Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ 11 : 1 ❯ Meeting The Housmates (Part 1) ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 1
“Are you mad?!” exclaimed Misaki-sensei. “How could you do that?”
Narumi gave Misaki an innocent look, “what did I do, Misaki-kun?”
“Don't `Misaki-kun' me,” muttered Misaki. “You know what you did.”
“I thought it will be good for the boys,” replied Narumi, tying his hair in to a pony tail.
Misaki's jaws dropped, “THESE BO-” he paused to lower his tone, “-these boys are the most dangerous group in the academy. How could you throw a little defensive girl in to their den? Do you remember what happened to their latest roommate?”
Narumi chuckled and said, “This girl is different. I know it.” He smiled softly at Misaki and left the room, humming.
“Are you seeing what am seeing?”
“Sim (yes), I am.”
“We told you all.”
“There's a new roommate.”
“And she's a girl.”
“You didn't believe us.”
“We were telling the truth.”
“She's Kawai!” they both shrilled loudly. Finally, someone or rather two of the boys broke the heavy silence that fell on Mikan and the boys.
Mikan darted her eyes towards them and did a double take. The boys that spoke earlier were a spitting image of each other, so she guessed they were twins. The only difference between them is that one of them had azure eyes and dark green curls, whereas the other had emerald eyes and dark blue curls. They were both slightly wet from the water fight they just had. They smiled at her mischeively and Mikan felt unease about them.
Nearly everyone in the hall was looking at her with interest…or despise, suddenly a petite figure stood in front of her and smiled. “Mikan-Chan welcome to-” he paused, realising something, “you don't mind me calling you Mikan, do you?” he asked politely.
“No, no at all,” said Mikan, smiling kindly at the boy with the glasses, who was nearly her height. He had greenish dirty blond hair and chocolate coloured eyes. He had kind and polite features, so Mikan calmed slightly.
“Okay, Mikan-Chan, welcome to our dorm,” he greeted her kindly. “My name's Tobita Yuu, you can call me Yuu.”
“Nice to meet you, Yuu.”
Out of nowhere, the twins appeared in either side of her, which made Mikan jump in surprise. “His name's Anthony,” said the green eyed boy, pointing at his other twin.
“And his name's Marques.”
“We're twins.”
“We're half Portuguese.”
“And half Japanese.”
“We like Kawai girls.”
And then they both giggled insanely.
“Um…nice to meet you, two,” said Mikan smiling nervously.
The twins placed their arms around their shoulder, gave Mikan one more mischievous look and then left the hall, behind the corner.
“Do they always speak like that?” asked Mikan.
“Well, yes, most of the time, but they're nice,” said Yuu, adjusting his glasses. “I am one of the boys' resident in here, and there's ten more. My Alice is illusions. The twins are one of the ten and their Alice is `looking in to the future'.”
Mikan realised that that's the reason they knew she was coming earlier. She liked her roommates so far, although she knew only three of them-
“So they were telling the truth.”
Someone cut Mikan's train of thoughts. Mikan followed the source of the voice and her eyes fell on a pair of violet ones. The guy had red locks, which looked like flames. He stood in front of her and crossed his arms, looking down at her. Mikan felt very small compared to him, he was huge, but slim. He had handsome features and a waywardness glint in his eyes.
“I wonder what Hyuuga will think of this.” With that he left the room, and disappeared behind the corner.
“Who…who's Hyuuga?” asked Mikan tensely. She didn't like the sound of the name.
“Oh, he is the leader of our group,” replied Yuu. “But Mikan-Chan, you have to stay away from him, it's for your own safety. His name is Hyuuga Natsume and he has the Alice of fire.”
Fire! Thought Mikan anxiously.
“He doesn't like the academy at all, and he hates outsiders. He once burned a high school student, because he didn't obey him,” continued Yuu.
“He doesn't like people interfering with his business and he likes to be left on his own. He's aloof and spends most of the time alone. Everyone in this house respects, even people from outside. I advice you Mikan-chan, to stay away from him.”
“O-ok,” assured Mikan. Okay, maybe not everyone here is nice, but some are, which is good. Then why are her hands shaking slightly? She admits it, she's is scared of that Hyuuga guy already. He sounds like a horrible person, with no heart or feelings. I mean, burning anyone who disobeys him! That's bizarre! Exclaimed Mikan's mind. “So, how does he look like?” The reason Mikan asked this question, is so she could avoid him as much as possible.
“Don't worry Mikan-Chan, he's the only boy who has ruby eyes,” smiled Yuu.
"Who was the guy that just left?"
“That's Mouri Reo; he's one of the boys. His Alice is voice pheromones,” answered Yuu. “He resembles Hyuuga a little, but he's not as cold.”
“Can I go to my room?” asked Mikan, she felt very tired. She didn't know what time has for her, but she hopes it's not bad or not as bad.
“Oh, Mikan-Chan you must be tired. Let me take you to your room-”
“I'll take her,” said a voice.
Mikan turned towards the voice and saw a guy who had a smirk on his face. He had short black hair and grey eyes.
“I'm going to my room anyway.”
“Oh, ok. Is that alright with you Mikan-Chan?” asked Yuu concerned.
“Yes,” answered Mikan, “it's ok, and thanks, Yuu.”
“No problem, Mikan-Chan,” smiled Yuu, “this is Himukai, and his Alice is flying objects.” And then, he left inside one of the rooms in the hall.
“Follow me,” said Himukai with a smirk. He began walking and Mikan walked behind him. They then turned the corner, and Mikan saw a long corridor leading to a door. They walked towards it, and it turned out that it wasn't a door at all it was a…lift? A LIFT? Mikan was gob smacked. On top of everything in this house, there is a lift. Oh my God, these guys are way pampered. The went inside the lift and then the guy pressed the button 3, and then he spoke. “Don't worry; we might go easy on you.”
Mikan saw his smug face and then strutted, “w-what do you m-mean?”
“You'll see.”
She didn't like that. She didn't like that at all.
Mikan watched the lift open and they stepped out. They waked for a couple of second and Mikan noticed two doors on either side of the long corridor, facing each other. However, they passed it and then Himukai stopped in front of another two doors that was facing each other. He turned to Mikan and pointed to the door on his left.
“I'm in first floor.”
Mikan looked at the door and then nodded at him. She watched him leave the floor going through another door in front of her; she followed him and then realized that it was stairs leading to the bottom.
“Wow, this house is magnificent,” Mikan said to her self. Mikan wondered who lived on the other three doors in this floor; she secretly wished one of them is Yuu. He was such a nice and polite guy. Mikan gripped the door handle and twisted it open; she went inside and closed the door behind her. She let out a sigh and then walked around the room.
The room was slightly dark, only a small light shining through the dark curtains illuminated the room and its furniture. Mikan walked towards the windows and she unfastened the curtains, letting the sun's light fill the room. Mikan smiled at the beautiful sight outside and then she turned around to examine the room. Her jaws dropped on the floor and her eyes bulged open.
The room is such a large, luxurious, clean and incredible room. Mikan's eyes fell on the king sized bed that was covered with black shiny satin; black wasn't her colour but it was with her. She hopped on it and then lay back on the bed. She closed her eyes at the softness of the bed and it smelled fresh and clean. Mikan let out a sigh, lost in her world.
She didn't know someone that someone occupied this room already, in fact, he's in the bathroom. She didn't notice the water running, or it being closed. She didn't even sense someone opening the bathroom door or closing it behind him.
Remembering her luggage and packages, Mikan opened her eyes and sat up. She stretched and then stood up. She looked around her; there was table with its chair, lamp on a small table besides the door, a guy dripping water on the floor, a small couch, a-she stopped dead and then retrieved her eyes back at the `guy-dripping-water-on-the-floor' and then her amber eyes grew large.
That guy had a towel around his waist, probably the only piece of gear he had on now. His raven black locks dripped wet on face and shoulders and it clutched to his head. Water trailed down his shoulders and torso. Mikan's eyes gawped at his finely defined abs, muscled arms and trails of hair that disappeared behind the towel.
After what it seemed like ages, Mikan let out a piercing scream.
A blond guy burst though the door and he looked between the wet guy and screaming brunette. “What happened?”
Mikan looked at the blonde and then exclaimed, “He's used my bathroom and now he's naked in my room!”
“Excuse me?!” snarled a voice.
Mikan turned her head to the guy that spoke with nasty repetition and then she flinched. He looked like as if he wanted to burn her on the spot…burn? Mikan inhaled sharply and she prayed it isn't what she's thinking about. Please don't let be him, please don't let be him.
“Sorry, but, this is Natsume's room,” stated the blonde.
What…but…he...I…” Mikan thought she's going to faint, she just burst in to a guy in his room and he was having a bath or a shower.
Get the hell out,” his voice snarled again.
Mikan looked at him, his Scarlet eyes shone in hatred and disgust towards her. Red eyes?
Don't worry Mikan-Chan; he's the only boy who has ruby eyes.”
The blond guy dragged Mikan outside the room and closed the room after them.
She knows she's dead. The one guy she wanted to avoid in this house is the one she made an enemy of.
She might as well dig her own grave now.
That's a nice idea, thought Mikan.