Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Give in To Me ❯ one ( Chapter 1 )

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Give In To Me Sequel to:  “Parental Revenge” Written by:Chocho Disclaimer:I do not own Gravitationor the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:   Bad Luck is heading back into the studio, but Shuichi is not so sure he has it in him anymore.  Add to that a new neighbor and sudden bouts of nausea and Shuichi is heading for a mental breakdown. Chapter Summary:While Shuichi takes some down time with Eiri and Riku in NYC, someone is making waves back home. Warning:M/M, sexual situation, romance, OOC-ness, language, mpreg, Shuichi/Eiri Inserts:scene from “Parental Revenge” A/N:This takes place between “Parental Revenge” and This I Promise You.  Enjoy!   ---   (Last Time)   Eiri stepped inside the examination room, giving the obvious bodyguard one final look before turning towards his lover.  “Baka,” he smiled.  “I can't leave you alone for a minute can I?”   Tears streaming down his face, he shook his head.  Sniffling, he jumped off the table with a sob.  Ripping his arm out of the nurse's hands, he rushed towards Eiri.   He had been scared of what Eiri would do if his lover was to come to New York, but he was glad he was here.   “I'm so glad you're here,” he cried, flinging himself at his lover, hugging him tightly.   Eiri hugged Shuichi tightly.  His eyes stung with tears.  Burying his face in his lover's stiff hair, he tightened his hold.  He had been so scared that he would not be able to hold him again.   Halfway back to Tokyo, he wondered what he thought he was doing.  He decided to go on tour with Bad Luck so that he could be with Shuichi.  Both of them have been so busy lately; they have not been able to spend a lot of time together.  If Mizuki really wanted this stupid book tour, he figured it could wait until after the tour finished in a few months.  Once on the ground, he immediately booked a flight back to the States.  The last thing he ever expected was to receive a phone call from Nakano just after his plane landed telling him about the attack on Shuichi.  He had never been so scared in his entire life.   “So am I,” he whispered back.  He was never letting Shuichi out of his sight again.   ---   Chapter 1   (Present – March - New York City, New York, USA)   Shuichi's eyes widened.  “Please!” he sobbed in fright.  He tugged on the man's viselike grip on his shoulder.  “Do not do this!  What have I done?” he pleaded with the man in Japanese.   Sneering, the man snarled something at the singer, before he brought the knife down in a swinging arc.    Shuichi screamed and instinctively brought up his arms to protect himself.  He gave a strangled cry as he felt the cold steel of the blade slice across his arm.  It did not hurt.  That was a bad sign.  It meant the cut was deep.  In reaction, he tugged and jerked harder against the man's grip as he felt something trickle down his arms.  But it was useless.  The man was too strong!   Behind him, he heard a stampede of feet and an orchestra of yells and shouts.  The door to his dressing room was flung open.  There was a loud gasp.  “Shindou-san!” yelled several familiar voices.   The man wielding the knife stumbled.  Catching himself, he froze when he glanced over Shuichi's head at the intruders.  But he would not be stopped.  He snarled and glared down at Shuichi.  He tightened his grip.    Shuichi glanced into the man’s eyes and shivered.  They were twisted and hard.  There was something to them that sacred Shuichi.   “Let me go!  Please!”  His whole body was shaking like a leaf in a tornado.  Tears blurred his vision.   The deranged man raised the knife up over his head.  The steel blade glistened in the overhead lights.   Shuichi threw his arms over his head in a vain attempt at protecting himself as the blade swung down.   ---   With his scream echoing in his head, Shuichi shot up in bed with a sound gasp.  His knuckles were white as he clutched the bed sheets to his naked chest.  Violet eyes were wide and glassy with unshed tears.  His heavy, panting breaths filled the eerie stillness of the night.   Shuichi took a deep breath and held it for several long seconds as he listened to the rapid beating of his heart and the rush of blood in his ears.  He sighed long and deeply.  Running his tongue over dry lips, he relaxed his death grip on the sheets.   As his breathing began to even out and his heartbeat returned to normal, Shuichi settled back onto the bed.  Scrubbing his hands over his sweaty face, he turned to glance at his long time boyfriend who was sleeping peacefully besides him.   Not wanting to disturb him, Shuichi carefully sat up and tossed the covers aside.  Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he stood up and picked his way across the room to the bedroom door.  Along the way, he picked up Eiri’s discarded shirt and slipped it on.  He opened the door just enough for him to slip out into the hallway and closed the bedroom door quietly behind him.   +---+---+   Hazel eyes golden like the sun, snapped open.  Flipping onto his back, Eiri draped an arm across his brow and sighed heavily as he stared up at the ceiling.   +---+---+   Downing the entire glass of water in one gulp, Shuichi set the glass on the counter besides the dinner dishes that had not been put away.  Folding his arms over the rim of the stainless steel sink, he dropped his head onto his arms as quiet sobs shook his frame.   “Mama?” called a quiet voice from behind him.   Startled, Shuichi twirled around to see his son standing in the doorway.  “Riku.”  Turning his back on his son, he quickly dried his tear stained face.  “What are you doing up?” he asked, turning back around.  “You should be in bed.”   Shuichi studied his son.   Now thirteen, Riku was rapidly surpassing him in height thanks to puberty.  Shuichi had a feeling that the boy would be nearly as tall as his father was and Eiri was six-one.  Riku was one of those people whose blond hair darkens with age until they become more of a brunette.  And the teenager’s dirty blond hair was sleep tousled and standing on end.  It was a lot like Eiri’s in the morning.  In a black and yellow plaid two-piece pajama set that Shuichi bought him when Bad Luck was in England, Riku yawned and rubbed his eyes.   In answer to Shuichi’s question, Riku shrugged.   Shuichi chuckled.  “Come on.”  He grabbed Riku’s shoulders and turned the boy around.  “Back to bed,” he ordered as he steered Riku back down the hall to his bedroom.  “We have a big day tomorrow.  We’re going with Aunt Yoshiki to the amusement park.”   Riku made a sleepily affirmative noise.  “Is Dad coming?” he asked around another yawn.   “Yeah.  Since he has an interview on one of those American news programs in the morning, he will meet us there.”   “’Kay.”   +---+---+   “There we go,” Shuichi said as he pulled up the comforter around his son.  “Comfy?”   Under ordinary circumstances, he would protest being treated like a child.  He was thirteen after all.  Fourteen in a couple of months.  But other than a nightly phone call and a brief interlude halfway through his tour, Riku has not seen his parents in a little over six months.  So, being fawned over like this was a welcome change.   Riku nodded around a yawn.   “Alright.  See you in the morning,” Shuichi said as he gave his son a hug.   Feeling mortified, Riku’s face flamed in embarrassment.  “Mama,” Riku whined.   Snickering, Shuichi’s violet eyes gleamed mischievously.  He planted a series of kisses on his son’s face.   “Ew,” Riku laughed as he tried to wiggle out of Shuichi’s grasp.  “Mama!”   Shuichi snickered.  Now he knew why Eiri got such a kick out doing this to him.   Riku squealed and started thrashing wildly around on the bed as he tried unsuccessfully to escape from Shuichi and his fingers.  “Mama,” the boy laughed hysterically, “stop!  That tickles!”   Chuckling, Shuichi decided to put his son’s torment on halt for the time being.  It being the middle of the night and all.  He heaved a light, contented sigh.  A leftover laugh escaped.  Standing up, he straightened the comforter around his son and whispered, “Good night,” before planting a chaste kiss on the boy’s forehead.   “Night Mama,” came the sleepy reply.   Shuichi smiled sweetly down at his son as the boy’s heavy lids drooped closed.  It was amazing how he could just fall asleep on a dime like that.    He reached out and swept aside a stray strand of the boy’s silken hair.   Being away on tour for so long had many drawbacks.  One of them was being away from his family.  At least Eiri could come with him and Bad Luck, but unfortunately, their adopted son could not afford such a luxury.  It was the middle of the school year.  And because of Eiri’s bad experience with one, Eiri was against hiring a tutor for Riku so that the boy could come with them.  So instead, he had been staying with Yoshiki.   Shuichi clutched his chest.  His throat tightened around a threatening sob.   It was not just his son that these constant tours and promotional appearances kept him away from.  And he had to admit that it was all beginning to become a little too much.  What happened before the show at Madison Square Garden not too long ago was prove of that.   The thought of going back into the studio and repeating the same old routine that he the rest of Bad Luck has been following for the past decade made him nauseous.  He dreaded returning back to Japan for that exact reason.  They say that you know when it is time for a new job when you dread getting up in the morning.  And Shuichi knew that he was fast approaching that point.   Now that Bad Luck’s six-month tour in support of their Loveless CD was finally over, Hiro, Suguru, Kei, Kai and Michael flew back to Japan a couple weeks ago.  Hiro back to Ayaka and Michael to Anzu and his two beautiful little girls.   The grip around his heart tightened a little more.   Eiri, Riku and he were scheduled to fly out this weekend.  They could spend the next several months together before Riku flew back here to NYC for the summer.  It was one of the conditions Yoshiki had for allowing Eiri and he to adopt her nephew.  Even though Eiri was against it, Shuichi had tried to get Yoshiki to move out to Tokyo.  He had even volunteered to pay for the move and the apartment, but Yoshiki had turned him down.  He had a feeling her decision had a lot to do with Rage.  In that case, Shuichi was glad she would rather live here in the States.  The less he saw of that psychotic bitch the better.   He shuddered to think what he had put up with over the years because of her.  He was grateful she was out of the country right now.   Shuichi crossed the room silently.  After stepping out into the hall, he glanced over his shoulder at the lump buried beneath the layers of blankets and smiled before closing the door quietly behind him.   “You’re so good with him.”   Startled once again, Shuichi spun around with a yelp.  There standing behind him with a smile on her face and wearing a slinky nightie less revealing than one of his stage outfits was Kitazawa Yoshiki.  Shuichi breathed.  With a hand over his rapidly beat heart, Shuichi laughed.  “You scared me!”   Looking pleased with herself, Yoshiki giggled.   His heart rate slowly returning to normal, Shuichi glanced over his shoulder at Riku’s closed door.  There was a plaque hanging at eye level with his son’s name written in Romanji above a picture of Atem in full regalia (1).   It really was good to be home.  So to speak.   Yoshiki cocked her head to the side as she studied the expression on Shuichi’s face.  She smiled secretly at the yearning on his face.  Women were not the only ones whose clocks start ticking.   “Thank you.”   Her mind went blank at the sound of Shuichi’s voice.  Yoshiki blinked.  “Huh?”   Shuichi turned back around to face her.  He smiled.  “For taking care of him.”   “Of course!  He is my nephew after all.”   Shuichi chuckled.   “Besides, he is…the only family I have left.”   Shuichi’s face fell.  He nodded solemnly.   “Anyway,” Yoshiki continued in a more enthusiastic tone.  Her attitude did a complete one-eighty in less than a heartbeat.  “What’s up?  What is going on?  You okay?”   “Oh!  Uhm, yeah,” Shuichi laughed nervously.  He scratched the back of his head.  “Fine.  Fine.  Just…uh…needed some water.”   With a look that said, she knew he was lying, but was going to let it slide for now, Yoshiki nodded slowly.  “Alright.”  She yawned.  “Oh,” she exclaimed, instantly wide-awake.  “By the way, how’s the arm?”   Shuichi held up his left arm against his chest.  Nearly six inches long and spanning his wrist to his elbow, the deep gash he sustained from Scott Keene a little over a month ago had healed nicely.  There was still a clearly defined scar from where the wound was.  It would continue to fade over time.   He flexed his fingers several times.   He had been lucky.  It was shallow enough to not be serious and just deep enough to require stitches.  Any deeper and who knows what sort of damage he could have incurred?   “Actually, pretty good,” he admitted.   “Good as new, huh?”   Lowering his arm, Shuichi nodded.   “That’s good.  Well, I’ll see you in the morning then.”   “Night Yoshiki,” Shuichi called after the woman.   “Night,” Yoshiki replied over her shoulder.   Shuichi turned towards the guest room he was sharing with Eiri.   “Oh!  Shu?”   “Hm?”  Shuichi turned back.  Yoshiki was looking at him from around her bedroom door.   “Nice look,” she said with a toothy grin.   Mortified, Shuichi’s face flamed in embarrassment when he remembered that he was in nothing more then Eiri’s shirt.  It was a good thing that it fit him like a dress.   With a wink, Yoshiki shut her bedroom door.   +---+---+   Without a sound, Shuichi shut the bedroom door.  Immediately, he was engulfed in a shroud of darkness.  He winced as the latch caught.  It sounded unnaturally loud in the deathly quiet of the apartment.   When his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, Shuichi carefully picked his way across the bedroom towards the bed.   Grabbing the hem of Eiri’s shirt, he pulled it up over his head and tossed it aside.   Slipping into bed, he pulled up the covers around his naked body and snuggled against the hard lean line of Eiri’s equally naked body.   He gave a start when he felt Eiri’s arms snake around his waist.   “Baka,” came Eiri’s deep whispered voice from out of the darkness.   “Eiri!  You awake?” he squeaked.   “No, I’m talking in my sleep,” Eiri retorted.   “I’m sorry,” Shuichi apologized sheepishly.  “Did I wake you?”   “Hn.  You’re not exactly the stealthiest person in the world.”   Shuichi winced.  “I’m sorry.”   It surprised Eiri that Shuichi actually knew what “stealthiest” meant, but then he did watch a lot of anime.  “So?” he prodded.   “…So…what?”   Eiri growled.  “Where’d you go?”   Sweating profusely, Shuichi wracked his brain.  “…Uhm…Aah…”  He could not tell Eiri he had a nightmare about that Keene guy who tried to stab him in his dressing room at Madison Square Garden.  He did not want Eiri to worry needlessly.   Eiri sighed heavily.  Why the brat insisted on keeping these things from him was beyond him.  He would not say anything tonight, but if this keeps up, he was going to put his foot down.  Deciding to give his baka an out, he suggested, “Go to the bathroom, or something?”   “Huh?”  Shuichi’s mind went blank.  “Oh,” he exclaimed.  “Uh, yeah!  Yeah.”  He chuckled nervously.   “Hm.”   Eiri’s arm vanished from his waist.  There was movement besides him.  He felt the mattress dip and the bed shake.   Turning onto his back, Shuichi turned a questioning gaze towards his lover only to find him hovering inches above him on all fours.  Shuichi gulped.  His face instantly went aflame with embarrassment while at the same time he felt his libido, which he was almost certain had been more than satisfied a mere hour or so ago, stir back to life.  His heart started hammering.  A mixture of emotions swelled within him.   Automatically, Shuichi’s gaze traveled down Eiri’s body to his erect member standing at attention against his stomach.  Blushing, he forced his gaze away.   Eiri chuckled deeply.  Even after all of these years.  His baka was so cute.   Dipping his head, he started nibbling on Shuichi’s exposed neck while his hands roamed the mountains, plateaus and hidden valley that awaited him.   Sweat dotted his skin.  Arching into his lover’s touch, wave after wave of pleasure coursed through Shuichi.  He clutched the sheets in fisted hands.  His legs trembled.  His toes curled and dug into the soft mattress.  His mouth flung open as wanton moans escaped into the still night.   +---+---+   (Tokyo, Japan)   A man of average height and average looks, someone easily looked over and quickly forgotten, stepped into the bar.  There was nothing distinguishable about the man.  Nothing stood out and that suited the man just fine this night.   His narrow mud brown eyes scanned the crowded, noisy bar from a pale oval face.  A lone male sitting in a booth in the far corner caught his attention.  He recognized him immediately.   Picking his way through the crowd, he made his way to the man.   “Isaac Smith?”   Isaac raised blood shot eyes.  He gave the man a not so polite once over.  “Who the hell are you?” he slurred in thickly English accented Japanese.   “Rinjin Yasashii.”   “Who?”   Without waiting to be invited, Yasashii slid into the seat opposite the heavily intoxicated man.  Leaning forward over the table, he clasped his hands together in front of him.   This man.  This Isaac Smith.  Born and raised in London, England.  Came from a military family going back generations.  Entered the Royal Marines after graduating from high school.  Completed several tours of duty.  Came home and joined the police force.  Quit after ten years for reasons unknown.  Went to work for a distance relative at a reputable agency that provided among other services, bodyguards for hire.  Hired eight months ago by Seguchi Tohma for one Shindou Shuichi.   A little over a month ago, he was unceremoniously let go after allowing himself to be bribed into leaving his post by a man who tried to murder Shindou Shuichi, the very man he had been hired to protect.   Now, this once proud man was a fraction of what he once was.   “I have a proposition you may be interested in.”   Instantly alert, Isaac snapped to attention.  His dark eyes flashed dangerously.   +---+---+   (Hokkaido, Japan)   Softly humming “Glaring Dream”, one of her brothers earlier songs, Maiko gently lifted four-month-old Chiaki out of the bouncer so as to not wake her and held her securely against her shoulder.  Crossing the living room, Maiko pushed through the swinging door that led into the hallway where the bedrooms, utility room and bathroom were located.   She crept silently down the twilight-strewn hallway to the nursery located at the end of the hallway.  While holding Chiaki with one hand, she pushed open the door with the other.  She switched hands to grope the wall for the light switch.  Finding it, she flipped it up.  The soft glow of the lamp on the far side of the room snapped on.  Crossing her daughter’s room to the white crib her brother had bought for her as an apology for being away during his niece’s arrival, she gently laid her daughter down.   Straightening, she brushed her baby’s soft, rosy cheek.  Feeling the railing dig into her stomach, Maiko leaned over as far as she could and pressed her lips to Chiaki’s forehead.   It was so unreal.  She was a mommy.  Her!  She still found it hard to believe.   With a smile on her face, Maiko tiptoed out of the room and quietly shut the door behind her.   Striding back down the hall, she pushed through the swinging door into the bright light of the combination dining room/living room.  Her eyes automatically flew to the clock.  It was getting pretty late.  Where was he?  Maiko crossed her arms over her stomach.  He said he had to work late tonight to get ready for some business trip he was supposed to take next week, but she had had no idea he was going to be this late.  She hoped nothing happened to him.  Maybe she should call him.   +---+---+   The silver BMW slowed as it came upon a nearly ninety-degree turn.  Its headlights flashed upon a petite, wafer of a girl who had a backpack covered completely with patches strapped across her back.  She was strolling along the shoulder of the road, huddled against the bitter chill that seemed to have planted roots with every intention of staying for a long holiday.  The icy wind blowing down from the mountain stirred the several inches of snow that had fallen over the last couple of days into a near white out.   As the car passed the girl, it slowed and veered off the road onto the shoulder.  The hazard lights flashed came on.   The girl picked up her pace.   Within the silver BMW, over the monotone drool of the newscaster, there came a muffled buzzing sound.  It was quickly silenced.   +---+---+   With the buzzing ringing in her ear, Maiko stared down at the phone in amazement.  Did he just hang up on her?   +---+---+   The window scrolled down.   “H-hey,” the girl stuttered around her chattering teeth.  What little of her face could be seen underneath the fur-trimmed hood and bright red scarf was as red as Rudolph’s nose.   “Where you headed?”   “Sa-ppo-ro,” she managed to say.   “Sapporo?  That’s where I’m going.  Get in.  I’ll give you a ride.”   “Really?”   “Sure.  You shouldn’t be out in this weather.”   She quickly scrambled into the car before he could change his mind.  Slipping off her gloves, she held out her hand as the car slowly pulled back onto the road.  “I’m Karin.  Yasashii Karin.”   They shook hands.   “Karin?  It’s nice to meet you.”   “Nice to meet you, too.”   “So, Karin, tell me.  What brings you out in this beautiful weather?”   Karin giggled.   ---TBC---   (1) Atem – otherwise known as “Yami Yugi” or “Pharaoh” from YuGiOh!   A/N:  Thank you once again to Xunxin, catti, Sammy, Kimiko, dmennea and anyone else I may have forgotten for your reviews.  Thank you to the rest of you.   This was originally going to be a one-shot, but I decided to split it.  It made more sense considering the time lapse.  So, how was it?