile.
That evening
The evening was calm, at least, as much you can say such things about a metropolis. The dim light in the restaurant flickered on the walls as the lamps were rocking gently back and fourth. One would never think that the source of the light was artificial. The air was filled with the sound of chatter as the guests were talking about the most different things. Every now and then, a waiter would zoom around between the tables attending to the needs of the guests, who were occupying the few desks in the room.
There was no need for more, since there were already only a few, who could afford coming here, and the small number of guests made the restaurant eve more harmonic. However, for that the bills and the tips were horrific, like in every other five star restaurant.
“This is so sweet of you Sousuke,” chirped Kaname happily. “Are you sure this place isn't too expensive?” asked the girl as she settled down into her chair.
“Rest assured Kaname, Mithril pays good money for my work. However, with you near me work feels more like joy,” the girl blushed at this. This was as close as Sousuke can get to a compliment without her asking. “I see you acquired a new piece of clothing. It is flattering on you,” continued the boy. Kaname blushed even more. This time she did notice an anomaly. There was something in Sousuke's hand; it looked suspiciously like a piece of paper.
Kaname suppressed a chuckle “You're not that bad yourself,” she answered with a small smile. “So who gave you the idea?” she asked.
“Kyouko suggested that this might be a good way to get closer,” responded the boy. “It was also her, who told me that this is the best restaurant in the area.”
Kaname just smiled “I still can't believe that you really brought me here.”
“You only deserve the best Kaname.”
“As do you!” responded the girl leaning over to him, placing a kiss on his on Sousuke's cheek. A goofy smile appeared on the war-veteran boy's cheek. He slowly lifted his hand touched his face on the spot where her lips did seconds ago. Soon after this a light blush spread across his expression. Kaname chuckled. “You're supposed to be one of the best soldiers around and a kiss can sweep you from your feet? Isn't that supposed to happen the other way around?”
“I can assure you that...”
“Sousuke!” warned the girl. “I told you! Don't even think, about going military on me here!”
“Affirmative! Anything else you require Miss Chidori?”
“Sousuke!” came Kaname's warning voice.
“Calm down Kaname. I was only joking. You were the one to tell me that I should try to make little jokes at times.” as an answer, a smile appeared on the girl's face, she shook her head.
“Yes I did...” then she gave the boy a full smile. “...and this one worked.”
“I'm happy to hear that,” he replied proudly.
“And nothing would make me more happy than to see you smile.” answered Sousuke. Kaname once again noticed the chunk of paper in Sousuke's hand, but didn't care. On the contrary, she would have pulled the boy in her strongest of hugs, if they weren't in such a noble restaurant.
“Just don't forget Sousuke! Food can't get fancier than the one you find here. If you find any food called bomb, grenade or the like don't go wild!” instructed Kaname, before she started to go trough the menu. She was more than shocked, when she saw Sousuke scrabble those things down into his note pad. “You're really trying hard Sousuke. Next time you do something really stupid I'll go easier on you. It's not your fault that you had a life of constant war.”
“What shall we eat my fair lady?” asked the bit too military soldier a few minutes later. Somehow, he managed to act almost like a normal civilian the entire time.
“Where did you get that from?” asked Kaname, her smile never leaving her face. “You sounded just like a knight.”
“Well in a certain way, I am one,” responded Sousuke. Kaname chuckled at this.
Meanwhile at Sousuke's apartment
A gathering of three was grinning wickedly, well okay, two soldiers were grinning wickedly, and the young schoolgirl has bearing a huge smile “Finally we've done it!” declared Kurz.
“I'm so happy for Kaname!” agreed Kyouko.
“By the way...” asked Melissa “...where did you hide the bug?”
“I made like a housewife, and sewed it into Sousuke's shirt,” came the response from the sniper.
“Great going Kurz! With your sewing ability I wouldn't wonder if we were listening to two complete strangers.”
“I did a better work then you could have done that's for sure!” countered the guy. “You wouldn't be able to sew in a hole in even if your life depended on it.”
“I hear another thing like and you'll get ammo into your ass!” threatened the female soldier.
“Could we do that the other way around?” asked her blonde, but male colleague with a smirk.
There was a second of utter silence. “What did you say?” yelled the woman while reacting for the place she usually kept her firearm. Luckily, because of their civilian guest she wasn't carrying the mentioned weapon. When noticing this she decided to use brute force. A few punches later peace was restored.
Back in the restaurant
Having their meals ordered, while Sousuke managed not to attack the waiter, the couple had only one thing left to do, namely, wait. “I never thought that I would ever say this Sousuke, but actually this evening you're acting almost like a civilian,” remarked Kaname. The boy couldn't help, but smile at this comment.
“Thank you,” he answered.
“You can thank yourself,” responded Kaname. “You did work hard, but you still have to learn that there are better ways to solve problems than to blow them up.”
“I often use other tactics to solve those problems.”
“Yeah, bullets, knives, and basically everything else that is dangerous, and is in connection with the army in some way.”
“Don't forget Kaname! In certain situations hard solutions are the best. Though, when it comes to you, I do prefer other solutions.” came the remark.
“Just don't get jailed!”
“I only use my weapons to defend.”
“I know that, but the police would still take you away.” responded Kaname.
“Don't worry. I'm not clumsy you know.” reassured Sousuke.
“You better not be!”
“I assure you I won't.” responded the boy. “I grew up on the battlefield. Many things I do are more out of instinct."
“And I won't give you a piece of rest as long you don't act like a civilian on instinct. But do me a favour.”
“That would be? My lovely Kaname?”
“When you're doing your job, do use those military instincts. I want you to come back home alive.”
“Home,” mumbled Sousuke. “You mean here, with you.”
Kaname smiled. “Whoever else do you think I was talking about?” she answered, with a smirk.
“Home... That sounds good,” mumbled Sousuke to himself. Kaname leaned over the table bringing her mouth close to his ear.
“Too bad that there are so many fancy people around,” she whispered to him.
“Because?” asked the boy, now curious of what the girl wanted to say.
“Because you just earned a kiss, a real one,” answered Kaname leaning closer.
“You'll have time to give it to me later,” responded Sousuke. The Kaname was Shocked to say the least. She did expect to receive a couple of compliments, after the training she put him trough. But Sousuke, alias brainless-order-following-military-maniac was actually flirting with her.
She would have swooned, if it weren't for the fact that an armed guy charged into the restaurant. “Everybody freeze! Hands up in the air! If I see the tiniest movement you're all dead!” yelled the masked robber, at the same time three other masked persons entered. The usual voices of the restaurant came to a stop, the sounds of talk, the chatter of glasses and dinnerware all came to and end. The room was engulfed in total silence.
Sousuke got nervous as the group started to scan trough the people in the restaurant, apparently they were looking for someone. He tensed, when he saw that one of them was closing to Kaname and he rested his arm on his gun, ready to use it. However, he soon calmed down, the robbers didn't even look at the girl. Instead they started to beat the crap out of one of the costumers, while demanding money. Quite loudly to add.
All this time, Kaname's eyes were on Sousuke, whose eyes were like those of a falcon that was keeping a look on its pray. She knew, it won't be long before he makes his move, and when he does, there's going to be murder! She was more than shocked when this move was lowering his hands and turning to the bandits. She couldn't believe it, but despite everything, once it was clear that the attackers were not after her Sousuke calmed down completely.
He was too calm for her taste, and she didn't want him to go Rambo right there, unless there's no other possibility. Then, the boy even turned around in his chair to get a good look at the position of the intruders. In fact, now he was watching the entire scene as if it was the best show on earth.
“What the hell are you doing!” she hissed.
“Calm down Kaname, and lower your hands, these are amateurs. They don't even care to guard their prisoners while they are beating their victim.”
“Hand over the loot you stole from us five years ago!” yelled one of the four.
“But they have guns.” hissed the girl at the boy, who was leisurely leaning against the back of his seat.
“Calm down Kaname. As I said, these people are amateurs. They are obviously nervous and unprofessional; they make one mistake after the other. Some of the staff even managed to slip out of the room, there is no reason to be afraid.”
“But they have guns.” whined Kaname in a pleading tone. As if magic, in that very second one of the outlaws spotted Sousuke. who looked as if he didn't have a care in the world. He was immediately on him.
“Up with those hands before I put a bullet trough your head,” warned the robber. However, Sousuke didn't comply he was practically laughing into the robber's face. “I said up with them!” came the command again, this time harsher.
“And why?” asked the soldier with complete ease.
“That thing. I don't think you could hurt anyone with that. Except, if you throw it at them,” answered the boy in a monotone voice.
“Why you little!” growled the man trying to intimidate the boy, however, that saw that the man's hand was shaking wildly. “UP WITH THOSE HANDS!” he yelled, while holding the gun closer to Sousuke's face. The boy first looked at the gun situated right at his nose, then returned his eyes on the bandit in front of him.
“Are you crazy Sousuke? You may be a soldier and a specialist, and you may can withstand lots of things, but a bullet is a bullet!” yelled Kaname in shock. After hearing this, the robber went pale. He lifted the weapon to the boy's forehead while trying to look dangerous.
“Come on go ahead! I dare you!” responded the boy as if taunting. “But first, remove the iron plugging from within the barrel.” a loud “huh” was Kaname's answer to this remark. “The problem is, that it's impossible,” continued the boy. “And even if you could, that thing will still not be able to shoot, since it's called "Replica". Just like the ones your friends have.”
After these words were emitted the people in the restaurant started to lower their hands. Their faces were promising a painful death. “Ehh?” asked the robber, not getting how the guy in front of him found out.
“The side, read the letters on the side,” answered Sousuke calmly. The man did so, he slowly spelled out the word "replica" while gulping a few times, as the customers stood up. He even took a few steps backwards when he saw Kaname summon her two deadly fans. This time, HE was the one targeted instead of the soldier in front of him.
“However...” continued Sousuke, pulling out his own gun with a malicious smile, placing the tip of it right on the tip of the man's nose “...mine is called Glock 9mm.” the robbers now all held a colour similar to the walls. “The army greets!” added the boy as an afterthought, so the other guests won't panic, the robbers did.
They barely could keep from fainting. The one standing in front of Sousuke tilted his head to the side, and read the writing on the side of the soldier's weapon. He gulped a few times when he finished reading, then he started to back away. Soon two of them were running, and two were on the ground in immense pain thanks to Sousuke. The boy soon charged after those unlucky bastards that could make a getaway. At the same time Kaname stood into the position of the "mob commander" of a newly formed angry mob. “AFTER THEM!” she shouted, and the armada of angry humans charged out the restaurant door pouring like a tidal wave.
Soon the bandits split up, in hope to shake their pursuers, but neither had luck. While the first still had Sousuke charging after him, who decided that it's better if he lets his target get worn out. The other had a very angry schoolgirl on his tail, whose date has been crashed by him, the angry mob behind her, was his smaller problem compared to the danger she wielded.
After some time Sousuke's target noticed that the boy will keep up longer than him, so he decided to shake the boy in the alleys of Tokyo. One thing he didn't count on, this was the fact that he was dealing with an ex-rebel, who was a pro when it came to hiding. He also didn't take it into account that this particular alley had only one place he could hide. Namely a dumpster.
To add, before he even had a chance to climb into the just mentioned dumpster, gunshots, aimed at his feet warned him that he was within the boy's site. Thus the robber continued to make a getaway, until he stumbled into a wire fence. It didn't take long and the guy was over it.
At the same time, Sousuke was busy talking with Kaname trough their mobile phones as they coordinated their pursuit. It was a success. Just as the one Sousuke chased jumped from the top of the fence, which the soldier didn't bother to climb, he bumped into his friend.
“What the hell are you dong here?” yelled the first.
“What the heck are YOU doing here?” came the answer.
“Running from “Crazy Soldier” and "Glock 9mm". What else?” came the reply.
“Then we're screwed,” answered the other. “Mrs. Crazy Soldier to be is right behind me!” at the same time the angry mob charged into the alley with Kaname in the lead.
The bandits desperately tried to climb over the fence to get to the other side, so they can get captured by Sousuke. The guy will have to keep the POW rules they reasoned, but the mob reached them before they even had a chance. First it was Kaname, who reached them she swung her harisens with immense precision hitting the robbers hard. Her movements as she used those paper fans made Sousuke wonder if his girlfriend was a samurai in her last life. The way, the now deadly weapon came into the contact with the face of another bandit sending the poor man on a short air trip against the strong brick wall, she was just too skilful.
The angry mob soon also reached the bandits the rest is history. Meanwhile, in the safe house a group of three was standing with their mouths open. “So much for juicy date talk,” declared Weber. His companions nodded dumbly.
Half an hour later, Sousuke and Kaname were at the local park, after they managed to avoid a certain crazy cop. “I'm sorry that our date was destroyed,” apologised the young soldier.
“It's not your fault, it was those thugs. Besides you were the one who busted them,” reassured the girl next to him. “And before I forget,” she continued stepping in front of him. “I owe you a kiss,” with this said, Kaname stood onto her tiptoes and placed a kiss on the boy's lips. This one lasted longer that the short pecks he got used to during their month as a couple, soon a mild blush appeared on his face.
“Ah, come on Sousuke, don`t tell me that this makes you blush!“ she teased.
“Affirmative,” responded the boy. “It does make me a bit nervous,” Kaname smirked when hearing this.
“Then we have to make sure you don't get nervous from kissing,” soon Sousuke was completely stunned by the kiss that Kaname was giving him. It was not that he didn't like it. On the contrary, after a few seconds he clumsily returned it. Kaname simply smiled when noticing this and savoured the feeling he was giving her. Several minutes passed as the two continued forgetting about the world around them with the boy getting more and more experienced, and comfortable at the entire thing. However, finally they reluctantly parted.
“Sousuke I think you passed the kissing test,” remarked Kaname with a smirk.
“It was probably one of the most pleasurable tests I ever had,” responded the boy.
“Only probably?” asked Kaname pouting playfully.
“Sorry my Kaname. It WAS the most pleasurable test I ever had,” corrected Sousuke.
“ 'My Kaname?' “ asked the girl, with a smirk. “I like the sound of that,” the soldier blushed again. “Don't tell me that you're still nervous?” asked Kaname before initiating another lip-lock. A second later she broke it. “Sousuke be prepared that we won't go anywhere from here till I got you used to this,” after that Kaname returned to the matter at hand.
She was more than shocked that this time Sousuke even dared to wrap his hands around her to pull her even more into the kiss.
End of Flashback
“Wow I can't believe it Kaname!” squealed Kyouko trying to look as if she didn't hear a thing about Kaname's yesterday date. However, Kaname did leave out the little fiasco with the bandits, that was something the brown haired girl didn't like at all, but she understood Kaname's reasons. “So how was kissing him like?” asked Kyouko.
“At first he was a bit clumsy, but he learned really fast,” answered Kaname with a happy grin.
“So he's a good kisser?” came the excited question.
“I'd say he's a natural,” replied the taller girl with a huge smile on her face. “He was wonderful.”
“Oh, looks like someone can't keep her hands under control,” interfered one of Kaname's classmates entering the little chat.
“Hey! It's not like that!” yelled Kaname, knowing quite well what the boy had in mind. “Not yet at least,” finished Kaname to herself.
“Calm down Kaname!” soothed Kyouko. “He was only teasing you. Besides there are still a lot of things that you have to teach him before you two go down on that road,” a series of chuckles were heard from the people around the two. Kaname gave the group a glare, but didn't act in any other way.
“I already taught him a deal, and he's doing fine,” continued Kaname with her conversation. At this, the laughter in the classroom increased. This time Kaname did act, and the room was empty within seconds, except for her and Kyouko, and just because she pulled out her harisen.
“By the way Kaname did you hear that Sousuke will have detention again?” asked Kyouko.
“Of course I did,” responded Kaname. “At times Ms. Kagurazaka can be a real pain in the ass.”
“Well he did set another trap without thinking first,” responded Kyouko.
Up on the roof of the school, Sousuke was busy with something else. “Sergeant, you won't like what we found out after consulting with our UN contacts. The contact man confirmed our suspicion,” came Testarossa's voice from the speaker of the communication system.
“Could you explain what kind of suspicion that is?” asked Sousuke.
“There is a rouge group within the UN targeting whispered persons. The organization has already started to investigate the matter and they have made a list of suspects who are believed to be in the complot, but they couldn't gather enough evidence to act. To add to this, these rouges are all in high posts, and are almost impossible to remove. We received that list, and I made a disturbing discovery. A copy has been already faxed to the safe house, but I think it's better for Kaname if she hears it from me. Before we continue I'd like to have her here.”
“Affirmative! I will be right back with her.” responded the boy, he knew his captain well. The way the young girl used those words meant that she found out something bad. Tessa was simply too serious for his taste.
“There we have one soon to be married couple,” teased Mizuki. At the same, time Kaname was starting to get a bit too irritated because of the teasing she had to endure.
“Girls!” she warned raising her voice. Everyone stopped the teasing knowing well that they reached the level that Kaname could stand.
It was then that Sousuke moved in, he grabbed Kaname's hand and dragged her from the room. “Tessa wants to talk to you, it's important,” he whispered into her ear. Kaname couldn't imagine why the young captain wanted to talk with her, so she followed the boy to the roof. However, she didn't appreciate Sousuke's way of retrieval at all, knowing what her classmates were already thinking.
“Take your time! There's still a lot left of lunch-brake.” yelled Kyouko after them.
“What is it with you?” Kaname asked, or more like growled to the boy.
“Captain Testarossa wants to talk with you.”
“Sousuke what is it?” asked Kaname, starting to become fearful because the way the Sousuke was behaving.
“I've been only informed that intelligence found out something bad,” he answered.
“But what did they find out?” asked Kaname.
“I haven't been informed yet,” responded the boy.
Up on the roof, Shinji was about to sit down to eat when he found something mighty suspicious. There was a little black box set on the ground that was connected to what seemed to be some-kind of power source. It didn't take him long to identify the thing as a military satellite uplink. He was for sure surprised to find one of those things at his school. However, before he could move in for a closer inspection he heard the sound of two people climbing the stairs.
Of course, Shinji immediately jumped for cover in fear that the owner of the devices he found isn't that understanding. He almost moved out of his cover, when he saw that the newcomers were Kaname and Sousuke, who were busy with their newly found favourite activity. Kissing. But when he saw that the soldier and his girlfriend immediately moved to the black box, and Sousuke pulled out the antenna without a second thought Shinji became nervous.
As the boy was watching his two classmates, not believing what he sees, Sousuke quickly re-established contact with his base ship. Shinji was more than Shocked, when Sousuke started to call something named “Tuatha De Danaan”. The name was too foreign for his like. To make things ever better Kaname was not flipping out, this only made Shinji even more tense.
“So, what kind of bad news does the captain have for me?” asked Kaname, from Sousuke while they waited for the response.
“Apparently, some from the intelligence managed to locate some information about the attackers. It looks like there is a rouge group within the UN that wants to get its hand on black technology.” Kaname went stiff. Now she had a good idea why the young sub captain wanted to talk with her.
“No! My dad couldn't be working for those people!” yelled Kaname in shock, grabbing Sousuke by the collar of his shirt. The radio saved him, before she could do anything.
“This is the TDD-1. Stand by Sergeant Sagara.” came a voice from the speaker.
Shinji, who was in hearing distance didn't believe his ears.
“Affirmative De Danaan,” answered Sousuke in a monotone voice after his girlfriend let go of him.
Meanwhile, Shinji was sitting behind the chimney he used as cover, only six feet from the two. He was stiff as a board. “Sousuke and Kaname can't be secret agents!” screamed his brain over, and over, like a mantra.
“Sergeant Sagara.” came captain Testarossa's voice from the speaker. “I have a good, and a bad thing to tell you. I'll begin with the good one.”
“Understood!” responded Sousuke.
“The good news is that you got promoted, congratulation sergeant major, high command has also given you a free choice about where you want to be stationed, so don't worry about being recalled to another duty anytime soon.” Kaname squealed at this, she threw her arms around the boy and hugged him tightly, while giving the him a kiss on the cheek. “As I promised Miss Chidori, I keep our deal.”
“What deal?” asked Sousuke.
“Girl stuff!” answered Kaname quickly. “But you Tessa don't “Miss Chidori” me I thought we're friends."
“Umm... sorry Kaname but I thought it would be easier if I told you everything in business-like manner,” responded Tessa. “Sorry, but you won't like what I'll be telling you now. We made some investigation about the recent incident. Trust me you won't like the news.”
“Captain?” asked Kaname, in a meaningful tone.
“Now it's my turn Kaname! You also know how my friends call me!”
“Sorry Tessa, but could you just tell me! I'm already nervous enough.”
“Kaname, the people Sousuke and sergeant Kurz took out were indeed UN soldiers,” this earned a gasp from the schoolgirl. “Don't worry. Sousuke's actions were needed; those people would have shot you if he doesn't act. So he's free of all charges. To boot they were traitors so the UN won't make a fuss about it. All investigations have been already ended, but I still suggest for you to lay low for a while.”
By now Shinji was stiffer than a board, with his brain and ears being the last correctly functioning parts of his body.
“Tessa tell me already! I know you're hiding something!” snapped Kaname.
“All right, but... Sousuke, hold her! This'll be hard.” the soldier complied preparing for the worst. “Kaname, apparently your father is one of the leaders of the rouge UN section I just mentioned.”
Kaname was silent. There was no screaming, no hysteria, no Sousuke beating, no nothing. This was by far the worst thing she could imagine. Worse than the time when Sousuke almost blew up the entire school, worse than the time when Gauron, the well-known killer, had her on gunpoint.
Shocked, yes, she was shocked just like when Sousuke saved her in that lab and got her out of the middle of a military base. Proving that he's the living version of an army destroyer, or when she first saw him operate and arm slave. She prepared herself for many scenarios that could happen in her life, but now it looked like her father was also after her because of her abilities. This was simply too much, the next thing she could remember was that everything went black.