Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance: Before and After ❯ Shuichi remember 1 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: This is all Shuichi's POV. Eiri's POV is chapter 26 of Second Chance.
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Shuichi was slowly walking. To where he wasn't exactly sure. He couldn't go home, if he could call it that. No Eiri would probably take those women there. But even if he didn't and they went to a hotel or something he didn't think he could stand to sit in the apartment alone with the smells of his lover surrounding him, knowing he was off screwing those women! Since the band was given a few days off to rest up after the tour Hiro had gone to Kyoto to be with Ayaka. So he couldn't go there. His parents lived quite a ways away and it would be an extremely long walk. He wasn't sure he had enough money on him to get a cab and he wasn't about to show up at his parents place and tell them, he an up and coming rock star that just returned from a successful tour needed cab fair. He began to remember the day he was told he couldn't have a credit card or an ATM card.
Shuichi walked into rehearsal and saw everyone holding a check.
“Hey, what's with the check Hiro?”
“Mmm? Oh we got paid today.”
“Really, hey K, where's mine? How come everyone has a paycheck but me?”
K smiled, “Mr. Yuki and I talked it over and we both agreed that it would be a direct deposit into a special account. We both agreed you're not responsible enough to handle doing it on your own with out risk and fear of your losing it before you get to the bank.”
“What?!” Shuichi was shocked and upset by this. “Well do I at least get a credit card or something?”
K shook his head, “No credit card, no ATM.”
Shuichi's jaw dropped open, “What?” He then turned to Hiro, “Hiro, tell him this isn't fair! Tell them I'm responsible enough for a credit card or something!”
Hiro shook his head, “Sorry Shu, but your always losing things. Your lyrics, sometimes your backpack…”
“Not to mention your wallet last week when you hit me up for money.” Fujisaki said.
“I don't lose my wallet!” Shuichi protested.
“True, you don't lose it, you just tend to forget it. You left it at home last week and just Sunday night you called and asked me to bring it to the studio on Monday as you had left it at my place.”
“I rest my case. If you left it at a restaurant somewhere then someone could easily take your credit card and wipe you out completely.” K said.
Shuichi was ready to continue to argue but K, held up his hand a signal that it was the end of the conversation.
That night he came home and was surprised that Eiri was watching TV instead of hole up in his office writing.
“Are you finished with your book?”
“Yes, despite it being two weeks over due.”
“I said I was sorry. I was only trying to bring you some coffee. How was I to know I'd trip on my own foot and splash it all over your laptop.”
“You were lucky the computer repair shop was able to transfer the data from the old on to the new one. Otherwise there'd been a whole lot more hell to pay.”
Despite this not being the best time Shu asked, “Um Yuki, tell me you and K didn't really get together and set up some kind of special bank account and that you agreed I wasn't allowed a credit card.”
“As a matter of fact I did. K called the other one day concerned that you'd lost your backpack with your wallet and I kept hearing you tell Nakano that you're broke from buying all kinds of Mangas and DVDs.”
“Yuki, that's not fair!”
“Once a month K will give you a fairly generous allowance, probably more than I would give, but none the less you'll have enough for food and a few other things. This way you don't stupidly go out and think, `Wow, look how much I have, let me spend it all!'”
Shuichi sighed and sulked into the couch. There wasn't much he could say. Eiri was right of course. That didn't mean he had to like it though.
`End Flashback'
Shuichi jumped at the sound of Thunder. He'd hated thunderstorms ever since he was a kid. His sister would often tease him about it. He'd gotten better while he was indoors, it was only during extremely rough weather that it affected him majorly while inside. But being outside in it was more challenging, he hated storms more if he was forced to be out in it.
The rain was coming down pretty heavily now. Shu found a store with a good size awning. He put the food on the step before he crawled into the corner of the step. He curled into a ball and started crying. Both in fear of the storm, that now was causing the streets to flood, but also from letting his imagination run away with him. His imagination was running over time on what his lover and those two women were doing together.
Shuichi didn't know what else to do but to stay put till the storm passed. He was cold, wet, tired and hungry. He'd always hated storms, but they were made worse after his run-in with Taki. His fear of storms and Yuki abandoning him, grew even worse, especially when he was alone. Not that it was a big surprise after what happened on their first date.