Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 6

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Eiri, do we really need to rehash all of this again?”
“It wasn't a request Tohma. Dammit I want to know what happed to Yuki! Did I kill him or not!”
Tohma sighed, “No. From what you could tell me when I got there was he was drunk and he sold you to another man.”
At that Eiri blinked, he thought he'd prevented the rape all together. “What happened to Yuki?”
“You did shot him, only after he too raped you, but it wasn't serious. My informants told me that his hangover and his guilt over what happened were worse than the bullet wound.”
“What became of him?”
Tohma sighed, “Eiri, I really don't think…”
“I don't care what you think, dammit! Tell me!”
“He left town and got into drugs and alcohol…”
“What about his family? His wife and child?”
Tohma frowned, “How did you know about…?”
“It's not important. Now tell me!”
Tohma took a deep breath, “He abandoned them.”
“He what?!”
“He abandoned them, but that's about all I know Eiri. Yuki and his family seemed to drop out of sight and I felt it was unhealthy to continue to purse it. I felt it was in your best interest to drop it.”
“So I assume that means you don't know where he is now.”
“No Eiri I don't.”
“Is this why Ayaka said our relationship was strained?” Eiri asked going to the window.
Tohma sighed, “Part of the reason yes, when I told you I wouldn't go looking for Yuki anymore. You became angry and since then you've refused to talk to me much.”
“I see. What was the other half?”
“My separation from Mika. We're still seeing a marriage councilor trying to work it out. Are you feeling all right today Eiri? You should know all of this already.”
“Let's just say I'm not myself and leave it at that. Why did you and Mika break up?”
“Every since that day you continued to claim that you loved Yuki, that he didn't rape you and you wanted to be with him. Every time I helped you by telling you things I learned about Yuki. She'd get angry and a couple of years back you convinced me to return to New York with you and look for Yuki, despite the fact that you'd agreed to marry Ayaka. She was so angry that I wouldn't stop helping you that she kicked me out. She told me that if I agreed to stop helping you locate Yuki, she'd agree to a marriage councilor and that we can try to work things out. You didn't like it and it put a bigger strain on our relationship.”
“Ayaka? She said we were married but yet you said I've still been looking for Yuki.”
“I'm not sure why you agreed to the marriage. I think it was a compromise between you and your father. He agrees to give the temple to Tatsuha and you'll marry Ayaka. I haven't understood why she stays with you other than she's in love with you. She knows you see other people and knows you don't love her. She also knows you only married her because of your agreement with your father. I doubt she likes your seeing other women, but I think she also knows that you'd do it regardless of what she thinks.”
“I see.” Eiri said. Then spotting Taki and the others catching up to Ma-kun he asked, “So tell me Tohma, why do you continue to allow ASK on the property after what they did to Shuichi?”
“I wasn't aware you kept up with pop culture Eiri. But I don't know anyone named Shuichi.”
Eiri turned to glare at him, “Aizawa clearly said that he took care of a pink headed freak. How many other pink headed people besides Shuichi Shindo of Bad Luck do you know?”
“I told you Eiri, I don't know of anyone named Shuichi Shindo and we don't have a band called Bad Luck. But the incident you're referring to was a few weeks back, but it had nothing to do with anyone named Shuichi, it involved Shizuka of the band Strawberry Panic. He's on probation till I know what fully happened. But her hair isn't always pink. My understanding is she alternates her hair color from pink to purple to red. Don't tell me you're dating her? I heard she was gay and was dating a woman named Miho, or are you dating this Shindo woman?”
Eiri couldn't understand it, why did his choice to let Yuki live change Shuichi's future?
“Eiri, are you all right?”
“Fine, you're telling me you've never heard of a band called Bad Luck?”
Tohma thought for a moment, “Now that you mention it, I think I did hear a band called that once. But that was a year or so ago. Why?”
Eiri shook his head, “Never mind.” His next question was what happened to Shuichi?
“Eiri are you sure you're feeling all right?”
“I'm fine Tohma, I have to go.”
“Oh course, Mika's party is today.”
`Right, I forgot about that party.'
“Are you coming?”
Tohma smiled, “I'd better not. I don't think Mika would approve.”
Eiri shrugged, “I don't have plans to go. I have other things I need to do.”
“But Eiri, Mika wont like it.”
“I'll survive. Besides I don't have my car with me. I caught a cab here.”
Tohma sighed, “Come Eiri I'll go with you, no need to upset Mika more than necessary. I'll take you.”
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A/N: Strawberry Panic is the name of a Yuri (girl/girl) series. But the names used here are NOT their names as I didn't want to appear as any kind of crossover. I just thought the series name sounded good for a band. The different hair colors, well Strawberry Panic's Nagisa has red hair and Shizuka/Serenity from Yugioh Season 0 had purple hair but has brown in the regular series.