Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 5

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Eiri made the decision to at least try and stop what was to come. He walked to a nearby store to get what he needed before returning to the same position he was in when he was confronting his younger self. He stood there smoking waiting for the others to show.
Of course he didn't have to wait too long before the same thugs he'd seen Yuki with the day before came waltzing up. He could also tell that all except possibly their leader were all drunk or close to it.
“Where do you thugs think you're going?”
“Who are you calling a thug?!” TC demanded.
“Who do you think?”
“Are you trying to pick a fight mister?”
“Actually I'm here to take care of some business.”
“Then get on with it and leave us be!” TC said.
“You happen to be my business.”
“And what business might that be?”
As that Eiri held up a knife. All but TC backed away in fear. Eiri then pointed it at TC and said, “Sora and her mother send their regards.”
TC glared at Eiri, “I don't think he has the guts to kill us! Besides there are four of us and one of you.”
At that the others seemed to feel better and gained more confidence till Eiri removed his glasses. Then the others backed off once again.
“I don't know about that TC, look at his eyes. Despite the odds I think he defiantly has what it takes to kill us. No matter who gets hurt.”
TC simply continued to glare at Eiri. “You say Sora and Mia sent you. I'd have thought Mia'd want Yuki dead before all of us.”
“Yuki is her daughter's husband and father of her grandchild. Her and Sora believe that with all of you out of the way he'll settle down and make a better life for his family.” Eiri said assuming that Mia was Sora's mother.
TC then pulled out a gun hoping to scare Eiri. When in reality he'd been expecting it. Then Eiri advanced and one of TC's goons grabbed his arm, distracting him just enough that before TC knew what happened Eiri swiped his hand with his knife and grabbed the gun. TC could clearly see that Eiri had every intention of pulling the trigger. He felt confident that with 4 of them that he couldn't possibly take them all down. But as he glanced back he was shocked to see that no one was there.
“It seems your crew has abandoned you. Now what are you planning to do?”
TC glared at Eiri. “This isn't over!”
“Yes, it is. If you value you're life!”
TC didn't want to risk Eiri killing him so he ran off.
Eiri waited for a little over an hour and when TC and the others didn't show any signs of returning he turned and left.
Eiri was just walking when his cell phone went off. He picked it up and was blinked in surprise to see Ayaka's name on the id. But if this was the past the how was she able to call him? He looked around and found a newsstand and ignoring his phone for the moment went over and picked one up. He studied the date and couldn't believe it. It was his birthday. The same day and year he'd been in just before he suddenly found himself in the past.
His phone continued to ring and finally he answered, “What?!”
Ayaka sighed, “Eiri, where are you? I'm waiting here for you at Mika's place.”
“Why the hell would you be waiting anywhere for me?”
“What do you mean why? Last time I checked we were married!”
`I should have seen that one coming.' Eiri thought.
“I told you this morning about the birthday party Mika was throwing for you and you agreed you'd at least make an appearance. If for no other excuse than to just pick me up.”
Okay Eiri was now officially confused. How much history had changed? Him agreeing to go willingly to Mika's if only for a few minutes, wasn't normal. Deciding to just play along till he knew more said, “I'm be there later, I have to talk to Tohma first.”
“What do you need to talk with Tohma for? I thought the two of you weren't getting along!”
`Not getting along? Why?' Eiri wondered. Deciding he'd find out on his own, he said, “That's my business.”
“Fine, just don't forget to show…” Eiri hung up on her before she finished that.
He went to NG and was happy to see that that hadn't changed. He walked right in and as always they just waved him on through. The elevator stopped on the third floor. `Great why that floor, now I'll have to talk with the brat.'
However when the doors opened instead of seeing Shuichi, the other members of Bad Luck, K or Sakano or at least some signs of Bad Luck, what he saw instead were posters for ASK. What were there doing here? Eiri wondered. Just then he saw Ma-kun run towards the elevator with Taki and the others chasing and yelling at him.
“Ma-kun get back here you bastard! How dare you rat us out like that! That pink haired freak got what was coming! That freak and the whole band think their better than us! I had to take that little pink freak down a few pegs!” Taki yelled.
Before Taki could reach the elevator or say more the doors closed.
Ma-kun just gave a faint smile at Eiri, “He-he was only mad that I told he hit his girlfriend.”
`Right like I believe that. That bastard probably hurt Shuichi in this life as well!'
The elevator stopped and he got off on Tohma's floor and headed straight for the president's office and ignoring the secretary walked right in.
“Sir, you can't go in there!” The secretary argued.
Tohma looked up and smiled, “It's fine Anna, Eiri what a pleasant surprise.”
After the secretary closed the door, Eiri took Tohma's invitation to sit.
“So, now what brings you here?”
“This is going to probably sound strange, but I need to know what happened between me and Yuki.”
“Eiri we've discussed this before.”
“Then we'll discuss it again. Is he alive or not?”