Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 4

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Eiri just stared straight ahead, unable to fathom what he was seeing. It was Yuki Kitazawa, but that was impossible! He was dead! Then a newspaper flew into his face. He pulled it down and Yuki was gone. He shook his head it was a dream it had to be. As he was about to throw the newspaper away a picture on it caught his attention. It was a picture of some celebrity that Yuki had really liked was arrested for drugs or something or other. He didn't really remember, all he remembered was that that happened a couple of days before… But that was impossible! He looked at the date on the paper and was stunned to see a confirmation that it was only a few days before that happened! What was in that wine the boy brought home? Home. Yeah, that's what he needed now was normalcy. He turned to go back home, when he froze once again stunned, as he wasn't in Japan anymore. In fact if he didn't know any better he'd swear that he was in New York, but that wasn't possible!
He wandered around trying to figure out how the hell he got from Japan to New York. Not to mention that person who looked like Yuki. As he was wondering around town he looked across the street into a restaurant and what he saw shocked him more than anything he'd seen so far. It was him as a young kid and a younger Tohma. How, how was this possible?
He decided he had to find someplace to sit and think and try to figure out what was going on. So he went to get a hotel room. He was surprised but tried not to show it that the clerk could see and hear him. So whatever or where ever this was, he was real.
Once in his hotel room he turned on the TV and it confirmed that he had somehow gone back in time. The date showed that it was two days till that happened. So the question is what to do about it. Could he stop it from happening? How would this change the future? Was any of this even real?
The next day he went to Yuki's place and waited across the street for his younger self. After he entered the building and knowing he'd be there a while he went to see what Tohma was doing. Tohma had entered a building that Eiri could only assume belonged to some of his families business associates.
“Maybe I should just go and ask Tohma for help. Maybe he can help me figure out what's happening.” Then after a moment he shook his head, “Yeah, sure I just confront Tohma and ask him for help. While at the same time explaining that I am Eiri, just 7 years older. Right, if someone were to come up to me and say I'm so and so only from several years in the future, please help me. I'd have the cops on the phone and the person dragged away in a straight jacket before they finished speaking.”
After that he went back and waited till his younger self left. Then waited to see if Yuki was going to leave. And try to think of how to stop what was coming. Again he can't just go to Yuki and explain what he was going to do. He'd defiantly be thought of as crazy. That'd been like him telling his younger self that someday he'd be living with and caring about a pink headed pop star who barged into your life. Oh and did he fail to mention that this pop stars a boy?
The big question is really should he stop what was going to happen? Could he even stop it? What exactly was he supposed to do go to his younger self and say, `Hey, your tutor's going to sell you to some men to be raped. Then you kill them and your tutor. Go away and don't come back till tomorrow.' Keh, yeah that should go over real well. No even if he did do that, his younger self would just look at him like he was crazy. Besides even if he prevented it from happening that day, who's to say it wouldn't still happen on another day. Short of going to Tohma and trying to force him to listen or kidnapping his younger self there wasn't really much he could think of to do. Another option could be in talking to Yuki himself or once again killing him, which is what he wanted to avoid happening, again.
After young Eiri left for the day Eiri followed Yuki. Yuki first stopped of at an apartment building a few blocks away where he met up with three big guys or thugs as Eiri thought of them. Eiri wondered if those were the same men that raped him. He could only assume they were. It wasn't likely that strangers just happened to show up.
After spending a couple of hours with his thugs, Yuki finally moved on. Next he stopped at a small house and before he could do anything a young woman ran out and hugged him. Eiri moved closer to try to hear who she was. He was shocked to see this woman start kissing Yuki.
“Yuki where have you been?”
“Sora, we've been through this, I told you I'm tutoring that boy Eiri Uesugi.”
“That should have ended hours ago and I smell smoke and booze on your breath.”
“Fine, I went to hang out with TC and the others.”
Sora then hit him, “How many times do we have to discuss this Yuki? Stay away from TC and his thugs! They're dangerous!”
Before Yuki could respond another women, that Eiri assumed was the girl's mother walked out with a baby that couldn't be more than a year old. Eiri could only assume that she was the girl's mother.
“I don't know why you continue to put up with him, Sora.”
“He's my husband, mother and the father of my child.”
“He only sticks around because you've got money. It's the only reason he even married you! After he's gone through all the money or finds a way to get it all, he's gone!”
“Mother please, let's just go inside and talk about this.”
“Husband, Father?” Eiri's head was spinning with that. It also made him feel even guiltier for killing him. Now that he knows he left a wife and child behind.
Later that night Eiri sat in his hotel room smoking. He was lucky he had enough cash on him for this hotel room. Normally he didn't carry that much cash on him, he'd just use credit cards. But since in this time and place Eiri Yuki Uesugi doesn't exist, but then again somehow does exist, he didn't think his credit cards would be valid. But then again who knows anymore. He still didn't know how it was possible for him to exist in this time and place.
Eiri knew it would happen tomorrow. He had finally come up with the best possible plan. No guarantees that it would work. But short of barging in when it was happening and stop it, it was the best he could come up with. He'd like to prevent it from happening period. But that would mean interfering more than he was already planning to do. He knew he was already risking changing the future if what he planned went off without a hitch. But he was here now and he wasn't going to risk losing possibly his one chance to save Yuki!
The next day Eiri stood outside Yuki's apartment building. He was leaning against the big cement stair railing smoking. Just as Eiri's younger self was running up towards the building.
Eiri sunglasses on said, “Hey, kid.”
Young Eiri stopped and looked up at him, “Can I help you Mister?”
“You love your tutor don't you?”
Young Eiri looked at him confused.
Eiri ignored that and said, “No matter what happens remember how much you care for your tutor and don't do anything to him.”
Young Eiri was still unsure as to what this stranger was talking about just nodded his head and raced inside.
Eiri satisfied that with luck he'd accomplished his mission turned and started walking away, some people walked past him with a mirror and as he looked into it he suddenly he remembered something Taki Aizawa had once said. He then realized that whether or not the rape may still happen at a later date or not, he couldn't just walk away and not at least try to do something to stop it!