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Chapter 1: Err... Huston, we have a problem
Two days later
It was the end of another chaotic day in Tokyo's Chofu district. Thanks to some luck, the local high school survived another day without being blown up. The cause of this was that a certain too military soldier, better known as Sousuke Sagara, has once more lost his weaponry, except of his walky-talky, when his teacher decided to check up on some people's possessions. Of course, she confiscated the soldier's arms at first sight. To add, he also got detention, and was sitting around in a classroom.
Thanks to this, Kaname was walking home alone, what became a rare site, ever since the war-veteran boy arrived at her school. It became even more rare since the two finally confessed their feelings a good two months ago. Though, for that to happen, the two had been locked into a wardrobe in a joint operation between Sousuke's comrades, and some of Kaname's friends, later on the favour was returned to all, with interest.
Kaname still couldn't believe that her teacher could be that delusional. At first, she also thought that Sousuke is carrying toy guns, but after a few incidents that she preferred to forget she knew that this was not the case. “Besides,” she thought to herself. “It's hard not to notice, when someone is holding a real weapon. By now she must have an extensive collection of Mithril's armoury.”
Kaname would have continued her musing, if it weren't for the metallic thump she heard. “One thing is for sure!” remarked the girl to herself. “My crazy boyfriend really wants to keep me safe.” she reached into her pocket, and pulled out her side of the walky-talky that she's been sharing with Sousuke. “Angel to Urzu-7, Angel to Urzu-7 can you hear me?” she said into the receiver, she couldn't help but smile at the nickname she got from Kurz. But, she only had a few seconds to muse on that because Sousuke's voice soon responded to her call.
“Here Urzu-7, is there something wrong Miss Chidori?”
“If I remember correctly, we're supposed to be a couple! How man times do I have to tell you to call me Kaname?”
“I think you told me about 453, no, make that 454 times, with this one.” answered the boy's voice.
Kaname groaned, “I can't believe it! We've been dating for some time by now, and you still don't get it?” answered Kaname, barely able to keep from yelling.
“I'm sorry, but I can't let the enemy think that they can use my affection to you against me. I have to keep it up!”
Kaname couldn't take it anymore; her restrains, that were always weak to begin with, broke without any kind of chance to hold out, as she started to yell into the communication device. “Give it a brake already! Everyone in school knows that we're a couple! BESIDES! Those guys after me want me alive!” yelled Kaname into the receiver, making Sousuke shut up. Then, she noticed that several people in the street were looking at her. In the neighbouring street, Melissa Mao looked up from her shopping. After a second, she returned to what she was doing, mumbling something about uncontrolled temper, and stupid boyfriends.
Meanwhile, the girl in question, sped up to get out of the street, to escape the looks she was receiving. “Anyway, I wanted to ask you to let Weber retire for the day. He must be really tired! I can even hear him walking around, in that metal monster of his.”
“Kaname,” came Sousuke's voice, it was a nervous, even more serious. This was enough to tell the girl that there's is big trouble. “Turn around, and run. Webber isn't there, he's in the apartment, and Melissa is out shopping. I never could inform them of my situation, since Ms. Kagurazaka also confiscated my com device. It was plain luck that she didn't find the walky-talky. I'm unable contact the safe house with this.” Sousuke's voice made it clear to her that he's not joking.
Heck he's never joking!” added her head, as she started to sprint back to school.
Sousuke didn't care about his detention anymore, for all he cared he'd gladly take a month of detention, when he knew that his girlfriend is safe. He quickly moved out of the classroom, with the goal to rearm himself. His destination: Eri Kagurazaka's office room, what by now resembled more to an armoury than a teacher's personal retreat. The boy soon noticed, that the open door is open, of course, he knew that this meant that there's someone in there.
Sousuke carefully moved closer to the entrance, and peeked in. There he saw the young woman, who was busy with her duties. The problem was, that he couldn't just walk in, and tell her the truth, that Kaname's threatened by someone, and he would like to get back his equipment. Even Sousuke could understand that. But, there was simply no other possible scenario he could think of, he almost charged in not caring about the punishment, when he saw a flash bang grenade at his feet. It must have fallen off the shelf. Sousuke grinned, and grabbed it. Seconds later, a bright light filled the room, temporally robbing the teacher her sight.
Sousuke used his chance, he moved in, and raided the armoury. His hand immediately found his favourite glock, while the other grabbed hold of an uzi, after that he stacked in some ammo for both weapons, he grabbed a few grenades, and his com device. He would have made a dive for the grenade launcher on the other side of the room, but he saw the teacher slowly starting to come to, and he didn't have time to explain things to her. So, he pulled out, as fast as possible.
As of the teacher? She thought that the sun blinded her for a few seconds, and looked out on the window to find the troublemaker, who was probably playing with a mirror, but there was no one. She didn't even notice the small pile of metal on her floor that remained as evidence of Sousuke's presence, neither the fact that several things were missing from her room.
At the same time, Kaname continued to run for it. She was glad that the cloaked arm slave behind her didn't decide to make an appearance. That would make quite a panic. However, she could always hear a soft metallic thump, as the mechanic monstrosity took step after. She made it back to the train station, and to her joy there was a train in there that was heading towards her school. She charged towards the vehicle and jumped on without bothering to buy any tickets. Not even five seconds later, the doors closed, and the train took off. Leaving behind whatever had followed her. Then, Kaname heard the dreaded sentence: “Tickets please!”
“Why now of all days!” she cried.
“WHAT!” shouted Weber, spitting out the beer he got into his mouth, just when he heard Sousuke's news. “You gotta be joking man! There are people chasing Kaname across the city?”
“Stop blabbing, and get into your M-9! We HAVE CONFIRMED HOSTILES!” commanded, or rather yelled Sousuke, as he charged out on the school's doors. Nobody really cared about his yelling, since most of what followed this was in complete military slang and nobody understood.
Well, nobody, except for a boy, who knew quite a bit about military matters. Of course, the boy, better known on the name Shinji, immediately charged after the too heavily armed specialist. However, he never had the chance to keep up with Sousuke, who was much faster than him, despite the payload of weapons on his back.
“You're pulling a leg right?” yelled a female voice, in the market. “Where's the camera?” seconds later, she also started to run. On her way out she passed by a booth that was giving away free samples of crab; she grabbed one of the samples and gave a thumb up to the saleswoman, before resuming her running.
Kaname was nervous, very nervous. It was one thing that she received a cheque from the conductor. But before that she was chased by something, big, and metallic, and not to forget invisible, but now, there were three men on the train, who were undoubtedly keeping an eye on her, to boot this one of them was quite found of his mobile phone.
Sousuke, I know that somehow this it all your fault!” she cursed, silently hoping that the men won't attack with the people around. Finally, her stop came, she waited at the open door, and jumped out of the train the last moment before the doors closed again. Thanks to this the three men remained stuck on the train. However, there was a smaller problem. Namely, three men, who were already waiting for her at the station, and the small train station was somehow completely empty. “Great!” she mumbled, seeing the strangers, as they pulled their weapons out from underneath their clothing, not much after the train raced off.
“Miss Chidori!” called one of them. “Come here if you don't want to get hurt!” he instructed. Of course this was the last thing Kaname had on her mind. She turned around, and took off at max speed heading towards the exit of the station. When seeing that their target is running the three lifted their weapons “Don't forget! Shoot at her legs! We need the bitch alive!” instructed one of them.
Kaname heard those words too well, but she kept on running, hoping that somehow she can get out of all this. She long ago promised to herself that she'd rather die, than to let people like the ones behind her use her for their own goals, and this was definitely no time to break that promise. Then, the roar of a machine gun filled the air, the three men fell. Kaname already prepared herself for the pain, and she was determined to keep moving, as long she had legs, but the pain never came. She stopped running, and turned around to see that her pursuers are down.
“Chidori run!” celled out Sousuke “We need to get out of here before the police arrive,” he didn't need to say that again. The girl once again started to run, and the two left the area before a crowd could form.
On the other side of the city, an AS pilot sitting in an invisible M-6 was trying to contact his comrades, but no matter what he did they wouldn't answer. No wonder, since those men in question were dead. He was so wrapped up in his work that he didn't even notice that his instruments were going wild, trying to warn him.
Then, a metallic sound woke him, the cause was the tip of the gun that came into contact with his machine. “Okay buzou! I don't think you want to find out what happens when the M-6 meets the M-9, so I suggest you come quietly,” the man almost pissed himself when he heard those words, he knew, that he's in trouble. A blonde playboy's face appeared on the main screen of his mech. “Give up kid! A 75 mm armour-piercing machine gun is aiming at your head. I don't think that you want to meet the explosive bullets up close! Right?”
The man in the M-6 thought about his situation for some time, but considering that his opponent had a better weapon, and a gun was pointing at his head, the decision was easy.
Some time later in a nearby camouflaged hangar
Three soldiers, and a schoolgirl were facing their opponent in the large grey room. The scent of oil was barely under critical level, and almost everything was covered in grease, or some other kind of stain, but this was the best place for this, since it was almost impossible that someone accidentally ends up here. “Start talking!” instructed Melissa, who was sitting on the leg of the Arm Slave, what was stashed away in there. She was facing the bound prisoner that was caught earlier her subordinates were at her sides, ready to take part in the questioning, if there is need. Sousuke was more interested in Kaname, as she was still trying to calm down from the near death type of experience she had the afternoon. Well okay, it was more like she used this for an excuse to keep hugging him.
The prisoner, of course didn't open his mouth like ordered. Melissa signalled Kurz, who grabbed his gun and aimed at the captive soldier, the guy immediately started talking. “My name is Robert Paul, code D51671A71. I'm an M-6 pilot for the UN.”
“We're more interested in your, and your ex-comrade's intentions towards Miss Chidori,” answered Sousuke.
“That's top secret!” answered the man.
Melissa finished her tenth beer for the evening, and threw the remaining case into the ever-growing-pile of beer-cans. “Listen! Either you tell us what we want to know, or we'll get nasty,” she warned.
“We know two things, first, that your mission objective was Miss Chidori, and secondly, that you're not part of the UN forces.” interrupted Sousuke's voice. “The UN would never send soldiers to capture an innocent civilian with force.”
“My name is...“ WHAM The soldier couldn't finish what he started, because he received a whack from Melissa to remind him of his situation.
“We already know that! Who was it, and why did he put you on Kaname?” asked the short hared girl, while opening another beer.
The soldier didn't respond.
“It looks like we won't be getting anything out of this guy. I suggest, we send him to the TDD-1”
“You're right!” agreed Melissa “They'll get something out of him for sure.”
“Then case is closed. I'll inform our guys that we have a guest for them,” suggested Kurz.
“If you don't mind Kaname, I'll be sleeping in your apartment this evening.” remarked Sousuke.
Kaname blew it. “What did you say?” she yelled.
“Miss Chidori I...”
“I mean, I'll sleep UNDER your bed, in case someone tries to kidnap you,” corrected Sousuke. Kaname let out a groan, but was able to keep from beating up the boy. She stood up, and moved out of the room with Sousuke following her close by.
“So, where did you get that machine gun from?” she asked, while taking one of Sousuke's hands into her own, as the two headed for her apartment.
“I managed to capture some of my equipment back from Ms. Kagurazaka,” responded the boy in a calm tone.
Kaname stopped, she let out an “urk” “Don't tell me that you broke into her room!” she asked, her voice signalling that she knew well what the answer will be.
“Be calm. She wasn't aware of my presence.”
“What! She was in there?” yelled Kaname.
“Don't worry. The flash bang I used, was completely harmless,” when hearing this, the girl's face turned red from anger.
“You used a flash bang! In Ms Kagurazaka's office? You imbecile! That room has more ammo in it than Fort Knox! Heck! The only cause that there aren't any missiles in there is that you can't hide them under your clothes!” screamed the girl.
“Well actually. There are five anti tank missiles in there, along with their launch pod.” Sousuke heard another loud “urk” from the girl in front of him. After this, several emotions started to appear on her face, and faded back into nothing as they gave place to another emotion. It started with complete and utter shock, this was followed by a helpless expression, and this was followed by anger. Then she opened her mouth, at first no words came out. She closed it, and opened it again.
“Did I just say imbecile? I MEANT SUPRA IMBECILE!” roared the girl. “And to think of it that he's my boyfriend! Maybe I have time to give myself up to the guys after me. Sousuke! Do you know how much trouble you can get in with what you did?”
“Affirmative. But I'd gladly take that problem if it means that you're safe.”
At this, Kaname's anger disappeared, and she blushed. “You really mean it?” she asked.
“Of course.” answered the boy. The next thing he knew, Kaname was hugging him with all her might, while snuggling her head into his chest. Although, she was holding him a bit too tight for his taste. "Kaname, I can't breath!" he moaned.
Approximately 400 miles to the east, and 200 meters under sea level
A tall man was standing on the bridge of the submarine that was most probably the most dangerous vessel that ever set sail. His expression was serious, although calm. His tall form dominated the entire command room there was order, and discipline around him. The long years on the sea could be clearly had their affect on him, and now in his old days, he seemed to be indestructible. He was confident, and had every right to be. He was the typical British seaman so to say.
His crew was among the best, although a little impish at times, but he let that be to certain extent. He knew, this will help to forge the ship's “family” even more together, and by his opinion a ship that has an own “family” can't be defeated.
“Captain Testarossa! We have a call from Sergeant Weber he's asking for a helicopter he says it's important! Looks like some poor sap tried to abduct Miss Chidori.”
The tall man slowly turned to the communication officer with his face remaining calm. He wasn't the only one to do that. Next to him, in the captain's seat, there was a young, and petite girl. She was completely the opposite of him. She was small, even for a girl, and she wasn't older than seventeen. There was a small smile on her lips, and her eyes were full of innocence. “Let me speak to him!” she ordered.
“Yes ma'am!” came the response.
The girl turned towards the speakers, while playing with her hair. “Report Urzu-6!”
“You won't like this captain! We took out some people; they wanted to get their hands on Angel! The guys almost shot her! “
“But they weren't able right?” asked the young girl, with worry evident in her voice.
“Don't worry Tessa, the pretty lady is A-okay. Urzu-7 filled them with lead! He's giving her company right now, but there's a little problem.”
“And that would be?” asked Commander Mardukas, who was the huge man standing next to the slim, and bit too young sub captain.
“We captured one of them, what wouldn't be trouble. But get this!” The thug claims to bee a part of the UN forces! To boot he was piloting a UN M-6!” When hearing the outbound sergeant's report, everyone in the subs command bridge went silent.
“Commander Mardukas! Get commander Kalinin, and get all the info we gathered on the UN rouges.” instructed Tessa.
“Yes ma'am!” answered the man saluting, and moved off.
“Hey guys. What's going on?” asked Weber's voice, but nobody answered. The captain was too busy thinking about her options, while the other people on the bridge decided not to speak.
After a minute Tessa looked up at her people. “Prepare an ECS equipped Sea King.” she instructed.
“Helloooo!” called out a certain soldier, who was greatly neglected.
A few minutes later, the captain's two assistants moved into the room hastily they equipped with a stack of papers, and from the looks they weren't happy. “Captain, it's just as we suspected. The rouge part in the UN we discovered last month is trying to make research on the whispered and black technology,” informed the first man that entered. His grey hair, and grey beard signalled that he's been through quite a few things, but his expression radiated that he was still quite shocked about these news.
“Come on talk to mee!” came Weber's voice again.
“So our prisoner could be saying the truth?” asked the young captain.
“Most probably,” answered the British man.
“Do you guys mind? I'm kinda waiting for orders here!” interrupted the sergeant's voice again.
“Urzu-6...” started the captain, turning back to the com device.
“About time!” that responded.
“Take your prisoner to the drop off zone. We'll send heavy equipment for the M-9 you have. We'll arrange things so you'll have a second one at your disposal within a few days. Also... Inform Urzu-7 that the Arbalest will be prepared for immediate launch, in case you need its abilities. Contact us if there's any complication.”
“Understood Madame Captain!” Weber was about to disconnect the channel, when Tessa's voice came through it again.
“I want you guys around Kaname! Day, and night!”
“Got'cha boss!” answered the young soldier.
Next morning at Kaname's
A young girl was peacefully sleeping in her bed, the sun shone in through the open window. Her boyfriend, and bodyguard was busy in the kitchen with breakfast. However, the idyllic picture was utterly disturbed by the glock in his reach.
There was an alarm clock on the girl's nightstand that looked just like an oversized chicken. And it's arm slowly reached the one that marked the time for the start of her normal morning routine. Much to her dismay. Seconds later, her sleep was rudely interrupted when the clock went off, shaking her out of her dream. One of her hands traced the small table till it found the watch; once this was accomplished she turned it off. She had no choice, but to get up. She usually set the clock to a late time so and lying around was out of the question. As the girl slowly got up, fighting with the last remains of her dream, she silently cursed about the fact that she's always interfered at the best part of the dream. It was then, that she noticed the scent of fresh fried eggs.
“What the hell do you think you're doing in my kitchen?” she yelled, charging across her apartment. Then, she remembered the day before, just in time to stop the harisen from whacking the boy across the head. “Oh yeah I forgot about that,” she said matter of fatly.
“It's all right,” answered Sousuke.
“Nothing's all right!" she snapped "If Kurz said the truth than those were UN people after me! Now the only thing missing is the police, and the defence force!” she answered, slumping down in a chair.
“Should I make you something?” asked the Sousuke.
“No thanks I'm not hungry.”
“But you need to eat to keep yourself strong.”
Kaname let out a frustrated sigh, she let her head fall forward on the table, and let it rest there. “I know you mean it good, but yesterday was just too much. You blowing up the school on daily basis is one thing. Being chased by an AS is another.”
“Promise me to take an extra meal to school!” came Sousuke's warning voice.
“All right Mr. Perfect! Really sometimes you're just like my father.”
“I'm only looking out for your well being.” ensured the boy. Kaname didn't bother anymore.
“Is anything wrong?” asked Sousuke noticing the crushed girl, she didn't respond. He took his meal from the flame and moved to the table, and sat down to eat.
After a few seconds Kaname looked up at him. She stood up and grabbed a plate that she started to fill with the food Sousuke just made. However it would have been easier if she took the entire frying pan since she took everything.
That was a fast recovery!” thought the boy as he watched the girl dig in.
“I think I've found a solution to our current problem.”
“And that would be?” asked Kaname, stopping eating, and looking up at Sousuke with a curious face, wanting to know what he had in mind.
“I could arrange things for you to get a job within Mithril.”
Kaname was shocked at the suggestion. She agreed that this would be a good way out of the entire mess she was in, but still, she had friends in Tokyo. Plus, there is one thing she definitely didn't like, no matter from who it was, and this was when someone wanted to tell her what to do with her life. Sousuke saw that this was a mistake, but it was too late, her face already showed the first signs of anger. Luckily for him, before the volcano had a chance to erupt, the doorbell of her apartment rang.
“Coming!” Kaname yelled, groaning a little, as she stood up and made her way to the door to greet her guest. As for Sousuke, he grabbed his gun and prepared to fight.
However, before Kaname could open the door, she had to disarm Sousuke's uzi, it was now a part of a trap that would turn everyone into Swiss cheese, who opened the entrance. The girl quickly took the mechanism apart, and threw the parts of the trap into the nearby shoe case. With one elegant move, she closed it, hiding the weapon from prying eyes.
The bell rang again, signalling that the visitor was starting to get impatient. Kaname straightened her clothes at the same time she could hear Sousuke cock up his gun. Finally, she opened her door to find Kyouko smiling at her. “Hi Kana-chan! How's it going?” she asked.
“What the hell are you doing here? It's seven in the morning!” asked Kaname, quite shocked because of the sudden early morning visit.
“Don't tell me you haven't heard it?” answered the other girl.
“Hear what?”
“The gun-fight yesterday! Three men were killed!”
“I haven't. What happened?” asked Kaname, plastering a fake surprise on her face and fighting to keep from laughing. “Great, now I'll also have the police on me, now the army is the only thing missing.” continued Kaname silently.
When hearing that the two girls are moving into the main room Sousuke quickly went trough his options, he couldn't flee to Kaname's bedroom, he would have to move passed Kyouko. Considering, that he was the one who mowed down those three men in question, it wasn't a good idea to meet the schoolgirl. It would be even worse if he left any weapon in sight. He grabbed his firearms and retreated to Kaname's kitchen, where he took cover in Kaname's cupboard between the cleaning utensils.
“So, what did you hear?” asked Kaname, entering the main room of her home. To her horror a grenade was looking back at her from the middle of the dining table. The girl dashed forward and grabbed it, just before Kyouko could see it.
“What's wrong?” asked the brown haired girl.
“Ah, it's nothing,” answered Kaname, laughing nervously and waving her hand in front of her friend. Then she noticed that the grenade could be seen between her fingers. Her hand disappeared behind her back faster than light.
“What is it Kaname?” asked Kyouko “Something IS wrong! I know it!”
“You're just seeing things, really. Now tell me! What happened, what kind of guys were those?”
“They were operatives of some sort. Some crazy gunman shot them. And do you know where? At the train station, we use every day! This is unbelievable! How can something like this happen?”
There was total shock on Kaname's face, mixed with a nervous feeling that she never before had the joy to come across. Luckily for her, Kyouko thought that her friend is shocked because of the news. She also didn't see how badly Kaname's hand was shaking. The freaking schoolgirl was desperately clutching the grenade to keep it in her grasp.
Kaname slowly turned around while keeping the grenade away from Kyouko's view. “I was just having breakfast,” she said “Want to join me?”
“Do you mind if I use your kitchen? I don't want to eat away your breakfast?” responded Kyouko.
“Okay you know were everything is kept, right?”
“Don't worry Kaname,” answered the brown haired girl, following her friend's lead. Once inside, she headed towards the kitchen, but she turned around halfway and moved to the glass door of Kaname's terrace. When she opened it a small bang could be heard, soon she was completely covered by a white smoke. She soon noticed that the white smoke was tear gas.
No!” thought Kaname. “Sousuke rigged the entire house!” then she heard a beeping sound, from the balcony, where Kyouko was trying to wave the mist away to get some fresh air. “I swear Sousuke you'll pay for this!” yelled Kaname's mind. She charged forward and pulled out the little red wire, disarming the device that has hidden on her balcony.
Aside from the relief Kaname felt after saving her friend she soon felt the effect of the irritating material. Within seconds her nose and moth was filled with fluids, and her eyes started to sting, and water so hard that she could barely see a thing.
The two girls moved, or rather stumbled into the kitchen, where they proceeded to search for something to wash the nasty substance from their eyes so they can at least see. Thanks to her familiarity Kaname immediately found the sink. Noticing this, Kyouko decided to find a cloth that they can use to dry themselves. This meant that she started to check out one shelf after the other since she could barely see a thing. As the doors of the cupboard were being opened, and the containing material checked via hand Sousuke was getting more and more nervous. If there was one thing he didn't want in that minute that was to get caught.
It would be one thing if Kyouko found him, but there was the problem that he has in the company of his glock, and several grenades. Then it happened. The door that was keeping him covered opened and he was face to face with Kyouko. To his luck, the girl was almost blind because of her tear-gassed state. However, her hands were completely perfect for the job to find him, and she started to dig trough the shelf with incredible eagerness, trying to find a towel.
Sousuke saw as the girl reached towards one of his firearms, he grabbed it away from under the girl's hand, it was close, but he made it. Somehow, he managed to keep from emitting an eep. Then the girl reached for his leg once more he managed to remove his limb just in time.
Meanwhile, Kaname finished washing her face, and she regained enough of her sight to be able to see what's going on. It was then that she noticed Kyouko, Sousuke and the not so good situation. Her face immediately lost all colour. The girl's hand wandered deeper into the shelf, and Sousuke was close to screaming, when he saw that there was no way for him to evade. Kaname practically dove onto Kyouko to lead her to the sink. “It's all right Kyouko. I'll get some towels. You better get that stuff from your eyes,” she soothed. At the same time she gave Sousuke a meaning glance, signalling him to get out of there.
“Thanks!” responded the brown haired girl, starting to wash her face.
“What the hell are you doing here!” mouthed Kaname to Sousuke. The boy was about to answer, but she blocked his mouth with her hand. “Don't even think of speaking!” she mouthed again “Get lost while you can! We'll meet in school!” with that she slammed the grenade that she's been hiding till now into the boy's hand.
“Get lost will ya Sousuke! We'll meet in school!” repeated the girl, this time actually using her voice.
“Who are you talking to Kaname?” asked Kyouko, shocking the couple to death.
“What are you talking about?” asked Kaname nervously. “There's nobody here except for me!” after this, she let out one of her trademark laughs.
“Don't you deny it!” responded Kyouko knowing well what's going on. In the very same second the door of Kaname's apartment slammed shut as Sousuke made a run for it. The huge bang could be heard across the entire floor. Kaname saw the grin that formed on Kyouko's face and shuddered. “So Kaname how was it like?” came the dreaded question.
“I'm not one of those girls!” yelled Kaname desperately.
“Right! So was he good? How large...”
To be continued...