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What's Next?
Author: Ilze
Rating: PG13
Category: Drama
Summary: When the huge Megatech conglomerate closes due to a bad public reputation, the value to cybernetic Megatech-made bodies raises in the black market and people begin hunting for these cyborgs. If that isnt enough for Section 9 to handle, the number of recent ghost hackings is beginning to rise.
Note: This story takes place a couple months after Kusanagi merged with the Puppet Master. Bateau kept everything a secret and Motoko was just considered dead.
Disclaimer: I own no part of Ghost in the Shell, characters, or trademarks.
Chapter 2: Line of Fire
The blinds of Bateau's apartment bedroom were closed, shielding him from the light of the now setting sun. He was currently off-duty and was using the time wisely and sleeping. To tell the truth, he wasnt exactly 'off duty.' Ever since the news of their new hacker's allegiance with the Republic of India, Section 9 had been on duty 24/7 until they find out when and where the hacker was meeting the RoI's Represenative and for the last day or so, they hadnt recieved a bit of information.
As if right on cue, Bateau's bedside phone began to ring, waking him from his restless sleep. The cyborg sat up in his bed and reached for the recieved. He answered the phone tiredly, "Hello?"
The voice on the other end of easily recognized as Chief Aramaki's. The aged, stress-filled voice spoke tiredly through the phone, "Bateau? Get up and get ready, we got news. Hurry down to the station, Ishikawa will fill you in along the way."
The connection went dead with a click and Bateau sprung from his bed. Flinging on the clothes that sat in a chair at his bedside, he hurried out to his car. He wore standard-issued Section 9 clothing. Nothing special and no weapons except his required automatic pistol.
The large cyborg took the elevator to the ground level of his apartment complex and easily found his bright-red sports car. He'd gotten the automobile last month and was very pleased with the shiny piece of metal. It had speed, style, and looks. Everything Bateau looked for in a car. Plus, it was red. His coveted car started with a silent roar before speeding out of the parking lot of the complex and sped down the street.
As he drove, Bateau checked the back seat. Just where he left it was his Zastaber and a couple of other handy gadgets that he kept in reach with his car. Just in case an event like this were to happen. It wasnt, of course, even a minority of his full storage of guns. He had countless fire arms hidden in his secret safe house that only he and another person new of. Both of those people Bateau trusted very much.
It wasnt long before Ishikawa's voice came over his com network. The information specialist spoke clearly despite the staticy sound of a network transmission, "We got info, Bateau. Dont bother stopping by the station. Head for the Irhama Hotel to the north. That's where Mr. Shirow will be meeting with a rep from India."
Bateau was forced to make a sharp turn in order to change his direction and head for the location Ishikawa mentioned. His car's build-in AI immediatly displayed the location of the Irhama Hotel on a translucent map before him, "What's going on over at Section 5?"
"Same thing, I suppose. They are activating and sending some guys over to storm the place and capture the represenative and Shrow, the hacker."
"What do they expect to do with them?"
"Probably just hand them over to Section 6 and have them deported."
"and Shirow?"
"He'll be given a choice. The new head of the MOFA is a dumbass. He'll give the guy a choice of either to stay here and face a prison sentence or be deported to India."
"That's the last thing we need." The Hotel came within sight and Bateau began to slow down a bit. He could see the trademark Section 9 van parked a ways from the hotel and Chief Aramaki's own ride, "I guess it's up to us to take out these bastards. I'm coming up to the hotel now. Where are you?"
"Near the front door. Section 5 had the Hotel evacuated a little while ago and we're monitoring the room where the meetings taking place. The Chief and Togusa are both with me but we havent heard from Saito yet."
Bateau casually parked his car and stepped out. He walked a little while towards the entrance and finally saw the rest of the crew crouching behind a grove of rose bushes a ways from the entrance. He double-timed it over to them and nodded to each, "What's the situation?"
Ishikawa was gazing at a laptop montor and didnt look up to speak, "Everything's ready. I can detonate our explosives from here while you and Saito enter from the front door. Togusa and the Chief will be waiting at both the armored van and your car for getaway."
Togusa cracked his knuckles. He was watching the window with a electronic binocular, "Saito still aint here. We cant contact him via the net either."
Ishikawa sighed but managed to maintain his cool composure, "Section 5 is scheduled to arrive in about 25 minutes. They've start infiltration at 30 and probably reach the target at 45 or 50. We need to get started."
"Togusa can take his place." Bateau checked his weaponry as he prepared to take off.
"Nope." He said as he turned to go through a black bag, "Those Indian guys were smart enough to put detectors throughout the hotel. They'll pick up anyone with at least 25% human body parts. That's why it's gotta be you and Saito but since he aint here..." He removed three small black cylinders from the bag and stood, "I'm gonna have to take his place. Togusa, you know how to work the detonation equipment right?"
Togusa nodded slowly and walked over to the computer, "Yeah. You showed me the other day in case of emergency. You sure you can handle this?"
He chuckled and shook his head, "It's been awhile since I've done any real field work but I can handle it. Just keep you're finger ready. When we give the signal, you'll have to start detonation countdown. That'll give us a couple seconds to make a dramatic escape." Ishikawa cracked his neck and slung a black duffel bag across his back, "Ready?"
Bateau nodded with a smirk, "Chief, you'd better head over to my car. I'm gonna come running after I'm done and I'm gonna need a quick getaway." He looked up, "The passcode is..." He paused a moment and swallowed, "2501."
Aramaki stared a momet then stood and nodded, "Right. I'll meet you along the way out. Dont fail." The Chief left for Bateau's car.
Ishikawa stretched lightly then started for the entrance, "Come on, Bateau. Section 5 will be here in a matter of minutes and I dont wanna have to hurry."
Bateau chuckled and followed after the veteran. The two cyborgs went for the front entrance to the Irhama and entered without trouble. When they entered, Ishikawa pointed out the detectors that couldnt detect thier Megatech bodies then went for the elevator. Bateau advised that they take the stairs and they did so. It was a long climb but Ishikawa finally motioned that they were on the correct floor. The two entered the peach-colored hall and walked cautiously down. The room that the meeting was going on in was room 273, it was the last along the hall.
Ishikawa stopped outside the door and whispered to his partner, "This is it. I'm guessing there's a bit of security in there."
"Guessing?" Bateau asked as he loaded his Zastaber, "I thought we were monitoring the room."
"Just audio. We couldnt get any visual except from the window and we just got a glance at a security officer or two." He reached into his bag and quickly produced a small key-pad, "I'm gonna hack the lock meganism. After that, we're gonna have to bust in or we'll be caught so get ready now."
Bateau nodded and took hold of the automatic weapon. He took a deep breath as Ishikawa typed a few codes onto his keypad then stepped away from the door. He looked at his partner as he took hold of another Zastaber then nodded. The two cybernetic agents went for the door and equal times and busted down the unlocked door with a loud crash.
Inside, they were suprised to see a room filled with darkly colored suites and various automatic weapons. There was a lot more security than they'd expected but their suprise assualt allowed them to take out three of the officers before any return fire was given. Ishikawa and Bateau were able to take cover behind a couch and a pillar to avoid the deadly shots.
Ishikawa cursed over the network, "I miscalculated."
"Big time." Bateau reloaded his automatic, "We'll have to storm at the same time."
"Wait. Do you have any auto pistols or anything."
"Just the one." He removed the pistol and displayed it to Ishikawa as a round of enemy fire was shot overhead, "Why? Got an plan?"
"If you wanna call it that, yes. If we storm out with our big ass Zastabers then we'll get mowed down. We'll need flexibility. Here." Ishikawa rummaged through his duffel bag. He was lucky he was behind the long couch or he'd get a couple of holes blow into him. Ishikawa removed two pistols. Both of them were submachine automatic MX-14's. He tossed one to his partner. The security officers shot at the pistol but were to messy to hit the movement, "Alright. At the count of three, we're gonna jump from our covers and take just shoot the hell outta these guys."
"You call that a plan?"
"No, you did. It might work. Just dive towards this couch and if we dont take them all out then when you hit the ground, roll behind the couch and I'll roll behind your pillar. I saw about ten officers, we got three so there's seven left. Plus, the represenative and hacker. You ready?"
"Sure. Just count."
Ishikawa nodded and began the countdown, "1" Bateau and Ishikawa double-checked their pistols.
"2" They dug their feet into the ground and flexed their leg muscles. Preparing for the dive.
"3" The two officers jumped at the same time and unleashed a wave of automatic fire at the uncovered security. Bateau quickly removed two from the combat and Ishikawa managed to blow half of one's head off. Their motioned seemed slow to the cybernetic warriors as the enemy finally returned fire. Their aim was horribly off and Bateau took out another enemy as his shoulder hit the ground and rolled behind the cover of the couch. Ishikawa hit the ground and rolled but him timing was off and landed about three feet from his cover. He cursed his stupidity and crawled for the pillar but his gaze was caught.
Out from behind a steel desk crawled a well-dressed, 30-ish gentleman. He had dark skin and a black mullet of hair. He was easily recognized at as Indian represenative. The frightened man stood straight up and Ishikawa let out a short burst of automatic fire. The bullets tore through the expensive suit of the rep and hit his chest with a dull thud. The man went down and the three remaining officers turned towards the fallen man. One dived to cover his current leader and Ishikawa killed the man before he hit the nearly dead represenative. The two other security stepped towards the two dead men before remembering the current fray. Their forgetfulness was answered by Bateau who used his Zastaber to kill the two fools.
Ishikawa and Bateau stood after the last officer hit the ground and looked around the room. It was cleared of all life except them. Ishikawa holstered his one pistol and put the other in his bag, "We're missing one."
"The hacker." Bateau turned around and listened. Cursing loudly, he ran for the door and shouted, "Shit!" Ishikawa poked his head out the door and saw the skinny hacker sprinting for the elevator. Bastau pointed his Zastaber but cursed once more as the automatic weapon jammed. He quickly removed his own pistol and pointed. He fired a short, precise burst of fire and watched. The scene seemd to slow down as the bullets cut through the air and hit the hacker in the back of the head. He hit the ground with a dull thud and the two agent re-entered the room with a sigh.
Ishikawa removed the three black cylinders from his bag and tossed one to Bateau, "Put that one in a corner of the room."
They went to install the explosives and finished quickly. Ishikawa rushed to the center of the room with Basteau, "I hear Section 5 coming up the stairs." He contacted Togusa, "Hit the bombs." He waited a few seconds then heard the confirmation beep. The bombs would blow in a few seconds. "Shit, how do we get out."
Basteau smiled warily, "You've been behind you're computer for too long, Ishikawa." He moved to the window and fired a long burst at the window with his now-working Zastaber. He then used his cyborg strength to throw the auto gun through the window, breaking it. "Hmm... should have thought this through..." They looked down at the long fall.
Ishikawa laughed, "I still got the stuff." He chuckled as he removed a odd looking gun from his bag. It had sharp hooks on both sides and had a very gippable handle. Ishikawa aimed the gun near the bottom of the opposite building and fired. The front hook fired out with a annoying zap and hit the building and stuck. He then aimed the back of the gun near the top of the room. It shot out and stuck into the far away wall. Ishikawa laughed, "Grab my legs. We'll slide down. Hurry."
Basteau quickly took a tight grip of his partner's lower legs and the two soon jumped out the window. Ishikawa kept a hold of the rest of the pistol and they slid very quickly down the metallic rope. Halfway down, the room behind them exploded in a see of flames just as Section 5 entered the same floor.
The agents hit the side of the opposite building and fell to the ground. Soon after, their rope broke from the explosion and fell to the ground. Ishikawa took the pistol part with him as he went for a sprint towards the Togusa-driven van a few meters away. He shouted to Basteau, "I'll meet you back home. Good work."
Basteau nodded as he ran towards where he parked his car, "You too!" It wasnt long before he saw Chief Aramaki driving towards him. He stopped and Basteau got in and they took off away from the now crime scene, "Mission accomplished."
"You two did well." Aramaki said as he sped down the road. After they were clear of the hotel he slowed, "I was suprised at how well Ishikawa worked. After all these years, he's still in top condition."
Basteau laughed, "It was a suprise." He crossed his arms, "but what I'm worried about his Saito. He's usually the first one to a mission. Still no contact?"
"Nothing but as soonas we get back we'll hunt him down."
The two rode towards the Section 9 base at a good rate after a successful mission.
~ ~ ~
Garret Black was on a great date. He'd been waiting for months to take this girl from work out and had saved his money to bring her to a exquisite resteraunt. All had gone well so far and dinner was almost over. Garret excused himself from the table to freshen up in the bathroom. As he danced into the public restroom, gave himself a confident smiled in the mirror as he glanced at a closed stall. Walking backwards, Garret opened the door and entered. When he turned around, he fell flat on his ass at what he saw. Sitting on the closed toilet was a man. He sat straight up. His wide-open eyes stared distantly foreward, not moving. He appeared as though he hadnt been moved for hours. Garret had never seen something like this before but he'd heard stories. This was a cyborg. A ghost hacked cyborg and a bad one at that. Standing, Garret tried talking but it did no good. Building his courage, the factory worker reached foreward and into the cyborg's shirt pocket. Inside was a ID Card. A military card. The man had only a first name. Saito.
To Be Continued...