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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
The Aurora that Illuminates the Sky
A Star Ocean: Till the End of Time/Full Moon o Sagashite crossover fic

Star Ocean and Till the end of Time © Square-Enix.
Full Moon o Sagashite © Arina Tanemura, TV Tokyo, NAS, VIZ LLC. All rights reserved.
Moogles, moombas, etc. are a part of the Final Fantasy games © Square-Enix.
Song translations © AFK Subs.

...Okay, about this ficcy! ^___^;;;
This is my first ______ x-over with _____ fic, ever. One day, I was reading the manga one
day, and played SO3 soon after. Seeing Mitsuki's relationship with Eichi, them being childhood
pals and all reminded me of Sophia's friendship with Fayt, and how they actually develop
feelings for one another. Also, this is my second "couples" fic. I had another fic of
Yu-gi-oh, but the main chara was Mary Sue-ish so I've postponed writing that fic indefinitely.
The main couplings in this story are: FaytxSophia (implied), AlNel (Albel x Nel; slight hints),
Alphia (AlbelxSophia, which is a popular coupling @ FF.net), Nel x Cliff. I really would like
to write some other SO3 coupling fics, like Alria (my nickname for AlbelxMaria), MiragexCliff,
FaytxMaria etc. but I'm not really good at writing coupling fics anyway...^___^ Some ideas will
be appreciated! BTW, if the characters are OOC, it's because I'm making them fit the FMoS
This first chapter is based on ep 1 of the anime. Thing is, the anime and manga of FMoS have
MAJOR differences in them ^^;;; So I'm thinking of combining some elements of the anime with
some of the manga. Thing is, I've barely finished watching the anime (it recently got liscensed
by VIZ, so I don't think I can watch any more subs), and I only have vols. 3 & 4 of the manga.
If anyone can suggest some concepts and such to incorporate, that'd be great. I really don't
mind spoilers, since I've read a bunch without 100% understanding them. IM me if you like :)
My e-mail (and MSN handle): water_adept_118@hotmail.com
My AIM handle: WaterGoddessMia

Okay, enough with the lengthy commentary, on to the character intros! More
characters will be introduced as the story progresses.

Sophia Esteed - The story's main character (aka Mitsuki in this case). She is 17, and likes
singing, because her late father, Clive, was a member of the band Blue Sphere (aka Route L).
Sadly, her grandmother dislikes music for reasons unbeknownst to her, and she has throat
cancer, which affects her singing and speaking. She loves her childhood friend Fayt (aka
Eichi), whom she hasn't seen in a while, but after learning she had one year left to live,
is yearning to see him again before her final day comes. Luckily, a pair of magical Shinigami
(gods of death) named Albel (in this case, Takuto) and Nel (Meroko) appear to both
fulfill her dream of becoming a singer and reunite her with Fayt.

Fayt Leingod - Sophia's childhood friend (aka Eichi in this case). Age 19, he dreams
of becoming an astronomer. Like Sophia, he is an orphan, and while at the orphanage,
became close friends with her. One day, Fayt left to the United States to follow his dream,
and Sophia hasn't seen him since. Sophia wishes to see him again someday.

Aurora Borealis - Sophia's healthy, 19-year-old songstress alter-ego. (AKA Full Moon)
With his blood infused within Sophia, Albel can transform Sophia into Aurora when she wishes

Maria Traydor - The Madoka of this story. Age 19, she is Aurora's rival in the music
business. She will appear very soon.

Nel Zelpher (aka Meroko) - One of the two Shinigami that appear to assist Sophia in fulfilling
her dreams. She transforms into a Moomba, and she appears to like her partner, Albel (aka
Takuto). We will learn more about her as the story progresses.

Albel Nox (aka Takuto) - The other half of the Shinigami pair that appear before Sophia to
help her fulfill her wishes. He transforms into a Moogle, can transform Sophia into
Aurora, and seems to have feelings for Sophia. Little does Sophia notice this until later in
the story! We will learn more about him as the story progresses.

Cliff Fittir (aka Izumi) - Another Shinigami that appears later on in the story. Transforms
into a chocobo.

Mirage Koas (AKA Ms. Oushige) - Aurora's manager. We will be intoduced to her
very soon.

(Um....I need some suggestions for other roles.....I'm thinking of using Peppita as Aurora's
#1 fan, but I dunno much about Nanami, Full Moon's #1 fan, whom Peppita is based on...
... Help ^^;;Also,
I don't know who should play Dr. Wakaouji....someone from SO3? An OC? I need suggestions!
For now, the doctor will be unnamed.)

[Opening - I <3 U by The Scanty]

too sugiru koino michi shirube
mou suki wo fuyasenai non non
(The road of love is too long for me.
There's no way I could like you more that I do. No, no!)
yume no nakawa marude betsusekai
sutoreetoni omoimo ierunoni
(It's as if the world in my dream is a completely different one.
If I could just think straight then I could say it.)

okiniirino fuku wo mainichi kichauno
ano hito no mesen ga kocchi ni chiratsuite kimasu yooni
(I wear my favorite clothes everyday...
so that person will turn his gaze towards me.)

I LIKE YOU no kotoba nara ieru
renai soudansuru koto mo dekiru
("I like you!" If I could bring myself to say that aloud,
I would be able to talk about love with you.)
anata no haato ni tsutsumaretai noni
dooshitara tsutsunde kureruno
(I want to be tucked into your heart,
and I want to stay there, snugly fit.)

I LOVE YOU wo anatakara kikitai
kisu suru shunkanno chikai kokyuu wo
anata wo manesuru atashiwa ichiban kawaiku naru hazu
("I love you!" I want to hear you say that to me,
and my breath will quicken when we kiss.
I'm gonna be like you so I can become the cutest there is.)

Chapter One : Song of the Heart

"Hey, someday...somehow, someday...
No matter what, no matter where, I'll do what must be done.
There's nothing left at my disposal.
Now, everything is getting out of hand!"

The crowd cheered as a young girl, about age 17, finished her performance.
"Thank you for coming!" said the girl.
"And now, for the finale..."
Young Sophia Esteed walked behind the stage when she saw a familiar face looking at her
from above.
"You can't be.....Fayt?"
Fayt Leingod, Sophia's best friend since early child hood, nodded.
"I see your dream of becoming a singer has finally come true."
"Yes. But, what about your dream, Fayt?"
"I fulfilled my dream as well."
"Sophia....I...love you."
Sophia gasped. "Fayt..."
"Fayt!" She ran towards him.

Then her alarm clock rang. It was just a dream, she thought.

It was morning. Sophia was sleeping over at her grandmother's house, which she considered
to be her home since her parents died when she was born. Her grandmother would tell her
all about them.

"Nee miagete
(Hey...won't you look up..)
Konna no hiroi yozora dakara
(the night sky is so vast after all...)
Sou sugu ni
(Right...very soon...)"

She remembered that, due to the fact that she had throat cancer that affected her singing,
she felt her throat for the tumor she developed.
"I'll be fine...right? Sure..."

She grabbed her hairbrush and held it to her like a microphone, and continued singing.
"Konna no hiroi yozora dakara
(the night sky is so vast after all.)
Sou sugu ni
(Right...very soon...)"

Before she could finish, she felt a pain in her throat. The cancer was starting to affect
her voice. She clutched her throat in pain.
It...hurts, she thought.
Her grandmother, who had overheard her singing, walked in.
Sophia gasped.
"How many times have I told you not to sing?
Music is a dreadful thing. .... It reminds me of your parents. Makes me feel bad."
"I-I'm sorry, grandma. But..."
"No buts!"
Sophia hung her head, ashamed. "Okay..."
"Has your fever gone down?"
"It has."
"Really? That's good."