G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 9: Invitations ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9: Invitations

Snake Eyes knocked on Temper's door. It was evident she was sleeping by her sagging shoulders, still tired eyes, and loose strands of hair sticking out of her bun. "Hey," she greeted.

Is this a bad time?

"No, I was going to get up in three hours anyway," she replied.

Is it okay if I come in?

"Yeah, sure." Temper stepped to the side to let him in. "Is there something you need?"

Closure, he signed, sitting down on her bed.

"For what?" she asked, sitting beside him.

The both of us. I'm sure you already figured it out, but I wanted to tell you. I killed Tommy.

"Yeah, figured that." She looked to the ground and tried to blink back tears, but she could no longer hold them in when Snake Eyes put his arm around her in comfort. She put both arms around his shoulders and tears flowed down her cheeks. Not once did she make a sobbing noise, but shivers went up and down her body making her body convulse from the cold feeling. Snake Eyes held onto her until exhaustion got the best of her and she fell asleep. Snake Eyes looked at his phone and realized he was going to be late for his next class. He gently set her down on her bed, wrote a note for her, and left, turning out the lights. When she woke, she was so tired she did not care that she missed hand to hand class. She got up and turned on the light. When she looked around she saw a piece of paper on her dresser. Upon further inspection saw she that it was a note from Snake Eyes. I'll be here if you need me.
The Hit and Run Team went on a few missions to put out any remaining Cobra forces that planned to rebuild. There was always danger in the world, but nothing the Joes could not handle. Snake Eyes and Temper put distance between themselves, only talking about trivial things and coming into contact during hand to hand classes and missions. Four months passed by and Heavy Duty's enlistment time came to a close, with the promise of coming to their aid when they needed it. Breaker soon followed, then Scarlett. Temper was surprised Ripcord did not follow her immediately, but after a while, Hawk let him go. In addition to the Alpha Team they got Lady Jaye and Flint. Those four months passed by fast for Temper, so fast she did not realize her time was running out as well.

Snake Eyes held up his hand, motioning for her to stop. Temper stood straight and let out a shaky breath. The two's last mission earned them a four day recuperation time, which they both took gladly. Temper was surprised that Snake Eyes asked Hawk to get a substitute for him so he would not have to teach any classes. Instead, he stayed by her side. The first day of rest, Temper slept through, while Snake Eyes, to her ignorance, watched over her. The second day she spent in her room, half of the time sleeping, the other half filling out reports. Today, the third day, Snake Eyes practically dragged her out of her room to spar.

"Is something wrong?" Temper asked. Snake Eyes shook his head.

When does your enlistment time end? Temper thought about this before she realized how much time had passed.

"Two months. What about you?"

Three. Would you be willing to go home with me?


To Japan, he clarified. She looked at him, uncertain.

"I don't know. I haven't been there in a long time. Where would I even stay?"

At the Arashikage, with me.

"We both know that I won't be welcome there."

I won't let them harm you.

"I know you wouldn't, but after being affiliated with Tommy while he was accused of murder? Still accused? They wouldn't allow it."

They will forgive you. You were their student, you are not the one who killed the Hard Master. Please, just think about it?

"Fine, I will," she promised.

Ace will want to know a week before the enlistment time officially ends.

"What about you? You will still have a month before your time is up."

I'm going to being make arrangements with Hawk.

"But if I say yes, you will be going with me?"

Yes, I will make sure of that. Temper smiled.

"Again?" she asked, getting into a fighting stance. Snake Eyes nodded once in confirmation, got into position, and the fight restarted.
"Alright Mother Hawk, what are we discussing today?" Temper asked and sat in her usual chair.

"I'm sure you know that you only have about two months left until your enlistment time ends," Hawk stated.


"Are you reenlisting or going to Japan?"

"Again, you knowing things the moment they happen is amazing!" Temper grinned in joy while leaning forward in fake excitement.

"Temper," he warned, looking her in the eyes. She sobered up and sat straight.

"I was thinking about going to Japan," she admitted.

"You do understand that you will no longer be a Joe, I can't help you if something happens."

"I know that and you know that I can take care of myself."

"That doesn't mean I can't look out for you."

"I'll be back," she guaranteed seriously, "you know I'll always come back." Looking at her frowning, Hawk chuckled to himself. She raised an eyebrow at him in questioning.

"Just because you may come back, doesn't mean I'll be here. I'm not going to live forever."

"I don't know about living forever, but after watching over me for four years, you've gotten pretty good at not dying!" Temper and Hawk laughed and talked until her stomach growled and she left to get food.
Temper walked into the rec room, finding Duke lifting weights.

"Isn't it dangerous to lift without a spotter?" she asked, sitting down behind him.

"I'm careful," Duke assured.

"What have you been up to lately?"

"Missions mostly."

"How's Ana?" she asked.

"They figured out a probable cure, she'll be going into a procedure next week."

"You'll be there with her right?"

"I'll be in the waiting room, but essentially, yes, I will be there with her. What about you? What have you been up to?" Duke questioned.

"Missions mostly."

"Heard your enlistment time is ending."

"From who?"

"Hawk. Are you reenlisting?"

"No, I will be going to Japan."

Duke chuckled, "With Snake Eyes?" Temper felt herself blush in embarrassment.

"Not like that!" Duke put the weighted bar in its original place and sat up.

"Well, thanks for being my spotter, but I'm afraid I'm going to be late in getting ready for a meeting." Duke got up and headed toward the door.

"Right, wouldn't want you to be late."

"Oh, I almost forgot," Duke said and turned around, "Ana said something about talking to you later, but didn't say when or where."

"I know what she means, thanks for relaying the message." Duke nodded and walked out, leaving her alone in the rec room.
Snake Eyes looked at his computer screen for thirty minutes straight before he gave up and turned it off. He heard someone stop outside his door and knock. He could tell it was Temper and got up to let her in.

"Can I come in?" she asked. Snake Eyes nodded and stepped to the side. She walked in and sat on the bed, looking at her surroundings. It was much like hers, but bigger and the dresser and the bed placement were switched; making the bed across from the desk and the dresser the first thing you see when you walk in. "The answer is yes, I would like to come to Japan with you. Have you worked things out with Hawk?"

Yes, I will be leaving for Japan with you.

"I'm still wondering though, why did you ask me to come with you?"

You've been here for almost four years, running from Tommy, not knowing anybody around you, and doing the same thing almost every day. Not even I can handle that.

"I didn't think I could do it either," she admitted, "I kept telling myself that it would get better and it did. I'm on the Alpha Team now for crying out loud!"

Even with the recent changes, you needed to get away for a while.

"I guess you're right," she submitted, leaning against the back wall for support. After a while she looked up to Snake Eyes and asked him, "Is it okay if I stay here for the night?" Snake Eyes cocked his head to the side, not sure what she was getting at. "It's just that, if I leave that means I have to walk all the way back to my room and besides, you have a really comfy mattress." Temper grinned at him. He silently chucked and nodded his head. He got up and walked to the door.

I'm going to the mess hall, do you want anything?

"No, I'm pretty sure by the time you get back, I'll be asleep." He nodded and left. When he came back she was underneath the covers and sleeping so he ate his food without worrying that she would see his face. Once he was done, he left to see if the night patrol would mind if he joined them. The fourth day, Temper woke up to bacon infused pancakes, her usual breakfast. She heard the shower running and quickly ate. Snake Eyes came out of the bathroom fully dressed.

Spar? he asked

"Sure, I'll meet you there in twenty?" Snake Eyes nodded and looked at the empty tray.

Bacon in pancakes?

"Did Roadblock give you the same?"


"Then you understand?" Temper could see his shoulders shake from laughter.

Go get dressed, your twenty minutes are running out. Temper hurried out the door and ran to her room to get a shower and get dressed.
Temper walked into the loading bay late at night, wearing her usual uniform. Her black cargo pants, nothing new, and a yellow tank top. She had two black gym bags with her, one slung across her shoulders, the other in hand.

"Temper," Hawk caught the woman's attention and held up a manilla folder. She walked over to the older man. "I know what you're going to be looking for and I pulled some strings to get this. Inside is everything we have."

"Thank you, Hawk," she marveled.

"I'd watch out if I were you, some secrets are meant to stay buried and some were kept for your protection," he warned. Temper nodded and went to stand next to Snake Eyes.

Are you ready? he asked. Temper nodded.

"Packed and ready to go," she confirmed.

Hawk walked over to them after speaking with Ace. "The plane will take off in five minutes. Snake Eyes, I'll be seeing you soon." Snake Eyes nodded, saluted, and got onto the plane.
Temper hugged Hawk and held on.

"Thank you," a lone tear ran down her cheek.

"For what?" Hawk asked and she released him.

"For standing with me," she clarified, "behind me, beside me, in front of me. For standing with me."

"No, thank you. For making it all worth it."

Temper smiled, turned, and took her seat on the plane.

Nervous? Snake Eyes asked.

"A little," she said, nodding, "but I've been away from Japan for too long."