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Chapter 5: It gets much worse
The sun slowly rose over the horizon in the city of Tokyo finding Shinji Kazama still wide-awake. The repeated shocks of the previous night were just too much for his psyche he didn't dare to sleep. Not after he “pieced together” the message that he accidentally brought back from his nightly outing. He picked up the piece of paper, and checked his writing once more, but he couldn't imagine anything else on the torn original than the words he scribbled down. He sat up in his bed and started to read it aloud for the umpteenth time, trying to find a better answer to the puzzle he was facing. He didn't have any success.
“Information sheet of targets. Secrecy class A1
FROM: Western-Pacific flagship TDD-1
TO: Major Sousuke Sagara
The following list contains people that you need to take out, be very careful with these individuals. They are highly dangerous, and represent a lot of power. You are authorised to use all means to help Chidori.
Repeat: High command advises caution.”
From this point on a long list of names started. Shinji was shocked beyond belief when he red them the first time. All of those people were big dogs on international level. He just couldn't believe that Sousuke and Kaname are ready do such things. He sat down, and once again started to muse on the situation, not knowing to act, or not.
At the same time, Chidori Shunya was slumbering at Kaname's door having barely avoided the first heart attack of his life. He still couldn't get inside, due to the security system that was doing its work at full efficiency. He tried to enter the apartment several times, and the result was always the same. He returned back outside with due haste, not much after the mechanical voice warned him that he entered a “restricted area”. Somehow, he managed to avoid getting killed by the sentry guns inside.
It was around eight o'clock in the morning, when he, and his younger daughter were woken. The drowsy diplomat slowly opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings. The first thing he saw were a pair of female legs. Shunya was filled with anger, and relief, he looked up in hope to see his daughter's face, but he was disappointed when he noticed that the girl is not his precious, little, Kaname.
Though, he did notice that she wore the uniform of her daughter's school. “Can I help you?” asked Kyouko, leaning down to the familiar looking man.
“Are you one of Kaname's friends?” he asked.
Kyouko eyed the stranger for a few seconds, trying to find out who he is. She knew that she has seen this man somewhere, but she just couldn't figure it out where exactly. Finally, she decided that it's for the best to simply act. “May I ask who you are?” she said politely as possible.
“My name is Chidori Shunya. I'm Kaname's father,” he answered.
Kyouko's eyes became horrified, and she started to back away from him. “You can't be him! Get out of here or I scream!” she warned.
“What are you talking about?” asked the male Chidori.
“You can't be Kaname's dad! He got killed!” Shunya cursed silently when he heard this.
“What is she talking about dad? Is that why we had to come here so fast?” asked Ayame, clearly getting suspicious. Despite her young age, she was hard to fool, and knew that there's something going on when her father practically dragged her away from home.
“Don't worry princess, she probably misunderstood something.” reassured the middle-aged man. The little girl didn't believe a word.
“Sorry, but it's hard not to listen when the radio informs you that someone with your best friend's family name was killed!” answered Kyouko.
“What's going on daddy!” demanded Ayame from her father.
“I'd also like to know, and if you're really Kaname's father, than who's the guy that got blown up!?” asked Kyouko with her fear slowly converting into irritation and anger.
Shunya lowered his head. He didn't like the situation. Two little girls were having the upper hand above him. He tried to think of a way out of it, but he had to admit, any manoeuvres will only make things worse. The only way out for him was to spill. “The one killed was a professional killer,” he answered plainly.
“What!” yelled both girls at the same time, not believing her ears.
“I'd like to continue somewhere more private,” continued Shunya. Kyouko nodded, understanding that what will follow is pretty much confidential. She pulled out a remote control. Shunya eyed the device strangely, as the girl proceeded to type some-kind of code into it. Then she marched over to Kaname's door.
“Wait stop! You'll be shot!” yelled the man desperate to stop her.
Kyouko turned around and looked Shunya over with a laughing smile. “I see you bumped into Sousuke's burglar alarm.” she remarked innocently.
“Sousuke??? Who's that?” asked Shunya.
“Kaname's boyfriend. Didn't she tell you?” came the innocent answer.
A loud rumble filled the city of Tokyo, it was just like thunder, but it wasn't one. Flashes of light followed closely, but they didn't belong to a lightning. “My little Kaname has a boyfriend!” hollered Shunya.
An ocean, and a continent away Kaname shuddered.
Kyouko immediately knew why Kaname never talked about her love life, whenever he called her. The reaction of the man was hysterical, to say the least. It was clear that in his eyes his daughters were six-year-old little kids, who couldn't be touched by anyone. “Apparently she didn't tell him,” mumbled Kyouko to herself. “That's another reason why Kaname didn't have too many boyfriends.” thought the girl. “Mr. Chidori, try to calm down. Having boyfriends at Kaname's age is completely normal.”
Kyouko's endeavour to calm down the panicking father was interrupted by Kaname's little sister. “There's no use,” she explained. “In fact he isn't going all out. You should have seen when I told him that I have a crush on one of my classmates,” she informed.
The older girl nodded, understanding what was meant, and the two moved into Kaname's chambers, leaving behind one agonizing father. About five minutes later they returned with Ayame carrying Kaname's version of an anti-burglar system. Her baseball bat.
“Mr Chidori, are you all right?” asked Kyouko. Her answer came in the form of screams, death threats, promises and wails. Ayame sighed and lifted her sister's bat.
“Dad! Snap out of it! I still want to know what you did to get a killer set on you!” another wail followed, and the bat descended on a skull, ending it.
At the same time Kaname was trying to go to sleep, but didn't have any luck. She now understood Sousuke's reason for sleeping under the bed. She was doing that herself in the fear of a possible attack. They couldn't know if one of the neighbours reported them or not. Sousuke was right next to her, sleeping soundly under a low coffee table that had an ancient cloth on top. It reached almost to the ground hiding him effectively from prying eyes.
Nick was also there, having returned after successfully stashing the car away in a parking lot a few blocks away. He was currently residing in typical Mao style in a cupboard, just below the drinks, and above the guns. The night was silent, and cold, the men were used to take some hardship so they weren't really bothered by it. But Kaname being a civilian, and never having to sleep somewhere uncomfortable meant that she couldn't relax enough to actually make it to the land of dreams.
To add to this, the thought to be on the most wanted list of the U.S. didn't fare to well with her. No matter how hard she snuggled into her sheets, squeezing her eyes shut. It was just no use. She moved a bit forward and pushed aside the cloth that was keeping her boyfriend hidden. He found him lying on his back, staring upwards, with his hands resting under his head, acting as pillows.
“Sousuke.” she called out quietly.
The boy turned to face her, with a small smile on is lips. “Can I help you Kaname?” he asked.
“I just wanted to see you,” she responded smiling.
“You can't sleep, is that the reason of your need to see me?” he asked.
Kaname blushed, she couldn't imagine since when he could read her motives so well. She nodded. There was something else he noticed. “You're cold.” he said, as he sat up as far the table let him and handed his blanket to her. Of course Kaname didn't accept, and pushed it back to him.
“That's the only sheet you have. I don't want you to catch a cold,” she whispered back to him with a grateful smile.
“But Kaname!” he protested.
“It's ok. I can take a little hardship. It's just... it's just that I'm... All right, I admit I'm scared. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I don't want to lose you.”
“Neither do I,” responded the boy.
“Is there anything we could do?” she asked, “Is there any place where we could be safe? Even the authorities are after me now.”
“I still have a few friends in Afghanistan,” began Sousuke his eyes clearly showing his sadness over the situation. “Even with the Soviets gone many of my old comrades fight on, this time against those who want power and don't care if people get killed, as long they get it.”
“Sousuke,” mumbled Kaname lightly touching his face. “I know you mean it well, but I can't hide all my life.”
“You want to fight?” he asked. Kaname nodded.
“But I don't know where to begin.”
“If that's your decision I'll help,” answered Sousuke.
Kaname giggled, “I knew you'll say that.”
Sousuke looked into the eyes of the girl he loved. Kaname was soon also trapped in a spell, she was gazing into the boy's eyes completely lost in his brown orbs. The two smiled, and their faces kept moving closer, soon the girl closed her eyes, Sousuke followed her lead. Their lips were almost touching when both heard the sounds of several footsteps. The two backed away and shared a last glance before ducking back under their cover.
Nick also noticed the sounds, and immediately started to formulate a plan to get them out of the pretty bad situation. Seconds passed in silence before a blaze of spotlights streamed in on the windows of the house. After this, the house was flooded by a commando. They were all carrying machine guns, and wore bulletproof wests.
Outside of the house there was an armada of police cars, officers, and their other armoury. All lawmen had their weapons drawn, ready to return enemy fire. From the sky the sounds of a helicopters approaching could be heard.
Inside of the house things were looking really grim, luckily the special task force found no evidence of any human presence, so they didn't start to search the entire place. “Clear!” yelled one of the four men in the room, not knowing that in fact their targets are just under the furniture.
At the same time the male Mao was busy with his plan. When the members of the storm troop weren't looking a hand snuggled a bottle full of alcohol from the shelf above him. Then, he proceeded splashing a large part of the whiskey on his chest. He also took a couple of good gulps, so his mouth really stinks of the stuff. After this, he made sure that his clothes are in complete disarray to make the sight complete. Then he started his act.
Nick half fell, half stumbled out of his hiding spot, making sure that the four bad-guy-catchers think that he's just a drunkard. Considering he had lived the experience quite a few times it was easy for him to fool anyone. The people in the room, including Sousuke and Kaname, gazed at Nick with shock all over their faces.
Nick's finger was signalling both to use the chance while the police in the room are distracted. However, those didn't act. The couple really thought that he's drunk, and they simply stared in horror. Then one of the specialists stepped onto Kaname's shirt that was resting on the ground next to the bed. It was a brand new sleeveless shirt, leaving very little to the imagination, to add, it had a light pink colour, and to make things complete, it cost a fortune, not mentioning that she bought it just to show off her body in front of Sousuke.
If there was one thing that can make Kaname mad in situation, besides Sousuke, was just what the poor victim was doing. The girl hissed, barely keeping from yelling, and pulled out her fan. Now she was happy that Sousuke liked to overdo with weapons. The crime that this man made was so incredible that it was hard for her to describe. She opened the spiked geisha fan and pushed the button that turned it into an even more deadly weapon. Once that was done she mercilessly stabbed the spikes into the man's leg. The man shook a bit while giving out a yelp and fell to the ground, unconscious.
Of course, the other three immediately rushed to help their friend. While doing so one of them repeated the crime of his unconscious comrade. “Is my shirt everyone's doormat!!!” hollered Kaname's mind as she stabbed the fan into her victim's rear.
The second man made it to mumble to word “Electric.” but his friends didn't understand.
However, they understood once Sousuke and Nick attacked them from behind, by then it was too late. Kaname slowly crawled out of her hiding spot eyeing the members of the storm troop with fear in her eyes as if the four would jump up at any time. “What now?” she asked, not knowing how to continue.
“Easy we masquerade a bit.” answered both males while they started to undress the men.
“You're kidding!” hissed Kaname.
“Would you rather get captured?” answered Sousuke plainly.
Kaname knew that he's right and started to undress one of the remaining two. “If I see any of you peek I'll clobber you here and now!” she warned. “Though I don't mind if Sousuke would do that.” she thought.
A couple of minutes later the small troop was dressed for the occasion, and was waiting for the police HQ to give orders, hoping that that the order will be to search the area. Then they can slip away easily. And it sure did come. “Panthers spread, and search the area the suspects can't be too far we have several roadblocks and patrols are all over the area they couldn't have gotten far.” came the order from the small headset.
“Kaname remember to stay behind me and act just like I do,” ordered Sousuke. The girl nodded understanding his reasons. When the three in the room heard that the others are moving out they left the house with Sousuke in the lead. The police soon spread around the neighbourhood in hope to find the “terrorists” they came for, not knowing that those people were right in their lines.
“Now we only need to get to the car,” whispered Nick to Sousuke.
“All right take the lead,” answered the boy. The three continued their advance across the street looking into every hole where someone could hide. They were doing it good. Everyone around them thought that they're part of the police force.
This way it took longer, but the three reached the street where the car was parked, they kept up their act, with newly found eagerness barely able to keep from running.
At the same time, normal policemen were also all over the area. A couple of them moved into the house to keep it occupied. Over the time they relaxed thinking that there's no danger. One of the policemen, a fat one to be exact, sat onto the table what was used as Sousuke's sleeping place. The ancient table wasn't as strong as it was in his young days and broke in two with a large crack.
The problem was that a number of four people were in the middle of their force-endured sleep under the very same table. A minute later the law enforcers were running all over the street like a swarm of angry wasps. “They sneaked out with the storm team!” hollered police chief into his com device while he was running in the front line of one of the search groups. “I swear! If you let these guys get away all of you will get special tasks!!!” he hollered into his receiver. All of his people gulped knowing well that their boss meant. Let's just say, they weren't quite enthusiastic about replacing street lamps, for a full time of eight hours while standing in the hot summer sun.
Sousuke also heard this trough his headphone, along with Kaname and Nick. They knew what to do, and started to move at full speed without saying a word.