Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 9

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shuichi was surprised to see a foreigner here. But then all that flew out the window when that man let go of his lyrics. He freaked out and ran to grab the paper but it was too late the wind had taken off with it. He then turned to Eiri. For Eiri it was the moment of truth as to whether or not the boy knew him. Shu said, “What did you do that for? I was out here trying to figure out a line to that song, so I was out walking. Why did you let it fly away?”
“I didn't let it fly away, I intentionally let it go.” It didn't appear as though the boy knew him but it was still unclear.
Shu huffed, “Why did you do that?”
“Was that drivel your idea of a love song?”
“Yeah, well no ones complained yet.”
“Well I seriously doubt anyone's paying attention to the lyrics.”
“Yeah, well what would a foreigner like you know about love songs? And what did you mean by they're not paying attention to my lyrics?!”
Well if that didn't tell Eiri that the boy didn't know him then nothing else would! He chose to ignore the question on why they weren't listening to his lyrics. If the brat was so dumb that he didn't realize that the tight skimpy outfit was one of the main reason the place stays pack he felt no need to enlighten him.
“First off brat, I'm no foreigner and second those lyrics look like they were written by a third grader.”
Shu pouted and mumbled, “Well I don't think they're that bad.”
“Yeah, they are brat. I also happen to be a romance novelist.”
That seemed to send Shu into an even bigger depression.
“So, tell me brat. With your talent why is it you've never been signed with a record company?”
Shu sighed, “I don't know. I saw Tohma Seguchi at one of my shows and I was stunned. My sister pushed me towards him to talk to him, but when I asked him if he liked the show he said it was okay and walked away.”
This wasn't the brat he knew, the brat he knew wouldn't just leave it at that so he questioned it. “So, what you just walked away with the tail between your legs?”
Shuichi's anger boiled, “No! I went after him and begged him to give us a chance but he just said sorry he wasn't interested, that he wasn't impressed. I continued to try to talk to him to beg him to at least give us a chance to try to find a way to impress him! But his answer remained the same.”
Eiri blinked in surprise. But if that's the case then why, why is it that in his world Seguchi gave him a contract? The more he thought about the more only one explanation popped into his head. Tohma and Mika had once offered the brat a contract with NG if they'd get him to do what they wanted. Which at the time was to go visit their father. But the boy had refused on the grounds that he wouldn't use their relationship like that. So his only explanation was that Seguchi had admired the boy's attitude and since they were still in a relationship gave the boy his shot, despite his initial feelings.
Apparently Eiri had been taking too long to respond and seemed lost in thought. So Shu said, “So mister big shot romance novelist what's wrong with my lyrics? The girls at the bar seem to love it.”
“Tell me brat have you ever had a girlfriend?”
“What?” Shuichi blushed, “Um, No, I've always been too busy with my music. What does that have to do with my lyrics?”
“Look kid, no one cares about your lyrics. It's your body they're looking at more than anything.” Eiri said, spelling it out for the boy.
“Oh.” Shu blushed.
Eiri smirked, “So how about a boyfriend then?”
“What?” Shuichi asked shocked.
Oh Eiri decided he'd have some fun with this!