Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Kin no Shuichi ❯ 4: Those Magical Words ( Chapter 4 )

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Kin no Shuichi Written by:Chochowilliams Disclaimer:I do not own Gravitationor the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:  Things were good.  Or so Shuichi thought, but one mistake by Eiri could throw everything they’ve worked so heard for out the window. Chapter Summary:  Shuichi and Eiri have a fight and Shuichi leaves.  Will Eiri be able to sin him back? Warning:M/M, romance, angst, OOC-ness, language, Shuichi/Eiri, implied Eiri/oc, implied Shuichi/oc Insert:-- A/N:  Thank you to sonata hirano, fahaar, Acherona, creotia_flayier for taking the extra five seconds to review.   +---+---+---+   Chapter 4: Those Magical Words   Eiri wasn’t home when Shuichi returned from the studio just before lunch.  He had been hoping that the two of them could go out together.  Except for that date to Odaiba Amusement park after bad Luck’s debut album, Gravity, reached one million copies in sales, the two of them had not really gone out.  While on some level that fact was disheartening, Shuichi tried to not let it affect him too much because the truth of the matter was, both he and Eiri were so busy.  But still…   The condominium was cold and lonely.  The stark white walls started to press down around him.   Where could be he?  Eiri didn’t have any doctor appointments.  Not that Shuichi knew of anyway.  None with his optometrist, primary care physician, therapist or that internal-gastro0whatever doctor he sees.  Maybe he finished his latest book early and wet to see Misuki?  It wouldn’t be the first time.  Or it could be that he went out for a walk.  Eiri did that in order to clear his head from time to time.  It was actually, how the two of them had met.  But no matter where he went, Eiri always left a note.  Or at least he did nowadays.  It was in response to those times when Eiri just up and left him without a word.  If Eiri left the house for any reason, he left a note in order to avoid coming home to a depression eaten lump of snot.  So what was going on?  What changed?  Where was Eiri?  A thought calmed the rising panic.   Racing back to the foyer, he dug through his messenger bag for his Blackberry Storm and checked his messages.  His hope died a quick, but painful death when there were no text messages or voicemails waiting for him.   Defeated, Shuichi slumped down onto the floor.   He was not sure how long he sat there in a daze when his ears perked up at the sound of approaching feet.  “Yuki,” he cried as he threw himself at his golden haired, golden eyed lover when the older man stepped into the condominium.   With an extra hundred pounds strapped around his waist, Eiri staggered backwards out into the hall and flopped flat on his ass.  He sighed as his baka ranted and raved and cursed him out.  The only thing Eiri could do was sigh tiredly.  Here we go again, he thought.  This was old the first time Shuichi pulled it.  “Baka get off,” he barked.   “Not until you tell me where you went,” Shuichi snapped back.   Heaving a disgusted sigh, Eiri got to his feet and dumped Shuichi onto the ground.   “Eiri,” Shuichi whined.   Ignoring him, Eiri stepped around his pink haired idiot into the condo.   “Eiri!”   “Out Shuichi!  I went out,” Eiri snapped.  He slammed his wallet down on the table harder than he intended.  Spinning around, he glared at Shuichi.   With his hands on his hips, he feet planted a shoulder’s width apart, Shuichi returned Eiri’s angry stare with one of his own.  “Out where?”   “What does it matter?”   “Because you didn’t leave a note!”   Eiri was exasperated.  This is what this was all about?  For the love of the Almighty.  Why did he care so much for an idiot?  “So the fuck what?”   “Something might’ve happened to you.  That’s so the fuck what!  And you know what?”   Eiri rolled his eyes and turned his back on the idiot with the overactive imagination.   “Hey!  Don’t you walk away from me!”  Shuichi stormed into the house, slamming the door hard enough to rattle the picture on the wall besides the door.  He raced through the foyer and turned into the kitchen to find Eiri making a fresh pot of coffee.  “Are you going to tell me where you were?  Or not?”   “Not.”   Shuichi clenched his hands into fists.  “Why not?  Why won’t you tell me?”   Eiri remained silent as he moved about the kitchen.  What he did in his free time had nothing to do with Shuichi.  They may be lovers, but that did not give Shuichi the right to act like his mother.   A sudden thought made Shuichi go cold.  Could it be…?  Was Eiri…?  Shuichi refused to believe it, but what other option was there?  If Eiri refused to explain why he wasn’t home when Shuichi got here, then that meant the reason was not some innocent explanation.  “That’s it, isn’t it?”  he spoke softly, his voice just barely above a whisper.  His hands were shaking.  His eyes shimmered with unshed tears.   “What?  What are you mumbling about now?” Eiri wanted to know, feeling his annoyance growing.   Violet eyes locked onto his baka’s face.  Eiri felt his heart ache at the sight.  But then right before his eyes, before he could completely understand what was going on, the mask of sorrow vanished.  Even though the hurt was still there, an aura of anger enveloped Shuichi.   “Who is she?” Shuichi demanded.   Eiri blinked.  His mind went blank.  “’She’?  She who?  What re you going on about?”   “Her!” Shuichi snapped.  “The bimbo you’re screwing!”   Eiri went still.   “Who is she?”  Shuichi’s voice had dropped dangerously low.  It trickled out through gritted teeth in a deep guttural growl.  “Tell me who she is so I can drop kick her sorry ass into the netherworld.”   …Was Shuichi…jealous?  The idea was ridiculous, ludicrous even.  But knowing what kind of personality, his baka suffered from, it was not too farfetched.  “Shu, there is no ‘she’, okay?”   Shuichi narrowed his eyes.  “Don’t give me that crap.”   “What?  You want me to have cheated on you?” Eiri barked.  He could never win with him!   “Of course not!  I just want the truth goddammit!”   “Fine!  I was with Seguchi.  Satisfied?”   Shuichi was thrown by the startling confession.  With…Seguchi?  His thoughts started chasing one another around, making it difficult to determine just what it was that he had been told and how it made him feel.  “You…?”   “He took me out for brunch.”   Slowly, Shuichi’s thoughts began to de-entangle and clarify.   “Despite everything, he is my friend ya know.”   Shuichi opened his mouth, but when he could not think of anything to say, he shut it.  He felt like an idiot for not believing I Eiri.  He should have known better.  Yes, at the beginning of their relationship, he may have started out as just one of many, but as time went on, all the others vanished one by one until it was just him.  They have been together going on three years now and Eiri has made a solid commitment to him, to them.  He promised.   But…   “Why?’ he whispered.   Taking a sip of his coffee, Eiri turned around to regard Shuichi.  He took in his hurt expression, the agony.  “Why what?”  He was tired of this crap.   “Why him?”   Eiri was lost.  “’Why him’ what?”   “Why is it you always make time for him and not for me?”  Shuichi’s head snapped up.  His violet eyes flashed angrily.  “I’m your common law partner and yet you ignore me!  To you I’m nothing more than a toilet!  A hole to fuck when you’re horny!  But him…!”  His voice broke.  His vision blurred behind the weight of tears.  “You always make time for not only Mr. Seguchi, but for everyone else who wants a piece of you, including your fans, but what about me?!”   “What about you?” Eiri asked in disgust.   Shuichi’s eyes flew open in shock with a gasp.  “Yuki…you jerk!”  He reached out and grabbed the first thing that met his hand.  It turned out to be the antique crystal pepper shaker that he had bought a year back at an antique’s fair they had gone to together.  But Shuichi was blind with rage and his chest hurt from the crack that was ever widening in his heart.  He brought his hand back and whipped the pepper shaker at Eiri’s head as hard as he could.   With a sound curse, Eiri dropped to the floor.  His hands flew over his head.   The hundred-year-old pepper shaker shattered a mere foot above his heads.  Pieces rained down on him.   “I hate you!”   Cautiously, Eiri peered out.  He was surrounded by an ocean of crystal shards.  “What the fuck is wrong with you?!  That thing was expensive!”   “Oh!  Yes.  Yes!  Let’s worry about some stupid pepper shaker, but not poor Shuichi!”   “Oh, for heaven’s sake,” Eiri mumbled.   “I hate you!  I hate your guts!”   Eiri sighed.   “I hope you drop dead!”  With tears gushing down his already tear logged face, Shuichi tore out of the kitchen with a sob.   Eiri ran his fingers through his hair.  He heaved a heavy sigh when the front door opened and then closed.   “I hate you!”   Eiri leaned back against the counter.  But I am in love with you, he thought.  God, he was such a fool.  That was it.  Pushing away from the counter, he dumped his coffee down the drain and set his mug in the sink.  Then he crossed towards the phone.  His fingers danced over the buttons.  “Hey, it’s me,” he spoke into the receiver.  “I need you to do something for me.”     ---TBC---   Preview:  “If I say Things Like I Love You”   A/N:  The next chapter will be a little different.  The title is based on a poem I wrote back in high school.  So, what do you think?  Can Eiri get Shuichi back and was he really  with Seguchi?