Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ upgraded ❯ New ( Chapter 1 )

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far I have a Gakuen alice one-shot and a Gakuen alice continuing fic. And a Inuyasha continuing fic. But I love Gakuen alice so much I figure they should get another fic!

Natsume: *prepares to burn*

Mikan: He still mad at you for your other Gakuen alice fic. I told him it’s a new fic...but

Hotaru: *shots both with Baka gun* Mikan_Angel doesn’t own Gakuen alice or any of its character

Ruka: Imai! Give me back those pictures

Mimi: Btw whos Luna? Anyone read the Gakuen alice fics. And knows who she is? I heard she was getting in between Natsume & Mikan!

Mikan rested her head on her desk…..she was so…..tired! She stayed up late watching Hotaru work on a project, to bad Hotaru didn’t care. Hotaru had finally kick her out a little after twelve. She was so tired, how she wished….how she wished that she was at home, in her bed. She closed her eyes, and she felt the air get warmer, like a invisible blanket.

Natsume watched her, she was so stupid. First off she had been extremely late, then she was to tired to say hello to anyone, even Hotaru. She had immediately sat down trying to stay awake, she had finally laid her head down a few seconds ago, he used his alice. She seemed to notice, not that he was using his alice but the sudden warmth. She shut her eyes, he look over to Ruka. He was watching her to. Bt unlike Natsume he was flat out staring, a light blush covering his face. Natsume pretended to read his Manga, he didn’t want to show any interested. Not that he was, he just didn’t want anyone to think so. Suddenly Natsume felt a pair of eyes on him. I’ll give you choices keep reading my mind and burn, or stop and live. Koko turned around and shuddered visible as Natsume mentally pictured Koko burning to ashes. He hated Koko, and his Alice. That kid knew more about anyone then maybe even they knew, except Mikan. And what use was he if he couldn’t read her mind? The door opened and, shock, Mr. Narumi walk in. He had a grim expression and was actually wearing normal clothing. Behind him someone followed, someone he wished he never had to see….

Mikan awoke, for some reason the warmth had left her. She slowly open her eyes blinks and yawning before she sat upright. Then she notice something, silence. Maybe for a normal class this was nothing to be alarmed by but for 2b things were never silent. She look to the front of the classroom. Mr. Narumi stood, frowning in a regular work day clothes, only Mr. Narumi wasn’t normal. Next to him stood a…guy? The guy/girl wore a long black coat and platinum boots, he had purple lipstick and many accessories, this included a white mask. Mikan wondered why it was so quiet, at the same time he felt like she had seen this person somewhere else. Suddenly she remembered! He was the guy Natsume’s always hiding from, if Natsume was scared this guy must be very bad.

“Class the school is undergoing some new changes, here to explain it is Persona. Head of the dangerous ability type.” ----I don’t know if this is true, I’m guessing. Gakuen alice Manga come 2 U.S. December!---The class gaped, several turned to look at Natsume, including Mikan. He wasn’t paying attention, he was engrossed with his Manga. Ruka had a fierce look on his face, different from his cute boyish expression.

“Hello,” persona said. His voice sent shivered down her spine. “Starting today there will be evaluations of every Alice class.” Soft whispers arose. “Everyday at 2 p.m. you will got to the stage set up in the middle of the academy and watch each student in there classes compete against each other. People who are amazingly good may be…upgraded.” By now everyone was whispering. Compete? Upgraded? Mikan head spun, wasn’t Alice academy suppose to be peaceful? Whatever was going on, she didn’t like it.

“What will be the first class up?” Hotaru ask, her same monotone voice.

“Special ability,” he said, a smirk forming on his lip. His eyes seemed, to wonder to the back of the class. He room got noticeably hotter, Mikan once again turned to face Natsume. He was glaring, right at Persona.

“What do you mean upgraded?” Natsume hissed. Persona smiled.

“They’ll get the same upgrade you have Natsume.” Natsume got up and walk out, visibly pissed off. This academy was corrupt, and no one could hide it.

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