Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance: Before and After ❯ Shuichi remember 2 ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shuichi sat in Yuki's car anxious to get the amusement park! Despite the fact that Yuki had declared on national television that they were lovers they rarely went out in public together. They hadn't even gone to restaurant together. Not from Shu's lack of trying, especially after Eiri publicly announced their relationship. But Eiri had always rejected any attempts at wanting to go together. He always said they'd never get any peace. The two of them together especially would draw more attention and they'd be mobbed by fans.
They got there before the park officially opened and the moment the car was put into park Shuichi scrambled out of the car anxious to get started.
Eiri had gotten out too slow for Shu's taste but didn't say anything as it might upset him and right now he didn't want that. “First things first kid, we are and are not on a date.”
Shuichi cocked his head, “What do you mean Yuki?” Yuki could be so confusing at times.
“You've been here with Hiro before haven't you?”
“Yeah, so?” What did coming here with Hiro and their being here on a date have to do with each other?
“So, you will treat me like you would him. No hugging, no holding hands not even to drag me around, which will not happen.”
“But Yuki! This is supposed to be a real date!” This was not going the way he'd planned it too.
“I said no brat!”
Shuichi sighed, “Fine, whatever you say Yuki.” `I don't like this at all! But I don't have a choice. I have to accept it. Yuki's not real big on affection, especially in public. But I won't let that ruin my excitement on this day! I get to spend the day here with Yuki and I get to ride rides with Yuki!' “I can't wait, this will be so cool! I know all the rides I want to do. First we'll ride the Electric Giant.”
“Electric Giant?” Eiri questioned.
“Yes, the Electric Giant! It's a Huge Roller Coaster! It's so much fun!” It was one of his personal favorites. Hiro liked it well enough but Shu sometimes had trouble getting him to ride it more than once.
“Good, have fun I might even wave as you go by.”
“What? But Yuki!” Shuichi tried to protest then grumbled, “What's the point of coming here then?” If Yuki did that, then this day was going to be a total waste of time. Why bother coming then?
“I promised I'd bring you here, didn't I? I'm keeping that promise.”
“But…but if you're not going to ride with me…” Shuichi tried to get out. He didn't want to be a like little kid waving at his father happy to be riding a big kid ride and walking and having daddy there just to pay for everything. He wanted to be with his lover, having fun together, riding rides and enjoying the rush and thrill of said rides together!
Eiri then threw his cigarette to the ground and stamped it out saying, “Fine, I'll ride with you.”
Shuichi looked surprised but who was he to argue, he happily grabbed Eiri's arm, “Really? Yeah!! Let's go Yuki! I can't wait! This is going to be so much fun!”
Eiri leaned over to the boy's ear and ask, “You did leave your cell at home didn't you, brat?”
Shuichi couldn't understand why that made a difference till he glanced around and saw a girl leaning against a wall of the snow ride. She was playing a video game on her cell. Shu sometimes wished his could play video games. He then smiled sheepishly at Eiri and said, “Um, no. K, would kill me if he ever found out I came here and left my phone at home. But I promise not call anyone and I have it turned off just incase someone tries to call me. Besides if you find a ride you really refuse to ride and I can't find you afterwards I can call your cell and we can meet up.”
“Fine, just make sure it stays off just incase.” Eiri didn't look happy but looked like he didn't want to argue over it.
“I promise! I wouldn't want anyone to ruin this!” Shu said hugging his arm.
Eiri growled, “Get off me, aren't you forgetting my rules?”
Shuichi just smiled up shyly at him as he heard no real anger or anything in his voice. “But Yuki, rules are made to be broken.” Shuichi didn't give Eiri the chance to respond as he spotted some kids laughing and singing with the Elf from the cave ride the Elf and the Princess. “Oh Yuki, let's get our picture taken with the elf!”
“No, you stay here.”
“But Yuki!” It wasn't fair he wanted a picture with the elf!
“No, knowing you, you'd get over there and you'd want to start singing and dancing with those kids.”
Shuichi pouted, “Why would that be so bad?” `What's so wrong about laughing and dancing with some kids?' Shuichi wondered.
“Do you want to attract attention to us? Doing so means someone will recognize you, then me, then we'll probably be mobbed by fans, which in turns means no more amusement park, no rides no nothing. It means calling K to get us out, end of date, period.”
Shuichi looked wide eyed at that. `WHAT? No, no, no, NO!! I don't want to admit that Yuki's right! But he is! I'll go over there and then I'll get carried away and start laughing and singing! Then people will start to take notice and it'll draw attention to myself. Now normally I love being the center of attention! But today I'd rather have all of Yuki's attention and have a fun day together. Drawing attention will mean no date and mean spending the day signing autographs or worse yet, I'll have to explain to K, that I ruined my one and possibly only date with Yuki. And its all because I wanted to play with some little kids.' That calmed him down till he saw the attendant show up and take down the string officially opening the park for the day. Then he grabbed Eiri's arm and started to drag him, which of course Eiri put a halt to.
“Come on Yuki, we have to hurry! We want to get to the Electric Giant before it gets too crowded!”
After about a dozen rides Shuichi begged for some ice cream. Shuichi was surprised at how complicate Yuki seemed to be today. They got some ice cream and he didn't even have to beg. Yuki rode almost all the rides with him. There were one or two Yuki absolutely refused to do, but that was okay it wasn't like he refused them all and Yuki did go through the line with him and waited on the other side for him. So that was okay he didn't have a problem with that.
“Let's go to the arcade!”
They ended up playing a game where they had to destroy the zombies before they got you. Eiri picked up his gun and with cool precision, he took out all the zombies. He got a perfect score. `Wow! That was so cool! He took them all out at once that was so cool!'
Then after a couple of shows, they stopped for lunch. After lunch Shuichi was charged and ready to go again!
“Now where should we go next? There's Zero Ground, it's a rollercoaster that all in the dark and it goes really, really fast! Then there's one that has two loops just soon after the ride starts. Then one that goes straight up then drops you and you goes through the whole roller coaster ride backwards then your once again pulled to the very top next to where you started and released and this time do the whole ride all over again this time forward!”
“Let's give our stomachs some time to settle down first.”
Shuichi didn't feel the need to argue. There'd be time for those rides later. “Okay then let's go to the costume shop.”
After playing around there a few minutes, they started just walking when Shuichi spotted a picture booth.
“Hey Yuki, let's take a picture!”
“Please!! You've scared off all the park photographers. I want a picture to remember this!”
“Fine we'll take a picture.”
“Yeah!” Shuichi put the money in and got the was overly happy when he saw the slight smile on lovers lips in the picture.
As they were walking along. Shuichi was deliriously happy.
“Let's ride that.” Eiri said.
Shuichi was surprised, he didn't think Eiri would want to ride the carousel, but hey he liked the carousel so he didn't argue. “Okay, I get a pink horse and you can get a white one.”
Eiri caught up to him and pulled him off the horse. He started to protest, what was wrong with riding the horse. However he never got the chance as Eiri shook his head and pointed to one of the seats they have and this was in the back of the row of horses. He huffed and sat down upset that he couldn't ride the horse.
`This was the pits. What's the point to a carousel is you can't ride the horse!'
Then when Eiri sat next to him, every disappointing thought left his head! He was going to get to sit next to and cuddle close to his lover. This was the best part of the whole day Shu thought as he curled around Eiri. Then he pulled out the pictures and started to put them on his cell. Then he got an idea and sat up and started searching Eiri's pockets.
“What are you doing brat?”
Shuichi just smiled not saying a word. Then he held up his trophies. He found what he was looking for Eiri's cell and refillable lighter. Then he put a sticker on Eiri's cell, then he put one on his lighter. “This way we can both have a remembrance of this day!”
“What do you plan to do with the rest of the pictures?”
“Oh, well there's my backpack and my notebook and ….” Shuichi continued to think of places he could put the stickers.
Afterwards they went to the boat deck to watch the sunset. The last thing he ever expected was for Yuki to tell and show him a picture of the real Yuki. It was a bit much to handle. So he wanted time to think so he went to get drinks thinking Yuki would be there when he got back. After realizing that Yuki wouldn't have told him everything if he didn't care for him. So he hurried back and was stunned when Yuki wasn't there. Confused he searched everywhere and realized that Yuki left him. He hoped when he got home after paying the cab, he expected Yuki to be there. But when he wasn't and searching everywhere turned up nothing he was depressed. Then getting that key knowing Yuki really wasn't ever returning hurt. Things just got worse after Sakuma snubbed him and he lost hi voice. N he came to realize that he needed Yuki! After finishing the song Yuki disked the day they met he set out to find Yuki! Well despite the fact he had to pretend to be a dog and fly that way he still managed to find and bring back Yuki. Which he was surprised went so well.
`End Flashback'
Looking up at the rain Shuichi sighed and curled up tighter. `I sometimes wonder why Yuki bothered returning to me. We never get to go anywhere, not even to a movie! Believe me I've tried everything. I suggested that if we left for an early show and then the place would be empty and we could sit wherever we wanted. But no Yuki disliked on the claim that one of us might be recognized. I argued that it wasn't likely if I didn't burst out singing or something. Of course Yuki scoffed at me claiming I could never be that quite for very long.' Shuichi sighed, `I suppose in the end he might have been right on that one. I've never been one to sit still in one place for very long. But Yuki did finally conceive that even if I could keep quite and we weren't recognize that we'd have to sit and watch the same boring advertisements again and again. Of course there again he had to get his shot in about how that would have driven me insane. I hate it when he's right! So I tried again. I suggested we wait and go a little later after the previews started. Yuki growled at me and called me stupid. It seems that plans was even worse than the first one. He had a point, have I mentioned how much I hate it when he's right on something?' Shu let out a long suffering breath, `Anyway the problem was that then it'd be dark and you'd never find a seat. So there was just no win for losing with that.'
He shivered as the next lightening strike hit a parked car across the street. There seemed to be a shop selling TV's across the street advertising Club Grey. `I remember when Hiro took me there to celebrate my turning 18! Though I wasn't allowed to drink it was still exciting to get to go clubbing for the first time ever. I begged and pleaded with Yuki to take me one time but he said that he disliked clubs and bars. He bit his tongue to keep from lashing out about how he probably hung out there all the time before they meet. So I settled for just asking to go to dinner. I was expecting to be rejected again. I didn't want anything fancy I only wanted to go out somewhere with Yuki. I was mad that he was going to refuse this too! So I did what came to mind. I told him that he obviously hated me if I was so bad he didn't want to be seen in public with! Okay so I didn't say that exactly but it's basically what I meant. I was stunned that that worked and that he caved and agreed to bring me. Heh, had I known that that would work I'd have tried it sooner. But what am I going to do after the storm passes? If he doesn't wash me away first.' Shuichi then curled even tighter if that was possible around himself. `Actually that might not be too bad an idea. At least I wouldn't have to worry about Yuki possibly cheating on me anymore.'