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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Dress Up

"Is this one of those times when you want me to lie to protect your delicate feelings?"

This question was posed as he stared at the girl, dressed in what was one of his master's wife's more expensive dresses. Rae had taken it upon herself to look through Fox and David's wardrobe when she saw the red silk dress with the spaghetti straps. She then had the "fun" idea to try on the said dress. Once it was on, the girl then called for Owen to come up and see. And here they were.

The dress hung a bit loosely on Rae's shoulders, the bottom barely grazing the floor. Owen couldn't help feeling a bit amused yet annoyed. He was used to Rae's antics but this was out of the character, even for her. Rae had never been one to try on dresses, not even when she was a little girl.

"Well?" Rae asked, the girl giving a twirl while trying to keep the straps of the dress from slipping off her shoulders.

"You should take Ms. Fox's dress off. It's a bit loose on you and red isn't your color." Owen responded in his stony impassive voice. But he couldn't help thinking that with just a few minor adjustments to the dress and just enough makeup, his charge could look... pretty. The servant quickly dismissed the thought with a sigh. "Put the dress back and go do your homework, Rae."

Rachel poked her tongue out at him with a playful glare. "You're so boring, Owen." She replied but the girl obeyed as she slipped her arms out of the straps, allowing the dress to fall to the floor.

Owen immediately looked away, feeling his irritation growing, at seeing his charge in only her undergarments. "Did you not keep your clothes nearby?"

"Oh come on, are you scared of seeing a little bit of skin?" His charge teased.

"A little bit of skin doesn't bother me. But when you're practically naked? That's what bothers me." Owen grumbled.

Seeing the frown on the man's face, Rae giggled a bit and quickly walked over to her aunt and uncle's bed, reaching underneath where she hid her clothes. "Don't worry, I have my clothes over here."

He heard the light squeak of his master's bed and the whisper of clothing as the girl slipped into her normal everyday clothes. Once she was changed he felt a tap on his shoulder and he looked. A small smile graced his lips, quirking an eyebrow at her. "That's better."

Rae gave him a cheeky smile before he rushed her out of the room. Once he put things back as they were and closed the bedroom door, the two of them started walking down the hall, Owen guiding her towards the dining area. Rachel glanced at a nearby picture on the wall and stopped to look at it.

"Rae?" Owen started. He looked at her but noticed the picture on the wall as well. David Xanatos and his sister, Wren Xanatos. The two of them looked a lot younger but anyone who knew Mr. Xanatos like Owen would be able to recognize David Xanatos right away. But not the young woman standing beside him. Shoulder length wavy brown hair that often looked really curly, the same dark eyes, and a cheerful smile as she hung onto Mr. Xanatos.

Wren had just graduated high school and David, having been close with her, decided to give her a graduation gift, which was a trip to Greece, Japan, and a few other places.

Owen glanced at Rachel who was staring so intently at the picture, but more so at her mother.

"Do I look anything like my mother?" Rae asked after a few minutes of silence, "Or do I look more like my father?"

Her father?

Owen shifted uncomfortably on his feet for once, and he coughed into his hand, clearing his throat. "I would say you're more like your mother. With her soft brown hair and gentle smile. You even have her quiet mannerisms, but you're cheeky and witty like your uncle." Instead of his usual stony tone, the butler spoke with a bit of warmth and affection for his charge as he said this. He looked back at Rachel before looking to the picture again, "But there might be a little bit of your father in you as well."

Rachel finally looked at him, blinking in slight confusion. The subject of her father had never been brought up before, at least when it did come up, the subject would be changed immediately and Rachel herself would be distracted by something else. The sixteen-year-old girl shrugged, looking back at her mother again. "I guess so."

She finally tore her gaze away from the picture, putting her hands into the pockets of her blue jeans. "Let's get going, Aunt Fox and Uncle David are probably getting tired of waiting on us for dinner." She said this as she walked away.

Owen raised another eyebrow but shook his head. He adjusted his glasses with a smile before following after her.