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Chapter 7: House party
Kyouko and Ayame were once again sitting above the unconscious Shunya Chidori, who was now harbouring two large lumps on his head. The two girls were speechless. Ayame stared at her father not knowing what to do, she never thought of that the overly proper father would be in something illegal. Ever since she and her father fled from America, she knew that something is very wrong, but she would have never thought that Shunya is in something so big.
The older girl understood her predicament and was gently rubbing her shoulder trying to calm her down. She didn't have too much success. Ayame was still grateful for this little help that she received from her newly found friend. Kyouko sympathized with Ayame, but she knew too well, what had to be done, and she was sure, that Ayame wouldn't like that.
The problem was that Kyouko also knew the consequences. What would happen, if she informed the police. Kaname and Ayame would probably get into big trouble. They would have to go through a humiliating investigation, after which, they loose almost every cent, and since both were still underage, it was more than sure that they would end up in an orphanage. Kaname may find a way to play her cards good enough to get away from this danger, but that was a distant chance since she would never leave Ayame alone in a place like that.
“What should I do?” asked Kyouko again from herself. There was no answer. She looked at the other girl, who had the obvious signs of worry on her face. Ayame wasn't the only one. Kyouko also feared of what might be happening to Kaname. Hours have passed since she talked with her best friend. All she knew that back then Kaname was on the run. She feared what might be going on now half a world away. “Kaname and Sousuke might be even dead,” she said to herself.
Kyouko shuddered at the thought. Then she saw Ayame tensing up. “Damn, she heard it!” cursed the girl silently.
On the other side of the globe the couple was preparing for action, using the Mithril van for a dressing room. “So how do I look?” asked Kaname pulling up the zipper on the front of her jumper. Sousuke turned around to face her. What he saw made his breath stop for a second. The black burglar outfit left very little to imagination. The boy didn't say a word but boy did he blush.
“Um... good.” he stammered incoherently.
Kaname laughed, but his reaction made her happy. “So you like what you see?” He nodded dumbly still completely dazed. “Sousuke are you still there?” she asked. The boy simply stared at her. In reality, his thoughts were somewhere else. Kaname smirked when she noticed his glazed eyes.
The dazed soldier was suddenly brought back to reality by his girlfriend tackling him. She brought both of them to the bottom of the van. He immediately reacted, and thanks to his reflex like movements, the girl was pinned to the ground within seconds. It was then that he finally noticed what's going on, he flushed, and released her hands. Kaname was giving him a full grin. “So what do you want to do now?” she asked mocking him.
The soldier once again found it hard to think straight, and speaking, was again something that was really hard for him. “Ah come on. I thought you boys are more bold,” she said in a mocking tone.
She was than more surprised when Sousuke lowered his head to hers. The kiss was short, but it summed everything she wanted to be assured of. Soon several other ones followed. “Don't you dare to call me a coward again!” he whispered into her ear.
“And what if I do?” asked Kaname taunting him.
“Then I'll be forced to convince you of the opposite of that,” came the answer, followed by several other kisses while Sousuke pulled her firmly against his body. One of his hands travelled down to her waist and started to rub her stomach, while he continued his assault on her face, neck and lips.
Kaname smiled and returned Sousuke's antics with the same power.
Then one of his hands on her stomach moved under her shirt. The touch was gentle and his hand didn't go further than her navel. It was more of a request of entrance than an actual act, but it left her blushing madly. Kaname looked up at him with her red face, not knowing how to react, there was nothing perverted in what he did, and she soon realized that she actually wanted his hand to travel further up. “What the hell am I thinking?” hollered her brain. However, it was too late, her chest already pushed forward, signalling for the boy above her to go on.
Sousuke understood the signal and slowly slid his hand up to cup one of her breasts. He gently knead her mound, making her emit low mews. He was surprised how soft and creamy her mounds were. He completely forgot about everything else than his girlfriend. “Sousuke...” begun Kaname barely braking out of her intoxicated state “...I want...”
It was in the very same second that the com device in the car came to life, pouring cold water on the tender moment. “Damn it!” cursed Kaname under her breath. Sousuke removed his hand from Kaname's boy and reluctantly moved over to the radio. In a way he was grateful. He never thought that Kaname can have such an effect on him; he all but completely lost his control.
“I had to get myself worked up!” cursed the girl silently.
“Damn I have to be stronger than that!” growled the soldier at himself, grabbing the walky-talky “Urzu 7 here.” he called Sousuke into the microphone, trying to sound monotone as possible.
“I thought I asked you to keep from producing children till I get you guys to safety!” scolded Nick.
“I assure you that there was no sexual interaction between me...” Sousuke couldn't finish.
Out in the shadows of the street, a certain soldier was trying not to get too loud. This was the only problematic thing, since he earlier got rid of the lamps. Otherwise you could see a man rolling around on the ground. “Tell that to someone who believes! I'm not stupid you know! Anyway, everything is just like we suspected. The Chidori house is under close watch. There is a car at both the front and side entrance, and there are four cameras in the field. I fed an extra load of tranquilizer to the dogs in the area, so you don't have to deal with them.”
“Understood!” responded Sousuke “That takes care of the danger they pose.” the boy turned to Kaname, who nodded understanding that it's time to go.
Minutes later, you could see two suspicious looking characters sneaking to the iron fence around the Chidori mansion. One of them immediately placed plastic explosives onto the rods of the fences, but the other slapped him. Quite hard. “Are you crazy Sousuke?” hissed a female voice “Do you want then to find out that were here???”
“Do you have any other suggestion to the infiltration? Climbing over the fence is not an option. It's too high and it is spiked.”
Kaname smirked. “I lived here for years you know,” she said, starting to walk along the fence.
“Kaname could you inform me about your means of operation?”
“It's simple. It's easier to climb through the neighbour's. No spikes!” she informed him. The soldier followed starting to understand her idea.
Soon two dark figures crawled over the huge steel and concrete fence that was keeping the huge mansion cut away from other parts of the street. They were now moving in perfect silence, the more muscular one helped his friend over the second barricade, who, soon landed in the Chidori back yard with a low thump. It immediately stuck to the ground and started to crawl towards the bushes where it could get a better cover from prying eyes.
A few seconds later, another thump could be heard as the second figure also landed on the soft grass. The wind started to blow lightly making the fresh spring leaves of the trees dance and whirl on their branches. Up in the sky, a cloud swam over the moon turning the night almost completely pitch black. The two shadows in the yard smiled and the slender one surprised the other by placing a kiss on his face. It moved soon on leaving behind her dazed comrade.
A man on the street was witnessing all this, he thought he's seeing things. He shook his head. “Kids now-days.” He mumbled. “You have time for that after you get out of there!” he whispered into the microphone that was hidden under his coat.
The two in the yard kept up crawling towards the house. It was an added bonus that the English garden left them many, many places to hide, while moving towards their target. There was always some kind of bush, or shrub that would give them enough cover to move on undetected.
The real trouble came, when they got close to the Chidori mansion, there was a clearing of twenty feet around the building that held no place for hiding, and there were cameras on all sides of it. The stronger built figure soon caught up with the other one, who was up until then showing the way for them. “So what action do you suggest now?” he asked in his masculine voice.
The other figure let out a female groan. “When we get back home, I'll have to teach you normal, backyard talk.”
“Why?” whispered the first figure. “My speech is perfectly correct to mark my intentions, and ideas.”
“Maybe on the battlefield, but not in normal life,” came the answer.
“Would you two stop it already?” hissed the third voice.
No answer came to this, as the two peeked out from within the leaves, at the ever-searching cameras. “Maybe if we could get under the camera,” suggested the female shadow.
The other one shook his head. “We don't know how the cameras can move. It's too dangerous. Could you suggest any other place where we could enter?”
“No,” came the answer. “We could use the maze behind the house, but dad told me that there's a camera hidden somewhere in it,” A light wind took up making the leaves dance with newly found vigour, the cloud slowly moved away from the moon letting it shine freely from the night sky.
“Understood!” answered the dark figure in a military manner. “I'll attempt to enter on the front door. Are you sure that there are no alarm devices guarding it?”
“That's why I'll go with you. If you open the door, you'll only have two minutes to enter the code,” answered the female.
“But Chidori...” the man's words were interrupted by a loud slap that echoed across the yard.
“What did you just call me?” asked the female shadow, hissing in a low voice.
“I'm sorry.”
“Something's still missing!”
“It won't happen again.”
“Don't say something that you know, you won't keep!”
“I know that you're sorry, something is still missing.”
“Thank you?” a groan could be heard.
“Not that!”
“Those two really need a room,” mumbled figure, out on the street, while moving towards the mithril van.
“My beloved Kaname,” finally, Sousuke said, with a small smile on his face.
Kaname immediately caught on it. “You were doing it on purpose! Weren't you?”
“Negative, at first I really didn't understand your wish,” Kaname smacked him playfully on the head.
“Let's go!” said Sousuke moving, till the bush barely covered him.
Kaname embraced him from the back, and placed a kiss on his cheek. “May I know the reason...” started the boy, turning around, but couldn't continue because the girl's lips found his.
“Just for good luck,” she whispered.
The two waited for the camera to turn away from them, before they ran for it. The door wasn't a big problem. Sousuke quickly picked the lock, and the couple was inside. The interior of the house was just as elegant, and expensive, as the outside. Sousuke now understood the reason for all the security systems outside. The mansion would have been the paradise for any crook in town, if it wasn't for all the things defending it.
Kaname lead the Sousuke across the house, who, made a good job hiding his astonishment. In his standards, the house was fit for a king. Kaname immediately moved to the control panel of the security systems, to deactivate them. From there on, things seemed to go smoothly. Kaname led Sousuke to the safe, where her father kept all his important papers. The case itself was hidden behind a large painting of a young woman. Kaname stopped for a moment, looking at the picture, she stepped up to it, and touched the frame with her hand.
Sousuke started at the picture, not really getting it at first. Then, the photo in Kaname's apartment came to his mind. It was the same woman, as on the painting. He stepped closer to his girlfriend, but didn't do anything else. He had no idea what to do. All he knew that because of something Kaname was sad.
Just then, the girl let out a sigh, and took the painting from the wall, to reveal the safe that was hidden behind it. “Is that person your mother?” asked Sousuke still looking at the painting.
“Yeah,” responded the girl, barely above a whisper.
“Sorry,” blurted out Sousuke “I didn't mean to hurt you.”
Kaname smiled at him “It's all right. I should have introduced you two.”
Sousuke stared at the girl dumbly. “But Kaname, it thought she's...” she started, but didn't dare to go on, seeing the girl's face.
The girl shook her head. “She's up there, somewhere, in heaven, and she's in my heart. And I bet that she's doing her best to help us.”
Sousuke kept staring at the girl dumbly. Kaname shook her head. “When we get home, I'll introduce you to her,” she said. The boy still didn't understand, but Kaname didn't care. She just smiled at him. Then she switched her flashlight on, and begun to turn the dial on the front of the safe, back, and fourth. Sousuke also went back to his duty, and started to scan the area for any possible threat. Much to his displeasure, his instincts were kicking in, warning him that something bad is going on.
“Kaname hurry up! Something is wrong!” He said looking left and right in a nervous manner.
“What is it?” she asked, not looking up from her work.
“There is someone here!” responded the boy on lookout. Kaname understood, and sped up her movements. Then a gunshot roared into the semi silence of the New York night, making her overturn the dial.
“Damn it!” roared Nicholas Mao's voice, interrupting Kaname's cursing. “Hurry it up you two!”
“What is it?” asked Sousuke, but received no answer. “Please report!” he repeated anxiously.
“I'm under attack. One of the neighbouring houses was full of scumbags. They are all over the place! I have to retreat for now. Can you hold out?” more shooting could be heard from outside of the house.
“We'll have to! Pull out! We'll manage somehow!” answered Sousuke. Not even a second later, the Mithril wan took off, with tires screeching. Finally, Kaname managed to open the safe. It let out a loud click, and the thick steel door let itself be pulled open. Sousuke took a glance behind him and moved to help Kaname. Inside the two found a lap-top, along with a huge stack of papers, and envelopes. The couple immediately knew what to do, and the two started to hastily fill their bags. When they were halfway through, the alarm system of the Chidori mansion went off and started to howl like a wolf on a full moon night. “Crap!” yelled both teens and doubled their efforts to plunder the safe.
Sousuke grabbed the envelope that stood last, and already started to run towards the exit. Kaname followed him in a similar fashion. The two of them left only a few pieces of paper that were floating elegantly through the air in their wake.
“Were moving out on the back door!” informed Kaname.
“Affirmative!” agreed Sousuke. “The garden maze should give us sufficient cover,” Kaname moved in front and led him to the back door to the terrace. However, there they came to an abrupt halt. There were several armed people waiting for them. “This is not good!” shouted Kaname's brain.
The people would have immediately fired at Sousuke, but Kaname had enough guts to jump in the way, acting as a living shield. “If you do anything to him I'll be dead before the sun rises!” she warned.
The storm group came to an immediate stop, some of them even growled in annoyance. “Don't shoot!” warned one of them. “The Jap is crazy enough to do it!”
“Weapons to the ground!” commanded another of the group. Sousuke did as told and threw his gun away with a glare. Then he pulled out two fragmentation grenades, then several ammo clips, a machine gun, another two grenades, a grenade launcher and so on. The faces of the storm troop slowly changed from victorious to shocked, then to horrid as the pile grew.
One of Sousuke's hands touched Kaname's waist to warn he as he pulled out another grenade. Kaname knew that something is going on. Of course, the soldiers interpreted it completely different. The girl looked into his eyes and nodded to signal that he understood. She saw the lone grenade as it flew across the air. It as if he'd simply threw it into the ever-growling pile. But this time there was a difference. The safety pin that kept the explosive harmless remained in the boy's hands.
The crowd surrounding the couple was so dazed by now that all of them stared at the lone stun grenade, not even thinking about the danger they were in. Sousuke saw this and jumped onto Kaname, bringing her to the ground along with him. Not even a second later, the grenade ignited.
The soldiers screamed in pain as the strong light blinded then. In their panic, all of them fired out of their guns, but instead of the couple that was safe on the ground, they hit each other. Once the light diminished, Sousuke quickly grabbed his glock, and took out those who were still standing.
The couple gathered up much of the weapons as possible within a few seconds, and then both jumped from the terrace, not caring that there was a five foot drop in front of them. Both landed safely on the ground rolling forward before jumping up and continuing to run. Within seconds they disappeared into the maze. But they were not out of it yet. There were still several UN traitors swarming over the place, and within the next half hour the police will probably add to that, because of the shooting.
“What are we going to?” do asked Kaname.
“Well fight!” answered Sousuke. Knowing that the bushes of the garden maze will give the two of them sufficient cover, and since it was only the two of then that he had to worry about he could fire whenever he felt like doing that. But he knew that he was outnumbered by far too many. In this situation he did something that he usually avoided at all costs. He slammed his glock into the hand of a civilian, who in this case, was Kaname. “Be very careful with it. Use it only when you see no other option!” he warned. The girl nodded while grabbing the weapon in a clumsy manner. At least in the soldier's standard.
The couple could hear the sounds of rustling branches, and leaves across the entire garden and this time, most of it was not caused by the night wind. The traitors were all over the garden searching for them. Sousuke quickly went over his odds. He knew that he has no chance in the open, and if that happens both of them are dead one way, or another. He knew, he has to break out quickly as possible, if he doesn't want to meet with the police, so, slow and careful, was out of the question. He could hear as the garden was being searched, and knew that it's only a matter of time before the enemy finds him. Then one of his jungle missions came back to him when he got trapped behind enemy lines.
“Lie down!” he commanded. Kaname followed his order without a word and did as told. He lifted his machine gun, and fired out of it while doing a complete turn. Once he was done with that he threw himself to the ground. “Down!” he yelled at Kaname who lifted her head to look up at him yanking her back to the ground.
Not even a second later, the air was once again filled with the crackle of machine guns as the other people returned enemy fire. Kaname covered her head with her hands, while screaming in terror as the bullets raced by above her, shredding leaves and branches all around the couple. Soon the rattling came to an end and the air was filled with moans of pain, and cursing.
“Move!” whispered Sousuke into her ear. Both jumped up, and bolted towards the next turn. When they reached it, they slowed down. The soldier carefully peaked out to see if everything is clear. To his joy it was. He signalled with his hand and moved forward with Kaname following him close by.
The two raced forward, silently as possible, but suddenly Sousuke stumbled in something. He tried to keep his balance, but his reaction wasn't fast enough. He fell. Landing on the grass ground with a heavy thud. When he turned around he saw the reason why he stumbled. One of the enemy stepped out of the bush pointing a gun at him. This time he was out of ideas. The man pulled the trigger. A loud bang could be heard all over the place and the enemy fell, letting the gun fall out of his hand.
The boy on the ground was sweating and his face held complete horror. The girl facing him held the same expression. She slowly lowered the smoking gun to her side and stared at the dead man in horror. She didn't move the slightest inch, he didn't even breath. In the very same second she knew that she killed the man. The gun slipped from her hand and landed on the ground with a low thump.
She didn't dare to scream, but at that moment it was everything that she wanted to do. She knew that it's wrong, so she forced the need down. Sousuke cursed silently. He knew, he shouldn't have given the gun to her, but then again, if he didn't do that, both of them would be goners. Slowly Kaname came back to real life and registered that in fact she's in a war-zone. She blinked a few times taking in her surrounding, and reached for the gun with shaking hands.
“Leave it if you want it!” said the boy next to her in an apologetic tone. “I'm going to throw it away anyhow.”
Kaname looked up at him with understanding eyes, but she still grabbed the gun. “Do whatever you want with it, but I want to get out of here first!” she responded. A small smile appeared on Sousuke's face. This is what he loved in her so much. She refused to give up or to submit to anyone. A soldier appeared at the far corner of the path, but didn't have a moment to react as both teens fired out of their weapons.
Kaname's hand shook even more violently, but she didn't care. She knew what had to be done for survival. The two looked into each other's eyes for a second, before they took off on their mission to get their evidence to safety. In the distance they could already hear the sound of a squad of police cars moving in. There was not much time for them left.
Then they also heard another familiar voice from their earphones. “This is Mao! I'm going to make an exit for you! You don't have much time! Move it!” Kaname and Sousuke understood and started to run. To their relief they only met two heavily injured opponents and a corpse on their way out. But still, there were about ten opponents waiting for them at every exit of the maze. That soon changed. The white van with Nick inside charged forward. The car was closely followed by two banged up cars, both of those received quite a treatment from the almost James Bond vehicle and were filled with holes and dents.
The people waiting for Kaname and Sousuke turned around and saw Nick who was leaning out on the window. He was holding a bazooka on his shoulder. The faces of the armed group went horrid and they started to scramble for safety forgetting all about their weapons in the process. Nick fired the missile.
A loud explosion ripped an opening into the steel and concrete fence, chunks of metal and debris flew everywhere wounding many of the guards. Seconds later Sousuke and Kaname charged out of the maze with the soldier firing at everything that moved. The two of them jumped into the van and that took off. After a few seconds the car lit up in a brilliant white light only to disappear completely from sight.
The cloud slowly drifted away from the moon, letting it sine again with full power. Down below the Chidori mansion still stood proudly but the holes on it's side and the numerous injuries it's walls suffered clearly marked that this night was not as quiet as normally they are. The remaining people around the house slowly started to move closer to the structure, but when they heard the sound made by the incoming police cars they decided to retreat leaving behind their comrades.