Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 7

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

They arrived much to Eiri's displeasure at Mika's.
Mika came out to greet them followed by Ayaka.
Mika glared at Tohma, “What are you doing here?”
“My apologizes for showing up with an invite Mika, but Eiri was with me and I was giving him a ride.”
Mika ignored him and turned her attention to Eiri. “Where the hell have you been? Ayaka told me that she reminded you this morning that the party would start promptly at six.”
“I had business to take care of.”
“What kind of business? This had better not have been more on Yuki!”
“Not that it's any of your business but I had a meeting.”
“Really and what was her name?”
Eiri glared at her, “What I was doing and who I was doing with is none if your business. I'm a grown man and I will make my own decisions.”
Mika sighed, “Eiri you are married now. You should honor your wife!”
Eiri glared even harder at her, “If I had married her because I loved her, then I'd fully agree with you. But this arrangement was and is nothing more than business contract between me and father, nothing more nothing less!”
At that Ayaka started crying.
“Now look what you've done!” Mika scolded him.
At that Tohma intervened, “Mika you knew as well as Ayaka that Eiri never wanted to marry Ayaka to begin with. But your father and his lawyer were going to force him to take the temple and make it to where Eiri couldn't sell it, if he didn't agree to the marriage. You also know that Eiri has an apartment he stays in more often than the one he has with Ayaka.”
Mika glared at him, “That doesn't mean that I have to like it!”
Wanting to get this over with so he could see about looking for Yuki, he said, “Look I'm here now. Can we get this party over with?”
As if just realizing this Mika smiled and said, “Of course, right this way.”
The house was decorated as if you were going all out for a kid. Mika quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him over to a table. Then disappeared into the kitchen for a moment. Then came back in with a chef carrying a cake. The cake was placed in front of him.
“Make a wish!” Mika said lighting the candle.
This reminded him of when this began and Shuichi told him to do the same thing. He couldn't think of anything at the time. He had finally settled on wishing that the next book would sell well enough that he could get some time off and satisfy the boy's complaints to spend quality time together. The brat's birthday wasn't far off and with time off he'd spend more time with the boy. That thought made him all the more worried as to what happened to the boy in this world. Despite it all he cared for the little brat. He decided then that he'd make finding Shu his top priority for now. Yuki would require traveling to New York, so it would have to wait for now.
“Is something wrong Eiri?” Mika asked.
“I don't think he's feeling well today Mika. He's been acting strange all day.” Tohma said.
Mika placed her hand on his forehead, “He doesn't seem to have a fever.”
Eiri immediately removed her hand. “I'm fine.”
Mika glared at him then turned to address an older man. “Dr. Solomon would you mind looking at him.”
Eiri turned around and was once again about to yell he was fine when he saw the young man standing next to the doctor. “Nakano?”
“Why Mr. Yuki, I didn't know you knew my assistant.” Dr. Solomon said.
“Assistant?” Eiri questioned.
“Yes, I've known Hiroshi's father, since he was a child. When he told me that his son here was going into medicine I took him in under my wing. I have no children of my own so I felt this way I could pass my business on to him.”
“Nakano, what happened to Bad Luck?”
Hiro blinked, “Bad Luck?”
“What's a Bad Luck?” Dr. Solomon asked.
“It was a band my friend and I tried to make it into show business with. We played gigs while we were in high school and we tried hard to get signed, but no matter how hard we tried it just seemed like we couldn't to get signed.”
“What?” Eiri was surprised, but why? Why would his saving Yuki keep Shu from ever being signed by NG? “What happened to Shuichi?”
Hiro was surprised; he didn't think that Eiri knew Shu. “Um well he was majorly upset that I chose to do what my parents wanted and go to medical school.”
“Where is he?”
“How do you know Shu?”
“It's not important, just tell me?”
“He works at his favorite CD store in town.”
That was all Yuki needed to know, he left to try to find Shuichi. He had to know he was all right!