G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 12: Japan (part 3) ( Chapter 12 )

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Chapter 12: Japan (part 3)

After getting dressed Temper went on with her day: breakfast, classes, lunch, classes, dinner, the newly added kitchen duties, and finally... sleep. She made it a point to show Snake Eyes her resentment. Usually she would be over it, she did not like to dwell on things for too long, but this did not just involve her. Sure, she should be mad at Kamakura and Jinx for dragging her into this and going behind Snake Eyes' back, but she could not blame them either. He's being a hard ass, she thought to herself as she laid in bed. Only a sheet curtained her form. A sports bra and spandex shorts covered everything important. Temper turned on her side and closed her eyes, letting sleep drown her in her own mind. Various flashbacks ran through her mind.

A young Temper of twelve looked out the window to the bottom of the mountain to the green, rolling hills. Smoke stacks rose out of a few houses in the village not too far away.

"What do you think?" a female voice asked her. Temper turned her head to see a girl, maybe a couple years older than her, black hair, and greyish blue eyes.

"It's beautiful Miss Cisarovna," Temper replied, turning around fully. The female in front of her laughed and put up one hand.

"Please, just call me Anastasia or Ana if you prefer," she requested. Ana gave her a small smile, which Temper returned.


"Temperance!" Eugene called out. He ran up to Temper, Rex running along side him. They both came to a stop and caught their breath. Ana and Tommy walked up to the three.

"Did you really have to run?" Ana asked. Temper nodded excitedly and almost ripped the glass door off its hinges. The smell of pizza and pasta reached her nose as she walked over to the familiar booth in the back of the restaurant.


A shot fired, a body hit the floor. Temper watched as men with guns looked around the room. She quietly slipped out a hole in the old warehouse and ran as fast as she could through the fields of Vietnam.


Temper's body was pushed against the wall, her hands trapped above her. Tommy's loud voice pierced her ears. She could tell he was angry, he was handling the death of yet another person who had grown close to him. She was in shock still. The faint recognition of his words put her farther into abyss as she was ostracized from yet another family. It's only fair, she thought to herself, an exchange of pain.


"What's your name?" he asked. Temper extended her hand to the man in front of her.

"Temper," she answered, "and you?"

"My name is Clayton Abernathy, but you can call me Hawk. You don't have to worry Temper, I'll take care of you," he promised.


Another dream came to her, but this time, it was not a memory, it was a nightmare.

"Where were you?" Tommy asked. He was older than when she was fifteen, when she last saw him.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Is this what you wanted?" he asked.

"I don't understand." Temper shook her head in denial, tear threatened to show her fear.

"You killed all of us," he said. Rex and Eugene stood behind him. Tommy's usual white uniform was beginning to turn red with bloody streaks randomly appearing. Eugene's clothing showed a red circle that quickly bloomed and covered his entire chest. Rex's skin deteriorated, burnt flesh fell from his body. Temper covered her mouth to stop from screaming, or throwing up, whichever came first. Tear spilled over the rim of her eyes. This is too much.

"Well? Where were you?" Tommy asked again.

Temper's eyes shot open, her body shivered with sweat. Panic coursed through her body. She shakily got out of bed, a chill went up her spine when her feet hit the cold floor. She walked out of her room to the door across from hers, Snake Eyes' room. She knocked on the door and heard rustling. Snake Eyes opened the door, she could tell he did not have his mask on, but she still could not see his face because it was too dark. He lifted his hand out of the shadows and signed, You're crying.

Temper lifted her hand to her eyes and wiped the tears away. She did not realize it until he pointed it out.

"I just" she started to speak, but she was not sure what she could say that could justify her rash actions of coming to him.

Tommy? he questioned.

"Yeah," she breathed out. Snake Eyes grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room. The dark embraced her as well as Snake Eyes. He picked her up and took her over to the right side of the bed. Gently laying her down he went to the bathroom a few feet away and turned on the light. Temper watched as the light illuminated his form. Sweats and a t-shirt covered his body. She saw that he had blonde hair, but his face was still hidden from her. Snake Eyes got a small towel and turned the faucet on, making it damp. He turned the lights off and walked over to her, effectively hiding his face. Temper took the towel from him and wiped away her tears.

"Thanks." She could see the silhouette of his head nod. "Can I stay here for tonight?" she asked him. His hands came into the faint light from the window.

Aren't you mad at me?

"I was maybe still just a little bit. Please?"

Fine, you can sleep here, but I'm not sleeping on the floor.

"Of course." She nodded, understanding the implications. Snake Eyes took the towel, threw it blindly on the floor of the bathroom, and came around to the side of the bed. Temper slipped under the covers and laid down on her side, her back to Snake Eyes. She could feel the mattress move as he laid down on the other side. She exhaled a deep breath and fell asleep.
Snake Eyes came to the realization of how little Temper was wearing when he woke up the next morning. She somehow kicked the covers off of herself and exposed her body to him. He could not deny that her body was more than appealing. He noticed a small white line that was almost invisible running from the bottom of her left shoulder blade to the right side of the small of her back where a slightly thicker line ended the scar. He knew the type of injury almost instantly, a blade had punctured her skin and was dragged along her back. As he looked to her right shoulder he saw a small white circle. The bullet wound, he thought to himself. Temper turned onto her back in her sleep. He shook his head, got out of bed, and got ready.

Temper woke up and looked around the room in a daze. She turned her head to the bathroom door opening, her eyes widened.

What? Nothing to say? he asked.

She took in the sight of him unmasked. His dark blue eyes looked into hers. A small scar ran under his cheekbone. Another started where the body and ramus of the mandible met and made its way to the collarbone.

"Damn," she muttered.

You should get ready, they started serving breakfast, and the first class will begin soon.

Temper mentally kicked herself and got out of bed. She ran a hand through her hair and looked at him. "Thank you, for last night."

Will you ever tell me what happened?

"It was just a dream," she stated.

Temper, he started.

"I don't.." she shook her head and looked to the ground, closing her eyes. She inhaled a deep breath and quickly made her way out of the room. Snake Eyes watched her leave without doing anything to stop her. He wanted to, but he could not bring himself to do it. She can't keep running off, she needs to want the help, he thought to himself, she needs to ask for it.

The day went on as usual, Temper did not ignore Snake Eyes per se, more like giving short answers and not arguing with anything he signed to her. She came to his room and he let her in. She slept on the right side like the night before and went on with her day.

Finally, last time we clean the kitchen, Temper thought to herself, looking to the clock. It's already 8:59. Jinx grabbed a bowl of flower the cooks were using to make the bread and turned around too fast, making flour go over the edge and onto an unsuspecting Temper. Temper, with her eyes closed in annoyance grabbed the first thing she got her hands on, an egg, and threw it blindly at Jinx. Jinx ducked just in time and the egg splattered Kamakura in the side of the head. At first he was coming over to help, but now the war is on.

Snake Eyes walked from the Master's training room to the kitchen to check on Temper, Jinx, and Kamakura. Laughter erupted from the kitchen and he grew suspicious. He ducked when he opened the door, narrowly dodging a handful of cooking oil. The three occupants of the kitchen looked at him, mouths open, eyes wide. Oh shit, not again, Temper complained to herself. Temper watched his body language, clenched jaw, tensed muscles.

I will be speaking with you later, clean this up, he signed quickly and left. Temper felt two pairs of eyes on her. She glanced to Jinx and Kamakura whose eyes were looking at her, pleading that she do something.

"I'll speak to him, don't worry," she promised, "let's get this mess cleaned up."

They scrubbed every nook and cranny until the kitchen was spotless. Temper left for Snake Eyes' room and knocked on the door. It opened to reveal the man she was looking for in a black t-shirt and sweatpants. His mask was still on, but it is the most skin she has ever seen on him.

Is there something you need?

"You said you wanted to talk, let's talk," she replied. A group of students started walking down the hallway and Snake Eyes pulled Temper inside the room for privacy.

I meant to all three of you.

"Well I'm gonna have to do. You shouldn't be punishing these kids."

And why is that? How are they going to learn if I let this stuff slide every time?

"You don't think years of being trapped in this temple has taught them enough discipline?!"

Clearly not.

"Well, keeping them trapped in here will only make matters worse," she informed him sternly, "Jinx grew up being trained and taught instead of going out with people her age, having fun. Kamakura lost so much and he may think that slaving himself to this way of life is best for him, but we both know it isn't. This way of life is just a distraction so he doesn't have to face the difficulties of moving on!" Tears streaked her cheeks. Realization dawned on him.

And you? he questioned.

"I need out, alright?"

What do you mean?

"It may have been a change in scenery, nothing really changed. I'm still a slave to this life. Just like they are." He took her words into account as he formed the words in his head and then signed them.

I may not be able to change your past, or who you are, but I can give you a break. At least, one that doesn't involve mass amounts of alcohol. Would you like to go to dinner with me? As in a date?

Temper smiled. "It's a date," she said.

Tomorrow night?

"Sounds good. Meet you outside the temple?"

Outside the temple at eight, he confirmed, you guys cleaned the kitchen?

"Yes. Are you going to punish us?"

I'll think about it.

Temper's lip turned down, but a smile quickly found its way back as the dinner bell rang. She raced out the door and ran to the dining room. Snake Eyes and a group of others came through, got dinner, and sat down. Temper practically inhaled her food and then followed Snake Eyes down the hall with another tray of food in her hands.


Temper looked down at her food, back up to him, and nodded excitedly. "Sort of, all the sparring took a lot of energy for me." They came to their rooms and went their separate ways.