Gravitation Fan Fiction / Fake Fan Fiction ❯ Little Moments ❯ My Choice ( Chapter 5 )

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This didn't actually start out as a fanfic, but after I posted it in my blog, I thought it fit in really well with Ryo and Dee. So….there you go!
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My Choice
There is someone in my life who is becoming increasingly important to me. It was years before I finally realized how he felt about me — and how I felt about him — and now I honestly can't remember my life without him.
He's amazingly sweet, partially psychotic, wonderfully caring, and borderline obnoxious at times. He's stubborn, and cranky, and impossible. And he's amazing in ways that very few people will ever understand. Other people like him about as much as he likes them, and he's got so many parts to his personality that I think it'll take me years to figure him out—if I ever do. He's the complete opposite of the person I thought I'd be with in absolutely every way, and...I think I might be falling in love with him.
And I know a lot of you out there might have a problem with that.
Get over it.
I've made my choice, and I'm going with it.
Go me.